• Show Date: 01/12/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Whippet Club Of Wales

Breed: Whippet

The Whippet Club of Wales Championship Show 

 1st December 2018

Delighted to be asked to judge bitches for the WCOW, a friendly and welcoming committee organised a most enjoyable show, thanks to my stewards for their assistance.

Although we don’t show Whippets any longer, Helen and I have fond memories of showing at the WCOW, in fact we won BIS with our first whippet Pauntley Aristocrat of Morsefield at the Open Show 1989.

Thank you to exhibitors for giving me the opportunity of being able to judge your beautiful hounds, I was really spoilt for choice and the quality was exceptional.

Best In Show. Ch Nothing Compares to You at Crosscop JW ShCM

Reserve BIS. Ch Palmik Whisper Again JW

BPIS. Palmik King of Clubs

BVIS. Ch Palmik Magical Whispers JW. ( Referee decision)

MPB(11,2) Such a lovely class of babies.

1.Head Demerlay Strawberry Ice. 7mths fawn BPB

Wow! Stunning puppy, lovely size and scope, so elegant and neat all through, balanced and correct in construction, holds a superb outline, lovely head and eye, excellent in profile gait,still puppyish in front movement, lost out to older more mature puppy dog in the challenge.

2. Morgan. Shalfleet Simply Grace At Meandi 7mths R/Br/W

Lovely youngster still very “raw” has all the essentials, lovely head / eye, sound in construction, again of lovely size, very neat and sound in her movement, showing lots of promise.

3. Blandings Eyes On The Prize.


1.Demerlay Strawberry Ice

2.Howgate & Hull. Palmik Queen Of Diamonds 12mths(today) R/Br/W

Such an attractive bitch with beautiful feminine head/expression, close up to 1, has a reachy neck into excellent forehand construction, good depth of chest and well defined tuck-up, smooth flowing topline with rise over well muscled loin and good over croup,personal preference would be for a little less angulation (length of tibia/fibia) behind, moved out easily as construction would suggest.

3.Rabbitte & Lindop. Crosscop Someone Special At Woodella 


1.Newton. Nevedith Ace High 10mths White

Rather a handful at the stack, quite rangy in outline and still very “raw”, scored in her excellent construction and angles, resulting in excellent movement, such scope in profile gait and sound away and back.

2.Miluk. Wiltshire Princess Ruby 8mths Br/W

More composed and together than 1, pleases in her construction and angulation, well ribbed back, easy sound mover , not quite the scope in profile of 1

3.Allisstone. Kaymark Amazing Grace At Hergehill


1.Morris,Waddell & Mycroft. Crosscop Let It Shine For Supeta JW 16mths Fawn

Such a beautiful bitch of utmost quality,size and balance.I see from the catalogue that her dam is my CC winner, no wonder she appealed,excellent construction, lovely head/expression, smooth flowing lines, still needing to mature, movement was sound and easy but thought that she was capable of much more, being slightly unsettled

2.Veenstra,Scheerens & Valkenburg. Shiny Sensations For Your Eyes Only 19mths R/Br

Soundly made bitch out of a much larger mould, lots to like, lovely head/expression reachy neck, pleasing construction with good infill, depth and tuck-up, moved out easily with good stride.

3.Glaholm. Gazenorth Secret Identity


1.Demerlay Strawberry Ice.

2.Bird. Blandings Eyes On The Prize. 8mths Br/W

Another lovely prospect, stood 3rd in the strong MP class, lots of appeal, lovely head/expression, liked her size and balance, well constructed and sound in her movement, close up to 1.

3.Groucott. Addfwyn Sweet Charity.


1.Finch. Jothryn Heaven Sent To Zenobia JW 22mths Fawn

Such a neat well balanced bitch, lovely for size,scope and quality, she has a smooth flowing outline, excelled in top and underline, soundly constructed, resulting in sound free movement.

2.Muir. Citycroft Firenze For Loualba 22mths Fawn

Attractively headed bitch of high quality and elegance, reachy neck and flowing lines, good angulation all round, easy mover, thought her to be slightly flatter in topline and looser in front than 1.

3.Bayley. Collooney Candy Crush


1.Baulch. Erinnis Mignonette 2yrs F/W

For want of repeating myself, appealed for size,quality and soundness, neat, feminine and curvy in outline, soundly constructed, sound free movement.

2.Allisstone. Hergehill Dare To Believe 2yrs Br/W

Appealed for feminine head and flowing outline, liked her top and underline, pleasing angulation, found her to be wider in front than 1.

3.Richards-Healion. Clynecourt Colour Me Classy


1.Lempereur. Blue Spring’s Jezabel 4yrs Fawn

Well presented and in wonderful condition, I see from the catalogue that she is a daughter of the outstanding “Elekta” to whom I awarded BOB @ Windsor 2013, she excelled in outline and is so well balanced, attractive head/expression, pleased in forehand with good angulation and infill, good depth of chest and tuck-up, strong well muscled hindquarters, moved soundly away and back and with good reach and drive, my personal preference would be for a size smaller.

2.Home & Fisher-Home. Citycroft My Fair Lady Of Jasarat JW ShCM 4yrs Fawn

Smart, attractive bitch better for size than 1, has a feminine head and good reach of neck, well constructed with good angles, well balanced in outline, maybe a little narrow behind but moved out soundly out and back, gaited well in profile not quite the reach and drive of 1.

3.Doherty & Van Der Schaaf. Creme Anglaise’s La Colle Noire


1.Morgan. Shalfleet Amber Nectar At Meandi 4yrs Br/W

Very feminine bitch of lovely size and quality, well constructed, has the reachy neck and flowing lines I was looking for, pleased in all departments, with good angulation neat well filled front, smooth top and underline, moved out with good carriage, showing both reach and drive.

2.Vaughan. Shirotae Solo Surprise 2yrs Fawn

High quality bitch with lots of appeal, very elegant in outlook, built along flowing lines, lovely head, reachy neck, smooth in top and underline, pleases in her angulation, close up to 1, not quite the front of 1.

3.Ellis. Railfield Raining Magic


1.Morris & Waddell. Ch Nothing Compares To You At Crosscop JW ShCM 4yrs Fawn

Have met this outstanding bitch on a number of occasions:-

 a) one of panel of judges , Awarded her BPIS @ The Whippet of the Year 2014

 b) As Referee at Whippet Club of Wales 2017 awarded her BIS.

 c)At Midland Whippet Club Ch Show 2018 where I was the judge of dogs, on that occasion thought she lacked her usual “sparkle”.

So that this was the first time that I have had the opportunity to judge her in a class, can only reiterate my comments from last year, Such an outstanding example of the breed, screams “breed type” she is to me so “Whippety”, has grace, elegance and her construction is so correct. I love her size, quality and scope of movement. Today she had the confidence and assurance that was missing at the MWC.

So pleased to award her the CC and in agreement with my Co judge Jan Wood , BIS.

2.Bayley. Whisterfield As If By Magic JW ShCM 4yrs Fawn

Again such quality, close up to winner, of lovely breed type, such smooth flowing lines, has elegance in abundance and moves out soundly with correct profile gait. Pleased to award her the Res CC.

3.Howgate & Hull. Palmik Misty Eve JW


1.Howgate & Hull. Ch Palmik Magical Whispers JW 10yrs Br/W

As with the Open winner have met this lovely bitch before, As a youngster gave her Group 4 @ Richmond 2010, and last year as Referee here awarded her BVIS .

So was pleased to meet up again, her elegance of outline and excellent profile gait gained her this placing, was pleased that the Referee Anne Beckett-Bradshaw chose in her favour for BVIS.

2.Vaughan. Shirotae Silken Lady 12yrs F/W

Beautiful quality, smooth flowing lines, elegance and soundness, close up to 1.

3.Hooper. Charuzian Sapphire 7yrs

Mike Caple