• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mathew Morse Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It was truly a privilege to judge for the City of Birmingham Canine Association today! The opportunity to judge my breed in the UK, the breed’s place of origin, is a dream come true. I found quality in abundance. The limit and open classes, in particular, were simply wonderful. Magnificent headpieces and glorious eyes were the norm. As in most parts of the world, we owe it as custodians of this delightful breed to ensure we breed for better front assemblies, loins that are short and strong and the correct croups that permit tails that are well set on and provide the ability for the dog to drive from behind. A glorious English summer’s day, eminent breeder and cherished friend Lucy Koster as my co-judge, efficient helpful stewards and fine sportsmanship made for an unforgettable experience.  


(1, 0) 



Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale JW

Just so dignified and stately! This 10 year is simply fantastic. He is of an ideal size and one cannot be but impressed with his compact form and ideal height to length ratio. His head and expression is gentle and his eyes are dark and soulful. Perfect finish to the muzzle and the top skull nearly flat. Well angulated. He moved steadily and soundly. He loved every minute of his outing today and I loved him. Such a joy and privilege to see him and admire his many virtues.  

Minor Puppy

(8, 0)


Bubb & Barrett’s

Wandris Evanly Legacy

Such a forward and developed puppy. Fantastic headpiece; length of muzzle ideal, great finish to the topskull, round forward placed eyes all enhanced by intense pigmentation. Well angulated, he used his quarters to advantage on the move. Gait easy with good length of stride. Tail carried well and never much above the level of the back. His quality is undeniable and I was delighted to see him selected for Best Puppy of Breed.  



Leogem Ravel

This puppy was at the other end of the spectrum. Clearly only just of age but taking everything in his stride. Obviously the baby of the class but his outline is superb. Grade of form, compact in shape, good length of leg and balanced angulation front and rear ensure you can’t help but stop and admire him. Everything in place for his head to develop and mature into a stunning exhibit. One I feel rather excited by and wish him all the luck in the world for an illustrious career.  


(7, 1) 



Pascavale Hudson at Lovetrac

This puppy sparkled today. Exceptional conditioning, depth of colour and presentation was just the start of his appeal. Attractive head with gentle expression. Expressive forward placed round eyes and neat finish to the lips and muzzle. Stylish in outline. Front assembly well laid and crested neck made him stand out in the class. Topline hard. Croup and tail set very good. Compact feet. Another most promising young steed whom I hope fulfils his promise.  


Allitt & Matson’s

Tillashby Midnight Gold

Another quality exhibit that scored well in outline. Correct shape and balance. Sound on the move with excellent carriage and style. Good headpiece with highset ears. Great pigmentation. Abundant coat for age.  


(5, 0)



Cranvarl Washington

The head and expression of this dog is ever so handsome and classic. Skull almost flat, ears set to frame the face and his length and finish to muzzle is excellent. How could you go past his eyes, dark round and solicitous. Ideal size, superb coat texture and all toy spaniel. Upon examination he is still yet to develop through the rib cage and fall into his front. This is no way a criticism as time, patience and good conditioning will see to that and once he does, a stellar career awaits. Thank you for bringing him an exciting prospect.  



Loranka’s Glory Days

If only this dog had been happier today and loved the limelight he would have an easy time. He is compact in shape, posses a masculine but classic headpiece. His eyes are large and expressive and his muzzle and topskull excellent. Well angulated, good ribs and taut and strong through the loin. Excellent depth of coat colour. I hope his handler persists with him as once he is brave and daring he will trouble the best.   


(6, 1)

Two superb exhibits headed this class



Miletree Joseph

This is an exhibit that made you sit up and pay attention. He makes an immediate impact as he is ever so elegant on the move, stylish in deportment and brimming with panache and flair. His head is beautiful with expressive eyes, short but neat muzzle with good finish to the lips. Lovely topskull and well filled beneath the eyes. Dark pigmentation completed the look. Well laid front assembly, moderate chest, ideal development of the ribcage, taut loin and well set and carried tail. First class construction has ensured grace and efficiency when gaiting. Superbly handled. This one was ‘biting on the heels’ of some of the older exhibits and it won’t be long before he enjoys his time in the sun. Definitely in contention for top awards.  



Castlewytch Red Admiral

Another truly first class exhibit! So typical and ticks all the boxes. His head is very classic and correct. Muzzle not too short or overdone. Appealing eyes. Well-made and impresses on both table examination and on the stack. Balanced angulation. Great height to length ratio and displaying compactness of form. Heavily marked but good depth of colour. It was clear that 1st and 2nd were going to have to battle it out today. Not being overly cooperative with his handler and it was on the final go around that 1 clinched the top spot.  

Under Graduate

(5, 1)


Blackie & Knapp’s

Cridensa Conrad

It is often difficult to find a ruby with a really soft expression but certainly not this one! A very handsome headpiece, regal and dignified. Lovely soulful eyes. Well laid front and elegant crested neck. Adequate development of the ribcage just a little long through the loin creating a little more length of body than desirable. Well-constructed rear. The coat is long and silky and fits the body beautifully which added to his appeal.    



Bowfort Bertie Wooster of Pepyswood

Compact in shape and well balanced. Rather handsome in head but lacking a little refinement. Short plush muzzle. Dark eyes, soulful and limpid. Well off for bone and substance. Moved soundly and with purpose.  


(9, 2) 



Salegreen Brecon

One cannot help but feel joyous to judge this exhibit. Oozing with character, in love with life and just a little unruly. His eyes win you over: large, dark expressive yet sparkling. His head is lavish, masculine and endowed with excellent pigmentation to the nose and haloes around his eyes. Luxuriant ear feathering completes the picture. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Good development through the rib cage. A little more neck would add elegance. A delightful dog where his handler has the challenge of taming his coat and determination. 



Brenhora Tingle Creek

Showy and animated. This dog possessed expressive eyes and a plush muzzle. Moderately angulated front and rear but was balanced. The croup was a little steep. Well broken markings.  

Post Graduate

(6, 0)



Jordanic Evanly Touch Wandris JW

Blenheim of quality. Masculine but attractive headpiece. Excellent top skull and when he used his ears framed the face to provide a dreamy expression. Expressive eyes, soulful and solicitous. Good finish to the muzzle. Well-made throughout just a touch longer than ideal. Today he was just rather lack lustre on the stack and move which denied him showing off his virtues to advantage.  



Granasil Vontrap JW

Handsome black and tan. A little up on leg. Regal head with expressive eyes. Crested neck, well-constructed throughout. Moved with purpose. Luxurious coat which added to his appeal.  


(10, 0)


Levy & Sedgwick’s

Pascavale Tommy

A ‘goose bump’ moment when this class entered the ring and I suspected I just may had spotted the dog of the day! Quality is indefinable but surely it is where all parts fit together to make a lasting impression. A super dog in all aspects and why was he the undeniable winner today? Because he is the triple threat! Firstly, on the table his expression is melting; to hold his head in your hands is joy. Top skull, muzzle eyes and ear placement are all correct and create instant appeal. He is a joy to ‘go over’ where he is well angled fore and aft with well sprung ribs, strength through the loin with the correct croup and tail set. Good column of bone and right substance for size. The coat is of the correct texture, cool to the touch and straight and silky. Secondly, on the stack it is evident he is of an ideal size, he stands well over his front displaying crest of neck. It is obvious he has a well laid scapula and good return of upper arm. A well-constructed front flows into a firm topline. His stifles are well turned. His temperament and demeanour is all cavalier; he was unphased by the events of the day but standing on the tiptoe of expectation enjoying life to the full. A lashing tail denoted his zest for life. Thirdly, on the move he clinched the deal! Clean coming and going but it is on the side gait where he truly excels. His outline is glorious, proud head carriage that provides elegance and grace of form. Coordinated foot fall, balanced reach and drive and light on his feet. He is sporting and athletic yet still retains toy spaniel status. He demanded the DCC today. In my mind, the perfect choice for Best of Breed and was glad my co-judge concurred. He sparkled in the group and it was exciting to see him shortlisted. Surprisingly untitled – surely he will write himself into the record books.   


Tarabad & Whitman’s

Khatibi Bark Obama JW

What a cracking little black and tan who has everything on his side to turn heads. He scores well for size, shape and outline. He is glamorous with a wealth of silky raven black coat which was well presented. He is appealing in head but if only the eyes were fractionally larger. Lovely finish to the top skull, neat muzzle and adequate fill beneath the eyes. On the move he is a joy to watch. Effortless rhythmic gait. Fantastic extension with good reach and drive. Back firm on the stack and move and the tail carried as an extension of the topline. Neat compact feet. He came back for the RCC and put on a first-rate performance. Another one I truly loved today and I just wish there were a few more awards to go around.  


(8, 1)

A class brimming with quality! The first 5 were exceptional. This is what every judge hopes for.  



Ch Leogem Renaissance JW

I have to admit I was somewhat captivated by this exhibit. His expression is intoxicating and the longer I admired his face the more smitten I became. His eyes are simply glorious. Everything about his headpiece is generous, masculine but without a hint of excess.  

Well angulated, good development through the ribcage and tail set permitted a fine outline on the stack and move. Lashings of coat and furnishings, he is ever so glamorous. He was to be honest a little uncooperative with his handler and did not have his mind on the job but his type, balance and quality are undisputable. The more he went the better he got. RCC



Ch Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic JW

A dog of undeniable quality. The more I looked, the more I liked him. He really fits the brief for a cavalier, compact, sporting and sound. Beautiful but masculine headpiece. Well angulated. Good bone and substance for size. Compact cushioned feet. Well sprung ribs and strong through the loin. Steady and measured on the move. Topline strong. Indeed a truly beautiful exhibit.    

Good Citizen Scheme

(3, 0)



Granasil Golden Nugget

Ruby of a good size, shape and make. Strong and masculine head, however, the eyes were beautiful, dark and expressive. Moderately angulated fore and aft. Good height to length and well sprung ribs. Rich deep red colouring.  



Delhaze Skyfall with Oaklake

A size larger than 1. This exhibit is ‘full on’ and keeps his handler on her toes. She, however, is to be congratulated for condition and presentation of this exhibit. Not a hair out of place, pristinely white, sparkling with health and vitality. Masculine in every way. Complete with lozenge too.