• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Havanese

I was honoured to have an entry of 38 Havanese to assess given there were no CC’s on offer. I was pleased to find so many typical examples of the breed in terms of size, shape and coat qualities. Long standing breeders will know I am somewhat obsessed with the correct body shape – slightly longer in body than height at withers; equal in height from withers to elbow and elbow to ground. This part of the standard is so explicit and is an essential element of the essence of this special breed. Heads were generally in good order with a majority being equal in length from nose to stop and stop to occiput. Breeders must work to retain the large dark almond eye and not forget the importance of ear set to create the desired Havanese expression. I thought presentation was on the whole excellent with only a handful of exceptions.  PD (4,0) 1st: 4732 MCCALLUM-SEALY Miss H Pandaprint Believe In Magic. What a great start to the day. This dog puppy will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with as he matures. Unmistakeable Havanese expression with large dark almond eye and correctly proportioned head. His coat is well developed with undercoat and a soft silky top coat. Under that coat he is sturdy and meets the standard perfectly for body shape. Sound on the move and already a real show off. Strongly considered for Best Dog but he had very tough competition today. BPIB & delighted to hear he was later Toy Puppy Group 2 under Tony Allcock. 2nd CLARK-STAPLETON, Dr K L & STAPLETON Mr C W Louis From Bohemica Land. Another very exciting puppy who is not yet as advanced in coat development as the winner. Of ideal size and excellent body proportions. He has a wonderful expression and typical head. Very sound and a real spring in his step. 3rd BROOKS Mrs C Panda Print Be Mine Toytales   JD (2,0) 1st CRATES Mrs T Cubadias Caribbean Dragon. Liked his expression and ear set. His coat was presented immaculately and is so well developed for his age. His body is well proportioned but I am afraid he needs to be half the size. He moved soundly and had freedom of movement in side gait. I have to be honest and say I think his size will be a barrier to his ongoing success. 2nd GROCOCK Mr P Habanas Bonite Te Quiero Havalag.  I am afraid this 10 month old pup needs more training to be able to assess him properly. He had correct head proportions with ears set just above eye line. Dark almond eyes which could be a little larger. His body shape was to standard and his confirmation handled well. Unable to confirm this on move given his lack of training. His coat was developing well but lacked preparation. With better training and presentation he could have won this class.  PGD (2,1) 1st MCCALLUM Ms D M Dianaia Fabulous Forever. My ‘Best Dog’ when just out of puppy two years ago and I waxed lyrical about him then and nearly gave him BOB that day. Now fully mature he oozes confidence and never put a foot wrong today (nor could he afford to given the quality of both the PD and OD class winners). If you read the ‘General Appearance’ description of the Breed Standard he ticks every box and then you can keep ticking as you get into the detail. His head is very special and I sincerely hope he is used at stud to stamp that typical expression. He is sound on the move and has high tail set. His body proportions are text book and I would recommend he is used as a model for Seminars to demonstrate how you can achieve the desired size, height and length proportions together with a level back and rise over the loin. This for me is his greatest virtue and must be preserved in plans for future breeding. A pleasure to award him BD & BOB against stiff competition.   OD (6,1) 1st RUTZEL Ms A Am Kolmar's Painted Masterpiece. I was excited to see this young dog enter the ring. He is so eye catching, perfect size and was presented immaculately. You can tell how proud his handler is of him and deservedly so. Typical expression with dark almond eye and very well set ears. Perhaps could have a slightly broader skull but nose to stop and stop to occiput of absolute equal length. He really drives on the move and has such a free action that he can look a little long in body but under his super silky coat he is just longer than tall and has typical body proportions. A close call but RBD today. 2nd MARCHBANK Mrs H Aus Ch Carnwath Hollywood Bandit At Havieras (Imp). Another handsome dog of good size and presented a balanced picture stood and on the move. Fully mature in silky coat with a thick undercoat. Liked his typical expression and just the right body proportions. Really sturdy with well toned muscle. Moved true away and back.   3rd THORNE Mrs S L Jamboree Lee Coeur De Masai Avec Blevwil   VD (1,0) 1st GROCOCK Mr P Aust Carnwath Coolangatta Gold For Havalag (Imp). Happy 7 year old. A larger lad in very good condition. Sturdy in body and very good muscle tone. Lovely silky coat and well presented. Just a little longer in body than ideal. Nice dark eye and good ear set. Would prefer a shorter muzzle to balance with skull. Moved well.  PB (4,1) 1st FITZGERALD Mrs J Immelion Galactica For Beaugem. Beautifu head qualities and expression on this puppy and looks finished in terms of make and shape. Lovely silky coat and undercoat developing well. Really strutted her stuff on the move with head held proudly and spring in her step. She is an ideal height but would just prefer a little shorter in body 2nd CLARK-STAPLETON, Dr K L & STAPLETON Mr C W Little Rose From Bohemica Land. Sadly this puppy had a temporary handler who handled her patiently and most sympathetically but you could tell she missed her Mum/Dad. Not shy or scared in anyway but looked a bit shell-shocked. Perfect for size and shape. Loved her head and expression. She just needs her coat to develop; it already has a lovely silky texture. I am sure will have a bright future. 3rd GROCOCK Mr P Rumba Biale Bursztynki From Havalag     JB (5,0) 1st DAY Mrs J Cubadias Caribbean Damsel. She has that typical look with lovely dark eye and correct head proportions. Her coat is so well developed for such a youngster; quite the finished article. She moved briskly in profile and was sound away and back. I liked her height but found her a little longer in body than ideal.  2nd MORRIS Mr W & Mrs G Dyffrynsands Lady Cecilia Rothermere. Small and sturdy with better proportioned body than winner. Loved her head and expression. Moved well with her young handler who did a great job. Just lacking coat compared to winner which was deciding factor today. Will watch her progress as her coat develops.  3rd NOTON Mr & Mrs P & R Parmanese Crazy About Her     PGB (6,1)  1st NOTON Mr & Mrs P & R Newtonwood You And I. I loved her type and in better coat would have been a contender for Best Bitch. Loved her head proportions and large dark eye. Very typical in expression. An ideal size and scores in shape being just longer than tall. Very sound on move. I predict she will do very well when her coat comes back. 2nd SMITH Miss K L Larwinsca Princess Leia. Very glamourous and in full coat. Presentation was excellent and my notes say simply ‘dripping in coat’. Liked her head and expression. I would like her shorter in body to be just longer than tall as asked for in the standard. Moved very well. 3rd VAUGHAN Mrs C C & Mr M E Suresilk Midnight Flyer     OB (7,1) 1st DAY Mrs J Cubadias Caribbean Dreams. The overall shape and outline of this bitch is unmistakeably Havanese. Of ideal size and such a well proportioned body. Like my BD she is spot on equal withers to elbow, elbow to ground and just longer than tall. Good width to skull, large dark eye and ear set just right. Moved parallel although would prefer a little more enthusiasm. BB. 2nd MORRIS Mr W & Mrs G Sh Ch Classy Cleo Sh.CM. Loved her size, nice and sturdy; presented in super condition. Silky coat and well developed undercoat. Good width to skull and lovely expression. I would like a fraction shorter in loin for my personal preference. Very sound on move and well deserving of her Ch title. RBB. 3rd SMITH Mrs S Tiggafield Isn't She Lovely   VB (1,0) 1st GROCOCK Mr P Aust Torza Colour O'love For Heronsbridge (Imp). A 12 year old bitch who was lacking coat and presentation. She moved slowly and steadily. She would rather have been at home.   Nick Gourley (Judge)