• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mathew Morse Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Basenji

Puppy Dog

(2, 1)



Kingwanas Vincent Boof of Jenbasi (Imp)

8 month old red puppy. Promising and possessing good breed type. A fraction longer than ideal. Straight bone and small compact feet. Head was flat, of the correct wedge shape and displaying characteristic wrinkle. Strength to muzzle with clean cheeks. Moved soundly. A little lazy with tail.    

Post Graduate Dog

(2, 1) 



Hamlet Z Klanu Lobuzow (Imp Pol)

2 year old of pleasing shape and size. This exhibit moved with a lofty carriage. Correct bone and substance without appearing heavy and sill retaining an aristocratic and lightly built appearance. Excellent tight tail. Would have preferred slightly more extension on the move.    

Open Dog

(6, 0)



Chagmas Hey Joe

This exhibit impressed because he is high on leg, short in back and because of these proportions and with the correct refined substance has grace of form. The head and expression wonderfully correct. Adequate wrinkle. Expressive almond eyes. The right length of muzzle with neat finish to the lips. Lightness of foot on the move and an arched neck provided the characteristic lofty carriage. Fantastic hooded ears. Thin pliant skin. Best Dog



Krendel Mysterious Talisman Phareal (Imp)

Another quality exhibit. Excellent outline. Refined bone and correct substance. Head correct wedge shape, flat on top, clean and chiselled. Almond shaped expressive eyes. Hooded ears. Definite waist. Good length to the thighs. High set tail. Not as collected on the move as 1. However, a quality exhibit that certainly caught the eye.  

Good Citizen Dog

(1, 0)



Savannastorm Born To Be Wild

Exhibit showing refinement and elegance. Quality red and white male with a pleasing head. Good topline and definite waist. Tail was a little loose which detracts from the overall appearance. Moved with adequate length of stride. Compact neat feet. 

Puppy Bitch

(3, 0)


Richardson & Wood’s

Mombatongaempress Eugenie of Cooperland (Imp)

Ever so stylish on both the stack and the move. Typical head and expression with the right amount of wrinkle. Arched neck with proud head carriage. Graceful outline and short in back. Just the right amount of fill through the chest. Good length to the thighs with moderately bent stifles. Small compact feet. Good tail. A lovely exhibit.  



Marsala Mysterious Talisman Phareal (Imp)

Very feminine bitch of quality and style. Good proportions and graceful in outline. Pleasing head and expression. Almond obliquely set eyes and hooded ears. Needs a little more fill between the front legs.    

Open Bitch

(5, 2)


Hardy & Hallam’s

Tokaji Klassic Trinity JW

20 month tricolour bitch of quality refinement and style. Although fractionally longer than ideal she is so beautiful in every other way. Gazelle like grace, refinement and poise sum her up. Beautiful chiselled head, sufficient wrinkle, almond eyes providing characteristic inscrutable look. Firm topline, definite waist. On the move, high head carriage with arch of neck to provide lofty carriage. Long swinging stride. Fine pliant skin. In wonderful bloom and condition. Best Bitch and BOB today



La Bomba Mysterious Talisman Phareal (Imp)

Another quality bitch where most the above comments apply. Lovely head with slight stop and beautiful almond eyes. Small pointed ears carried well forward. Fine bone. Tail carried tightly over back. It was on the move where 1 clinched the deal. However, she is a most eye catching exhibit and her qualities do not go unnoticed.