• Show Date: 07/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Mitchell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Irish Setter Breeders Club

Breed: Irish Setter

THE IRISH SETTER BREEDERS CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 7th April 2018 My thanks to the Officers and Committee of this friendly, well run show for the opportunity of judging our beautiful breed and to my excellent stewards, Cheryl Stevenson and Adrienne Callister, thank you for keeping the ring flowing and allowing me to concentrate without distraction. This is my third time of judging at this level which is always an honour, but to be given the chance to judge a breed club show is extra special. I was rewarded with some beautiful quality dogs with some young guns of the future in the lower classes. Some decisions were close and gave me food for thought, which makes one focus on the primary points of the breed standard and the all important ‘fit for purpose’ which is a phrase used all too often, but should be considered in high regard where conformation and movement is concerned. Some were carrying too much weight, while others lacked the correct forehand and were short in neck , making them stuffy over the shoulder taking away any appearance of raciness and balance ; for some, movement was an issue having no width or muscle tone in the hindquarters and moved so close behind, so had to pay the penalty. However, there is nothing more beautiful than the classic overall appearance and outline of an Irish Setter and their most refined looks and in my final line-up I found what I was looking for and I was pleased with my overall decisions and in some of the stronger classes ‘down the line’ does not mean that you were not considered highly as every placing is worthy when competition is strong. Many will change places another time but one has to judge on the day. DOGS MINOR PUPPY (2,1) 1ST DANKS-KEMISH ALOLFRANA A HOT ROMANTIC Stood alone, baby of 8 months, well constructed with good bone and overall shape, attractive head with enough stop, lovely eye and good ear placement and occipital bone, with correct angles and gentle slope to topline; he moved a little erratic at first, but settled well once he got into his stride PUPPY (11,4) 1ST DEWAR’S GWENDARIFF WILLY WONT HE Well he did! Stood out as my winner, with classic outline nicely off for bone without coarseness, a stylish well balanced pup of 10½ months, with lovely expression, good head planes, lovely chiselling under well-shaped dark eye, raised brow, ears set on low, lying close, well defined occipital bone, clean neck with correct front assembly, and gentle slope to topline, good tail set and well-angled hindquarters used on the move, He is a repeat mating of my DCC and RDCC, what’s not to like! Best Puppy dog and BPIS 2ND DANKS-KEMISH TELERI SUMMERTIME BLUES AVEC ALOLFRANA (AI) Another so well balanced, with clean outline, lean chiselled head, kind dark eye, arched neck into good shoulders and gentle sloping topline, good set on of tail, deep chest, hindquarters of good length and bend of stifle, moved well 3rd ANTHONY & HOPEWELL’S STARATLANTA’S OUT A TIME taf JUNIOR (13,2) 1ST GISBY’S SUTERESETT KING OF HEARTS JW Lovely young man with that lovely Irish expression with raised brow and dark eye, so appealing, low set ears, arched neck into good shoulders and upper arm, deep chest, clean gently sloping topline and correct tailset, he stands on good legs with neat feet and well angled rear quarters used on the move to advantage 2ND HILL-DECOSTER’S VICARY’S PART TIME LOVER Another good looking boy built on clean lines with well shaped head, gentle expression and dark eye, looks good in profile with good angles to front and rear and a beautiful flowing topline to good set on of tail, moved with drive off good strong hocks 3RD LORRIMER’S KERRIMERE CLASSIQUE JW YEARLING (14) 1ST STOCKTON’S RIVERBRUE ALCHEMIST AMIDST KESPAS JW Handsome well balanced dog with good profile, lovely shape to head, of equal planes, soft expression yet masculine with oval skull free from any coarseness, dark eye of correct shape, ears set on low, when viewed from the front he stands straight in forelimb with good feet, in profile, clean neck into well placed shoulders, deep chest with enough spring to rib, gentle slope to topline, hindquarters long and muscular used well on the move covering the ground 2ND SCHELLING’S MARLLAND ZO IRISH AND HANDSOME His name fits the bill! Lovely head with good stop and dark kind eye with raised brow giving that soft Irish expression, good depth to muzzle, clean neck flowing into gently sloping topline with good tailset, correct forehand and rear quarters with bend of stifle, short strong hocks allowing him free flowing movement 3rd DANKS-KEMISH ALOLFRANA HOTTER THAN U KNOW JW MAIDEN (9,2) 1ST HALL’S HARREDS TREVOR 4TH in a good Junior class. He has a lovely headpiece, oval skull and good occipital bone, raised brow showing stop and nice depth to muzzle, arched neck with good lay of shoulder and firm sloping topline and good front and rear angles, just needs time to come together to complete the picture 2ND DANKS-KEMISH TELERI SUMMERTIME BLUES AVEC ALOLFRANA (AI) 3RD ANTHONY AND HOPEWELL’S STARATLANTAS OUT OF TIME taf NOVICE (8) 1ST HALL’S HARREDS TREVOR 2ND TELERI DANKS-KEMISH SUMMERTIME BLUES AVEC ALOLFRANA (AI) 3RD SLOANE’S FERASHEEN FIRE EMBLEM UNDERGRADUATE (11,4) 1ST MURCHISON’S PAWSWORD PAPERBACK WRITER With good chiselling to foreface, dark eye, raised brow, correct amount of stop and defined occiput , low set ears and arch to neck clean over withers into slope of topline with slight arched loin, in rich coat and condition, with good angles fore and aft he moved well 2ND MCNEIL & BOYD-MCNEIL’S GWENDARIFF GONNA GO FOR GOLD AT GLENNLOKHEN Same age as one but just slightly behind in maturity, lovely lean headpiece of equal length, dark eye and pronounced occipital bone, clean neck and shoulders running smoothly from withers to croup with good tailset, with deep chest and good angulation to finish; moved well 3RD DANKS-KEMISH TELERI SUMMERTIME BLUES AVEC ALOLFRANA (AI) GRADUATE (8) 1ST DAVIS’ PAWSWORD PRAIRIE WIND JW Both 1st and 2nd are litter brothers to my Undergrad winner, what a super litter with many of the same redeeming features with subtle differences both having the same lovely clean outline which I like. This boy has a good oval skull and occipital bone, dark appealing eye of good shape, depth to muzzle, clean arched neck , chest deep, firm topline, long muscular hindquarters moved off strong hocks 2ND CHORLEY-NEWTON & CHORLEY & FLINDERS’ PAWSWORD PRICELESS TO KERRYFAIR JW Almost all of the same remarks apply apart from he is slightly shorter coupled. The same lovely head and eye maybe a tad shorter in foreface, but with good expression and eye and ear placement, arched neck set cleanly into shoulders, firm topline and rear quarters used to advantage on the move 3RD PARSONS & GISBY SUTERESETT TOM COLLINS AT BRANSETT POST GRADUATE (10) 1ST EDWARDS’ GWENDARIFF PS I LOVE YOU BONHOMIE Handsome chap presenting a lovely well balanced profile in rich coat and condition. Lovely head planes of equal proportion with dark eye and low ear carriage, his front assembly is clean with strong neck slightly arched, running smoothly into shoulders with good length to upper arm, deep brisket, ribs well back, firm topline to slightly arched loin and good tailset, good rear quarters used on the move 2nd SAVAGE’S TAGAMAGO’S GREAT GATSBY A stylish dog presented in good coat and condition, his handsome head is of equal proportions with dark appealing eye and raised brow giving that lovely quizzical expression, chiselled foreface, strong, arched neck of good length, straight forelegs and good feet, shoulder deep and sloping, deep chest, shorter coupled than 1, with a strong firm topline and muscular hindquarters he moved well 3rd STOCKTON’S GWENDARIFF D’YA THINK I’M FAB FOR KESPAS JW MID LIMIT (7,1) 1ST MACAULEY’S CASKEYS MISCHIEF OF STYLERSETTS JW I liked this boy for his overall balance, size and shape, he is in proportion and possesses a lovely masculine head with correct plains, oval skull, dark expressive eyes, raised brow and depth and chiselling to foreface, clean neck, correct in forehand, deep brisket, firm topline to arched loin and well developed rear quarters 2nd EDWARD’S GWENDARIFF THE PINK PANTHER OF BONHOMIE Another good type well turned out , just preferred the head and eye of 1, stands over his ground well with good angulation to front and rear , straight forelegs, arched feet, good bone, good reach of neck, strong and flowing cleanly from withers to croup with good tailset, moved off strong hocks 3RD COHEN’S AOIBHEANNE’S ROUGH DIAMOND WITH SHUSHANA JW LIMIT (11,1) 1ST LONGBOTTOM & STEWART-RITCHIE’S GWENDARIFF UNKNOWN SOLDIER JW This was a strongly contended class of good Irishmen, my winner stood out for his overall presence in rich coat and condition and well presented, he looked the part, balanced and handsome in head with kind dark eye and raised brow, good stop and chiselled foreface, ears set low and close to head, good reach of neck cleanly into shoulders and deep chest, firm topline with correct fall from withers to croup, and well angled hindquarters he moved soundly 2ND WILKINS’ MARGRETWOODS GOBSTOPPER JW ShCM Well presented in good coat and condition, longer cast than 1, well shaped head of equal proportions with work in foreface, defined stop, dark eye, good ear carriage, neck of moderate length with good depth of chest, firm, clean topline from withers to croup, hindquarters of good length, moved well 3RD LORRIMER’S DANAWAY DISTINGUISHED OPEN (9,2) 1ST HERBST’S GER CH (VDH) GWENDARIFF NUTTY PROFESSOR GJCH This was a super class to judge with some quality specimens. My winner I have judged 2 years previously in his native Germany and he has improved and matured into a lovely young man. He is reminiscent of his beautiful sire in head, neck and shoulders and today I could not deny him his place, his head is well chiselled with oval skull, dark appealing well shaped eye, raised brow and correct amount of stop and depth and work in muzzle, strong neck of good length, with slight crest set cleanly into good layback, depth of chest, good couplings and arch to loin, his rear quarters are strong and muscular with short strong hocks used to advantage covering his ground well, I was delighted to award him the CC 2ND MCLARNON’S SH CH/IR SH CH GWENDARIFF NUTS ABOUTU GLENAVNA JW Litter brother to 1 and what a pleasure to have both of them in the ring side by side. I have admired him for some time; on going over him I was not disappointed as he oozes quality, again so like his sire with a beautiful Irish head with melting expression and good head planes of equal length, raised brow and dark appealing eye, chiselled beneath, depth to muzzle, ears carried close to head, well balanced profile with good angulation to front and rear, gentle slope from withers to arched loin with good tailset, moved out well, the RCC was his today. 3RD BOTT’S SH CH GWENDARIFF D’YA KNOW MY NAME BY BARDONHILL JW My 3rd definitely deserves a mention as he is another so worthy of his title, again with the correct profile, he is balanced all through, not overdone in any way, in rich dark coat with handsome masculine head , dark eye and raised brow with good depth of muzzle, reach of neck, strong and clean, good front and feet with correct angles to front and rear allowing him to move freely VETERAN (7,1) 1ST BOTT & ALLEN & MORGAN’S SH CH EMBER RED HOT CHILI PEPPER OF QUENSHA (IMP SWE) Another I have judged before. Well balanced with appealing head and gentle expression, planes of equal length with the correct amount of stop, defined occiput, well shaped eye, good chiselling to foreface, slightly greying muzzle giving him that distinguished appeal, clean neck set on smoothly through topline to tailset, deep chest well sprung and good angles moved well 2ND HILL-DECOSTER’S BEL/NL/LUX/INT CH VICARY’S KEYKEEPER I am so glad to have had the chance to go over this lovely Irishman as his sire holds a large soft spot in my heart and his handsome genes have obviously been passed down to this lovely fellow, he is not overdone in any way, with that melting expression and kind dark Irish eye, the correct stop and chiselling, clean firm neck with reach, smooth topline to good tailset, with good forehand and rear quarters he is a sound mover 3RD GILKS’ SUTERESETT MR UPPITY Maureen Mitchell (Judge)