• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: All Puppy Groups & BPIS

Border Union Puppy Groups and Best Puppy in Show   June 16th & 17th, 2018. 

I have been looking forward to this appointment for so long. Judging my first single Championship Puppy Group would in itself have been an honour but to have the chance to judge all seven Puppy Groups and then choose Best Puppy in Show was such a privilege. I sincerely thank the Officers & Committee of Border Union Agricultural Society for this special appointment and for their hospitality throughout the weekend. My stewards on both days were great company and supportive for which I  was very grateful. 

Having had the benefit of personally choosing the seven puppy group winners they all had just one final chance to stand out from the crowd in the BIS Ring. The overall winner had to be Dunhill’s Shiba Inu, Vormund Real Slim Shady. His head and expression had caught my eye at the National when he was posing on his grooming table so I was excited to see him in the Utility Puppy Group here. You really appreciate his quality, condition and show temperament when you go over him. He is so focussed for one so young and worships his handler. Stunning head and expression, coat of correct texture and density. Exciting on the move and very sound; a consummate showman and pulled out all the stops in the final. RBPIS went to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Johnson’s Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire. Nothing to hide here. Presented a balanced picture from every angle. Her head is very special with the neatest ears, set just right and used to advantage. Such an alert expression and the darkest eyes. She certainly knows how to get your attention with that stare and that ‘smile’. Clean in forequarter with straight front and well laid shoulder. Superb muscle tone and gleaming black coat. Moved away with drive and typically steady on the move.   

Pastoral Puppy Group. 

Exciting start to the weekend with my shortlist including the beautifully headed Australian Cattle Dog, the superbly handled Australian Shepherd.   

The winner was Shamatova’s Nashdom La Vie Est Belle, a calm, focussed Border Collie bitch of ideal size and such overall balance. Rock steady on the move and in superb condition. 2nd was Woodhead’s Nikara Secret Wish with Paska. An impressive smiling expression on this young Samoyed. Gleaming white coat and so sound. 3rd was Thomas’ Finnish Lapphund, Elbereth Tuulenpoika. I appreciated the head and expression, well developed in coat for age. Straight front and very sound. 4th was a very young Briard, Kellet & Brown’s Fostebrie Exotique Noir of Kellbry. Lacking maturity of higher placed dogs but so typical in head, coat developing well and such balanced movement in profile. 

Toy Puppy Group 

I know I am ‘at home’ in this group but I have to say the quality of my shortlist today had such depth and included the Pug, the Japanese Chin, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Lowchen. 

The winner was Smith’s Sueacres Bettin On Evie is a perfectly formed Pomeranian. Foxy expression and small neat ears. Dainty limbs and so well constructed. Short and compact. Proper ‘football’ shape, sound and swift of leg on the move.  A very close 2nd was Easdon & Martin’s Pekingese Yakee The Aristocrat with the most beautiful head. Wide with flat skull and dark round eyes. Great width of underjaw. Typical confirmation and distinct roll on the move. Groomed and presented expertly. In 3rd spot was Bramerita Prosecco Please, a pale cream SC Chihuahua owned by the Horby’s. I judge her last week at Three Counties and she was 2nd in a top quality MP class of 14 when she decided to have an ‘off day’ on the table. On top form here. Beautiful head and such a cheeky expression and excelled on the move with her level top line and sickle tail. 4th was Payne & Dunlop’s Chinese Crested Habiba True Blue. Making her debut was just 6 months and such an exciting prospect. Beautiful clean head and expression, large ears just right with fringes already developing well. Well -constructed fore-quarters and animated on the move. 


Utility Puppy Group 

A battle and a half here with an exciting short list and really splitting hairs. My short-list included the Tibetan Terrier, the Tibetan Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle.  

The winner was Dunhill’s Shiba Inu, Vormund Real Slim Shady who later became BPIS. Second was the baby Akita dog, Stecal & Corr’s Stecal’s Remember Me. Aptly named as he will be remembered by many I am sure. His overall balance makes him stand out and then there is his majestic head carriage. Loved his expression. Coat so well developed for age. Wonderful temperament and like Shady in fabulous condition and muscle toned. 3rd was Morris’s Ashowai Ready To Rumble. This Shar Pei dog's head grabs your attention. Not overdone in wrinkle clean eye and neat ear. Super sound and stamps his feet four square. I admired the body condition and muscle tone. 4th was a very raw Boston Terrier but so confident on his Ch show debut. Loved the bond with his handler and he was so alert. Nothing to hide in terms of balance and confirmation. Really looked the part in profile.  


Working Puppy Group  

Battle of the bigger dogs here and I rewarded soundness highly with just five making the short-list. The Siberian Husky has such an alert expression and impressed with her brisk side gait. I like her personality but her over-enthusiastic efforts just cost her in the final run off. 

Heading this impressive quartet was the Bernese Mountain Dog, Baldwin’s Fortonpark Sez I’m Classy. Admired her head greatly with such a gentle expression. Such a calm and collected disposition. Moved with drive and good reach forward. Silky coat in tip top condition. 2nd was Lambert, Eastham and Craig’s Bouvier des Flandres Avice Reach For The Sky with Bouvpilot. Exciting prospect. Loved her head with typical beard and alert expression. Short and compact with coat already thick and harsh. Impressive on move and very sound. Jones’ Doberman Korifey Dark Night was 3rd Looking very athletic and makes such a typical square outline stood. Very well constructed forequarters. Would have benefited from the big outside ring but sadly we were rained off.  Springthorpe’s Newfoundland, Millthorpe Mr Rochester took 4th Spot. He had a super head and definitely a noble and majestic expression. Very well balanced overall. Moved very well for such a large draught dog. . 


Gundog Puppy Group 

The large outdoor ring really allowed the larger Gundogs to show off their virtues on the move. I short-listed the Flat Coated Retriever, the Golden Retriever and the Welsh Springer. 

But the winner was the smallest and one of youngest in the Group. Whiting’s Cocker Spaniel may have been the smallest but she has such ring presence already. Her head is divine with the most gentle of expressions. She is of ideal size and shape. Never faltered on the move in the Group and is so sound – just flagged in the BIS ring but was in my final thoughts. 2nd was another baby, baby. Siddle & Crocker’s Wilchrimane Starthistle. A 6 month old Pointer who already catches your eye for her overall balance and shape. She is an impressive on the move as she is on the stack. Beautiful in head and expression. Loved her top line and tail set. In 3rd was the Richardson’s Brabrook True Violet for Montgreenan. An Irish Setter that always looked balanced whether stood or on the move. Coat in gleaming condition and feathering developing. Long and lean in head. Very sound going away with very good footfall in side gait. The playful Gordon Setter was 4th. Tillet’s Fieldtalk’s Lady In Red caught my eye stood. I thought her head and expression so typical. Long neck and well laid shoulders. Moved off well and then decided it was play time. Was well constructed and saw enough on the move to still earn a place.  


Hound Puppy Group 

A quality Puppy Group with many future CC winners I am sure. I short-listed the Afghan Hound, the GBGV, Basset Hound and the Irish Wolfhound.  

The winner was the very athletic Rhodesian Ridgeback, Cunningham’s Walamadengie’s Coco Chanelle who excels in profile movement; her foot fall was perfect with great reach and drive. Such a well-proportioned head and darkest of eye. Rich colour, gleaming coat, typical neat ridge. 2nd Jones’ and Jepson’s Beagle Eardley Alec Tricity. Looks like a winner and certainly has ring presence. Could stand forever. So compact and well balanced from head to tail. Held top line on move with erect tail carriage. Well let down hocks and real drive. 3rd was the Standard LH Dachshund, Maskins Cedavoch It’s Taboo at Kindeace. Beautiful head and expression. The very best of forequarters with fore chest and depth of keel already well developed. Straight front and strength to hock. Gleaming coat and superb condition overall. Moved with purpose and sound away and back. The very young whippet bitch puppy was 4th and on a warmer day will trouble the best. Howgate & Hulls Palmik Queen Of Diamond is so feminine and so elegant. Beautifully made throughout. Just flows from tip of nose to end of tail. Just feeling the cold wind at the end of a long day her quality earned her the last of my rosettes in the strong group. 


Terrier Puppy Group 

I shortlisted the very happy Dandie Dinmont and the attentive Jack Russell who both put on very good performances.  

The winner was the Staffordshire Bull terrier who I later made RBPIS, Johnson’s Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire. 2nd was a very confident Cairn puppy. Catto’s Birselaw Viking Princess never stopped showing so really catches the eye. Alert expression. Compact and stands square. Excellent tail set stood erect on the stand and on the move at all times. Coat nice and harsh and well developed for age. 3rd was the Norwich, Ragus Feather In The Cap. Initially a little unsettled with change of handlers but the settled and really came together in shortlist. So good to go over. Super keen eye and ear set high on wide skull. So cobby with excellent tail set. Wiry coat.  Coat of harsh texture. 4th was the well presented SCWT Moles and Williams’ Celtannia Atalntic Gold. Self assured young man who makes a balanced picture stacked. Very good head and expression. Wonderful soft coated of even colour. Compact in body and good muscle tone. Accurate of footfall and moved confidently.   

Nick Gourley (Judge)