• Show Date: 20/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Melanie Reekie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Papillon Club Of Scotland

Breed: Junior Handling & Special Classes

I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge the junior handling & special classes. This is the first time these special classes have been held so I was honoured to be asked. I would like to also thank the exhibitors for entering under me with your fabulous dogs. 

Junior Handling

Being a junior handler and now adult handler I have done handling classes since I was young. The juniors were all great today but for me the one golden rule that kept being forgotten was “never go between the dog and the judge”. This rule was drummed into my head and even now in breed classes or adult handling I stay out the way of the judge on the floor, table and never when moving the dog go between the dog and the judge. Overall we have a good set of juniors and they will do well within the breed in years to come but we must remember when moving the dog to always watch where the judge is so your never in the middle. 

6-11years old

1st - Emma Whitehill - a brilliant handler who showed the dog to the best of her ability whilst on the table and at the side of the ring. She showed the full teeth of the dog when asked and made sure I could see them. She moved the dog at a lovely pace and had a good rapport with the dog. She was keeping the dogs attention at all times so the dog looked good. She lost out on best junior handler when moving the dog and not realising I had moved. With work she can be a great handler. 

2nd - Ellie Davidson - another great handler and only just beaten by the 1st place winner. She set up the dog well on the table and showed the teeth to the best of her ability. She moved the dog with ease but when at the side the dog was sometimes hidden so I had to go around the back of her to see the dog. Work on presenting the dog when standing at the side and she will do well. 

3rd - Lucy Whitehill

12-16years old

An exceptional class where both handlers had merits and their was nothing in it. So I moved them once more and this was what separated them so my decision was made.

1st Kyle Davidson - a fantastic handler who was aware of my positions at all time especially in the challenge for best junior handler. Giving a slight glance to see before turning what side I was standing on. He showed the dog very well on the table and showed all the teeth. He moved the dog well with rarely going between me and the dog. In the challenge he really pushed hard when moving and this is what won it for him.

2nd - Amy Whitehill - another fantastic handler who presented the dog well at the side of the ring and on the table. She showed the teeth well and moved the dog with ease around the ring. The only thing and it was the same with others was that she wasn't aware of my position in the ring so kept going between me and the dog. She needs to work on moving the dog and switching hands and being aware of the judge and she will do extremely well. 

Special classes

Special Junior Dog/Bitch (3/1ab)

1st and best special overall - Wilson’s Amicae Badger. A well constructed 17mth old sable dog with a brilliant and lively butterfly personality. He has a nice attractive head with large well fringed ears and dark eyes, perfect scissor bite. Good level topline with good spring of rib and well laid shoulders. Good turn of stifle and angulation. Nice plume of tail with a great coat. Moved with ease and soundness around the ring. 

2nd - Lanson’s Cantoverde Royal Chyna a pretty one year old Tri colour bitch with a lovely outline. Head of correct porportion with nice dark eyes. Large ears with good fringing. Level topline when on the move. Good rib and nice hind quarters. Lovely fringed tail, set in high. 

Special Open Dog (8/4ab)

1st Whitehill & Urwin's Paparottsie Heart Beats at Amicae. 2 year old black and white dog with an attractive head. Well defined stop with dark eyes and lovely well fringed ears, giving an alert expression. Medium neck with good well developed shoulders and close elbows. Good depth of rib and brisket with a level topline both on the floor and table. Excellent coat and moved with ease around the ring.

2nd Davidson's Rozamie Roberto of Elmaraine. A nice 2year old black and white dog that was unfortunate to meet 1 on the day. Lovely alert expression with well fringed ears and dark eyes. Good level topline that was held on the move. Good rib and well developed shoulders. Nice plume of tail carried high. Great condition and a lovely silky coat. 

3rd MacGregor's Craigaber Rolex

Special Open Bitch (3)

1st Lanson’s Ablazzor Dark Lady at Cantoverde JW ShCm. 5year old bitch with a lovely silky coat. Good head with nice ears and good fringing and a well defined stop. Moderate neck coming into well developed shoulders, close elbows and good rib. Level topline which she kept on the move and a happy expression. 

2nd Mandelson’s Victorias Dream in Honrukai JW ShCm. Another lovely 2 year old bitch. Good head shape with dark eyes and well set ears. A nice level topline with a good set tail. She moved with ease around the ring and was attentive to the handler.

3rd McCrindle's Kazzlyn Rainbow Rose