• Show Date: 21/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Whippet Club

Breed: Whippet

The Midland Whippet Club 70th Anniversary Championship Show 21st October 2018

Delighted to judge a high quality entry of dogs for The Midland Whippet Club.

It was a special event being the 70th Anniversary of the foundation of the club in 1948

A number of well known Whippet exhibitors were also celebrating their 70 th birthdays 

So a special atmosphere was evident, and the day was enjoyed by all , with celebratory cake and drinks.

It is 5 years since I last judged Whippets so all were new to me, in the main I thought that the quality was excellent. Such was the quality on display that there were hounds unplaced today that on another occasion would justify higher placings.

Judging is all about one’s interpretation of the KC breed standard, a balance has to be struck between the combination of strength and muscular power, together with the elegance and grace of outline called for. I was disappointed that a number veered more toward the strength and muscular power at the cost of loss of elegance and grace of outline.

 Main point of concern is the perennial one of front construction, shoulder placement in many being too steep, and together with lack of return in upper arm, restricts the forward reach.

Special Veteran Dog 7-9 yrs (5)

1 Mycroft. Ch Supeta’s Razzalicious JW ShCM. 8yrs F/Br. 

Dog of undoubted quality, he holds a smooth flowing outline and is completely sound with parallel movement and excellent profile gait, in excellent muscular condition, although would prefer him a size smaller he could not be denied this placing. BVD

2 Russell. Glantam Shooting Star. 7yrs Fawn

Lovely for size and outline, smooth flowing lines with lots to like, could not match the hind action of 1.

3 Wayman. Cobyco Chasing Stars At Scarletfair. 7yrs F/W/Parti

Special Veteran Dog 10+ yrs (3, 2)

1 Wayman. Beetelian Indian Brave. 10yrs B/Br/W

Lovely for size and elegance, sound construction, easy effortless profile gait, not so true away and back today.

MPD (16) real quality in depth here.

1 Wilton-Clark. Shalfleet Heatwave. 6 mths Br/W At his 1st show 

Real look of quality in this handsomely headed pup, yes he is “raw” but shows lots of potential, excelled in his construction, built along flowing lines, obviously still to develop in his top and underline, construction ensured that he moved out so soundly with smooth far reaching action, and so true away and back, pleased me enough to award him BPD.

2 Bray. Citycroft Humphrey Bogart. 7mths Black/Br/W

Another quality youngster with lots of appeal, more shapely outline at present, of slightly heavier frame, and slightly longer cast, has an easy flowing action, preferred the infill on 1.

3 Hawker. Jothryn Future Legend With Mollytop. 8 mths Fawn

PD (9) another class of super pups.

1 Howgate & Hull. Palmik King Of Clubs JW. 10 mths Black/Br/W

Of immediate appeal, lovely size and outline, has elegance in abundance, soundly made, moved out with easy action.

2 Wilton-Clark. Aaniston Celebtrity News At Shalfleet (Imp Swed) 9mths F/W 

Another with shapely flowing outline, out of a heavier, taller mould, liked his infill, excellent construction and sound in his action.

3 Richards. Richclass Run For Cover. 20 mths F/ White trim

JD (9)

1 Price. Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW. 13 mths Fawn

Lots to like about this youngster, lovely head and alert expression, of undoubted quality, for me the right combination between muscular power & elegance, firm hard flat muscling, excellent construction in both forehand and hindquarters, good legs and feet, with well sprung pasterns, shapely in outline which he holds on the move with low far reaching stride and good drive off low set hocks, pleased me enough to award him the Res CC.

2 Neale. Runaround Starman At Stormalong JW. 15 mths Fawn

Yet another top quality youngster who was close up to 1, lovely for size and outline, very shapely, moved out soundly, preferred the profile gait of 1.

3 Morris & Waddell. Falconcrag Top Class At Crosscop. 12 mths (tomorrow) Blue/F/W

YD (4)

1 Poole & Winkley-Balmer. Edenwhip Quantum Of Solace JW 23 mths F/Br

Handsome, shapely, with good angles, pleased in top and underline, a size bigger than I would prefer, moves out with an easy profile gait.

2 Bingham. Lolani Gentleman Jack. 19mths F/W

Lovely size and smooth in outline, preferred the easy action of 1.

3 Leach. Dejare Dutch Finale For Meonrun. 20 mths F/W


1 Citycroft Humphrey Bogart ( see 2nd MPD )

2 Royle & Fricker. Chiendetom Andante. 16mths Fawn

Lots to like about this quality youngster,shows promise but at present is his own worst enemy, was very unsettled, gradually got better, in profile gait. More schooling required.

3 Cooper. Marimay Tango. 12 mths Fawn


1 Barkas. Jimanica Just Dreaming. 2yrs R/F/W

Eye catching dog that appealed in head and alert expression, admittedly a size bigger than my ideal, but comprises have to be made, had both elegance and muscular power, most pleasing outline, sound in his movement.

2 Trouton. Runnel Run For Fun. 2yrs Fawn

More to my liking for size, neat and has good proportions, please in his angles, firm in body, just lost out to soundness of 1 away and back.

3 Anderson. Gazenorth Secret Service. 21 mths. Fawn 


1 Wilton-Clark. Shalfleet The Lion King. 18 mths Br/W

Rather surprised to find a dog of this quality still in Graduate, so much to admire, has a lovely head and alert expression, reachy neck , sound in construction all round, stands on good legs, correct feet and firm well sprung pasterns, most pleasing in both top and underline, projects a lovely outline, so sound and with scope in profile action.

2. Jimanica Just Dreaming. (see 1st SBD)

3 Wood. Ardencote Dating Destiny. 17mths Cr/W

PGD(11,4) Rather disappointing in terms of quality

1 Shaw. Supeta’s So Squiffy. 3 yrs F/Br/W

Eye catching with a certain look of elegance, tended to lose his topline on the table, however pulled himself together and kept a shapely outline on the move, handsome head, reachy neck, good legs and feet.

2 Elam & Robinson. Tarward Jaguar Avec Clionys JW 2yrs W/F/Parti

Out of a slightly larger mould, lovely head and neck, good infill, pleased in depth and tuck-up, tended to flatten in topline on the move.

3 Richards. Richclass Simply Magic. 3 yrs Br

MLD(18,4) Quality in depth here.

1 Head. Demerlay Snowy Owl. 20 mths F/W

Super for size and elegance, smooth unexaggerated outline, excellent construction, balanced angulation, smooth flow in both top and underline, good width across hindquarters, carried himself well, moved with easy action.

2 Shepherd. Citycroft Sundae With Oxana. JW ShCM. 2yrs F/W

Close up to 1, of excellent quality, out of a slightly larger frame, most handsome head with dark eyes, again projects a smooth flowing outline, excels in both top and underline, soundly constructed, thought that 1 scored in drive off his hindquarters.

3 Wayman. Creme Anglaise’s One More Knight At Scarletfair (Imp NLD). 3 yrs F/W


1 Wilton-Clark. Shalfleet Sir Tom. JW ShCM. 2yrs Br/W

My Hound day Puppy Stakes winner @ Windsor 2017, has matured into an excellent specimen of the breed, has great appeal, elegant yet with muscular power, smooth flow from reachy neck into firm topline and nicely arched loin, has good depth and tuck-up, smooth flat muscling, moved out true away and back and with low far reaching side gait.

2 Ellis. Railfield Lone Rainger JW. rising 3yrs F/W

Top quality hound of lovely size, excelled in construction, pleased in both fore and hindquarters angulation, has good infill, firm well sprung pasterns and correct feet, 

pleases in both top and underline, moved out soundly with good reach and drive, felt that showing wise, he was not giving his all today.

3 Wayman. Speymalt Northern Star. JW rising 5yrs F/W

OD(18,3) Super line up of high quality dogs spoilt for choice.

1 Whitehead. Ch.Citycroft High Society. JW. 4yrs F/W

Superb example of the breed, just the right combination of strength and muscular power together with the elegance and grace of outline called for, so fit and firm in body, with smooth flat muscling, has a long lean handsome head, alert expression, neat rose ears, projects a smooth flowing outline, from reachy slightly arched neck into firm topline and nicely arched well muscled loin, croup well set into well muscled hindquarters, good depth and tuck -up, his forehand assembly is exemplary with well angled shoulders, good return of upperarm, and with well filled forechest, has well boned legs with firm well sprung pasterns and neat well arched feet, really scored in sound parallel movement away and back and with low far reaching action in front with good drive from low set hocks. Well deserved CC.

2 Jones. Ch. Jothryn Bjorne To Love JW. 5yrs Br/W

Another excellent hound fully deserving of his title, in excellent muscular condition, projects a smooth flowing outline, is balanced in his angulation, has a handsome head/expression, moved out soundly, my preference was for the front assembly and profile gait of 1.

3 Marston-Pollock. Ch. Falconcrag Another Class. 3yrs Fawn

Mike Caple