• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hound Association

Breed: Saluki

Houndshow 2018


Such a pleasure to accept the appointment from The Hound Association to judge Saluki. Many thanks to exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to assess their graceful hounds.This excellent entry afforded me the opportunity to assess some high quality Saluki.

Ideally I was looking for hounds that fitted in with the requirement of a “square” outline(i.e. length of body from point of shoulder to point of buttock= height at withers) with moderate angulation in both forehand and hindquarters assemblies together with the unique topline (points of withers and pin bones being on a level with strong muscling giving a rise over the loin). I hoped to see a smooth flowing outline together with a deep chest and definite tuck-up. Above all I hoped to find hounds showing grace and elegance combined together with a light,lifting, effortless gait. I am pleased to say that my main winners fulfilled this expectation.

PD (6) excellent class to start with.

1) Ham. Aus Ch Crisnick Houdini (Imp) TAF NAF. BP & Puppy Hound Group 4

This 10 mth tri was a standout here, quality all through, see that he is sired by “Karim” and has his stamp, had everything I was looking for together with a handsome head and eye, pleased with his infill in forechest, absolutely sound in his movement, must have a bright future.

2) Postma & Smith. Fernlark Odyssey

This 9 mth b/fringed fawn/white was close up, still “raw” as to be expected, but has elegance in abundance, not quite the infill of forechest of 1 at present, again pleases all through, moved out soundly, another exciting prospect.

3) Sawer. Fernlark Designer Lable At Bumpkiss


 1) Aus Ch Crisnick Houdini (Imp) TAF NAF

 2) McCormack. Back To Black. At 11mth this handsome headed tri has the proportions I was seeking, but is still very “raw” in his development and condition, would like to see more angulation in his forehand assembly, in order to progress he needs schooling and sympathetic handling together with more body condition.


1)Sawer. Canerikie Lucan At Bumpkiss

22mth cream with the outline and elegance I was seeking, has proud bearing, balanced angulation and slight spring to pasterns, moved out with a smooth easy ground covering action, see from the catalogue that he is litter brother to “Vivaldi” another with a bright future.

2)Smithson. Sunnusteins Safaniyah Jamiil Chisobee (Imp)

At 2yrs today this tri is built on a heavier frame than 1, has the required outline and proportions, liked his depth of chest and tuck-up, would like to see more elegance, better angulation in forehand and more length to neck.


1)Littlechild. Classicus Baroque At Ravensett

2yr tri of excellent proportions and outline, balanced angulation, particularly liked him over his croup and hindquarters, low set hocks and correct feet, would like a little more spring in his pasterns and can still deepen in chest to accentuate his tuck-up, has a smooth easy action.


1)Martin. Canerikie Vivaldi For Stalwart. JW ShCM DCC

This handsome elegant cream was a standout here, at 22mths the best is yet to come, what we have at present pleases all round, outline, proportions, angulation, proud head carriage on lengthy neck, spring in pasterns together with low set hocks results in a smooth easy and effortless ground covering stride, pleased me enough to award him top honours.

2)Owen Caryna Khepri

Liked the outline projected on this 4yr b/t, had the proportions of body required, handsome head, well filled front, balanced angulation, correct feet, pleases in profile action, not so collected coming on.

3)Haddon. Amal Hayati Ohdedar El Azizi Fuadi Of Ilsham (Imp)


1)Goulden Ferlark By Design JW

Handsome headed 3yr cream in his prime, had the proportions and outline I was looking for, pleases in balance and conformation, correct feet, when he was moved at the right pace, he carried himself well, smoothest mover in this class.

2)Stephen. Alsahra Asla Bedu

6yr grizzle has a look of refinement and elegance about him, very handsome in head and eye, liked his outline and proportions, particularly liked his hindquarters, light in his movement, not quite the infill of 1.

3)Quadling Kasra Zebadiyah At Malenkhai

VD(3) Excellent class of Veterans

1)De Souza. Ch Sufeina Jebel Ali. Res CC BV 

Most handsome & upstanding 10yr b/s, dignified & graceful in wonderful condition, belies his age, projects a super outline, excels in balance and confirmation, carriage and deportment, so sound in his movement, no hesitation in awarding him the Res CC

2)Postma & Smith. Glenoak Jada 

Lighter framed 10 yr red with excellent outline, moderate balanced angulation, have met before 8yrs ago @Richmond when I awarded him a Group placing, still lots to like, sound in his movement, today could not match the profile gait of 1.

3)Owen. Ch Caryna Curetes


1)Goulden Fernlark Lou’kira

9mth cream, I see is bred in the purple, an excellent prospect, lovely outline and conformation, when taken at the pace to suit her she moved out soundly with good stride.

2)Sydney. Shaybani Amunet Ebony

At 8 mths this tri was very “raw” in comparison, liked her head/eye, at present lacks the front angulation of 1, uncoordinated on the move, with proud tail carriage.


1)Brassington. Knightellington E-isora 

14 mth gold of pleasing proportions, moderate angulation and nicely made all through, good depth and tuck-up, still needing to come to terms with the showring and relax, would prefer to see longer feet, shows promise.


 1) Knightellington E-isolated


1)Garratt, Oakley & Owen. Glenoak Lunah From Caryna

Most attractive 2yr b/t stood out for her classic outline & proportions, great depth of chest and well defined tuck-up, lovely head/eye, lengthy neck , moderate angulation , moved out with an easy action, could be more positive moving away.

2)Williams. Kasaque Salaama 

Very elegant 3yr b/grizzle of finer frame, close up to 1, has a lovely feminine head, balanced outline with moderate angulation, looks a picture at the stack, liked her feet, not quite so positive in her movement as 1 coming on.

3)Mahoney. Al Muzdaher Desert Spirit At Yanjoy (Imp)


1)Williams. Al Zubeyda Lena At Kasaque (Imp) JW. CC & BOB

2yr cream of the highest quality,she is so elegant, has a beautiful head/eye, in excellent muscular condition, lengthy neck into excellent front assembly with good infill, standing on good legs and pasterns, with excellent feet, holds the outline I was looking for, with good depth and tuck-up, well angulated hindquarters and low set hocks, came into her own on the move, moved like dream with a light, lifting and effortless side gait, true away and back. No hesitation in awarding her the CC, which I understood later was her 3rd, Congratulations.

2)Warner & Hetherington. Canapus Rodinia At Savuka (Imp)

3yr cream with lovely head/eye, in a similar mould to 1, pleases in outline and proportions , another with good feet, today did not have the bearing and carriage of 1, would like more positive movement coming on.

3)Phillips & Wiseman Vidana Amira S Berega Turi (Imp) ShCM


1)Sanders Parker. Noushzad Claudia-Classicus (Imp) JW ShCM

Top quality 4yr cream/parti, lovely feminine head/eye, holds an excellent well balanced outline, has great depth and well defined tuck-up, pleases in her conformation, lovely feet, best mover in the class.

2)Warner & Hetherington. Canapus Vesper At Savuka (Imp)

Another lovely 4yr old, this time b/s, lovely head/eye, stacked projects a balanced outline, pleases in top and underline, again has good feet, pleased in her forehand, would prefer more length of 2nd thigh, not so positive coming on as 1.

3)Sydney. Multi Ch Daxlore Harani Of Shaybani Esp Jun Ch

VB(3) Again 3 wonderful veterans

1)Garrett & Oakey. Ch Caryna Meilichia ShCM. Res CC

Have judged this high quality 9yr b/t on a number of occasions and done well, still in excellent condition that belies her age, so graceful and elegant, holds a copybook outline , excellent conformation, moves out soundly with smooth flowing gait, pleased to award her the Res CC.

2)Williams. Ch Bermuda Ch Ulmarra Tropical Ice At Winton

Very elegant 8yr gold of a finer frame, again looking good for age, holds a lovely outline, excellent top and underline, very good pasterns and feet, moved out with a light easy action, not quite the profile gait of 1.

3)Brassington Al Yaman Sahara From Knightellington

Mike Caple