• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Champion & Veteran Stakes

It was an honour to be invited to judge the Champion and Veteran Stakes at one of the UK’s most prestigious Championship Shows. The Windsor Castle backdrop, a show ground steeped in sunshine and class after class of beautiful dogs to judge made for a very, very special appointment. I would like to thank the Officers & Committee members for their support and hospitality and the exhibitors and your dogs – you gave me some real challenges and I was grateful for the sporting and dignified manner in which you accepted my decisions.  

Group Captain Sutton Memorial Veteran Stakes. 

Hound/Toy (25,2)  

1st HELLMUTH Mr & Mrs S & A Omegaville Press Release For Shumllea (Imp). Chinese Crested. Her overall balance and super sound construction appealed from the off. In tip-top condition from her full dentition to her feathering and fringes to her ‘clean’ skin. Ears set just right and used at all times. Could not stand wrong. 2nd HARDY, Mrs D & HALLAM Mrs P Ch Tokaji California Dreaming. Basenji. Loved her head and alert expression. High set ears and dark eye. Arch to neck and well laid shoulders. Impressive on the move with real reach and drive. Picture of health with well-toned muscles. 3rd WELBOURN, DOWSETT & TYLER Ir Ch Zumarnik Hot Pursuit CW12 Sh.CM. Maltese  

Utility/Terrier (17,0) 

1st LOCK Mr D & Mrs J Ch Littondale Vallentino JW. Lhasa Apso. A clear winner; balanced and sturdy with a perfect coat in terms of hard texture, length and immaculate presentation. Super head proportions and straight reverse scissor bite. Well arched neck. The best fore-quarters and level top line. Very sound and real freedom of movement. 2nd MAIDMENT Mrs L M Berrybreeze Explorer At Daxidin. Scottish Terrier. True terrier alertness and so attentive. Long head, almond eye and neat ears created correct expression. Smart characteristic beard and eyebrows. Typical harsh top coat. Short, thick set body; tail set and held high with slight curve. Moved with drive just a little untidy coming towards.  3rd NICHOLLS Mr C S & Mrs J K Kabu Shine Thru Shyllar. Akita 


1st BAXTER, Ms S & MORRIS Mr D Ch Albanywater Sea Dancer At Davistell Sh.CM. Newfoundland. A true gentle giant. A content and docile chap with such a kind expression. Body in superb condition with definite muscle tone. In full double coat. Absolutely sound on the move with such freedom and accurate footfall. Perfect tail carriage on the move. 2nd TAYLOR, Mrs P & TAYLOR-MORRIS Mrs H Ch Siberiaskye Brite Borealis Of Pelenrise JW Sh.CM. Siberian Husky. What an absolute star with a huge personality; she must be a joy to show. Free stands and cannot stand wrong. Typical head and expression. Really well balanced stood and on the move. Very light of foot and looks as if she could go all day. 3rd BETTS Mr & Mrs L & M Pipadene Ultimate Dream JW. Bearded Collie. 


1st WILDSMITH Mrs M & Mr S Trimere Time Trail With Sandiebeck Sh.CM. Springer Spaniel. Caught my eye straight away when stacked for his overall balance. Dark almond eye and gentle expression. Ears set well and well feathered. Slight arch to neck into sloping shoulders. Perfect straight front and tight feet. Really drives from let-down hocks and has forequarter assembly to create perfect footfall and free flowing gait. Well-conditioned in body and could easily do a day’s work. 2nd TAYLOR Mr J M & Mrs B M Rosinante Loverboy By Tannadice JW. Golden Retriever. Pushed winner very hard as equally well balanced overall. Kind, gentle expression. Well developed in rib. Level top line stood and on the move. Coat in gleaming condition and well feathered in all right place. Tail carried well to finish picture. 3rd CARR, Mr M & Mrs D & CARR Miss L D Ir Sh Ch Laumidorn Rachel Carson Sh.CM. Bracco Italianio 


The Leonard Pagliero Memorial Champion Stakes 


1st SPAVIN Miss M Ch Dialynne Just Ella. Beagle. This young tan and white bitch was a picture of health. Loved her size and overall shape; so well balanced. Feminine in head. Slight arch to neck of good length. Well angulated forequarters and bend of stifle and let down hocks to match resulting in such a sound Hound on the move. Tail set on high and carried tall. In the final on Sunday with a new handler and 30 degree heat she moved so accurately yet again but her tail started to drop slightly which cost her. 2nd JACKSON, Miss S & DAWSON Miss T Ch Benatone Kinky Boots. Maltese. Immaculately presented with a stunning straight white coat of silky texture. Proud head carriage and dark eyes with black haloes and excellent pigmentation. Short and cobby in body with level back. Tail set high and arched over back. Very impressive on move. 3rd GARRATT, Mrs D & OAKEY Miss S Ch Caryna Neferti JW Sh.CM. Saluki. 


1st SUTHERLAND Miss S E Ch Witchgait Secret Keepsake. Shar Pei. I have admired this breeders Shar Pei from the ring side on many occasions over the years (her kennel name caught my eye initially!) and this one is very special indeed. Her head is quite exceptional fitting the standard with no exaggeration. Moderate wrinkle, clean eye and broad in muzzle. High set, thick, equilateral ears. Body is compact and equally proportioned. Super harsh coats. Adores her handler and is so focussed - has a cheeky acknowledging look at the judge and then back to job in hand. Sound and free moving showing good pace. Put in another very polished performance in the final. 2nd ANDERSON Mrs M Ch Zentarr Tobias. Lhasa Apso. Wonderful presentation and coat qualities. You have to judge this dog to appreciate the muscle tone and body condition under that immaculate coat. Correct head proportions; fully furnished with beard. Perfect reverse scissor bite. Real strength to his top-line and loin. Really drives on the move, holds top-line well and has dignified head carriage.  3rd HINSLEY Mrs A & Mr G Ch Jiltrain Ice Maiden Of Tigerbull. Shiba Inu 


1st ELLIS Ms S Ch Chayo Formula One. Alaskan Malamute. They say ‘every dog has his day’ and this wonderful beast put on faultless back to back performances in the scorching heat, on two separate days and with two different handlers. In the Daily Heat, I understand he was handled by his co-owner with whom he clearly has a very special bond. This mature dog is in his prime and oozes Champion quality and presents such a balanced picture stood and on the move. He has the most endearing nature – calm, friendly and so very happy. His tail set was exceptional and that plume never stopped waving either stood or on the move. Heavy boned and built for power and strength. Thick harsh coat in full bloom and so clean and conditioned. Such sound rhythmic movement looks as if he could go all day. So accurate in side gait and sound away and back for such a large powerful heavy weight. Despite a change of handler he was again foot perfect in the final; the excess heat had no effect on his performance whatsoever which clinched him the top prize overall. I don’t think that plume ever stopped waving whioch typified this dogs fantastic temperament.. 2nd ALLAN Mr N & Mrs A Ch Allmark Vanity Fayre JW Sh.CM. Australian Shepherd. This bitch is a real favourite of mine and I have competed against her in BIS line-ups and Stakes Classes on a number of occasions with both her talented young handler and her clever breeder taking charge of the lead. A loyal and obedient sheepdog with a special relationship with her handler. Such a pretty head and so feminine – could never be mistaken for a dog. Body proportions perfect being slightly longer than tall. Present’s such a balanced picture stood and really excels on the move being swift of foot and light on her toes. 3rd CULLEN, Mr & Mrs K & S & THOMAS Mrs R Ch Philoma Lana Lang. Giant Schnauzer. 


1st AMOS-JONES Miss S Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW. Cocker Spaniel. Such a well- proportioned dog giving such balance overall. I think his expression typifies the standard – so gentle with that glint of merriment and brightness that says ‘ready to go’. Presented in perfect order with a brilliantly clean coat and body conditioned in every respect. So sound on the move away and back. Really drives and presents an effortless, rhythmic free gait in profile. Headed the strongest Ch Stakes class and then just pipped by the ‘fresh’ returning Malamute in the overall final but no hesitation in making him the Overall Runner-Up.  2nd BOTT, Mr R P & SAVELL Mrs C Sh Ch Art-wave's Standing Ovation For Allenie (Imp). Springer Spaniel. I was brought up with Springers and his head is just what I would have wanted to live with. Kept catching my eye on the stack for the balance from the tip of hips nose to the tip of his tail. Well-proportioned head with typical alert and kind expression and perfect ear set. Compact in body with sprung ribs and strength of loin. Moved effortlessly and so sound away and back. 3rd SIDDLE, Mrs A & SIDDLE, Miss A & CROCKER Mr B Sh Ch Wilchrimane Frankel (ai). Pointer. 


Nick Gourley (Judge)