• Show Date: 22/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: English Setter

Blackpool and District Canine Society 2018

ENGLISH SETTERS – Judge Mrs Maureen Taylor (Maursett)

I would like to thank exhibitors for a very nice entry and the society for giving me the opportunity of awarding CCs in my very first breed. As many will know, we have owned, shown, judged and bred English Setters since 1980, with a small gap in the 2000s without one.

I am old school and dogs who have incorrect dentition or are not entire males should, in my opinion, not be shown or bred from. I was surprised to find a number of exhibits with incorrect dentition - a complete and regular scissor bite is required in our standard. I know from personal experience that in this breed mouths can go at a late stage, exhibitors should be encouraged to check mouths on a regular basis. I was pleased with my winners, but was disappointed with movement which on the whole was not as good as it could have been, with many dogs crabbing.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2 entries) - 1st Wilson’s Abiwrose Blue Musketeer. One I have judged before at Open Show level. A dark blue 7 year old male, who moves with drive and covers the ring well. A nice sized dog who is masculine, but not overdone I liked his head which is set onto a neck with enough reach and set into a well angulated shoulders and front. Presented in good coat and condition. 2nd Owens’ Sunrush Moonlight Sonata. Another 7 year old, orange belton bitch with a sweet head and expression, deep chest and spring of rib. A bigger type of girl, losing out to 1 today on movement.

Junior Dog (3 entries) – 1st Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Grey. This dog was the youngest in the class, but was closest to the standard. A tri dog with pleasing head and expression. Whilst still quite a raw youngster, he has a good reach of neck with correct angulation, deep chest, tight feet. He certainly plays his handler up at times, but when settled moved with enthusiasm and drive and should mature into a good example of the breed. 2nd Arkley’s Hartsett Last Waltz. An orange belton dog. Preferred the head of 1. This boy had a scissor bite, good reach of neck and correct front angulation. Moved with drive. 3rd Arkley’s Hartsett Flash Dance.

Special Yearling Dog (4 entries 1 abs) 1st Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Grey. 2nd Schoneville and Derry’s Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie. Orange belton in good coat. He has a masculine head, with soft expression, good reach of neck leading into correct front angulation. He has a deep chest and was presented in good condition. Lost out to 1 on movement. 3rd Lewis’s Bournehouse Silver Flame for Starsetta.

Post Graduate Dog (3 entries) - 1st Sharples’s Kanietter Silverstone. This orange belton boy won this class on movement. He has an excellent, masculine head and dark eyes with a soft expression. Deep chest and spring of rib, level topline and shown in good, hard muscular condition. This showed in his movement, which was true fore and aft, combined with reach and drive. 2nd Pitts’s Wandsfell Call on Me. A tri boy who pushed hard for 1st. He also has a pleasing head and expression, has a well constructed front, with deep chest. Good turn of stifle. A level topline kept on the move. Moved well. 3rd Sketchley’s Wanslydale Frazer.

Limit Dog (3 entries) – 1st Res CC Thomson’s Mariglen Fetlar JW ShCM. A mature and balanced blue dog. Well presented and pushed hard for the CC. Excellent head and expression, good reach of neck, deep chest, level topline, short coupled with ribs going well back and in hard condition with a full coat. He moved well as would be expected due to his construction 2nd Watkins and Phillips’s Bumblecorn Winter Ice at Glenmaurangi JW. A Tri dog of a different type of dog to 1, very flashy, and with many similar qualities as 1. I liked his head and he had a deep chest, well turned stifles and was in glorious coat and covered the ground with ease. 3rd McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Fever JW.

Open Dog (4 entries) - 1st & DCC Bryant and Hollis’s Sh Ch Phenset Blue Max. A quality blue who was balanced with a masculine head and typical soft expression, he certainly ticked all the boxes that I was looking for. Good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders, well sprung ribs, level topline which he kept on the move, in fabulous coat and completely at one with his handler. He moved with enthusiasm and drive with a lashing tail action. 2nd Dennis and Eickert’s Mariglen Audi. Another super quality blue dog not in the best of coat at present. He has an appealing head and expression, good dentition, correct angulation in front, well sprung ribs and depth of chest. He is well muscled and has good rear angulation. He moved with drive, but was not quite at one with his handler.

Puppy Bitch (4 entries) – 1st & BP Harding’s Cumbersett Blue Bell. Oh! I could have bundled this one up and taken her home. A very pretty blue baby, feminine head, good reach of neck, front and rear angulation were correct, level topline, short coupled and well turned stifles. A very together puppy with a good coat who moved with drive, flowing round the ring. 2nd Roberts’s Wansleydale Frangelico for Mirkwood. A larger tri puppy who (when she decided to settle and not play her handler up) moved well. Sweet head, tight feet, angulation fore and aft was correct, level topline, well turned stifle, deep chest. 3rd Walker’s Wansleydale Chartreuse for Heathermere.

Junior Bitch (4 entries) – 1st Howarth’s Alolfrana Kansas Kate of Moorbrook.. A very pretty tri bitch, balanced and in good coat with a sweet head and expression, nicely short coupled , with a deep chest and well turned stifles. She was in really hard condition which showed when she moved enthusiastically around the ring. Another I could have taken home and I seriously considered her for the Res CC. 2nd Bryant and Hollis’s Phenset Sparks will Fly. Bigger blue bitch, with a pretty feminine head, well laid back shoulders, deep chest and level topline. She moved well, but was a little too proud of her tail today. 3rd Hartle and Stone’s Hartsett Lady in Grey.

Sp Yearling Bitch (1 Entry) Seaman and Eickert’s Mariglen Cleopatra. Exuberant light blue bitch, in exceptionally hard condition, which again showed through in her movement. Sweetest of head, scissor bite, dark eyes, good reach of neck, deep chest and well turned stifles and overall balanced. In good coat and when settled she covered the ground effortlessly.

Post Graduate Bitch (1 entry) – 1st Williamson’s Hawklawn Kaleidoscope. Not a flashy tri bitch, but everything is in the right place and she has a sweet head and expression with dark eyes and deep chest. Another who was in hard condition which again showed through when she moved.

Limit Bitch (8 entries 1 Abs) 1st and Res CC Walker’s Mariglen Glorious Morning at Heathermere. One that I have not seen before. A lovely blue bitch, so feminine, with a sweet head, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs and deep chest. Tight feet, is short coupled and was the best mover in the class, moving effortlessly round the ring. 2nd Mc Cabe’s Rachdale Elegance. An orange belton bitch. Again, another exhibit that is well balanced and with all the attributes of 1. She was just pipped to the post today by 1 having the better movement. 3rd Hartle and Stone’s Hartsett All My Lovin.

Open Bitch (6 entries, 1 abs) – 1st BCC and BOB Seaman’s Ch Mariglen Mercedes. A light blue bitch she is in hard condition and her correct construction means that she flows round the ring so effortlessly it is a joy to watch. Feminine in all quarters she just exudes quality and type. I loved her head which was for me exactly what I am looking for. She has correct angulation fore and aft, a deep chest, well sprung ribs, is short coupled with ribs going well back. She was well presented and was in good coat. I understand she was subsequently shortlisted in the group and is a credit to the breed. 2nd Mauriks’ Dutch Ch Vanquish Love of Rose. Another bitch with a sweet head and expression. She has many positive merits, including depth of chest, front and rear angulation and was well presented in good coat. She moved around the ring with drive, but just lacked the front movement of 1. 3rd Leather’s Shelindair Puss in Boots

Maureen Taylor (Maursett)