• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Basset Fauve De Bretagne

Southern Counties Canine Association Ch Show 2018

Basset Fauve de Bretagne.

Many thanks to the Association for the invitation and to the exhibitors for their entries.

Large spacious ring and pleasant weather conditions made for an enjoyable judging assignment.

I last judged at the BFdB Club Ch Show 2016 and a number of exhibits present then were entered today. I have concerns regarding the front construction, the straight front legs and prominent forechest with well filled front was lacking in a number of exhibits. That said I was delighted with the quality of the main award winners.


1)Revens & Hyde. Napo Do Cal Da Paderna At Beabass (Imp)

Very raw youngster of 7mths, rich red in colour, has a handsome well proportioned headpiece, although would prefer more parallel planes, has a large nose and dark eyes, ears are well set of correct length and furl inwards, he is slightly longer cast than is my preference, needing to develop in body and spring his ribs, tail is well set and carried,at present is in a close fitting jacket, wonder how his coat will develop, moved out briskly if rather uncoordinated.

JD(3,1) Two litter brothers quite different in appearance.

1)Lucas. Hibeck Teddy Bear At Kocalba. Handsome youngster of 12 mths, well proportioned headpiece, with large nose and strong jaw, compact in outline, well angulated in both fore and hindquarters, good bone and well developed body, has a flat harsh jacket, moved out with a brisk action. Unfortunately his tail carriage spoils the outline carrying it too far over his back.

2)McEwan. Hibeck Barney Bear At Malrunnel. Litter brother of 12 mths, at present is slightly lower on the leg with the same body length as his brother giving a longer cast outline, has a handsome headpiece, unfortunately was not at all relaxed and was quite a handful on the table, pleased in angulation and body development, has a smart, harsh jacket, not settled in his movement.


1)Sercombe. Rangali Timon. 2yr light wheaten with all the basic requirements, of rugged appearance, balanced outline, handsome head, good bone, well sprung ribbing, balanced angulation in fore and hindquarters, would prefer his elbows to be closer fitting, with more forechest and infill, moved out smartly.


1)Mackay. Shiroblam Rumba. CC & BOB. Now 30 mths this handsome hound was BP at the Club Ch Show in 2016, in excellent coat and condition, well presented and handled to get the best from him, can only reiterate what I wrote in 2016 “balanced in outline, has a lovely headpiece, correct planes,dark eye, strong muzzle and large nose,well draped furled leathers, has a well filled forechest with prominent pro-sternum, good angulation in both fore and hindquarters with good turn of stifle, strong bone, rounded ribbing carried well back giving a smooth underline, firm in topline and well set tail, flat harsh jacket, moved soundly with enthusiasm.Delighted to award him his 2nd CC deserves to carry his title.

2)Allenby. Rangali Tigger 2yr litter brother to PG, handsome hound of rugged appearance, slightly longer cast than 1, presented in harsh flat jacket, moderate angulation , good bone, firm in topline and carries himself well, preferred the forehand development of 1.


1)Turton. Whistlewood’s Arran Pilot For Shiroblam Res CC 

Immediately attracted to this well proportioned 2yr in harsh flat jacket, liked his make and shape, such a handsome headpiece with dark eye, leathers well set and draped, slight roman nose, strong muzzle, has the required short muscular neck, forelegs are straight with good bone and compact feet, moderate angulation that is balanced fore and aft, holds a good outline on the move with well set and carried tail, very close up in the challenge, feel he could still strengthen behind.

2)Bendle & Blevins. Ch Blevwil Nick Nack ShCM Lots to like about this lad, almost 2 yr, presents a compact and balanced outline, holds himself well, has good depth and length of ribbing with smooth underline, has a handsome head although would prefer more parallel planes, good bone, moderate angulation, would prefer more return of upper arm, moves out smartly.

3)Leech. Gavelkind Conquistador By Jamchala

VD/B (3,2)

1)Leech. Ch Hibeck Scooby Doo With Soletrader ShCM. BV

Handsome hound now aged 7yrs, at the top end of the height range, balanced angulation in fore and hindquarters, well developed forechest and ribbing, pleasing headpiece if perhaps a little broad in skull, strong jaw but imperfect bite, strong bone and compact feet, moves out with a free stride in profile, true movement coming on, tendency to be rather close moving away.

GCDS (1)

1)Humphrey. Blevwil Kept Me Secret For Gloynbyw

Met this lovely bitch when she was a raw youngster, now 2yrs she has developed nicely, is of a lovely size and presents a compact outline, lovely head properties dark eye and well set and furled leathers, harsh jacket, lively mover, would look better being a little slimmer.


1)Revens & Hyde. Naya Do Cal Da Paderna At Beabass (Imp). BP

Litter sister to the PD, although still raw she is more together in her body than her brother, attractive and feminine in her head, well proportioned and with better planes, dark eye, good leathers, good in top and underline, makings of a harsh coat, moved out more positively than her brother.


1)Russell. Shiroblam Bayan Cocktail. Most attractive and promising youngster of 15mths, lovely head properties with strong muzzle,dark eye,well furled leathers, has a good forechest, balanced angulation and good turn of stifle, pleased in top and underline, all wrapped up in a flat harsh jacket, moved out smartly.


1)Thornton. Mochras Fifi Framboise. Met this happy girl in 2016 when she won PB, is of a lovely size and shape (at the lower end of the height range and none the worse for that) liked her head/eyes/leathers, moderate angulation, good forechest, ribbing carried well back giving a smooth underline, moved out easily on a loose lead with a smooth easy stride, jacket is harsh and natural (sure that a little attention to coat would enhance her appearance)

2)Allenby. Rangali Tinkerbell. 2 yr who is more rangy in outline, has a lovely headpiece, well proportioned with good planes, strong muzzle, large nose, dark eyes and well placed leathers, angulation is moderate, and is well boned, has a harsh jacket, moves out with a good stride, my preference was for the forehand and underline of 1.

3)Robinson. Karezig Miss Zizzy


1)Thornton. Mochras Mahlinda Ir Jun Ch. CC

I was drawn to this 20 mth by her lovely size and balanced outline, holds herself so well and moves out with such a easy free moving gait on a loose lead, liked her head and expression, dark eyes, strong short neck, balanced angulation, pleased in forehand construction, well ribbed back with smooth underline, shown in natural harsh rugged jacket. Pleased to award her the CC

2)Sercombe. Rangali Quirky Widget. Attractive 4yr out of a larger mould, again liked her head detail, muzzle/eyes/planes, has a harsh jacket, preferred the balance and forechest of 1.


1)Allenby. Ch Rangali Magic Moment. Res CC

Immediately drawn to the size and outline of this lovely bitch now rising 7yrs, looking back to past judging appointments I see that she was BB at Boston 2015 ( after nearly throwing away her chances) again at the Club Ch Show 2016 she was unplaced ( obviously not her day) However today she was in fine form and her handler got the best from her.A fine example of the breed, well boned and in firm condition, liked head and expression,ear leathers and dark eye, balance of outline and proportions, well filled front with straight forelegs, holds a firm topline,has good ribbing, wrapped up in a harsh jacket, carried herself really well with sound movement.

2)Allenby. Rangali Roses. Now 3yr , liked her at the Ch Show 2016, has a lovely headpiece with strength in muzzle and correct headplanes, well set and furled leathers, firm in topline, when we met in 2016 I felt that she still had to reach full maturity, so was disappointed that she has not developed as I had hoped, she has gained height, but was not carrying the condition to fill her frame, appeared longer in loin and would prefer more width thro her front, that said she moves out really well, just preferred her kennel mate.

Mike Caple