• Show Date: 05/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maxine McCullough Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Gundog Association

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer

Many thanks to everyone who brought their dogs under me, all were very typical GWP and I was very pleased with the coats in general. Movement, especially rear movement could be improved, we should be looking at effortless ground covering action with forward reach and drive and not a high stepping front action with front legs flying everywhere. 

Veteran dog: Absent.

Puppy Dog: 1st. Johnson's Beechillawn Diamond of St Louis, 10 month baby with correct body proportions who needs time, pleasing head with kind expression, full beard and eyebrows. Good neck and shoulders, deep chested and super bone and feet. Good topline and tail carriage and well angulated rear. Moved out very much the baby that he is but he has plenty of time on his side.

Junior Dog: 1 Absent.

Special Beginners Dog: 1 Absent 

Novice Dog: 0

Grad Dog: 0

Post Grad Dog: 1st. Lovatt's Beechillawn I'm Free with Shirostar, a masculine boy with a fabulous coat that is of the correct harsh texture everywhere. Good beard and eyebrows and an alert expression. Strong neck into good shoulders and correct return of upper arm, firm sloping topline which he holds on the move. Deep chested and well ribbed back which gives him excellent body proportions. Great bone and tight feet and enough rear angulation. Excellent well muscled condition and moved out with a smooth ground covering action. Pushed hard today for the res CC.

2nd. Kearns and Thomas's Germanus Gnarrenburg, Strong dog with a deep chest and evident forechest, shorter in body than 1. He has a lovely head with a kind expression and the darkest of eye. Well off for bone and good angles front and rear. Super harsh coat covering all his body.

Limit Dog: 3 entries 1 absent. 1st. Geary and Hoyle's Egermaster Ultimatum, very appealing head, kind expression and a very dark eye, correct harsh furnishings and good body coat. Well off for bone and substance, deep chested and good rear angulation. Straight forelegs and tight feet, would prefer a little less of him.

2nd: Smith's Tynsil Taggart to Arkenpoint, smaller type of boy with nothing overdone, good head with kind expression, excellent topline, good front and rear angles, super coat. Moved out well.

Open Dog: 3 Entries 1 absent. 1st. Getting's Ir Sh Ch Beechillawn Sound of the Underground. AN CH 15' 16' CW'17 JNR CH JD, Masculine dog with an excellent coat, appealing head with correct harsh furnishings, good reach of neck into correct shoulders, correct return of upper arm which allowed him to move with good reach. Deep bodied and good forechest, excellent body proportions and well ribbed back which gave him the correct body length. Excellent sloping topline and excellent tail set and carriage and in gleaming condition. Correct thick padded, well rounded tight feet. Presented a picture of powerful ground covering action on the move. CC and BOB

2nd. Johnston's Sh Ch/NL Ch/Lux/Bel/DT Ch VDH Charmer VD Tuindershof with Glenquin (Imp) Another lovely dog smaller in type than 1, darkest of eye and coat which is of excellent texture. Correct head shape with an alert, but very kind expression. Moved out very well but I would just prefer tighter elbows on him. Expertly handled to the Res CC.

Good Citizen Dog: 1st. Brown's Karlejay Gump Kin Ya Judge at Chystaltine, smaller type of dog with nothing overdone, kind eye and excellent furnishings. Good topline, tail set and carriage, would just prefer a bit more of him. 

Veteran Bitch: 2 Entries 1 absent. 1st. Craig's Klancraig Artemis, Excellent type with correct head and kind expression, good neck length into correct sloping shoulders and return of upper arm. Good topline tail set and carriage, well ribbed back giving her the correct body length. Excellent tight feet and super coat, great mover giving her a well deserved res CC.

Puppy Bitch: 1st. Lovatt's Beechillawn Amarillo Starlight of Shirostar, strongly built young lady who moved out very well. Excellent front assembly with evident forechest, good topline, correct body proportions and good rear angles. Large rounded, tight, well arched feet. Best Puppy.

2nd. Jones's Mustwork Unique, 6 month baby of the correct type with one of the best coats of the day. Excellent head and kind expression, Good neck length, correct topline, excellent bone and tight feet, should have a bright future.

3rd. Getting's Beechillawn Fire Queen Opal.

Junior Bitch: 6 entries 2 Absent. 1st. Beechillawn Argyle Pink Jubilee, typey puppy with correct body proportions, excellent coat texture and enough facial furnishings also of the correct texture. A good clean reachy neck into sloping shoulders, super bone and excellent tight feet. Just needs to fill out in chest. 

2nd. Boreham's Quajalosh Flora, Pretty bitch with a kind eye who was balanced and who moved out well. Pity she had been to an over zealous groomer who had made her patchy. Otherwise she is a lovely size and build with good bone.

3rd. Harries Dregheda If I Were Single. 

Special Beginners Bitch: 1st: Dooner's Tynsil Vera, another super coat on this young lady, love her size and build, correct head shape, deep bodied with plenty of heart room, moved out well.

2nd. Jones's Dregheda Desert Song, bigger built than 1 with a beautiful head, excellent furnishings and kind eye. Would benefit from being a little more exuberant on the move.

Novice Bitch: 0

Graduate Bitch: 1st. Robinson's Chironstone Edge of Reason (AI), compact feminine young lady with an excellent coat, super sloping firm topline, good bone and moved out well. Needs to relax and settle

Post Grad Bitch: 3 entries 3 absent.

Limit Bitch: 7 entries 1 absent. 1st. Egermaster Pandora for Germanus, (Imp Rus) another compact typey bitch with a super coat and excellent. furnishings. Smaller in build but still presents a picture of strength and power. Love her happy disposition, a happy dog always shows itself so much better than a miserable one!!! Excellent body depth and good angles and an excellent topline, super tight feet and she moved out very well.

2nd. Kirkwoods Helydon Inka, loved the head on this young lady, most certainly my idea of correct. Deep muzzle, pronounced stop slightly rounded skull and medium set on ears, powerful jaws and large open nose coupled with excellent furnishings. Eye colour very dark to match her B/W coat. She is a strongly built girl with excellent bone, lengthy neck and super front assembly, would just prefer longer ribs. Rear movement cost her the class. 

3rd. Cooke's Tynsil Tennyson,

Open Bitch: 4 Entries 1 Absent. 1st. Geary's Egermaster Shine for Germanus (Imp Rus). This bitch is GWP all through, she is the correct size, correct build, correct bone and substance, correct length but then that is not surprising given her German heritage. She has a super head and eye, well made body with correct angles and despite her recent litter and her slightly evident under carriage, she could not be denied the CC as she presented a picture of breed type perfectly. Good luck with her in the future.

2nd. Gettings's Ir Sh Ch Beechillawn Super Smashing Great, once again another bitch of the correct size and build, feminine, yet still presenting a picture of strength. Good head with kind eye, strong deep muzzle and large nostrils. Good angles front and rear and moved well. 

3rd. Craig's Klancraig Making a Komeback 

Good Citizen Bitch: 0 

Maxine McCullough (Judge) 

Kimmax German Wirehaired Pointers