• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

I was proud to have drawn an entry of 116 for my first time awarding CC’s in this breed. Thank you to the exhibitors for bringing your dogs and for the grace and dignity in which my decisions were received. 

From a Breed Health Watch perspective I found nothing of major concern. There were one or two with erratic hind movement which could have been attributed to patella issues but they were certainly not lame and it could have equally just been poor construction. I was very impressed with hind movement on the whole. I know Breeders are only too aware of the constant need to focus on dentition in the breed. There were a few very untidy mouths with misaligned teeth. A number of dogs, well short of their veteran years, had missing teeth. I do urge exhibitors to assess the dental hygiene of the dog’s you are showing. There is no excuse for plaque on teeth and sore red gums especially in a breed such as this.

I had some very challenging classes with depth in quality and really found myself having to prioritise and then re-prioritise the virtues of the dogs in my top five places. There were a number of dogs and bitches that I would have gladly awarded a CC to and a host of really exciting minor puppies; this can only bode well for the future of the breed. I shall really look forward to judging them again.

 MPD (12,3) Great start to the day with the first two particularly exciting prospects. 1st FOTHERGILL Mrs D Diamonchi Mister Moon. Promising puppy with a super head. Flared ears, large dark eye and lovely expression. Just needs to drop in brisket to come together in body. Level top line on move and excellent tail set. Super straight front. Moved soundly. BPD. 2nd SUTTON Mrs B Jicara Heartbreaker Nikitos. Looking more compact than the winner already and really holds his top line well stood and on the move. Large ears set well. Typical large dark eye. Drives well going away but just not so accurate coming towards as the winner. 3rd VAITEKUNAITE Ms J Milendo Twice As Nice   PD (7,2) 1st DAVIS Mr A & Mrs J Noichi Red Roija At Chibull. Of ideal size and correct body proportions. Loved his head and expression. Level top line stood and on the move with thick, flat sickle tail. Straight front. Erratic movement going away.2nd VAITEKUNAITE Ms J Gelato Monte De Cavalier. Really liked his head and expression. Level top line and high set tail. Better drive and sounder away than winner but untidy coming towards. Very fine tail. 3rd AYLETT Mrs A J Angcherish Apollo Moon  JD (7,2) 1st HOLLISTER Mrs K Voxel Ux November Rain Avec Hollichi. An easy winner of this class. The most typical head and makes a great overall shape stood and on the move. Really sound away and shows good freedom of movement. Tail set high but can touch back on the move which detracts. 2nd Mr A & Mrs J Never Say Never Des Etoiles D' Artemis (Imp).Large ears that could ideally be lower set. Large dark eye. Compact in top line and very good tail shape and set. Moved briskly but erratic movement going away so limited drive. Preferred head proportions of winner.3rd SWALES Mrs B Chibull Midnight Prince At Selaws     PGD (10,0) Two lovely examples of the breed. Typical domed skulls, saucy expressions and dark eyes. Both of correct size, compact and correct body proportions. Both moved swiftly and with accuracy. I was splitting hairs. I just found the winner held his tail better on the move today and would perhaps like Albert to have a slightly larger eye. 1st WELLS Ms C A Pepeetolynn Obsidian At Dollybeau JW.  2nd ENTWISTLE Miss D Dorentys Royal Albert JW. 3rd GEORGE Mrs W Coltham Brexit     LD (10,2) 1st: 4570 LANGFORD Mr D Boetandales James Bond. A close call for the RCC today and is certainly worthy of a Champion title. Made a very balanced picture stood and on move. Loved his head, ear set and expression. Loads of attitude which demanded attention. So sound away and back with a perfect tail for shape and set. 2nd DAVIES Mrs C A Dachida's State Of Play NAF. Just out of Junior and looked a little immature in body. Again had a very typical head and expression. Held a level top line stood on move with high set tail. Lovely straight front and drives when going away. Would like a shorter, flatter tail. 3rd SUTTON Mrs B Nikitos Nowherenearnormal JW     OD (8,1) As they marched into the ring I knew this class was going to be exciting to judge. 1st FACEY Ms S Copymear Calendar Boy JW. Was just what I was looking for in terms of the essence of the breed and his overall balance. Text book head and saucy expression. Perfect scissor bite and bright white teeth. Slight arch to neck and such a good front. Compact with correct body proportions. Flat Sickle tail held just right at all times which creates the overall picture. Typical attitude required of a showman. CC, BOB and later Toy Group 4 under Tony Allcock. 2nd DAVIES Mrs C A Ch Dachida's Johnnie Hot Rocks. Loved his head and expression and again a real show off. Correct bite and clean teeth. Really straight front and neat dainty feet. Body proportion to standard, level top line and high set tail. Of obvious Champion quality but the winner had better drive behind today. RCC. 3rd SUTTON Mrs B Ch Mr Incredible De L'isle Au Vert Coteau Nikitos.   Class 1382 Such a competitive class. MPB (14,0) 1st FAIRBAIRN Mrs C Tidos Mission Insanity. What an exciting little package. Very sure of herself and showed he socks off. My notes say ‘never put a foot wrong’. Typical head with domed skull, flared and the sauciest of expressions. Very sound and perfect level top line stood and on the move. Stamped her feet square and kept checking the judge was watching her. Even though so young I thought she deserved the RCC & BPIB.  Later in the Puppy Group Short-List under Tony Allcock. 2nd HORNBY Mr & Mrs K & S Bramerita Prosecco Please. Instantly caught my eye and I wrote ‘stunning head’ three times in my notes !! Very well constructed with straight front and well let down hocks. Tail set high and of correct sickle shape. Not so self-assured on the table as the winner which showed in her overall performance and was the deciding factor in this highly competitive class. Loved her. 3rd AYLETT Mrs A J Creddys Irresistible Me NAF.      Class 1383 PB (11,2) 1st BURGOYNE Mrs J D Hugachi Mon Cheri Caroline. Stood out in this class. So well balanced and looks a picture on the go around. Just right for size and overall shape. Lots of attitude and cheeky ‘show-off’ personality. Super expression and ears large and set perfectly. Slight arch to neck and well laid shoulders. Tail set high and just the right length and shape. 2nd WILKES Miss N Lukarra Glimpse Of Gold. Built on larger lines throughout but retained typical expression. Well rounded skull and ear set just right. Very sound with straight front and moved with drive. Tail a little long which detracted.  3rd FOTHERGILL Mrs D Diamonchi Wishing On A Star   JB (12,2) A really strong class. 1st AYLETT Mrs A J Danns Only For Me At Angcherish. She was certainly not going to get over-looked. Sassy young bitch with so much personality. Loved her head. Large round eyes of the darkest colour and big flared ears. Medium neck with slight arch and well laid shoulders. Holds her top line and has ideal tail shape and set. In gleaming condition and muscle tone. Very collected on move making a real balanced picture and parallel away and back. 2nd LANGFORD Mr D Boetandales Phantom Menace. Confident show girl who could not have tried harder for her owner/handler. In tip top condition. Loved her head and expression. Just right size and correct body proportions. Well-constructed forequarters and neat dainty feet. Equally as sound as the winner. A very close and split second decision in final run off. 3rd FOTHERGILL Mrs D Diamonchi Golden Symphony JW.   PGB (8,1) 1st MURRAY Mrs F Borjomi Brightness. Stood out from the off for size, shape and showmanship. Creates a very balanced picture. Very confident in stance with bang straight front, level top line and high set ‘wagging’ tail. Brisk and self-assured on the move. Ideal tail set, size and shape. Moves very true and parallel away and back. 2nd STANGHURST Mrs S Stanghurst Strike A Pose. Beautiful head and expression. Large dark round eye with plenty of breadth between ears. Makes a balanced picture stood and on the move. Level top line and tail set high and definite sickle shape. Moved away with drive. Preferred straighter front of the winner.  3rd BRADSHAW Mrs J Stanghurst Mamma Mia   Class 1386 LB (8,2) 1st SUPRINAITYTE Miss J Borjomi Beaware. Catches your attention stood as she holds her shape so well. Very confident and well trained – total show off and clearly enjoys the job in hand. Typical head and expression. Large dark round eyes. Flared ears set just right. Very good dentition. Just right for size, body compact and deep brisket. Let down hocks. Really drives from behind and sound away and back. Considered for top honours but really splitting hairs in the challenge and not quite as strong in pastern as today’s green card winners. 2nd FOTHERGILL Mrs D Diamonchi Shooting Star JW Sh.CM. A typical head and super expression as is now the norm from his kennel name. Slight arch to neck and well laid shoulders. Straight front and neat dainty feet. Keeps a really good shape in side gait with level top line and tail set high and of required length and shape. Not quite the driving hind movement of the winner when going away hence 2nd today. 3rd HUNTLEY Mrs E Jahneemahs Gift Of Gold    (10,2) I found out afterwards the class winners CC was her 3rd and I have no doubt 2nd and 3rd will also gain their titles. Such was the quality of this class two very worthy Champions stood VHC & Reserve. OB 1st FAIRBAIRN Mrs C Tidos Ghost Protocol. Caught my eye on initial go around for her spirit and personality. Presents a very balanced picture stood and on the move. Proud head carriage and that slight arch of neck in to beautiful shoulders. Super head with apple dome skull and large flared ears. Stunning dark round eye and very saucy expression. Her overall confirmation could not be faulted. Straight front. Good bend of stifle and low hocks. Her angulation fore and aft is so well balanced and this shows in her movement. For overall perfection I would like her just a fraction shorter in loin when stood and when in full flight on the move she can look longer than ideal. I thought the quality of her many virtues typified the essence of the breed which I was looking for in my Cc winners today. 2nd DAVIES, Mrs C & REQUENA, Mrs J & LLAMAS Mr L Gibeltarik Bringing Down The House With Dachida's. Loved her overall type. Beautiful head and expression. Body of correct proportions. Absolutely level top line stood and on the move. High set tail. A real show girl who really comes together in side gait. Really drives from behind and shows good extension in front. Moved away and back soundly. Just not standing as straight in front as winner today. Well-conditioned showing very good muscle tone. 3rd SUTTON Mrs B Nikitos Nothinglikenormal JW     Nick Gourley (Judge)