• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Hamiltonstovare

SKC 2018 Hamiltonstovare

Delighted to accept the invitation from The Scottish Kennel Club to judge this unique hunting breed.Many thanks to the exhibitors for allowing me to assess their exhibits. I last judged this breed at the Hamiltonstovare Club Show in 2012.

P D/B (1) Leigh Flixtonia The Chosen One. This 9mth bitch ticks most of the boxes regarding the breed standard. She holds a lovely balanced rectangular outline, is very feminine in head and expression, hope that she grows into her ears ( longer than required at present) her colouring is good, she is well boned, has strong pasterns and well padded compact feet, she moves out freely and easily in profile gait, at present she appears heavy in her forehand which is affecting her front action. BP

PG D/B (3)

1)Briant & Easterbrooke. Sufayre Angels Wish

2)Elwood. Sufayre Angels Faith

Met these litter sisters at the Club Show in 2012 where they stood 2nd and 3rd in JB now almost 7yrs and looking good for it. Angels Wish, very feminine in outlook, balanced rectangular outline, good head carriage, excellent colouration, lengthy neck into firm topline, she pleases in angulation and moves out with a good stride. Angels Faith is close up to her sister and again scores in outline, colouration, expression, not the forehand construction of her sister.

3) Brian. Sufayre Lizzie.

OD (4)

1)Cook. Ned Ch. Flixtonia Would You Believe At Tedandi. BD & BOB

“Sturdy, well boned, giving impression of great strength and stamina”, this is exactly what this 3yr portrays. Hound of excellent body proportions, rectangular in outline, has good colouration, required angulation in fore and hindquarters, well filled front, strong bone with firm pasterns and compact well padded feet, deep chest with well sprung ribbing of good length, strong firm loins, tail well set and carried, well let down hock, moves out with a free stride showing good reach and drive from strong hindquarters.

2) Armstrong & Briant. AV Hamilton Star With Sufayre (Imp) 

another 3yr portraying great strength and stamina, balanced and rectangular in outline, good depth of chest carried well back to strong loins, tail well set and carried, would prefer more compact feet and loses out on his colouration ( lacks blaze and socks) he moves out freely.

3) Walker & Leigh. Flixtonia Blaze Of Glory.

OB (3,1)

1)Leigh Ned Ch. Flixtonia Rose Of England. BB

This 7yr bitch combines the essentials of a sturdy hunting hound with feminine elegance, projects the rectangular outline required, has a lovely headpiece, strong lengthy neck, deep well ribbed body, firm in topline, well set tail carried correctly,strong well boned legs, firm pasterns, compact feet, good coat and colouration, has an easy ground covering action.She was my BIS winner 2012.

2)Briant & Marston-Pollock. Sufayre Angels Trinity. RBB

My JB winner 2012, such an attractive feminine bitch now rising 7yrs, out of a slightly lighter frame to 1, projects a lovely rectangular outline,balanced angulation in both fore and hindquarters, ribbing carried well back, firm topline, low set hocks, good colouration, moved out freely with ground covering profile action, not quite so true moving away.

Mike Caple (Judge)