• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Pekingese

My sincere thanks to the Officers & Committee Members of Darlington Dog Show Society for inviting me to award CC’s in Pekingese for the first time. I would like to thank the exhibitors who sent genuine ‘apologies for absence’ – thank you for entering. From Pekingese present today I found 7 that were all more than worthy CC winners. I was very disappointed that my line up for the Bitch CC and RCC challenge had to exclude the two beautiful bitches in Open. The owner/breeder explained that she did not have a handler for the Open Bitch Class winner and as such had made the decision to handle her Limit Class winner. The winner of Open Bitch was therefore absent in the Bitch Challenge.  

I am pleased to report that I found no major health issues at all. Excess coat should not be confused with profuse puppy coat and I found even the very glamourous dogs carrying more coat still showed definition of body shape and showed no restriction in movement. I saw no breathing difficulties or excessive nose rolls. A couple could have benefited from more exercise to improve muscle tone and therefore strengthen their hind quarters. 

MPD (4,0) 1st DAVENPORT Mr A & Mrs C Greyport Endeavour. A promising prospect at just 6 months. A small puppy dog and neat package. Short in body and wide in chest. Good bone for age and picks up heavy. Would like his head a little larger but so very well proportioned. Nice and broad. Flat between ears. Medium round eye with good width between. Large open nostril. Coat developing well for age. Moved confidently in desired slow and collected manner.   2nd HEFFERNAN Mrs F J Mezrab Red To Talk. A little more mature than winner despite being only a month older. Another beautiful headed dog pup. Broad skull and width all though. Liked his expression. He has a very typical front. Very good bone, large flat feet and tight at elbow. Very good spring of rib so picks up well. Coat developing well and harsh texture already evident along back. A close decision for first but just found the winner shorter in back which I preferred. 3rd HEFFERNAN Mrs F J Mezrab Pillow Talk.  

PD (5,3) 1st EASDON, A & MARTIN, P Messrs Yakee the Aristocrat. I could not fault this dog puppy’s head. It is very special and his expression typifies the loyalty and fearless character expected of the best in this breed. His presentation was flawless and his coat is well developed for his age with the harsh textured coat dominating his puppy coat. Under that coat you find well sprung ribs and elbows tight to his body. Excellent muscle definition on hindquarters and high set, well feathered tail. I found him just a little longer in body especially on the move today which gave Professor Green the nod for RCC. BPD. 2nd PARADISE Mrs J L Rickenny's George Ezra with Shardlow. He was 4th in MPD and has an appealing head with good width through and medium size, dark round eyes set well. His coat is developing well and shows signs of correct harsh texture. At the moment he is longer in neck and body than ideal.  

JD (1,0) 1st MORLEY, Miss A & BOX Mr A Jidoran Professor Green. Another excellent head for width and size with dark lustrous eye of just the right size and set. Short in neck and body. He has a superb front with laid shoulders and short thick legs wrapped around his wide low slung chest. Short thick legs and huge feet turned out just slightly to support body. Very level top line and high set tail. Coat in good order; thick and harsh and shaping his body perfectly. He is very well muscled in second thigh, low on hock which gives strength to hindquarters. He has the construction to create the desired rolling front gait and whilst I saw glimpses of this on the move he was not as settled today on the move. Absolutely CC worthy and a close call but today RCC. 

PGD (2,0) 1st SMALL, Dr N & SMALL, Dr S & SMALL, Dr C & SMALL Zhong Noble Count At Swaggerboot. I liked the width of his fairly large head. Dark eyes of good size and broad nose with open nostril. Firm chin. He has good bone but a little taller on the leg than ideal and longer in the back. Would prefer more muscle tone on hind quarters. Fully mature coat of super harsh texture, super mane and really showed off his body shape well. 2nd MURRAY, Mrs L & PATTERSON Mrs C Bratilda Starboy. Admired his size and overall balance. Head of good width through with larger dark bright eye. He is lower to ground than winner but lacks his thick bone. A little longer in back than required. In very good coat. Moved well with muscle tone to hindquarters. 

LD (3,2) 1st MACHIN Mr P & Mrs B Diva Haven Royal Dream at Barpeke. Super large head which is wider than deep and flat between the ears. Loved his eyes and expression. Clean nose and firm chin. Great width to his chest and very deep with short thick legs and fabulous big feet. He picks up really heavy. A fraction longer in back than required. Level top line. His coat is of perfect harsh texture and just the right thickness. He needs more muscle tone in his hind quarters as this effected his movement today and he did not cope well with the longer grass.  

OD (2,1) 1st EASDON, A & MARTIN, P Messrs Klerkshof Desert Star at Yakee. Immediately impressed with his beautiful head and expression. He has such a dignified and aloof attitude. He is so well balanced overall; evident both stood and on the move. The width in his head starts at his strong underjaw, breadth to his nose and width between his eyes. Really flat top of head and ears set just right framing his typical envelope shape head. Short in neck and in back. Well-constructed forequarters with elbows nice and tight to ribs. Low to ground and width to chest and not surprised to find him pick up heavy. Ideal coat for texture and thickness – presented immaculately. Sound moving away and showed rolling gait coming towards. Slow and purposeful at all times. Never stopped showing with reassuring wag of his tail to tell his handler with assured Pekingese confidence ‘everything was in control’.CC & BOB. 

VB (1,0) 1st WILSON Mr G C & Mrs G Corges Golden Amy. A small, pretty 10 year old lady who could charm the birds out of the trees and is obviously worshiped by her owner and vice versa. She has a smaller head but definitely wider than deep with dark round bright eyes and balanced proportions. Broad nose and open nostril. Well laid shoulders. Narrower through in body; would prefer more width of chest and thicker bone. Good muscle tone and moved well. A little out of coat but still harsh texture.  

MPB (3,0) Close decision between the first two both with much to like. 1st SMALL, Dr N & SMALL, Dr S & SMALL, Dr C & SMALL Greyport Absolutely Got It At Swaggerboot. Won class on her head features and expression. Love her dark eyes with good width between and broad nose to balance. Short in neck perhaps a little longer in back than ideal. Good width to chest. Perfect high set tail. Puppy coat well developed for age.  2nd DRISCOLL, Ms J & DRISCOLL Miss M Rickenny's Dancin In The Dark. This young black bitch impressed with her short body, and width to her chest. Head of good width but preferred expression of winner, would prefer nose a little larger. Coat already showing harsh texture and well developed for age. Moved really well showing desired rolling gait in front. 3rd GODDARD Ms P Mezrab Sereneipy at Lilymead. 

 PB (5.1) 1st EASDON, A & MARTIN, P Messrs Yakee the Debutante. Litter sister to the BPD and like her brother she too has a stunning head. Relatively large head for overall size and shape. So well balanced in all respects. Super short in neck and in back with bang level top line and high set tail. Wide chest and short legs of good bone. Well-conditioned hind quarters. Picked up well for age. Coat of correct harsh texture shaping body perfectly with mane and defined waist. Presented beautifully. Moved with confidence in class with plenty of encouragement from her talented breeder/handler and showed off her typical rolling front gait. Another I would be proud to award a CC too. RCC today as not as assertive on move as CC winner in the challenge & BPIB above her brother who I found a fraction longer in back; I was splitting hairs. 2nd BLAKEWAY Ms H Bellablake One And Only. Unlucky to meet winner as lots to like particularly in head. Wide head and dark lustrous eye. Smaller nose than winner but open nostril. Firm underjaw. Short in neck and good width to chest which is low slung between her short thick legs. Ribs well sprung. Not quite as short in the back as the winner. High set tail. Coat developing well and of good harsh texture. Moved well away and back. 3rd DRISCOLL, Ms J & DRISCOLL Miss M Rickenny's Dark Magic  

PGB (1,0 ) 1st WILSON Mrs G Mezrab Miracle Sunrise of Sherrldene. A smaller, well balanced bitch who was out of coat but really good to go over. Proportionally large head, width through and strength to under jaw. Medium round dark eye and clear nose. Short in neck and back with high set tail. In superb body condition and picks up heavy for size. Would like her wider in front but liked her thick bone and elbows nice and tight to her rib cage.   

LB (2,0) 1st MORLEY, Miss A & BOX Mr A Jidoran Kara. Perhaps not the most glamourous bitch but very difficult to fault and epitomises health and vitality in a Pekingese. I loved her size, shape and balance. Her personality shone through especially in the Bitch Challenge where she would stare at me and then give a knowing glance at her breeder/owner and a little wag of the tail and then back to me. Beautiful expression and width right through her head. The construction of her forequarters is text book – well laid shoulders, short legs of good bone wrapped around her well sprung ribs. Her elbows are tight to her ribs and it all fits together. Short in back, level top line and high set tail. Top coat of correct coarse texture. Of medium length with cape around neck. Such good muscle tone to her lighter hind quarters but no sign of weakness. Moved really soundly. BCC. 2nd WILSON Mrs G Mezrab Miracle Sunrise of Sherrldene. 

 OB (3,1) 1st MORLEY, Miss A & BOX Mr A Ch Jidoran Rula. I immediately recognised this bitch having awarded her BIS as a youngster at The Pekingese Club Open Show two years ago. I was excited to see her and she gave me goose-bumps once again. She marched in with such an attitude and stares through you with regal distain. Her head is text book for width and overall balance. She is a picture of health. Short in neck, short in back and spirit level top line. Head on she is a joy and you immediately spot the width of her chest, nice and low to the ground and the thickness of bone and size of her feet. She weighs a tonne to pick up especially given her size and shape. Her coat is perfect for length and texture and she was in immaculate condition. On the move she was sound away and had a perfect roll to her front gait. My eventual CC and RCC winners were all very worthy recipients of their respective awards but for me this was the best Pekingese here today and I was sad not be able to reward her as such. 2nd EASDON, A & MARTIN, P Messrs Yakee Stood In Snow. Love her name – eye catching black bitch with white trainer socks on. Another beautiful bitch that I would have no hesitation in awarding a CC to. Loved her size and overall make and shape. Beautiful head with a fabulous expression – width right through from firm chin up to flat skull between her ears. Another with a very well-constructed front – wide chest and well sprung rib. Lovely and low to ground. Picks up heavy. Would just like a fraction more foreleg bone compared to Rula. Bang level top line and high set tail. Strength to hind quarters. Her coat is fabulous and perfect for length, texture and thickness. Defined mane, cape and definition to waist. Moved really well – sound away and back with typical rolling gait.