• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: michele ivaldi Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Italian Spinone
This was my third judging appointment in the UK having judged the breed in 2014 and 2016. This time the entry was smaller and unfortunately I have to say that the average quality of the exibits was lower than in the past. However I am happy to judge the breed in the UK because every time I have found one or more Spinoni that I would bring home with me to Italy. My main concern now is about length of legs, too many Spinoni are now short on the legs. I would like to advise exhibitors and breeders that the word “fat” is not written in the Breed Standard and that the topline should not roll. A Spinone must have a thick skin but this should not be confused with fat under the skin! When a judge lifts the skin of a Spinone on the back the feeling must be of thick leather under the coat, not thick fat! A fat dog is not fit for function. Another suggestion for groomers: please read the Breed Standard before and during the grooming because Spinoni should have a single coat without undercoat, the length of the coat on the body should be 4-6 cms. I have found many dogs with double and triple coat evenly stripped down to 3 cms or less on the body and with soft long woolly coat on the legs. If you decide to alter the look of an incorrect coat please do that on the body and on legs also, maybe some judges will fall for that.

Veteran Dog (6):

1.    Roberts’ HASTABBI KIR ROYALE ShCM, 8 years old, correct size, nice head and expression. Correct angulation front and rear, could be more compact in body. Drives well but loses the topline a little. Presented in excellent condition and very well handled. Best Veteran.

2.    Holt’s GIOVIALE ROCCAMONFINA, 7 years old, nice head and expression, correct coat texture and toplines, excellent croup. Well angulated front and rear, good length of legs, nice feet, not so positive in the movement as 1st even if a little younger.

3.    Luff’s FANCY FELLA

Minor Puppy Dog (1):

1.    Bovio’s ILSOLO WHITE DRAGON, 7 months, good size, nice expression, correct coat and pigmentation, good proportions and length of legs. On the move carries the tail a little high and needs to become coordianted but this should come with time. A promising puppy.

Puppy Dog (3):

1.    Holt’s STINTON VALENTINO, 11 months, beautiful head and expression, correct head planes and proportions. Well laid back shoulder, coat of correct texture and colour, well developed chest for the age. I would like a little more rear angulation but he drives well and is correct on legs in the movement.

2.    Smith’s AFFILATO AFTERSHOCK AT ARKENPOINT, same age as 1st, a good head that would improve with more divergent axis. Correct coat for age, ribcage needs to develope and he needs to gain better coordination on the move.

Junior Dog (6):

1.    Allum’s MACARICA HUGO, one year old, nice young brown roan dog, correct shade of brown, coat texture and length. Nice head and expression, excellent shoulder angulation, nice wide croup and well set tail. I would like a more compact body and slightly longer legs. Moves well with good drive from behind and shows parallel movement coming and going.

2.    Stanley’s SAMSONLI ALADIN, another nice young brown roan with correct shade of brown and excellent coat. Correct top lines, excellent front angulations, ribcage needs to develop. Good croup and tail set, could be a little longer in the upper thigh.


Post Graduate Dog (6):

1.    Woodward’s CONNOMAR CASTROGIOVANNI, nice and typical well marked brown roan with compact body and good length of legs. Coat of good texture, nice expression but head a little too strong in skull. Excellent forechest, nice long croup and well set tail. Moves very well.

2.    Luff’s RICCINI CARLUCCIO AT LYNDYCK, another excellent Spinone with correct top lines, again the skull is a little too strong. Good bone, excellent angulations, moves well but still needs to improve in coordination.

3.    Stanley’s SAMSONLI VICENZA

Limit Dog (2): very nice class to judge

1.    Rossiter’s INOSTRICANI GALAXY, pleasant head and expression, well shaped skull and well set ears. Well angulated front and rear, correct top lines. Good croup and tail set, excellent coat, colour and skin. I would like a little more length of legs and more raised movement. RCC

2.    Partridge’s PIACENTE ANGELO DI NATALE, nice sweet expression, well built Spinone with correct proportions, correct angulations and top lines. Coat too long. Covers the ground when moving but a little close behind.

Open Dog (3): not a big open class and a little mixed in type

1.    Giles’ GRADEVOLE GIOVANA, very strong boy with excellent balance and proportions. Could have a longer upper arm but he has a good reach in front and tight elbows in movement. Nice strong head with masculine expression, correct coat and skin, excellent top lines and long croup. In the movement he uses his shoulder well and is correct on legs. DCC-BOS.

2.    Gill’s TEAZLEDOWN MOONWALKER AT JOCAGIL JW ShCM, nice balanced brown roan but a little too dark in shade. Good size, nice expression, well shaped skull, correct top lines and nice croup. I would like tighter front feet. Moves well.


Veteran Bitch (2):

1.    Lea’s PICCOLONOCE PANDEMONIUM, 8 years old in excellent condition. Correct shade of brown, excellent coat and skin. Well shaped skull, excellent shoulder and top lines, wide croup, good bone and length of legs. Moves well for her age.

2.    Longstaff’s KEVARDHU EBRYL FYLLYS ShCM, same age as 1st, another old mama in excellent conditions. Head with correct proportions but I would like a more divergent axis. Strong neck and well angulated shoulders, correct top lines, good long croup. Good bone, front feet a little long, moves well for her age.

Puppy Bitch (3):

1.    Hibbs’ TESTAVERDE RULE THE WORLD, 10 months, very classic and stylish brown roan girl, well built and compact in body. Lovely long head and sweet expression, excellent coat and skin, excellent croup in both dimensions, Ribcage still needs to develop. Moves very well for her age and with excellent coordination. Best Puppy.

2.    Barrett’s AFFILATO HAPPY EVER AFTER, 11 months, stylish girl with sweet feminine expression, nice head with correct proportions and lines. Correct top lines and well angulated front and rear. In good coat and skin, just needs to strenghten her legs especially in the movement.

3.    Thompson & Bevan’s STOWLEDGE PORTIA

Junior Bitch (11): too short legged young bitches in this class

1.    Wagh’s PROTTINO DEL VERA BY DEWDHALA, 17 months, nice feminine expression, head with correct lines and proportions. Excellent coat and toplines with long croup and well set tail. Ribcage needs to develop, moves well with good coordination.

2.    Allum’s MACARICA TOSCANINI, 12 months, nice brown roan girl with excellent head of correct lines and proportions. Well angulated front and rear, ribcage and chest will come with age but she needs more bone. At the moment she is a little too long in body, moves well.


Post Grad Bitch (4): very close decision between 1st and 2nd

1.    Woodward’s CONNOMAR GIUDA, nice compact brown roan bitch with good length of legs and excellent body proportions. Skull a little too strong for a girl but nice expressive eyes. Good skin, coat and pigmentation. Well developed chest for her age, nice short hocks, strong hindquarter. She keeps the shape of the top lines on the move with a nice head carriage.

2.    Wagh’s PROTTINO DEL SAVONA PESCA BY DEWDHALA, good size and correct proportions, well angulated front and rear, nice head, languid expression, good shoulder and correct top lines. Correct coat and thick skin, moves well.

Limit Bitch (10):

1.    Kruglow’s’ AMBERELLIE ADRIANA, beautiful head and skull with ideal crest and occiput but I would like a sweeter eye expression. Compact body, good angulations front and rear, nice feet. Top lines well kept on the move.

2.    Allum’s INOSTRICANI PALMINA DEL MACARICA JW ShCM, excellent head with correct lines and proportions. Correct angulations front and rear, good croup and tail set, strong hindquarters but she looses her top lines a little when moving.

3.    Woodward’s CONNOMAR ZAMBANA

Open Bitch (8): very nice class to judge

1.    Lea’s SH CH PICCOLONOCE SWEET AS CANDY JW, excellent size, well proportioned with ideal length of legs. Excellent coat with thick skin. Nice head and expression, correct top lines standing and moving, wide and long croup and strong rear with short hocks. Moves with nice natural head carriage BCC- BOB

2.    Griffin’s SANJIKA MAYOKA, a little smaller than 1st, well muscled girl with correct body proportions. Nice feminine head and expression, natural harsh coat and thick skin. Excellent shoulder and top lines but the croup could be a little longer. Moves very well with plenty of drive. RCC