• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Italian Greyhound

My thanks to the Officers & Committee for the invitation to judge one of my favourite breeds at their prestigious show. The organisation and hospitality was first class. We were blessed with a dry sunny day which for the first time in a number of years which meant we could take advantage of the large grass outdoor rings; perfect for the Italian Greyhounds to show off their virtues on the move.  

PD (3,0) 1st THOMPSON, Ms S & AMSEL Ms J Artmeis Magical Moonlight. A promising start to the day with this handsome chap making his show debut at just 6 months. Beautiful head in all respects and long elegant neck. Very well laid shoulders and straight front. He had a tendency to tense up when stacked which spoilt his top line at times but soon rectified on the move. Excellent over the croup with lovely low set tail. Very sound with free movement; really drives from his hocks. Best Puppy Dog. 2nd TILEY-DAVIES Miss S M Toerag Little Scamp. Another puppy with a bright future I’m sure. Long skull not quite as narrow in back skull as the winner. Very neat ears and bright eyes. Has a lovely top line with slight arch over loin. Quite a tight curl to his tail compared to the winner which detracted. Sound away and back and showed required high stepping action in profile. 3rd MELLIS Dr J M Petoski First Edition For Lamoye  

JD (4,0) 1st PALMER Mrs C Rockiggy A Bigger Bang. This young blue dog has a stunning head and expression with tight rose ears that you cannot ignore. He has fine bone and is so elegant but without losing his masculinity. Very elegant in neck and long sloping shoulders. Perfect top line stood and on the move. He was in such good condition with well-defined muscle tone and tight skin and the shortest of coats. Moved with so much freedom with drive from behind and high stepping front action. Legs all parallel away and back. Put in another very good performance in the challenge to take the Dog CC.  2nd HENLEY, Mrs B & BRADLEY Mrs C Newill Gold Lightening At Turigner. Built on larger lines but very well balanced overall. Very good head proportions; long and lean. Eyes of good shape and size but would prefer a little darker for more appealing expression. Super sound and hold s his text book top line stood and on the move. Perfectly sound away and back. 3rd HAYDEN-SMITH Mrs M Chrisford Dare Devil Dennis  

PGD (3,1) 1st Mrs K & Mr W Willakyme Oberon. Was 4th in the strong Junior class. An elegant outline and looks balanced on first impression. I liked his overall shape stood but tends to flatten his top line completely on the move and flies his tail. Head of good proportions with a larger round eye. Moved well in profile.  2nd CARR Mrs K & Mr W Ibisco The Main Attraction At Willakyme  A larger, thicker set dog lacking the elegance of winner although in very condition. Liked his head proportions and expression. Heavier bone and whilst sound away and back lacks the lift required in front. 

LD (2,0) 1st RUTTER, Mrs K & BRYAN Miss C Chrisford Trumpet Trousers. Only just out of puppy and is already CC worthy. Refined head and the most expressive eye. Slight arch to neck and very well laid shoulders with perfect straight front. He makes a perfect shape stood and on the move. Well bent stifle and low hacks ensure correct pace on move. Shows just enough lift in front on the move and has perfect foot fall. 2nd POWELL Miss T J Sumobi Little Snowflake At Turigner. This chap was unsettled today and did not like the breeze behind him. It was a shame as I liked his head and eye. He was lovely to go over with well-constructed fore quarters and with strength and shape to hind quarters.  

OD (5,1) 1st HENLEY Mrs R H Ch Turigner Thunderbolt JW. An absolute favourite and now in his Veteran years but still such a class act. My RCC winner when I judged two years ago and again today – so sorry. He has a beautiful head and endearing expression. He had the best top line in the class and looked a picture on the move. Super sound away and back and out-moved his younger challengers today. Reserve Dog CC and Best Veteran. 2nd BIRD Mrs G Ch Tamiskene Rhumba JW. A handsome youngster who presents a very balanced picture stood. Classic head with bright eye and neat rose-shaped ears; would like his eye colour to be darker for a more appealing expression. Elegant in neck and well laid shoulders. Very good top line and very deep chest for age. Good length of rib and slight rise over loin to low set tail. Very sound away and back but lacked the drive of winner in side gait today.  3rd AMSEL Mrs J B Ch Florita Tavalino 

VB (1,0) 1st AMSEL, Mrs & RISHWORTH Miss H Ch & Am Gr Ch Artmeis Kaaliya. Another favourite who can still show the youngsters a thing or two. A beautiful size and shape and so elegant. Such a feminine head and intelligent expression. Shows real pace and freedom of movement. Love to watch her in side gait with drive from her low hocks, perfect foot fall and correct high stepping action. An absolute credit to her connections. 

PB (5,0) A super class of puppies with the top three particularly special. 1st RIGBY Mr M S Rockiggy Brown Sugar. What an exciting prospect. I absolutely fell for her to the point of seriously considering her for the RCC in the final challenge. She has a beautiful long narrow skull with dark sparkling eyes of just the right size and small neat ears. Elegant neck with slight arch and long sloping shoulders. She already has a text book top line and low set tail. Such a sound puppy with drive from her hocks and high stepping front. Interested to see she has the same dam as the Dog CC winner. BPIB.  2nd THOMPSON, Ms S & AMSEL Ms J Artmeis Over The Moon. Litter sister to the Best Puppy Dog and another who will be sure to catch the eye as she matures. A beautiful head and expression with small neat ears. Slight arch to her neck. Lovely top line and tail set and sound away and back. A little hesitant on her debut today on away and back but sound enough. When she gets going in side gait she looks a picture really drives with high stepping front action. 3rd TILEY-DAVIES Miss S M Toerag Little Sunbeam. What a super litter with litter sister 3rd in a fabulous Junior class too – congratulations. 

JB (7,0) 1st CHAU, Miss M Y J & DOHERTY Miss J E Littlebriton Ice And Fire. My find of the day and one of those ‘goose bump’ dogs that you would like to buy or at least have the chance of handling. I found her quite breath taking and one of the most exquisite Italians I have ever judged. She epitomises the breed standard – totally elegant and flows from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. Fine boned but in no way fragile and in tip-top condition. Nothing to change on her beautiful head. Arch to her neck and long sloping shoulders. Deep chest and good length of rib already. I loved her outline stood but it was on the move where I could not fault her. Absolutely sound away and back and then she takes off in side gait where her low hocks and bend of stifle propel her forward at pace and her high stepping action comes into play. She literally floats round the ring with the grace and vivaciousness that typifies the breed. She headed a superb class, a quality bitch line up and I was proud to be able to award her the Bitch CC & BOB. I was delighted to find out only a couple of weeks later that she topped the entry under highly respected breed expert Helen Lister (Florita). 2nd RUTTER, Mrs K & WHEELER Mr R Chrisford Golden Showers. A very eye catching little hound who makes a very balanced picture stood and on the move. Of a different type to the winner but many virtues.   I really admired her overall shape. Very typical in head and eye but would prefer a slightly smaller ear. Elegant in neck and very well laid shoulders. Shows desired arch over loin and has low set tail. Perfectly sound on the move – absolutely parallel away and back. Very accurate foot fall in side gait but not quite as high stepping in front as the winner. Reserve Bitch CC. 3rd TILEY-DAVIES Miss S M Toerag Love And Joy.   

PGB (2,0) 1st BIRD Mrs G Tamiskene Viennese Waltz. A very sound bitch with an excellent top line and low set tail. Shorter in head than I prefer. Small neat ears and round eyes. Elegant in neck and very straight in front. Well bent stifles. 2nd DOHERTY Miss J E Littlebriton Kissed By Fire. Not happy today which spoilt her top line on the stack. I preferred her head to the winner; long and narrow with flat skull and she is very elegant in neck. Her angulation fore and aft are very balanced and I expected her to move really well but today she was definitely having an off day and over-reached on the move.  

LB (2.0) 1st SPENCER Mrs P Rilloby Gentle Rhythm. A very balanced bitch with no exaggeration. Loved her head and her dark sparkling eye – such a gentle expression. Elegant neck and perfect in top line with low set tail. Very sound with perfect with perfect foot fall in side gait. Would just like to see her moved a little faster to really show off the power of her low hocks and her high stepping action. 2nd DOHERTY Miss J E Littlebriton Kissed By Fire  

OB (5,1)  A very strong class – I would gladly award all four a CC. 1st AMSEL Mrs J B Ch & Am Ch Artmeis Golden Oriole Of Regallust. A beautiful headed bitch once again from this talented breeder; well worthy of her titles both side of the water. She won this class on the accuracy of her footfall and her text book top line both stood and on the move. Just seemed to lack drive in final challenge despite her well let down hocks, her muscle tone and bend of stifle.  2nd RUTTER Mrs K Ch Chrisford Hello. A very shapely bitch; so elegant and refined. Loved her head and eye with neat ears. She really floats on the move and had drive from behind and high stepping front action. She can just lose her top line on the stack and fall off over the croup too much but looks very balanced and all of a piece in side gait. 3rd RISHWORTH Miss H H Artmeis Anastasiya. Res SPENCER Mrs P Ch Rilloby Gentle Touch.