• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Ibizan Hound

S.K.C. 2018 Ibizan Hounds

Delighted to accept the invitation from the Committee of SKC to judge this unique breed of hound. My thanks to the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity of assessing there hounds.

PGD (1) Brown & Quint. Van Vasco Rjabina De Bergerac. Handsome and upstanding C/W almost 3 yrs. has pleasing head properties, large mobile ears, eye shape could be better,strong neck into well laid back short shoulder blades, would like to see more inclined upper arm, has some forechest, pasterns could be firmer, correct depth of chest being well above elbows and carried well back to strong loins, moderate angulation in hindquarters with stern well set and carried, moved out with a free stride. Res CC.

LD (1) Brown Vladimir Rjabina De Bergerac. Litter brother to PG winner, rich c/w most handsome in outlook. He won JD at the club Show under me in 2016. Of pleasing proportions and balance, liked his head properties, has some foerechest, chest was above elbows and ribbing carried well back, firmer in pasterns than his brother, moderate hind angulation, can be truer in his action and his tail carriage spoils the image.

OD (1) Woodcock. Ch Snowlief Turn The Page. Well proportioned W/C mainly white now rising 4yrs won LD under me at the Club show 2016, has now fully matured into a most handsome hound, head of correct proportions with good underjaw , mobile ears well held, lengthy arched neck into firm topline, adequate angulation in shoulders, would prefer a little more forechest, has erect pasterns and well padded feetand, strong loins and slope to moderately angulated hindquarters, moves out with a light ground covering action. CC & BOB

VD (1) Woodcock. Benjique Flavius Belby. W/C rough coat now rising 9yrs long lean head, well set ears, slightly arched neck, straight forelegs and erect pasterns, moderate angulation in fore and hindquarters, the years have started to catch up with him,his action is light but could be sounder. BV

JB(1) Brown. Belladonna Rjabina De Bergerac. C/W of 15 mths, pleasing youngster has most of the required breed attributes, pleasing head properties, large mobile ears that she could make better use of, moderate angulation in fore and hindquarters, chest of correct depth and ribbing carried well back, firm topline with slope to croup, tail well set and carried, sound in gait, thought that she could make more of herself.

LB (1) Benstead. Plymouth Road Runner Van Oxymoron At Itibi

Super quality C/W of 19 mths was my BPIS at the Club Show in 2016, she is so feminine and elegant. Has all the breed attributes I was looking for, balanced outline with moderate angulation , correct in both fore and hindquarters, developed into a lovely hound , moves out with a light lifting stride in profile, today lacked a little co-ordination away and back, which lost her BOB , never the less a lovely Ibizan hound pleased to award her the CC, I understand this to be her 3rd, well done.

OB (1) Woodcock. Gartlove Gabbana Lots to like about this C/W now rising 6yrs. Won LB at the Club Show in 2016. Liked her fine build, size, balance and proportions,

has all the breed points required, pleasing in head, shoulders, erect pasterns,moderate angulation, good ribbing carried well back to firm loin, moved out with a smooth, easy action.

Mike Caple (Judge