• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Olly Collett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Irish Wolfhound


Irish Wolfhound: It was a joy and a privilege to judge my one and only breed – the Irish Wolfhounds – at Blackpool Championship Show. I was delighted with my winners and indeed all placed hounds. Having read and re-read the breed standard many times prior to this judging engagement I was thrilled to find hounds in front of me totally representative of the galloping wolfhound outline so required for breed type and also for the ability to run tirelessly doing the job they were bred for. I did not find any narrow underjaws or misplaced canines in the entry. 

PD (2 0) 1 Sumner Dukesarum Yohji Very handsome dark brindle 9 month old puppy. Lovely long limbed youngster of quality and style. Well furnished head, good bite, lovely black pigment. Super muscled neck nicely set on sloping shoulders and complimentary long upper arms. Sound straight front legs with a nice spring to his pasterns. Nice depth to his chest and good ribbing with correct rise over loin. Strong muscular hindquarters, good bend of stifle and neat well let down hocks. Really excelled on the move with his lovely hound outline. He really covers the ground extending in front with plenty of follow through behind. True sighthound outlook going around the ring with head up, super top line ending with a well set on and carried tail. 2 Evans-Jones & Halsall Valheru Rhagnar Handsome, tall cream brindle puppy dog with lovely head and kind eye. Ears randomly held slightly flat to his face. Excellent pigment and bite.  More upright in his frame than 1 and obviously having a growth spurt at the moment. He has a nice rise over his loin and a well set and carried tail. Lacking muscle behind especially in the second thigh area and a lower stifle would soften his outline but he’s just a puppy and most often this is normal at this age. JD (2 1) 1 Sumner Ballyphelan Amadeus Most handsome dark brindle and very much male wolfhound with a lovely correct, athletic hound outline. Long, strong well-balanced head, good bite, nice furnishing and pigment. Strong neck really nicely set on super laid-back shoulders and excellent return of long upper arm placing elbows neatly underneath him therefore enabling him to stand correctly fully weight bearing on straight front limbs. Super depth of chest and ribbing carried well back. True galloping hound top line flowing down over his croup to well set and carried tail. Good muscling on his hindquarters with nicely bent stifles and neat low hocks complete the picture. An absolute true wolfhound on the move with accurate ground covering powerful stride. BJ & RDCC. PGD (6 2) 1 Sumner Dukesarum Giacomo Balanced grey brindle male hound that well illustrates strength and masculinity whilst retaining quality and wolfhound outline. Most handsome head with a long strong fore muzzle correct bite gorgeous black pigment. The kindest of eyes and just the right amount of face furnishings. Strong well-muscled neck set onto fair shoulders lovely long upper arms and plenty of fill in his fore-chest. Elbows set back under his body. Super depth of chest and spring of rib. Correct rise over loin with nice sweep down over his croup to well set and carried tail. Good muscling on hind quarters nice neat hocks. He has tremendous appeal standing and moving in the ring because he has that rare thing called ‘presence’ and balance through his entire frame. DCC. 2 Bogart Mascotts Conquistador at Incitatus Another very handsome, very male wolfhound. Delightful head unmistakably true wolfhound breed type. Lovely furnishings strong muzzle good bite. Very attractive arch at the top of his long strong well-muscled neck. Good shoulders with lovely long boned upper arms and fill of fore-chest. Elbows perfectly underneath him and just the right amount of spring of pasterns. Toes could be a wee bit shorter and more arched. Tremendous depth of chest spring of rib with gentle arch over top line. Just standing a touch with his hocks underneath him on the stack but a very sound mover going around the ring with a ground covering gait. LD (3 1) 1 Sumner Dukesarum Atticus Almost black or very dark brindle upstanding hound. A picture of a galloping hound outline in his stance. Good headpiece correct bite nicely furnished good pigment. Nice long neck onto good shoulders fair upper arms. Long well-muscled front limbs standing on good feet with closed well arched toes. Good underline and tuck up. Top line arch starts a tad early but that’s being very picky. Gorgeous sweep over croup to tail with spot on hindquarter angulation and neat hocks. A strong hound really reaching and driving around the ring with super gait. 2 Heather Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard Lovely male wolfhound with much to commend. Balanced head with charming soft expression. Strength in his muzzle with good jaw and bite. Holding his ears a tad flat. Quite superb long strong well-muscled neck set on really very, very nice sloping shoulders. Bit shorter than ideal in his upper arms but good fill of fore chest never the less. Well off for bone in his strong limbs just shorter in the leg compared with 1. Good body depth, sternum could be carried back a wee bit further to perfect underline. Well-muscled hindquarters and a joy to watch on the move. PB (2 0) 1 Sumner Dukesarum Lilybet Stunningly gorgeous my notes say and I could stop right there describing this lovely puppy bitch. Not the tallest but oh so well put together. Absolutely exquisite be-whiskered face, length of foreface with perfect black aquiline nose in profile. Nice muscular neck onto good shoulders with super return of upper arms placing elbows underneath her therefore presenting herself standing solidly on front strong straight limbs. Excellent depth of chest with sternum going well back to illustrate correct underline (what a joy!) Lovely top line and sweeping hindquarters. To see her move is perfection, she has reach and drive with accuracy and power. One to watch. BP. 2 Evans-Jones & Halsall Valherudream of Rhonabwy Taller cream brindle puppy than 1. Very pretty head, lovely furnishings good bite and perfect black pigment. Correctly placed ears very good strong arch at top of neck. Particularly good well laid-back shoulders with complimentary long upper arms and first class fore chest. Heavily boned straight front limbs standing on good feet with well arched toes. Pleasing depth of chest just a wee bit flat in her top line at the moment and lacking a touch angulation behind but at this age only a minor and possibly a transitional constructional observation. Good sound mover. JB (2 0) 1 Sumner Ballyphelan Anna Lisa Good sized upstanding dark brindle bitch who catches your eye immediately for her true galloping hound outline. Her head illustrates the breed standard classically. Long moderately pointed muzzle, strength without coarseness in her head planes, correct dentition, pigment and ear set. Lovely long neck onto good shoulders with corresponding return of upper arms standing soundly on well boned forelimbs. The purest of galloping hound toplines with correct arch and sweeping well-muscled hindquarters. Stunning, typical and athletic sighthound movement here today. RBCC. 2 Bligh Ravencrag Helter Skelter Pretty cream bridle bitch of good overall proportions. Nicely furnished head with good head planes being balanced in front and behind the eyes. Well set ear but carried a little flat here today. Long neck onto fair shoulders. Long upper arms but a touch steep at the moment pulling her elbows slightly forward. Good depth of chest with gentle rise over loins and well set tail. Would like more development around her thighs and second thighs but she’s young and still developing. PGB (10 3) Very nice class with very nice bitches in my line up. They all had much to commend and all were extremely sound movers with good fronts. Another day I am sure these could all change places but for me the first placed bitch stood away. 1 Sumner Dukesarum Chiara Top class and top quality well balanced grey brindle bitch. Charming wolfhound head nicely furnished with classic soft expression. Excellent pigment, bite and strength of jaw. Really good neck onto sound shoulders and long upper arms. Elbows well under her body supporting her weight on super straight strong front limbs. Good depth of chest with ribs carried well back another one with super underline and tuck up. Excellent body, top line and croup ending in perfect tail set and carriage. She’s not exaggerated in any way and what a joy to see her move in the ring. Sound accurate and ground covering. A real hunter in outline. BCC & BOB. 2. Heather Whiteorchard Nebula Simply gorgeous and very classic wolfhound bitch. The sweetest head and expression superb furnishings and lovely head planes. Strong well-muscled neck onto excellent laid back shoulders upper arms and fore chest. Strong bodied bitch with good top line, very curvy hindquarters with plenty of power and muscle in evidence. Only lost out today to 1 as she’s shorter in the foreleg for balance and a touch longer in the loin. Movement is sound active and ground covering. 3 Evans-Jones & Halsall Valheru Rayna Lovely bitch which I had to pull out into the line up as she was so nicely constructed in front. Upstanding with a long strong neck set onto very good shoulders and quite superb fore chest. Strong bodied bitch who powered round the ring in true sight hound fashion. Just a bit high in her stifle joints to be picky and lacking muscularity around her second thighs. LB (3 1) 1 Bradley & Mullins Glengail Gglenys Good strong wolfhound bitch with size and substance. Classic head with lots of furnishings. Long moderately pointed muzzle with good head planes well placed rose ears. Very useful strong neck onto a good front assembly with just the right spring of pasterns. Long ribbing going nicely back to give her plenty of heart and lung room. A little more rise over the loin would improve outline and a touch lower stifle but a cracking bitch on the move, presented immaculately with a lovely crisp gleaming coat. 2 O’Neill Hydebeck Echo of a ruler in Ballyvonair Love this bitch for her lovely outlook, quality head and wonderful kind expression. Perfect black pigment and a lovely be-whiskered face. Long neck onto slightly more forward set shoulders but tremendous long upper arms which were very pleasing. Lighter in bone than 1 but long enough limbs with a nice spring to her pasterns. Chest has depth but cuts up a tad early. Plenty of cover over her ribs! Moderate angulation behind but moved clean and sound and another one presented immaculately with a gleaming and beautiful crisp coat. OB (3 1) 1 Heather Ch Whiteorchard Venusta Very classic and the most pure type of wolfhound bitch. She demonstrates strength and power but retains total femininity. Gorgeous head and expression with good head proportions in front and behind the eyes. Super neck with strength and muscle tone onto strong shoulders marginally a tad short in upper arm which pulls her elbows a wee bit forward in the stance here today but super strong front limbs with lovely pasterns. Plenty of spring of rib and enviable well muscled hind quarters with lovely neat low hocks. Amazingly accurate mover but sadly lacking enthusiasm here today in the challenge. 2 Sumner Ch Dukesarum Scout Tall, classic hunting and galloping wolfhound outline. Long head planes with strong muzzle in front of the eyes. Good funishings with nicely placed ears. Super long and strong muscular neck onto well laid back shoulders. A touch more infill in forechest required for perfection. Super long limbs in front and tremendous depth of chest with plenty of heart and lung room for best function. Top line starts a tad early but leads on to lovely well muscled strong hind quarters. Moved with very long powerful stride illustrating she was every inch a true wolfhound huntress. Judge Olly Collett (Guard)