• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Jacques Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Retriever (Curly Coated)

Thank you to the exhibitors for braving the elements.

Although the breed standard states legs tend to converge at speed, all exhibits were moving close behind even at slow speed.

Puppy Dog 1 entry (0 abs)

1st Mr & Mrs Tarelli Hunters Pride Jurajska Gwiazda At Tarockwood (Imp)

10 month black dog, pleasing masculine head, with small neat ears and dark eye. Strong neck leading into slightly upright shoulders. Well proportioned body with spring of ribs and forechest beginning to develop. Rear angulation good. In good coat. Moved ok when settled, needs to develop in musculature to produce a stronger drive.

Limit Dog 3 entries (1 abs)

1st Misses Mercer & Thomas Elkysar Black Arrow Over Stomracre

20 month black dog. Good wedge shaped head with pleasing expression. Correct scissor bite. Strong neck. Shoulders well laid back. Deep chest with a visible forechest. Body slightly longer than square, stood covering more ground than open dog. Good width between hindquarters, hocks well let down and well bent. Well muscled throughout. Covered in a deep coat of tight curls. In the challenge, his more settled and positive movement won him the CC, his first.

2nd Ms Barber Pepperiever Pheasants Eye Over Blanshard

5 year black dog.. Strong, very masculine head. Would prefer more lay back in shoulders. Well developed chest and ribs. Standing very wide at the rear with a lack of rear angulation. Well muscled throughout. Body covered in a coat of good curl but lacking depth to coat. Well handled and moved well.

Open Dog 2 entries (1 abs)

1st Mr & Mrs Phillips & Mr Harris Laguna Love Desmond At Gladrags (Imp)

16 month black dog, very promising youngster. Pleasing wedge shaped head with kind eye and good expression. Gun barrel straight forelegs and well laid shoulders. Would prefer more forechest but sure this will come with maturity. Level topline. Well angulated rear with good bend of stifle. Unsettled on the day leading to erratic movement. Reserve CC.

Puppy Bitch 1 entry (0 abs)

1st Mr & Mrs Bett Talismanic Star Appeal At Kelsmere

Aptly named. appealing 11 month liver bitch, smaller type, good deep coat of tight crisp curls, very feminine, Stands a little wide at front, shoulders well laid back. Balanced outline. Chest deep but forechest yet to develop. Well angulated rear. Moved well. Pushed hard for the highest honours but lost out on maturity. Best Puppy In Breed.

Post Graduate Bitch 1 entry (0 abs)

1st Ms Buchanan Fleetpaw First Lady

2 year old liver, took a while to settle to be gone over, would benefit from more ringcraft or similar training. Pleasing head and expression, good bite. Good curl but coat lacking depth. Straight stifles, and moving close behind, movement very erratic.

Limit Bitch 3 entries (2 abs)

1st Misses Mercer & Thomas Lilholm’s Champagne A L’Orange Among Cawdowen (Imp)

6 years black bitch, Wedge shaped head with long muzzle, dark eye. Balanced profile with sufficient rear angulation. Presented in good coat. Moved with extension and drive..

Open Bitch 4 entries (1 abs) One and two were both shown in good hard muscular condition, presenting a pleasing outline with level topline and moderate bend of stifle.

1st. Mr & Mrs Findlow All I Ever Wanted Golightly With Roughyeds (Imp)

2 year old black, smaller bitch. Very feminine head and expression. Straight front with well laid shoulders, deep chest and visible forechest. Balanced outline with well angulated rear. Presented in good coat of crisp curls with sufficient depth of coat. Well muscled from her working activities. Well handled, moved with effortless drive and purpose maintaining level topline on the move. Pleased to award her a crowning third CC and a deserved Best Of Breed.

2nd Mr & Mrs Phillips & Ms Mann Gladrags Rhian At Tessmene

4 year liver bitch who I understand is on two CC’s and a third will soon arrive, I am sure, as she pushed hard for the CC . Another working bitch which showed in her hard, firm musculature. Good front, well laid shoulders. Deep chest with good forechest. Pleasing outline with level topline. Well angulated rear. Shown in profuse coat of tight curls. Another who moved well with drive. Pity to meet one in such wonderful condition - just preferred the outline of one, both stacked and on the move Reserve CC.

3rd Mr & Mrs Whitehead Sh Ch Kelsmere Kamana For Foxriever Sh CM

Good Citizen Bitch 1 entry (0 abs)

1st Ms Buchanan Fleetpaw First Lady

Michael Jacques (Curlabull)