• Show Date: 27/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nikki Skinner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Beagle

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society 28th April 2018


It was an honour and a privilege to stand in and judge this lovely entry of quality hounds for an icon of our wonderful breed.

Veteran Dog (1;0) 1st Davies Ch Barrvale Overture; 8 years old and still exudes class. Only the grey gives away this boys age. He still drives around the ring with purpose and cuts a fine shape when stacked. His head shape is exquisite, and his appealing eyes still portray a mischievous youth that somehow defies his years.

Minor Puppy Dog (10:4) 1st Jones& Jepson’s Eardley Alec Tricity; Stunning dark tri dog that out-moved his classmates. Excellent head and shoulders. Level top-line that never faltered. This boy has a lot of class and potential and still only 8 months old. 2nd Binks Tannahill Kent; A little unsettled on the day especially stacking but when calm paints a beautiful picture. Lovely expression, good shoulders into level top-line and nice rear. Moves out well. Shows potential. 3rd Warren& Thomas’ Ospreagle Stop The Press At Hilbeaglin; Another pleasing head, level top-line held on the move. Would prefer a little more leg.

Puppy Dog (8:3) 1st Craig’s Davricard Harlequin: A boy with a very successful future ahead I feel. Beautiful head that even at 10 months old already conveys masculinity. Excellent shoulder construction that was a delight to go over. Good top-line, deep chest and well laid shoulders. Well bent stifles and hocks well let down. This boy creates a stunning outline stacked and his movement demands attention with its precision. BPD and pushed hard for BPIB. 2nd Hills’ Luluwells Major At Donay: Perhaps a bit long cast for a dog but maintained his topline both stacked and on the move despite this. Good neck & shoulders, deep chest & sound quarters. Would prefer a slightly softer expression. 3rd Stoddard’s Poppyville First Edition. Looked super stacked up but needs to tighten up front as today he was throwing around on the move. Good neck and shoulders but again would prefer a softer expression

Junior Dog (4:1) 1st Walden & Thornton’s Nedlaw Trumpeter With Maplelayne; Beautiful T/W dog with lovely soft appealing head that still holds masculinity. Moves out like a dream driving from strong quarters. Smidge longer cast than I would prefer but he has a good reach of neck into well laid shoulders and looks super stacked up. 2nd Ayres-Cousins’ Viracocha Hot Diggity Dawg; Heavier head than ideal for me and turning his feet out a bit on the day but this chap can certainly move well with both reach & drive. Good strong neck & shoulders, deep chest and level topline held well on the move. 3rd Coates Royal Pack Ukraine Leader Forever At Gladstyle (imp UKR); super coming and going but dropping his topline on side profile movement today. Stacks up a treat with a good neck and well laid shoulders. Liked his head & expression.

Yearling Dog (6:1) 1st Evans& Millward’s Bellvalley Teen Spirit; Stunning youngster I was instantly taken with. So much to like. Gorgeous head with lovely soft expression. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Strong top-line held on the move and good depth of chest. Well muscled thighs and moderate angulation. Tail set on correctly and the package comes beautifully together on the move. This boy flies around the ring with ease, reaching at the front and driving behind, creating movement you cannot deny. A compact and happy hound that was beautifully handled, delighted to award him my RCC. 2nd Wright & Mitchell Huntshill Tornado JW; Lovely dark tri dog who pushed hard but not quite as together on the move as my class winner. Liked his head & expression very much, sufficient neck into good shoulders and level top line. 3rd Bradley & Richmond’s Dufosee Yardbird At Canowindra; Stunning outline stacked up, good neck and shoulders into a nice level topline but being very naughty for his handler on the move making it hard to assess him.

Novice Dog (6:4) 1st Hills’ Luluwells Major At Donay. 2nd Anthony’s Ospreagle Bone Idol; Ok outline, would prefer more neck and tail to be set a smidge higher. This boy was generally mucking his owner around so not easy to assess stacked or moving. But I can see potential with perseverance and at times (when behaving) he showed of sound movement.

Post Graduate Dog (7:0) 1st May’s Janfrey Bosley; Like a fine wine this boy is packed with attributes to appreciate. His construction caught my eye on entering the ring and on closer inspection there was nothing to let me down. Excellent head, with picture perfect dome, eyes, ears, jaw and bite; give a text book soft expression that retains its masculinity. A long neck with slight arch leads to well laid back shoulders and straight forelegs well under this delightful hound. He has a level top-line which does not falter on the move, great chest and ribs and no excess of tuck-up. His muscular thighs and well bent stifles along with his fabulous front construction propelled him around the ring with faultless movement. This package is all iced with the most wonderful character, cheeky and mischievous, just how I like a beagle. This boy was not only an easy choice for my DCC but my BOB and I was thrilled to see him shortlisted in a competitive group. 2nd Walden’s Nedlaw Quincy; Close run race between 2nd and 3rd but this lad won out with a real ring presence. He moves soundly with reach & drive. Pleasing head & expression, good neck into well laid shoulders, deep chest and level topline held well on the move 3rd Hunt & Norris’ Cliffmere Mindful Of Shercroft JW; A smidge long cast but OMG can this dog move! Liked his head & expreaaion, good neck into well laid shoulders with a deep chest.

Limit Dog (10:1) 1st Parker & Stevens’ Serenaker Hot As’Ell; Another dog that grabbed my attention from the off. Beautiful outline, good topline held on move, good angles everywhere, moved out incredible well. Great forechest which was (sadly) lacking in many, good size and correct tail set. Head to die for. 2nd Findlay’s Rhiconich Jarvis; slightly heavier head than one but phenomenal outline. Completely sound coming and going. Good neck & shoulders, deep chest. Level topline held well moving 3rd Hills’ Donay Fraser JW; Another lovely outline, maybe needs more neck or his head bringing up more when stacked but another super mover. Good head & expression, good shoulders and a level topline held well on the move.

Open Dog (3:1) Two handsome boys! 1st Walden & Thornton’s Nedlaw Benedict With Maplelayne JW; Not a lot between these boys but on the day this man out moved his classmate with super reach and drive. Both have lovely heads, good forechests and excellent outlines when stacked up. 2nd Havard’s Ch Annavah Felix. Super masculine hound who also moves really well but just pipped by my class winner today. Like my winner a good neck & shoulders into a level topline held well moving.

Special Beginners Dog (2:1) 1st Roberts’ Borerst Cyclone; Nice outline, although I would prefer a slightly softer expression. Good reach of neck into good shoulders. Moved well and held his topline while doing so. Best SB and delighted to see him and his excited owner go on to SB Group 2.

Special Beginners Bitch (4:1) 1st Scarlett’s Timamso Saskia For Michelroy; nice compact bitch although I would prefer more neck and a better set tail, but she moves really well with reach & drive. Good head & expression. 2nd Breeze’s Davricard Hummingbird; Nice outline when stacked up but a little fine in head. Sufficient neck and shoulders ok, holding her topline well moving. 3rd Roberts’ Borerst The One And Only; Very fine in head and upright in shoulder but moved out very well for her handler

Veteran Bitch (8:2) 1st Peak’s Ch Bayard Make Amends; Still has a silhouette to die for stacked up despite (possibly) carrying an extra pound. Holds her outline impeccably on the move which she still does effortlessly. Good angles front and rear. Even with her grey she has an expression that melts your heart. 2nd Brown’s Raimex Rowanberry JW; A bitch I’ve always liked who like my winner is holding up beautifully with her age. Still moves soundly coming and going and holds her topline whilst doing so. 3rd Carmichael’s Cliffmere Nimble At Kerenebridge; Another bitch who still cuts a lovely shape when stacked. Moves out well and maintains her topline whilst doing so. Would prefer a smidge more neck.

Minor Puppy Bitch (13:3) A class of beautiful puppies. 1st Parker& Stevens’ Serenaker Maid In America; Love, love, love this puppy. I’d give her a home in my kennel any day. For me an exquisite head with a textbook expression that epitomises soft and appealing. Her shape when stacked is faultless and her angles all over are ideal. She has a cheek and tenacity that I can imagine is frustrating at times for her handler but it adds an extra spark. This little package comes together beautifully on the move. BPB and BPIB. 2nd Edge’s Jalha r Edge Of Gloy; A stunning bitch who on another day could easily of been the class winner. Beautifully shaped with good head, neck and shoulders. A strong topline and lovely rear not excessively angled. Moved out correctly. 3rd Hunts Bondlea Lucy; Beautiful tri bitch who also looked a picture stacked up. Nothing to dislike about this bitch. Good head, neck and shoulders. Nice depth of chest, good topline and correct rear. Moved out soundly.

Puppy Bitch (7:1) 1st Binks’ Agnes Love From Tannahill; Sound bitch with good neck and shoulders, good deep chest and level topline that create a lovely image when stacked. Moved out really well, so sound coming and going. Would prefer a slightly softer expression though. 2nd Evans’ Belvalley Delmelza; I preferred this bitches head to my winner but today was a play day in her mind which made for a difficult assessment. That said in her moments of calm she created a lovely profile with correct shape and shows great potential on days she behaves. 3rd Taylor’s Deaconfield Jasmine; feminine bitch with a lovely head and soft expression. Very compact girl who showed well for her handler. Super head & expression, good neck & shoulders into a level topline and moved well both ways.

Junior Bitch (8:2) 1st Richmond’s Canowindra Golden Lilac; What a stunner! On another day could easily take top honours but I feel she can perform better than she did today. Love her colouring which compliments her exquisite shape wonderfully. Nice head, great neck, shoulder, chest and topline all lead to a great rear with good angles. She was a little uncooperative for her handler on the day and I think could have given more “oomph” in her movement. But that said it was sound both ways and in profile. Would love to see this bitch perform on a better day. Just beautiful. 2nd May’s Janfrey Dotty; super light tri with lots to like. Good neck into well laid shoulders, level topline held well on the move. Covered the ground with reach & drive. 3rd Coates Gladstyle Moments Of Glory; Lovely dark t/w bitch beautiful movement level topline which she held well moving.

Yearling Bitch (11:0) 1st Craig’s Davricard Honeybee; Light T/W who today out moved 2; lovely stacked up with a nice head & expression. Good neck, shoulders and level top line, perfect tailset. This young lady moved with a smooth, elegant grace. 2nd Tanner’s Felinoak Bailey’s N’Ice JW; just my cup of tea colour wise and so reminds me of one of my own so I had to be careful here! But she was (just) out moved on the day. Smidge longer cast which is completely allowable in a bitch. Lovely outline with a wonderful feminine head & expression 3rd Jones& Jepson’s Eardley Izzy Cummings; Lovely compact little bitch would prefer a tiny bit more neck but lovely shape stacked and really comes alive on the move. Good head & expression

Novice Bitch (5:0) 1st Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy. 2nd Breeze’s Dufosse Xzoria; Compact little bitch with many good attributes. Good front and rear, strong topline. Sound coming and going. Would prefer a slightly more feminine expression though. 3rd Taylor’s Deaconfield Jasmine

Post Graduate Bitch (14:5) 1st Roberts& Spearing’s Linkenlees LyricShCM; A bitch I have always liked and I could not deny her this class today. A beautiful feminine bitch with a lovely head sporting a wonderful soft expression. Good length of neck into correct shoulders. Sound mover, with a strong topline held well throughout. Quality bitch. 2nd Walden’s Nedlaw Queen Of Hearts; Another quality bitch with a great head, a little shorter in the neck than 1 but well laid shouders, good topline and correct bend of stifle. Moved out soundly coming and going. 3rd Hunt, Norris & Carmichael’s Shercroft Arina; Beautiful bitch with a wonderful outline stacked. Sadly she didn’t move out well on the day seeming a little lethargic but I strongly suspect this was just a one off as her anatomy would imply some textbook movement.

Limit Bitch (14:3) 1st Parker& Stevens’ Serenaker Elle’s Belles; What a beautiful but mischievous youngster. She exemplifies everything I like in a beagle bitch! Head, neck and shoulder construction is breathtaking. Lovely rear angulation which due to her markings could be miss-seen as over angulated, which she most definitely is not. A true mover, textbook reach and drive and a stable topline always. There was nothing I disliked about this bitch making her my easy BCC winner and she pushed the dog hard in the challenge too. 2nd Jones& Jepson’s Eardley Merry Berry; A more compact bitch but equally as lovely. Matured beautifully since I judged her in 2015 still possessing a stunning outline when stacked. Super head & expression. Her correct shoulders and rear give a lovely gait but on this occasion she was out moved by her classmate. 3rd Wenman’s Dialynne Miss Brody Of Wenannou; Another lovely example of a beagle who on another day could have been a class winner. Good soft, feminine beagle expression on a nice head with good neck. Level topline and good turn of stifle. A clean easy mover.

Open Bitch (12:2) 1st Bradley’s Dufosee Northern Star; A lovely compact bitch with a good length of loin. Good neck, shoulders and forechest. Level topline and correct rear angulation. Her stunning head melts your heart with its gorgeous soft expression. Her movement is not just clean coming and going but utterly effortless. She was moved slightly quicker in my challenge line up which really brought out her best. RBCC. 2nd May’s Janfrey Sapphire; lovely bitch who pushed my class winner but just preferred the head of 1. Moved out well for her handler with good reach & drive. Sufficient neck into good shoulders and a level topline held well. Deep chest and good tailset. 3rd Craig’s Davricard Musetta; another lovely bitch who also moved out well but for me not the leg of the other 2. Liked her head & expression, neck, shoulders and topline.

Nikki Skinner (Nee Denny)