• Show Date: 27/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: NICOLA SINGH Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Leeds City & District Canine Association - Championship Show – 29/07/18

Alaskan Malamutes

Thank you to the Leeds secretary & committee for this, my fourth CC appointment. I would like to thank the exhibitors for their entries and send thanks also to my stewards. Obviously with the current heatwave, it was understandable that the general condition & muscle of the exhibits would not be equal to my last winter judging appointment. However, I was pleased that many of the exhibits were in super condition.

The day was only slightly marred by the almost monsoon conditions, which the exhibitors & exhibits coped with admirably, the in & out tents were much appreciated. With the cooler weather, at least it meant I was able to move the dogs fully.

Minor Puppy Dog: 1 entry 1 absent

Puppy Dog: 0 entries

Junior Dog: 2 entries 1 absent

1st – Woodhead’s Noraisy Take My Breath Away. 14 months old. Beautiful soft expression. Lovely breadth to head at this age. Correct ear size, shape & placement. Super muzzle & correct bite. Nice dark eyes with correct shape & set. Strong neck, with correct arch. Correct moderate angulation front & back. Good sized/shaped feet. Excellent topline. In super muscle & condition. Good bone for size. Coat was ok. Tail held a little tight at times. Lovely fluid movement in side gait, just a little wide coming towards & front pasterns need to tighten.

Graduate Dog: 2 entries 0 absent

1st – Woodhead’s Noraisy Take My Breath Away. See JD

2nd – Raby’s Yuayua At Icemoon (Imp). 21 months old. Lovely broad masculine head. Perfect eye shape & set. Ears a little large & low set. Nice bulky muzzle, correct bite. Good strength to neck. Really well proportioned for height/length. Correct sloping topline on the stand. Chest is coming on well. Balanced angulations. A little loose all over at the moment, but plenty of time to firm up. Out of coat, but good texture, felt blunt on his underline. Ok tail. Super bone & substance.

Post Graduate Dog: 2 entries 0 absent

1st – Botterill’s Cinneli Polar Winter. 2 ½ years old. Super head development for age. Lovely dark eye. Ears a touch large, but perfectly set. Correct bite. Strong neck into a perfect firm topline. Absolutely loved his outline, with perfect proportions. Balanced, correct angulations front & back. Correct front pasterns & nice sized/shaped feet. Chest depth coming on well, lovely forechest. Excellent coat texture. Excellent tail set & carriage. Well muscled & conditioned. Stood a little narrow in front. Broad thigh, rear pasterns/hocks could be a little stronger. Correct bone for size. This boy was frustrating on the move when pacing, but eventually his handler got him trotting at the correct speed & he had a fantastic, powerful, side gait.

2nd – Winterburn’s Cinneli Polar Force. Litter brother to 1, but was just a little tall for correct proportions & bone could be stronger for his size. Another with a well developed head. Nice muzzle proportions. Correct stop. Lovely dark pigment. Strong neck into another lovely topline. Well developed chest depth & forechest. Balanced angulations. Broad thigh. Good muscle & condition. Ok tail. Unfortunately he seemed a little on edge, which showed in his behaviour, he was standing 10/2 & a little cow hocked as he couldn’t settle on the stand. Moved well in side gait.

Limit Dog: 9 enties 2 absent

1st – Page & Jarvis’ Cedarcreek Frozen Asset JW. 3 years old. A beautiful headpiece all round. Perfect eye shape & set. Correct stop. Lovely proportion of muzzle. Correct bite. Very soft expression. Ears just about correct size. Dark pigment. Excellent neck into a perfect topline, held firm on the move. Well balanced angulations. Correct height/length proportions, giving a lovely compact outline. Stood all 4 square. Chest depth is coming on well, fair forechest. Strong loin. Broad thigh. Well muscled & conditioned. Correct bone for standard sized dog. Great feet size/shape for his size. Fair tail carriage. Correct coat texture. Super ground covering side gait & perfectly sound on the coming & going. A champion quality dog that just missed out on the CC on chest development, I am certain his day will come. RCC

2nd – Brook’s Snobruk Secret Mission (ai) JW. 3 years old. Another one with a super head, but more masculine. Excellent breadth with a large muzzle, perfectly in proportion. Stop was a little heavy & bite a little tight. Lovely ear shape & set. Eye could be a little more almond shaped. Perfect body proportions, with great, balanced angulations. Strong well arched neck. Correct spring of rib & well muscled loin. Excellent bone. Strong pasterns into correct feet. Super topline that was firm standing & moving. Excellent depth to chest & lovely forechest. Broad thigh & strong rear pasterns. Correct coat texture. Tail a little tight. Good muscle & condition. Moved with a powerful side gait. Sound on the coming & going.

3rd – Anderson’s Cherubini Atene Cinquale.

Open Dog: 8 entries 1 absent

1st – Loades’ Snowolf Black Ice Buddy. 3 ½ years old. Great outline to this standard sized dog. Excellent head, with correct muzzle proportions, tight lips. Lovely small ears & correct set. Eyes dark & correct shape/set. Fair bite. Neck was strong & well arched. Stood 4 square, with strong pasterns both front & rear. Good sized/shaped feet. Correct moderate angulations both front & rear. Broad thigh & well let down hocks. Great depth to chest & good forechest. Excellent firm topline. Super coat & pigment. Lovely tail set & carriage. Great muscle & condition. Excelled in movement, powerful side gait and sound away/back. Correct bone for size. CC

2nd – Thompson’s Libertia In The Red Again At Shomont. 6 years. Another with a lovely outline with correct balanced angulations. Super broad head, correct muzzle, correct bite. Lovely ear size/shape. Tight lips, correct pigment for colour. Eyes perfectly set with correct shape. Perfect height/length proportions. Great chest & forechest. Correct spring of rib. Strong loin. Stood straight in legs & strong in pasterns. Correct feet for size/depth/shape. Excellent firm topline. Great bone. Correct coat texture. Excellent muscle & condition. Fair tail set. Excelled in side gait, with such power & soundness. Champion quality dog & just missed out on the RCC on his coming towards.

3rd – Brown’s O’Kinastar Fire Me Up Sh.CM.

Veteran Dog: 2 entries 1 absent

1st – Raby’s Snowolf Black Ice Striker At Icemoon. 8 years old. Masculine head with nice eye shape & set. Lovely strong neck into a strong body. Nice depth of chest. Out of coat but with correct texture. Excellent sized feet. Good tail set & carriage. Moved well when settled.

Special Beginners Dog/Bitch: 3 entries 2 absent

1st – Perfitt’s Samjoe The Dream Lives On (ai). 21 month old bitch. Very feminine head, but not weak. Good proportion to muzzle. Correct eye shape & set. Lovely stop. Correct ear shape & set, but she was economical in using them! Nice length & arch to neck. Balanced angulation front & rear. Chest depth coming on well & OK forechest. A little light in bone for size. Correct just slightly sloping topline. Correct pasterns front & back. Feet could be a bit larger. Well proportioned body height/length. Good tail set & carriage. Correct coat texture. Moved well in this class & looked powerful & sound. Unfortunately, wasn’t as together in her next class in movement. Congratulations on your SB group 2 award.

Minor Puppy Bitch: 0 entries

Puppy Bitch: 3 entries 2 absent

1st – Perfitt’s Samjoe’s The One And Only. 9 months old. Very pretty, feminine head. Correct eye shape & set. Ears of good shape & well set. Nice neck into a firm topline, just a little level. Body coming on well. Lovely tail set & carriage. Out of coat, but correct texture. A little light in bone for size. Moved well in side gait & fair coming & going, plenty of time to tighten up. BP

Junior Bitch: 2 entries 1 absent

1st – Perfitt’s Samjoe’s The One And Only. See PB.

Graduate Bitch: 3 entries 2 absent

1st – Barstow’s Cinneli Polar Maple At Ayakulik. 2 ½ years old. Lots to like about this girl, lovely outline. Super feminine head with correct muzzle. Lovely ear shape & set. Excellent eye shape & set. Lovely strong neck with good arch. Correct, balanced, moderate angulations both front & rear. Perfect height/length proportions. Good, slightly sloped topline. Chest is coming on well & good forechest. Lovely broad thigh. Good front pasterns & fair rear pasterns. Well muscled & great condition. Excellent tail set & carriage. Just about correct bone for size. Out of coat but good texture. Moved really well with a powerful side gait. Sound coming & fair going away.

Post Graduate Bitch: 6 entries 1 absent

1st – Elliott & Campbell’s Packice Neiden Winterling. 3 years old. Super outline to this girl. Lovely strong, but feminine head. Correct muzzle proportions, correct bite. Lovely ear shape & set. Correct eye shape & set. Lovely dark pigment. Correct gentle stop. Strong neck into a perfect, firm topline. Super balanced, angulations front & rear. Nice chest depth & good forechest. Lovely body proportions. Correct bone for size. Excellent pasterns front & rear. Nice feet size/shape. Broad thigh & well muscled & conditioned. Stood 4 square. Excellent tail. When settled, excelled in movement. Powerful reach & drive & perfectly sound coming & going. Out of coat, but correct texture. Unfortunately, was a little erratic in her movement in the challenge.

2nd – Barstow’s Cinneli Polar Maple At Ayakulik. See GB. Didn’t move as well in this class as in the previous class.

3rd – Whyman’s Tailfly Acromantula.

Limit Bitch: 10 enties 4 absent

1st – Haywood’s Cherubini Atene Winterscall. 3 ½ years old. Lovey feminine head. Good ear size, shape & placement. OK eye shape & correct set. Correct muzzle proportions. Good bite. Lovely dark pigment. Super arched neck, into a correct firm topline. Well balanced moderate angulations, front & back. Good chest depth & fair forechest. Stood straight in legs & strong in pasterns. Correct body proportions height/length. Good sized feet. Correct bone for size. Correct harsh coat texture. Broad thigh & well conditioned. No excess weight. Correct tail set & carriage. Such a steady & powerful mover. Sound going & coming too. Unfortunate for her that the veteran bitch was in such top form, another day & she would have been my RCC.

2nd – Brook’s Snobrook Howling Breeze. 4 years old. Super shape & outline to this bitch. Lovely strong, but feminine head. Excellent small ears & well set. Good eye shape & set. Strong muzzle, correct bite. Well arched neck into a very slightly sloping topline. Great angulations, front & rear. Such a lovey forechest & also good depth of chest. Strong loin, just long enough. Broad thigh into well let down hocks. Correct pasterns front & back, strong hocks. Good sized feet for size. Good muscle & condition. Moved soundly coming & going. When settled moved with power in side gait, just moved a little too fast at times & it interfered with her gait.

3rd – Brown’s Skidooshooz Bohemian Soul Of Cupun (ai).

Open Bitch: 4 entries 1 absent

1st – Walker’s Ir Ch Int Ch Lueldar Dixie Chick Jun Ch CW15 AnCh15 (ai). 5 years old. Super strong, but feminine head. Correct bite, good ear shape, size ok & correct set. Lovely muzzle proportions, tight lips. Lovely dark pigment. Super strong, arched neck of correct length, into a firm, very slightly sloped topline. Her profuse coat over her pin bones was a little visually distracting. Excellent balanced angulations both front & rear. Great spring of rib & muscled loin. Such a super forechest & excellent depth of chest. Lovely body proportions for height/length. Excellent feet for size & shape. Stood & moved parallel, with strong pasterns. Correct strong bone. Lovely strong hocks. Broad well muscled thigh. In excellent condition. Good tail set & carriage. Won out on movement, nothing exaggerated, all efficient & a tireless, ground covering gait. Sound coming & going. Correctly moderate all through. A tough decision for BOB & I would happily have sent either through. It was just her excellent forechest that made the final hair splitting decision. BCC & BOB

2nd – Druce’s Koramandel On Strange Tides (ai). 7 years old. Very pretty, broad feminine head. Lovely eye shape & set. Good ear size, shape & set. Nice muzzle proportions. Strong, arched neck. Lovely body proportions, with correct moderate angulations. Nice feet for size. Good spring of rib. Correct, well let down hocks. Excellent bone for size. Correct coat texture. Fair tail set. Just carrying a little weight, which was reflected in her movement.

3rd – Hartley’s Ch Koromandel Firefight (ai) Sh.CM.

Veteran Bitch: 8 entries 3 absent

1st – Butler’s Arcticdawn’s Free And Easy At Kaytoo. I just had to give a nod to this fantastic veteran bitch, whose muscle, condition & movement was outstanding, let alone for a nearly 11 year old. Lovely broad head with correct bite. Eye could be a touch more almond shaped. Correct ear shape & set. Good body proportions. Strong pasterns, front & back. Correct well let down, strong hocks. Correct shape/size feet. Good arch of neck into a firm sloping topline, held perfectly on the move. Good coat texture. Correct tail set & carriage. She went really well in the veteran group. RCC & BV.

2nd – Loades’ Ch Snowolf Manhatten Marvel. Almost 9 years old. Lovely outline & shape. Broad, feminine head. Correct small ear size & correct shape/set. Lovely muzzle proportions. Nice arched neck, into a firm correct topline. Great, moderate angulations. Excellent height/length proportions. Good depth of chest & great forechest. Good feet & pasterns. Correct tail sat & carriage. In good muscle & condition. Absolutely sound on the move, but just didn’t move as positively & enthusiastically as 1 today.

3rd – Elliot & Campbell’s Mountain Home Packice Twisp (imp).

Miss Nicola J Singh (Sledog)