• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Affenpinscher

My thanks to the Darlington Committee for the opportunity to judge this delightful breed. I had my first Affenpinscher ‘mentoring’ session over 20 years ago now with the late Gary Turner and his brother John (Bodebi) who were so passionate about this breed. The confident attitude combined with that ‘naughty’ monkey-like expression makes this breed a joy to judge. One or two typical examples not as ‘on form’ today which cost them places.  

VD/B (3,0) A super class of Veterans and understandably all with their Ch titles. 1st SHEPHERD Mrs D L Fin Est Ch Lat Avantgarde Importance Of Being Earnest. Won the class on his attitude and super sound movement with strutting gait and high stepping front. Small head with dark round eye and neat small ears. Tight lipped and good width to jaw. Correct bite. Coat not as thick as 2nd but harsh texture. Still a consummate showman. BVIB 

2nd MUMBY Mrs C K Ch Carmichan Moonstruck JW Sh.CM. Loved her head and expression with that perfect equilateral triangle from nose to eyes. Neatest ears and short neck. Very good coat for texture and density on body; perfect length on head framing facial features. Sound on the move but not so confident today which caused tail to drop. 3rd CARLYLE Mrs C Ch Induna Little Tommy Tucker  

PD (1,0) 1st GRUNINGER Miss J Darkle Pookisnackenburger. Promising puppy of ideal size and overall shape. Appealing head with good turn up and dark, round eye. Short in neck. Definitely a cheeky expression and was determined to catch the judges eye. Moved really well in profile with high set tail showing good lift in front. Coat developing well for age especially on head. Moved well in profile with well-set tail, level top line and high stepping side gait. BPIB. 

JD (2,0) 1st WIGGINS Mr B Scapafield Schwarz Odyssey. Outgoing attitude and quite the show off. Small head and body well developed for age with well sprung ribs. Very typical head features with perfect eye set and shape with neat small ears set high. Prominent chin with good width of jaw. Really came together on the move - very sound with lift in front. Fully developed coat with short, harsh jacket and shaggy coat farming face perfectly. A little longer in body than ideal. 2nd GRUNINGER Miss J Darkle Pookisnackenburger  

PGD (2,0)  1st GRUNINGER Miss J Clipperreach Rogue Prince. Perfect overall shape and balance for the breed being just longer than height at the withers. Head relatively small compared to body. Eyes set just right and equidistant from nose. Would like a little shorter in muzzle. Small neat ears. Looked the part on move with level top line and high set carried well. Sound away and back. Coat harsh textured framed face well. RBD. 2nd WIGGINS Mr B Scapafield Schwarz Odyssey.   

OD (5.1) 1st GREENWOOD Mrs M Capricho Keck Laus Bub. A real show off and lots of attitude. Very balanced overall and compact. Not too deep and good spring of rib. Loved his head and expression. Just the right size with defined stop, short muzzle and good width of jaw. Black sparkling eye.  Straight front and moderate bend of stifle. Moved really well – sound away and back and very collected in side gait with high stepping front action. Mature coat of harsh texture.BD. 2nd SHEPHERD Mrs D L Avantgarde Dark Material. Another with a typical head and expression. Small ears set high and dark eyes balanced to nose. Of smaller mould all through but still compact. Lacked maturity of winner. Moved really well in profile holding top line with high set tail carried in gentle curve over back. Not so accurate coming towards as winner. 3rd MUMBY Mrs C K Ch Scapafield Schwarz Nite Owl With Carmichan JW  

PB (2,0) 1st SHEPHERD Mrs D L Avantgarde Lady Zuunami. Super sassy minor puppy showing great promise. Full of confidence and that ‘naughty’ attitude that you know will get her in trouble. Very typical expression with dark sparkling eyes and clear nose and prominent chin. Ears set high. Really like her in profile with level top line high set tail. Really struts her stuff. Body needs to fill out and mature hence BP to the dog today. Look forward to seeing her again.  2nd ATKINSON, Ms J & CLARKE Ms L Pretty Woman At Darksprite. Really appeals for head size and proportions. Cheeky expression and very good balance to eyes and nose. Small ears set high. Longer in back than winner and not so coordinated on the move today.  

JB (2,0) 1st WIGGINS Mrs J Scapafield Schwarz Olena. Litter sister to JD winner and so similar in many respects. Typical head features and loved her expression – just like her a little wider in underjaw. Compact in body and very sound. In profile she really stands out with her high stepping, strutting action.  2nd HARRISON Mrs A & Mr T Ribbleriver Sams Freya. Liked the size of her head and she is very balanced overall with body just longer than height at withers. Dark round eyes and smaller nose. Prominent chin but a little more turn up than I prefer. Very sound on move away and back but not the front lift of the winner in profile.  

PGB (3,0) 1st WIGGINS Mrs J Scapafield Schwarz Olena. 2nd GRUNINGER Miss J Darkle Devil's Favorite Dish. Has a super head and expression and better width to underjaw than winner. Short in neck and compact in body. Very sound away and back and high stepping action in side gait. Tail set high but held very close over back which detracted. 

OB (5,0) A close decision between first two. Both showed their socks off and have that typical monkey like expression.  Both have correct body proportions being just longer than height at the withers. In side gait they both strutted their stuff and were sound away and back with level back and high set tails. Coats were in full bloom. Short and dense on body and of harsh texture. Shaggy hair stood away and framed their face to enhance the expression. I just preferred size of winner and found her a little shorter in muzzle. 1st JOHNSON Mrs P A & Mr G Carmichan My Cariad JW. BB & BOB. 2nd GRUNINGER Miss J Ch Darkle Flidias. RBB. 3rd HICK, Mr D & Mrs L & Carmichan Heidi Hi