• Show Date: 07/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Tate-Byrne Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier Critique
Richmond Championship Dog Show 9th September 2018

My sincere thanks to Mr Ronald W James, Mrs Hilary Male and all committee members of Richmond Dog Show Society, for the kind invitation and opportunity to judge my breed, and to both my stewards for keeping the ring running so efficiently with courtesy and good humour, ensuring my experience in the ring was very pleasant. I was delighted with my entry and especially the puppies, many showing great promise, with their breeders thus ensuring the future of the Tibetan Terrier. I thoroughly enjoyed the appointment and found it extremely interesting and pleasurable. All of the exhibitors, without exception, showed grace and courtesy whatever the placing. I did find the bitch classes generally held better quality than the dog classes, and felt very privileged to go over such splendid exhibits.

Class 1767 VD (1 - 0) 1 Stuchbury's Nefertari Life On Mars At Kutula - At 8½ years this black has pleasing masculine head and expression, with excellent scissor bite, showing strong white dentition. He is up to size, but sturdily built, well ribbed and sprung with good elbows, good bone and super muscular condition, standing well down on pads, finished with coat of correct texture. He is balanced, and moved with ease. Still going strong in the final challenge I awarded him BV.

Class 1768 SBD (1 - 0) 1 Turmaine’s Dolkar Diesel - Just over a year old, this gold and white boy has a strong scissor bite, and pleasing head. He needs to develop in chest, and tighten up front and rear. I would also like stronger bone and muscle, and to see him in better coat condition. His movement was difficult to access, as he was hesitant and fearful with his handler, but was happy enough to keep his tail up, which was nicely set.

Class 1769 MPD (7 - 0) 1 Meegan’s Avaness Whatever The Drama - This 9 month old black boy of type, held himself together so well. His head is shaping up nicely, with good eye, ear placement, and regular scissor bite. Expertly presented in good coat and condition, covering the correct shaped frame, which he held on the move, he shows much promise. His big flat feet, level topline, good elbows, short loin, and excellent tail set completed the picture. 2 Guziolek’s Waterley Free Spirit At Boshanti - At six months old this black and white, with excellent coat and presentation, also has a good head, with clean scissor bite, atop a medium neck flowing into good front assembly. At the moment he is slightly longer cast than one, but I feel he will come together as he matures. He moved very well. 3 Bateman’s Baltoro Black To The Future

Class 1770 PD (1 - 0) 1 Plummer & Bingham’s Silgarhi Holy Smoke - Good size ten month old black, sporting a white chest and pleasing head of correct proportions, strong white teeth in a scissor bite. He has adequate bone, and angulation front and rear, and displays good shape, topline and tail-set. His square profile was held on the move in side gait, but he needs to strengthen in rear movement.

Class 1771 JD (5 - 1) 1 Plummer & Bingham’s Gandaki Bust A Move - This strong masculine black and white of almost 19 months, has a good neck carrying correct head, showing no coarseness, and with good bite and dentition. He is square with good angulation fore and aft, pleasing shoulders, elbows, bone, topline and tail-set. He moved well. 2 Skaboullos' Fabulous Teddy's Path Finder To Cloudbuster (Imp) - Black and white 14 month old square boy, of correct shape and size, but lacked the masculinity of first. For my taste I would prefer stronger bone and substance. He was presented in good coat, with level topline and good tail-set, but although a good size he is not quite finished yet. I would like more reach on the move, and he needs to tighten in elbow. 3 Turmaine’s Dolkar Diesel

Class 1772 PGD (8 - 0) 1 Shorts Araki Turn Back Time At Parkmist Sh.CM. - Almost 3 years, gold and white with masculine head, good eye, and scissor bite in a strong jaw. He was presented in full double coat of good quality, and has a sturdy square body, well balanced with adequate angulations, and keeps a good profile on the move, with his level topline and correct tail-set. 2 Inwood & Price Lasang Mr Dick At Bedivere - 26 months black with white chest, and very typical. A little longer cast than one, but he had a pleasing masculine head of good proportions, with lovely eye and ear placement. Angulations were good fore and aft, and so he moved well, but not quite the style or presence of first. 3 Stringer’s Kyipo’s Keepsake Made For Incalux JW

Class 1773 LD (6 - 0) 1 Guziolek's Boshanti Neville - 2½ year old sable that caught my eye on entering the ring, and he did not disappoint, as what I saw with my eyes I felt with my hands. Although up to size he showed no coarseness. I loved his masculine head of excellent proportions, and beautiful eyes, carried atop the strong neck leading to well laid shoulders. He was so square and commanding in stance, with sturdy body, tight elbows, level topline, and strong loin, excellent tail-set and such strength of muscle. His movement was effortless with good reach and drive, holding his virtues on the move. I felt no hesitation in awarding him the CC.  2 Roberts Whitehead Selby & Gisslen Re Smon Ta Champagne Shadeacre - At three months shy of his fourth birthday, this black and white is another with strong masculine head and expression of correct proportions. Preferred the lay of shoulder on first, but he also had a good topline and tail-set, good bone, correct feet and was square in profile, with good coat and texture. Although somewhat restricted, he moved quite well. 3 Rudderham’s Araki Renegade In Red With Taxiki

Class 1774 OD (7 - 0) 1 STUCHBURY Incalux Perchance To Dream About Kutula JW Sh.CM. - This three year old black was very typical of our breed, with no exaggerations evident. His strong masculine head and expression, was set well on strong neck, level topline, tight elbows, slight rise over loin, and complimented by an excellent tail-set. I was impressed with his condition and muscle, as I was with his presentation of coat and texture. He held his square outline, and was stylish on the move. I was pleased to give him the RCC.  2 Fenton's Int. CH. Layoli Hot N’Smokin JW Sh. CM. - At five years old, this is another black boy typical for the breed. Head of correct proportions with good stop, and dark eye, strong neck into good shoulders and topline, also sturdy and well-muscled, he moved well. 3 Plummer’s Tetsikarma Strgazer Sh.CM.

Class 1775 VB (3 - 0) 1 Rutley's Ch. Javeys Here Comes Summer JW Sh.CM. - At 8 years this black lady has the correct head and expression and is square and balanced in profile. Straight front legs and adequate angulation fore and aft, good topline and tail-set, sturdy with strong bone and good muscle and condition, with beautiful coat of correct texture presented well, she was able to cover the ground all be it a little reluctant. 2 Cherry’s Ch. Lynces Diamonds And Pearls JW Sh.CM. - At a couple of weeks shy of her eight birthday, this black and white girl was very feminine, with her attractive head and beautiful eyes. I would have liked a little more bone and substance throughout, but her square shape, level topline and correct tail-set was very appealing on the move as well as in stance. 3 Hedger & Bourne’s Araki Playing With Fire

Class 1776 SBB (2 - 1) 1 Chenery’s Snoanda Sweet Painted Lady - Just 14 months, but I liked this small black bitch for her type. Her feminine head and expression of correct proportions, clean scissor bite, lovely head carriage and square outline appealed to me. She showed beautiful balance. I would have preferred a little more substance throughout, and she needs to come together on the move. She was my BSB.

Class 1777 MPB (10 - 1) 1 James’ Waterley Partypiece - What can I say about this little madam as she caught me hook line and sinker the minute she put her first foot inside the ring, and at barely six months just earning her right to be there. She was so balanced and had everything in correct proportions. Such a stylish black and white girl with ultra-feminine head and expressive eyes, she screamed at me to watch her move, and move she did with such an attitude; she could not be denied first place and BP.  2 Gilbert’s Gandaki Rock N’roll - Eight month Black and Tan of excellent type, lovely head of correct proportions atop a strong medium neck. Although so young this little lady was sturdy and well-muscled throughout. Good elbows, level topline and good tail-set, presenting a balanced outline. She moved well when she settled. 3 Hadlow & Hearne’s Snoanda Hello Dolly

Class 1778 PB (5 - 0) 1 Skaboullos’ Rogell’s Zesty Lady Cloudbuster (Imp) - 21 month gold and white up to size, and although she does not lose her femininity I would have preferred a little less of her overall. Good pigment and beautiful dark eyes, set correctly in a strong head, carried well over a level topline, with good shoulders, elbows and tail-set. She had good bone and muscle, correct feet, adequate angulation fore and aft, and presented a balanced picture, with good movement.
2 Fenton's Layoli Glowing Embers - Young lady of 10 months, with oh so feminine head and expression, beautiful dark eyes, good ear placement, and reverse scissor bite, presenting a very typical Tibetan Terrier. Her black coat is coming in nicely and frames her square outline, would like a better lay of shoulders, but has good elbows, topline and tail-set. She moved well enough though a little close behind. 3 Stringer’s Incalux Prime Suspect

Class 1779 JB (7 - 0) 1 Erskine-Jones’ Unohoo La La Land - Sable sixteen month lady so balanced and typical I was taken with her from the time she entered the ring, with a beautiful feminine head of correct ratio and expression, and such gorgeous dark melting eyes. She was sturdy and well-muscled throughout, well ribbed back with good depth, tight elbows and good lay of shoulders into level topline with correct tail-set, encased in a beautiful coat of correct texture, presented to perfection. Her angulations were so that she moved with enviable freedom and style, covering the ground easily with excellent reach and drive. She pushed my CC winner hard and I awarded her RCC.  2 Hadlow's Quidditch A Touch Of Sass - 1½ year old with beautiful feminine head of correct proportions, excellent pigment and dark eyes. Her red sable and white coat, beautifully presented, framed a sturdy and square body, with good neck, shoulders, elbows, topline and tail-set. Her bone was good and she was nicely muscled throughout, with enough angulations fore and aft to move correctly and also with style. I was delighted so see such quality in this class, that I was spoiled for choice. 3 Chenery’s Snoanda Sweet Painted Lady

Class 1780 PGB (11 - 2) 1 Hindle's Abelenus Lil Rayna Sunshine - Gold and white 20 month’s old of good balance and type. Up to size but retains femininity and shows no coarseness. She carries the correct head with excellent pigment and round dark eyes. Her strong medium neck flows into well laid shoulders, and has tight elbows and good spring of rib with depth. Her topline, turn of stifle and low set hocks are also correct, and she carries a beautiful coat of correct texture. If I am being picky, I would like a little less of her, but her square profile, and freedom of movement, which was a pleasure to watch, would not let me deny her the class win. 2 Sayer’s Cashay Miss Martha - At three months shy of her fourth birthday, this sable bitch had the correctly proportioned and feminine head that pleases me, with round dark eyes and good ear placement. Of good size and square, she was well ribbed with correct topline and tail-set, and enough angulations fore and aft to present a balanced picture. She moved well holding her shape. 3 Honey’s Alilah Carmel Ciro At Khyibrang

Class 1781 LB (9 - 0) 1 Lawrence’s Lamlux Coqo Amala For Ludgate - A four year old black of good type and strength, possibly a little too much strength, but everything was in proportion, including her beautiful head and expression, with good stop. This lady was also one of the few that had a reverse scissor bite; she also had a good length of neck, good shoulders and elbows, well ribbed, with good topline and tail-set, superb muscle that carried her with style. She had the class won as she powered about the ring with such sound movement. 2 Honey’s Khyibrang Queen Of The Straits - 2 year old black of excellent quality and type. Correct head and feminine expression with good stop, good eye shape and darkness, carried neatly on a good neck flowing into well laid shoulders, sturdy body and well sprung ribs. Good topline, tail-set, bone, feet, muscle and angulations. Although I preferred her size, there just wasn’t the freedom and movement I appreciated on my first placed bitch. 3 Erskine-Jones’ Unohoo Here Comes Flora

Class 1782 OB (7 - 2) 1 Tempest’s Shadeacre Fly The Flag For Alilah - A 2½ year old black of such breed type and quality she caught my eye immediately. Her correctly proportioned head had such classic expression, with her well-developed lower jaw giving the resolute expression often missing. Her large round dark eyes, peeping from under a beautiful headpiece drew me in. She was well balanced, and of good size and shape, and stood on round flat feet, supporting good bone and strength of muscle. Enough neck, excellent lay of shoulder, tight elbows, level topline with just the right arch and strength of loin, sporting the correct tail-set, correct turn of stifle and low set hocks. She was presented in excellent double coat of the best texture, and moved freely with style and soundness. She never put a foot wrong and earned her CC and BOB with ease. 
2 Dennis' Boshanti Angelina At Denfast - Just three months shy of her fifth birthday, this bitch is of pleasing type, feminine but sturdy and strong, with good head proportions and strength of muzzle also giving her that resolute expression, dark round eyes, good neck, straight legs, good feet, strong body well ribbed back, good topline and hindquarters with well set on tail. A beautifully presented double coat of correct texture framed her square outline. Excellent head carriage contributed to a pleasing profile on the move. 3 Summers’ Anjimalsea Hello Dolly

Maureen Tate-Byrne