• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Irish Wolfhound

Windsor Championship Show 2018

Irish Wolfhounds

Thank you to the Committee of Windsor dog Show Society for the opportunity of awarding CC’s to Irish Wolfhounds for the first time. Looking back on my records I see that I first judged IWH at Open Show level over 30 years ago, hardly “fast track” My thanks to the exhibitors for their entries and allowing me to assess their magnificent hounds. I really enjoyed the experience. The only downside was the heat and the awkward ring layout. I was mindful of not overdoing the gaiting in the oppressive heat. 

It was quite noticeable that a number of the exhibits were very straight in their upper arm placement and straight in their pasterns, not helpful to a galloping hound.

MPD (1)

1 Dawson. Austonley’s Falcon Of Shalico

Raw 7mth wheaten youngster with lots to like, at present in his underwear, showing much promise, has a handsome head with dark eye, correct bite, neat ears, pleases in his topline with slight rise over strong short loin, good width through stifle, grand legs and feet, the basic framework is there, moved out easily.

PD (2)

1 Sumner. Dukesarum Yohji. BPD

Not the tallest , this 10 mth brindle youngster has the structure required with good angulation in both fore and hindquarters, good fill in front, has a handsome head with dark eye and neat ears, is well ribbed back , pleases in outline, good width through stifle, tail well set and carried, coat is rough and hard, moves out easily. 

2 Montfort. Nesquik Du Grand Chien De Culann

Upstanding 10 mth brindle youngster with handsome head of correct proportions and shape, is at the awkward stage in his development, does not have the forehand angulation of 1, being more upright in shoulder and straighter in upperarm, needing to strengthen in his hindquarters.

JD (2)

1 Das Purkayastha. Ballyphelan Asansol Among Neckrebagh

At 15 mths his brindle youngster is at the juvenile stage of development, basic framework is there, has good strong bone with straight forelimbs, pleases in hind angulation with good width through stifle, ideally like to see more angulation in his forehand construction, pleases in head although eye could be darker, still needing to deepen and strengthen all through, movement at present reflects this.

YD (4)

1 Webb. Goldswift Mission Possible For Inkleyboys

21 mth wh/brindle with lots to like, maybe not the tallest however is so well balanced in both fore and hind angulation, projects a smooth flowing outline, liked his head/eyes/expression, strong slightly crested neck, well filled front, good depth in brisket and is well ribbed back, has width through stifle, good length of second thigh and hocks are low to ground, moves out with good length of stride and an easy action.

2 Sumner. Dukesarum Giacomo 

18 mth brindle, taller and at present much more immature than1, liked his head of good proportions and shape, dark eyes, ears could be neater, pleases in top and underline, at present not the balance or angulation of 1.

3 Van EE-Muijen & Bosman-Van Rooijen. Pascoe Van De Tortelduif

LD (7)

1 Addington. Ravensbeech Comitas Of Wolvebrigg

Met this lad as a youngster, since then he has really come on and developed into a lovely hound with some presence, 4 yr brindle scored here on overall shape and balance, liked his head and eye, scores in his forehand with well laid shoulders and good return of upperarm with well filled front, has great depth to brisket and is well ribbed back, well angulated hindquarters with width through stifle and low set hocks, moved out with a good stride and easy action.

2 Pask. Napoleone Della Bassa Pavese

This taller 2yr dark grey is of a more athletic build, certainly has the presence required, scores in head and eye, neat ears, lengthy slightly crested neck, liked his overall proportions and shape, however he does not possess the forehand angulation of 1, being straighter in his upperarm, still has some maturing to do, needing to strengthen up in his hindquarters, this told in his hind action.

3 Das Purkayastha. Ravensbeech Romanus Among Neckrebagh

OD (8)

1 Pinkney. Ch Hydebeck Imperial Ruler JW DCC

Pleased to see this handsome 4yr brindle again, having awarded him Group 3 at WELKS 2017, looks impressive as ever, of great strength and power, certainly has the commanding appearance called for, excelled in both forehand and hindquarters construction, particularly liked the sweep to his hindquarters with good width through stifle, appealed in head and expression, neat ears, great depth to brisket, short strong loin, projects a smooth flowing outline, excellent presentation with harsh jacket, sound in movement.

2 Amoo. Ch Sade Tyrion. RDCC

Another top quality 4yr hound, d/bridle very impressive in stature, perhaps slightly more athletic in build, has an impressive headpiece, carried well on strong neck, pleased in his forehand construction and with good width through the front, great depth to brisket and with smooth flow in underline, hindquarters were well developed , although not the width through stifle as 1, moved out with good reach and drive. Was close up to 1.

3 Poole & Sheppard. Conmeryl Marksman With Goldswift

GCD/B (1)

1 Bruce. Goldswift Leap Of Faith

21 mth red/brindle, liked her head shape and proportions, although would like to see more furnishings, pleased in eye and neat ears, angulation in forehand is fine, showing spring in her pasterns, although tends to turn out her right foot, would like to see more angulation in her hindquarters, still needing to develop and mature.

SBD/B (3) Both bitches 

1 Malone. Barachois Mellow Yellow

2yr br of pleasing make and shape, much more mature than 2, pleases in head shape and proportions, strong muzzle, dark eye, strong neck to well laid shoulders and return of upperarm, chest deep and well ribbed back, broad strong thighs and moderate angulation, coat of harsh texture, moved out with reach and drive.

2 Goldswift Leap Of Faith

MPB (1)

1 Dawson. Austonley’s Fortune Of Shalico

7mth wheaten litter sister to MPD, fully deserving of this placement, is quite raw at present but shows promise, lovely head shape & expression, strong muzzle, dark eyes, neat ears ( awarded her Best Head in IWC awards) presents a balanced outline with moderate angulation in fore and hindquarters, she is well ribbed back and shows slight rise over strong loin, moved out with an easy action.

PB (4)

1 Sumner. Dukesarum Lilybet. BPB & BP

So much to like about this 10 mth brindle, lovely head/eye/ears proudly carried on lengthy crested neck, well laid shoulders and excellent return of upper arm, deep chest well ribbed back, slight rise over strong loin, good angulation in hindquarters with good width through stifle and hocks low to ground, she presents a smooth flowing curvy outline and is lovely over her croup and hindquarters, only gripe would like to see more compact feet, move out with a good stride and easy action.

2 Montfort. New Wave Du Grand Chien De Culann

Another brindle 10 mths (tomorrow) presents quite a different outline to 1( at present rather square) she is very raw in comparison, has a lovely head with dark eye and neat ears, however she lacks the angulation required in both fore and hindquarters, this is reflected in her movement.

JB ( 3)

1 Addington. Wolfhouse Daviniah Of Wolvebrigg 

Most promising brindle of 15 mths, projects the typical curvy outline with good length and depth, head of good length and proportions, dark eye, neat ears, lengthy strong slightly crested neck, pleases in her angulation in both fore and hindquarters, good bone, slight spring in pasterns and compact feet, moves out soundly with good reach and drive.

2 Bosman-Van Rooijen. Pitlochry’s Lady Rose

Tall but immature wheaten of almost 15 mths , with attractive long head of good proportions, correct eye shape although could be darker, ears are flat, does not project the outline I was looking for, being very upright in her forehand ( lacking the return of upperarm and with upright pasterns) and lacks angulation in her hindquarters, movement reflects this.

YB (5)

1 Sumner. Dukesarum Chiara

18 mth brindle who pleases for shape of outline and angulation, attractive head eye and expression still needing to come together and develop all through, still needing to firm in pasterns, moved out well in profile , needs to settle in her front movement.

2 Goldswift Leap Of Faith

3 Bosman-Van Rooijen. Prettygrace Vd Tortelduif

PGB (3)

1 Heather. Whiteorchard Nebula

2yr brindle who projects the overall outline I was seeking, liked her head properties and dark eye, ears could be neater, pleases in angulation all round, has the depth of body, length of ribbing, short loin and slope to croup to provide the smooth curvy outline required, good bone, low set hocks, would like more compact feet, moved out soundly with an easy action.

2 Bosman-Van Rooijen. Proudmolly Vd Tortelduif 

Tall rangy 18 mth, thought her to be the best of her kennel mates shown today, has most attractive head of good length and proportions, has a dark eye and neat ears, holds a better outline than her kennel mates, still needing to develop and deepen all through, liked her compact feet, moves out freely.

3. Barachois Mellow Yellow

LB (5)

1 Pinkney. Hydebeck Ruler Of The Stars. JW Res CC

Upstanding brindle daughter of DCC winner, certainly has his stamp, rising 3 yrs, like her sire she commands attention, excellent construction all through with lovely forehand and hindquarters, grand bone and feet, pleases in head and expression, neat ears, head carried proudly on strong neck, projects an outline of smooth flowing curves, moves out easily with freedom of gait in profile, perhaps a little narrow moving away, close up in the challenge.

2 Cramphorn. Yelxba Victoria Sh.CM

Now rising 4yrs, met this quality brindle as a youngster and liked her, has a lovely head and expression, neat ears, lengthy neck, pleased in overall construction, balance and outline, grand bone and in good harsh jacket, movement is sound, not quite the presence of 1.

OB (5)

1 Amoo. Ch Sade Prudence. BCC/BOB & Hound Group 2

Such an impressive d/br bitch now rising 3yr, of excellent stature with athletic build, has the size and substance and yet retains her elegance and femininity. Has a smooth flowing curvy outline, pleases in head/eye and expression, which is carried proudly on lengthy and strong neck, super forehand construction (where many fail) with good width all through, great depth and smooth underline, good width through her well angulated hindquarters, it is of no wonder that she moves out with such a free and easy stride. Delighted to award her top honours.

2 Sumner. Ch Dukesarum Scout.

Another top quality brindle bitch of 3yrs, of slightly smaller stature than 1, has lots to like, from her head /eye/ ears, another excellent forehand construction, return of upperarm placing her legs under her withers, well filled front, good depth and length to ribbing showing a smooth underline, strength and breadth through well angulated hindquarters, moved out well in profile with reach and drive, not quite so positive coming on.

Mike Caple