• Show Date: 15/12/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mike Wildman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

It was a pleasure to judge at the last General Championship Show of the year. I was delighted with my entry and the overall quality of the entry was exceptional. There were some very close decisions to be made. There was great atmosphere and exhibitors received my placings in good grace. Thanks to my stewards for the smooth running of the ring which ensured we finished well in time for the group judging. 

Minor Puppy Dog – 5 Entries (1 Absent) 

1 Harrison’s Lourisma New Statesman. Commanding Steel Blue, who scores in outline. Has a quality masculine head and lovely neck into well laid shoulder. Well bodied, strong well-muscled rear quarters with good bend of stifle, short below the hock. Moved out soundly with marry tail action, good reach and drive in profile. BPD. 

2 Craig’s Alisma Andersun. Dark Blue of masculine appearance with balanced head proportions. Quality bone and feet, lengthy neck. Not as firm in topline as 1. Pleasing hind quarters. Moved true. 

3 Platt and Clelland’s Charbonnel Time N’ Tide. 

Puppy Dog – 3 Entries (1 Absent) 

1 Pretty’s Joaldy Best Mate. Mid Blue, with good balance to head, scores in eye shape and colour. Has good bone, thickly padded feet. Of good size and substance, well laid shoulder. Well angulated fore and aft with wide quarters. Sound and merry on the move. 

2 Platt and Clelland’s Charbonnel Time N’ Tide. Dark blue of lovely type and so typical of his breeding. Masculine head and lovely dark eye with super soft, gentle expression. Has excellent bone and stands on tight, catlike quality feet. Well ribbed, short cobby body with wide well-rounded quarters. In good coat and condition. Lost the class today as pulling away on the move. 

3 Robertson’s Kastrian Affection JW. 

Junior Dog – 6 Entries (2 Absent) 

1 Kettle’s Lujesa Impossible Dream. Black mature boy of real quality. Well proportioned and balanced all through. Although balanced his head is a little strong. Sturdy well-made body with correct front assembly and the best of legs and feet. Super bone. Well ribbed deep body to short, firm loin. Good width of first and second thigh, well let down behind. Short and straight below the hock. When stacked topline sloping slightly but level and firm when on the move. Moves with purpose, very active, merry and ever so sound away and back. Well presented. RDCC 

2 Pearce- Gudger’s Glowhill Silversmith. Black and White, pleasing head with good stop and dark eye.  Very compact, short, deep, well ribbed body giving an overall square appearance, which really was appealing. Would prefer a better lay of shoulder and a straighter front. Short, firm topline and nicely moulded croup. Broad quarters with a lovely width of thigh and well bent stifles. Outgoing on the move and moved with drive but not as positive as my class winner. 

3 Rofe’s Oakrosa Raiden. 

Yearling Dog – 4 Entries (0 Absent) 

1 Davies and Pretty’s Kerryglow Game of Thrones. Black who scores in outline with good angulation both ends. Balanced head with good expression. Has quality bone and feet with well-developed fore chest. Positive and sound moving. Well set tail and merry on the move however his tail wasn’t carried straight which distracted from his otherwise pleasing outline. 

2 Squire and Adams Corazon De Sibi Night Star (Imp) JW. Square, compact blue. Head a little heavy, moderate length of neck. Slightly upright in shoulder but has good bone and tight feet. Short, cobby body with level topline and pleasing croup. Had personality and style on the move. 

3 Young’s Canyonn Classic Legacy JW. 

Graduate Dog – 9 Entries (4 Absent) 

1 Commes and Cailleteau’s Meden Agan Light My Fire. Gold dog of beautiful outline and proportions. So much to like, however he would benefit from being in harder condition. Typical head of great appeal, dark, well set eyes and low ear set. Lovely, sweet expression of beautiful type. Shoulders were clean and well laid back, good length and return of upper arm, elbows tight to the body, good bone and tight, catlike feet. Needs to mature in body, well angulated rear quarters. Whilst trimming showed his lovely outline and angles it was a little too severe. Merry mover, has typical gait and carriage but moving close behind, I think this will improve when he fully matures. 

2 Wildman’s Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo. Blue, very different in type to my winner being larger in stature and longer cast so appearance wasn’t as square and compact. A quality dog, in good physical condition, mature and well bodied. Well presented, correct coat. Moved well fore and aft however did not have the scope in his outline of my class winner. 

3 Terry’s Shaggylands Too Hot To Handle. 

Post Graduate Dog – 5 Entries (2 Absent) 

1 Cassidy’s Manchela Hugo Boss JW Sh. CM. Blue. Quality head and gentle, kind expression. A smart dog who really pleased in overall shape and outline. He has good stature with a well-made body, firm topline and soundly made quarters. Moved out well and covered the ground with reach and drive from his well-conditioned rear. 

2 Corcoran’s Troverothway Sinatra. Another quality dog with much to like but not the flow in outline of my winner. Well ribbed body. Moved soundly. 

3 Terry’s Shaggylands Too Hot To Handle. 

Limit Dog – 7 Entries (1 Absent) 

1 Craig’s Nicibec Misunderstood JW. Blue who’s overall appearance is short, deep and compact. Balanced head with good depth of muzzle, clean over the skull and dark eye. Straight front but would prefer a little more height of foreleg and stronger front pasterns. He is well bodied and has a firm topline. Good angulation both ends. Moved well at the correct speed, covering the ground with typical action. 

2 Williams’s Gallinagos Gold Finger. Gold who looks a picture when stacked. I liked his head and eye. Straight front, thickly padded feet. Level topline, deep, well ribbed body, not as balanced in the rear quarters as one and slightly higher on the hock. Very merry, with lovely carriage, displaying exuberant disposition when on the move. Nicely presented. 

3 Tait’s Amaroanne Glory Days 

Open Dog – 9 Entries (0 Absent) 

1 Hackett’s Sh Ch Lindridge Diamond Geeza. A superbly constructed Steel Blue of the highest quality and perfect size. In my opinion so close to the standard. So typical of the breed and epitomises the word ‘cockery’. He scores in head and eye with the loveliest, soft, kind expression yet remaining masculine.  He had the best head in my male entry. Neck of moderate length set into well laid-back shoulders. Correct length and return of upper arm, superb, rounded bone standing on tight knuckled, well padded feet. He has generous ribs giving plenty of heart room, with well-developed fore chest. Sturdy, well-knit body. Excellent level topline, correct length of croup. Strongly made, well rounded rear quarters in firm condition. Short below the hock. Correctly presented with nothing overdone. As his confirmation suggests he is so sound, covers the ground effortlessly, although he could be merrier he cannot be denied for overall type and soundness which is typical of this kennel. CC. 

2 Pearce-Gudger’s Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim JW. Orange, another dog of great quality just not as compact as my winner. Lovely, balanced, masculine head with a nice eye shape and colour. Moderate in neck, with good shoulders but not as 1st. Stands on good bone and feet. Level topline, deep and well ribbed in body but would prefer him slightly cobbier. He shows himself to his advantage on the move being a merry, active mover. Displaying his typical, happy temperament. Although different in type to 1st he has quality in abundance, I’ve often admired him from the ringside and I was not disappointed on handling him.  

3 Craig’s Alisma Zacharius JW. 

Veteran Dog – 4 Entries (0 Absent) 

1 Grice’s Sh Ch Kyna By Request. So much to like about this blue boy, who is holding his shape and colour so well for his age. He is so short, deep and sturdy. His head is classic in type and well worked. Correct length of neck into well placed shoulders, would prefer a little more length of upper arm, well off for bone and beautiful, tight, neat, catlike feet. Level topline and correct length and shape of croup. Short, cobby body, beautifully balanced rear angulation. Shown in super coat and condition, well presented. He is so busy, with bustling movement. The ‘merriness’ he displayed, that is so endearing to the breed is a quality which is so unique and one he has passed to his offspring. 

2 Pretty’s Muti Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW Sh. CM. Another top-quality male, in remarkable condition, keeping a black and white in this condition is not an easy thing to do, a credit to his owner. He is adorable with a beautiful head, masculine but not course with a lovely dark eye. Not the compactness of my class winner and would prefer tighter feet. A pleasing outline. Sound on the move and his exuberance shows no bounds.  

3 Hillary’s Sheigra Mr Snuggles at Edasiy. 

Good Citizen Dog – 2 Entries (0 Absent) 

1 Farebrother and Farebrother’s Lilyvale Charmer. Clear Black and Tan, correctly marked. Of pleasing make and shape. Level topline, good length of second thigh. Moved out well and was sound.  

Minor Puppy Bitch – 17 Entries (9 Absent) 

1 Todd and Rahman’s Grandtully Gabrielle. Super black, so neat and square and appealed in outline. Her head is quality, ultra-feminine and sweet with good work and chiselling. Not in any way stuffy, with elegant neck and flows into clean, well laid shoulders. Correct body ratios, rounded ribs and short coupled. Balanced rear angulation. Effortlessly covered the ground with typical, bustling gait. Looking mature for her age yet not overdone. A very promising puppy. BP. 

2 Craig’s Alisma Amiable, A blue, not as mature as my winner but a lovely make and shape. Short, cobby body and is coming along nicely for her age. Moved freely and happily, just needs a little more time but she has plenty of this. Another lovely youngster. 

3 Ray’s Zheridons Charlies Angel. 

Puppy Bitch – 12 Entries (3 Absent) 

1 Young’s Canyonn Could it be Magic. Black of a larger type overall although not masculine. Beautifully constructed and strongly made, well off for substance but not course. Pretty head with feminine qualities. Clean neck set on clean fitting, flowing shoulders into a level topline. Good length of upper arm and well boned legs with good feet, her legs well under her body. Good width across thighs, I would prefer shorter hocks. Moved soundly but not with the presence and attitude of my Minor Puppy Bitch winner.  

2 Williams’s Amaroanne Athena at Wilmerella. A blue who was reserve in a large Minor Puppy Class and has a lot of qualities. Beautifully presented with silky coat. Lovely face, a kind eye giving a sweet, feminine expression. Short, cobby and deep bodied she was carrying a little too much weight on the day. Very busy moving, so cockery. 

3 Maguire’s Kerryjoys Jazzy June. 

Junior Bitch – 14 Entries (4 Absent) 

An excellent class of quality bitches. 

1 Whiting’s Annilann Miss Zing. Dark Blue of the highest quality and destined for the top. A typical shape, cobby and well off for substance. Balanced head of correct proportions with good eye shape and colour. Sturdy and short coupled, so neat and compact. Lovely rounded ribs, really pleasing to handle, every bit feminine and so soundly constructed with rounded croup and deep well-rounded quarters. Good reach of neck and correct front assembly. Displays typical gait, moving sound and merry with good carriage. Well presented, quality coat. 

2 Hillier’s Coedcernyw Calendar Girl. A red, she is short, square and deeply bodied with well rounded bone standing on excellent feet. Sweet headed, ultra-feminine. Short coupled with level topline. Very precise on the move with a merry disposition. Coat of correct texture and beautifully presented. This was a close decision, two top class bitches. 

3 Whitehead’s Ryallcourt Tangle. 

Yearling Bitch – 7 Entries (2 Absent) 

1 West’s Sheigra Stars in Her Eyes. A compact black, very balanced and nicely put together. A refined head and eye. Short coupled and excellent shape over the croup. Moderately angulated and has balance, an unexaggerated type. Correct level topline. Moved with great style, carriage and merriness. Excellent coat texture. Another one to watch, I really liked her. 

2 Davies’s Kerriglow Honesty JW. Another black with feminine well shaped head, reachy neck set on clean shoulders. Nicely constructed but not the compactness of 1st. Nicely angulated behind although the shape is somewhat hidden by coat. Moved with purpose and with a good attitude. 

3 Krisp’s Shallowdown Loopy Lou with Genavieve. 

Graduate Bitch – 13 Entries (2 Absent) 

1 Glendinning’s Plaiglen Jenga. A golden, with the most beautiful head and expression, I loved it. I judged her as a minor puppy and she has only improved, I remarked on her head qualities then and was not disappointed today. She captures the essence of softness of expression. A very pleasing type, with balanced front and rear angulation. Balanced height to length ratios and firm wide quarters, well rounded over the croup. Lacked in furnishings today but couldn’t be denied this place for her overall quality. 

2 Mitchell’s Glowhill Eastern Promise. A blue who oozes quality and has flow to her outline, she is of beautiful type. Quality bone and cat like feet. Compact, short body. Was a close call between these two lovely bitches but 1st was more collected and composed on the move. 

3 Bard’s Withiflor Fairy Tale JW. 

Post Graduate Bitch – 9 Entries (2 Absent) 

1 Hillary’s Edaisy Dream Maker. Black bitch who excelled in shape and outline on the move. She is very feminine and has a desirable expression. Clean and well laid through shoulder, short and cobby in body. Moving soundly although carrying her tail a little high. Good coat. 

2 Davies’s Annaside Shining Star JW Sh. CM. Another nice quality black, although not as clean in outline. Well made with good depth to body. Carrying a little too much weight over her shoulders, which distracted from her outline in profile. Would prefer a little more bend to her stifles. Moved true and was sound. 

3 Bavin’s Rojoys Chase the Dream JW Sh CM. 

Limit Bitch – 8 Entries (0 Absent) 

1 Craig’s Nicibec Mischievous JW. Dark Blue of nice size and type. A strong, yet feminine head. Well made with a strong, level topline, good length of rib, firm over loin. Good bone and of sturdy type. Balanced rear angulation and moved with purpose covering the ground. 

2 Ellison’s Withiflor Science Fiction. Black of nice type to go over. Another quality exhibit with good overall proportions. I liked her balanced, well chiselled head. Super neck and lay of shoulder. Superb width of thigh and well bent stifles, her topline was slightly sloping. A close call but she didn’t have the enthusiasm on the move of my class winner. 

3 Wright’s Chazbaz Glam Girl.  

Open Bitch – 7 Entries (0 Absent) 

A highly competitive class which was outstanding for quality, some top class exhibits going cardless. All in the class are worthy of their titles. To say I was spoiled for choice is an understatement and it was an honour to judge a class of such beautiful examples of the breed. 

1 Masters and Dott’s Sh Ch Manchela Where the Heart Is JW. The class was won by this outstanding orange roan bitch. She was in such good form today and could not be denied for her overall presence, showmanship and type. She was my Best Puppy the last time I judged at this level and she has only got better as she has matured. Her head and eye are typical, feminine and refined. She has everything in moderation and fits the standard so well for construction and cobbyness being both sturdy and unexaggerated. Rounded in body and compact. She is just so cockery on the move, amazing reach and drive, carrying herself so well. Shown in excellent condition and I had no hesitation in awarding her the Bitch CC and BOB. 

2 Hackett’s Sh Ch Lindridge Cupcake. Another Orange Roan who was so close up to the winner. Built on bigger lines but still retained femininity in head quality. Her head is balanced but doesn’t have the work of my winner. She is so well balanced and beautifully constructed with that so desired short, cobby, deep body. Excelled in rear quarters. She was sound and moved with style, carriage and drive, holding her outline. On the day was moving a little wide in front but she couldn’t be denied in this hotly contested class. RCC. 

3 Kettle’s Sh Ch Lujesa Jean Genie JW. 

Veteran Bitch – 3 Entries (0 Absent) 

1 Ellison’s Sh Ch Canigou Story Time At Withiflor JW. This golden belies her years and has the sweetest of heads and expression. She has superbly constructed forehand, with quality bone and is up on her toes. A short, neat, cobby body with correct tailset and carriage. She is in excellent muscle condition and is the ultimate show girl. Very cockery and pleasing on the move, oh so merry. It was a pleasure to handle this glorious bitch and I was delighted to award her Best Veteran in Breed. 

2 Davies’s Annaside Moonbeam. A nice, compact neat little blue who was not out of place here. She had good overall proportions and substance. She to is in excellent condition for her age and moved with purpose. Losing her topline a little detracted from her overall appearance. 

3 Daniel’s Starbourne Gazania. 

Good Citizen Bitch – 5 Entries (0 Absent) 

1 West’s Sheigra Super Special JW. Black of nice type, a little out of coat. Has a pleasing outline. Good bone and neat feet. Compact body. I would prefer a better lay of shoulder. Nicely made quarters. Moved sound and true. 

2 Daniels’s Starbourne Calibrachoa. A blue of cobby appearance, very compact and deep with good ribs. Head of pleasing proportions and had a kind expression. Just not the outline or exuberance of my class winner.  

3 Collier’s Pepperbox Summer Time Sh CM RL1Ex.