• Show Date: 25/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Rainger Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Dogue de Bordeaux Club of Great Britain

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux Club of GB CH show 2018

Mr Mark Rainger


1st Harrison's Cerisier All My Loving. Typical masculine head type with the correct right angled stop so many are lacking, broad muzzle with correct dentition. Deep chest and for chest with straight front. Well boned for his age with a strong topline which he held on the move. He is one to keep and eye on for the future. 

2nd Smith's Reno De L'Exigence. Classic head type and the correct amount of wrinkles, good dentition and broad lower jaw. Nice front. Well angulated rear with correct straight hocks. Moved well for age. 


1st Martin & Munyati's Lionsrivers Thunder Storm. Classic Dogue head shape, broad muzzle with correct bite, slight upturn and correct proportions to his size of head. Good stop, and ear set just right. Strong neck leading to well laid shoulders, good front with deep chest. Straight top line which he held on the move, well angulated rear.

2nd Prendergast's Wendisal Mavado. Very good head type, with correct bite and muzzle. Powerful neck and good shoulder placement. Good front and chest with a strong top line, moved very well and his handler really got the best out of him. 


1st Tonge's Harleydeaux Hennessy. An excellent young male who is still maturing. Very good head type, with the correct muzzle and bite. Strong neck and well laid shoulders. Front correct with a deep powerful chest, lovely feet on this boy which was nice to see. Top line strong a straight which he held on the move, rear angulation good, Moved with real drive and purpose. I think he is one to look for in the very near future as he reaches maturity. 

2nd Smith's Caeauffres Mothers Nature: Another quality Dogue with a pleasing head, dentition good and muzzle broad and strong. Good neck and shoulders, with good front. Adequate bone and chest, strong topline which was held correct all times. 


1st Bamforth's. Temptress Ice Warrior. Good head type, plenty of bone for his size. Correct bite and stop. Lovely depth of chest. Moved well with drive and handled well. RBD RCC

2nd Jone's Willsaburgs Unstoppable. Pleasing head type with everything correct, good proportion to body ratio. Good neck strong and powerful, good front assembly with a deep chest. Good topline which he held at all times. Moved well for his handler. 


1st Tonge's Harleydeaux's Vantage. A deep red dog with that typical Dogue look. Head type was classic with a deep broad muzzle , he has a correct bite. Broad skull with correct set ears with the tips just reaching his eyes. Powerful neck which is moderate in length leading to well laid back shoulders. Front assembly was powerful and correct, nice deep chest Top line held well on the move and static. Rear straight and strong with low hocks. Moved with power and purpose and just wanted to please his handler. BD CC

2nd Bamforth's Redlouis Semtex Avec Bellamiabam. He is a typical Dogue with true type. Head shape correct and in proportion to his size, good bite and shape of muzzle. Neck strong leading to his correct shoulder placement, good front assembly with low deep chest. Top line is correct and well held throughout, good strong rear quarters with just enough angulation. Moved well.


1st Tibb's Rozeldogue I'm Bulletproof. A nice typey dog with a lot to offer. Correct head and bite with dentition to match. Good front and rear with a deep chest and correct top line which he held on the move. Powerful mover and showed he could work all day if needed.

2nd Turnbull's St Johns Beszti Pepe At Biscay. Good head, slightly less bone than first place but still correct to standard. Moved well with drive.


1st Lewis & Lewsley-Lewis's Stattoo Athena Via Redlouis. Well developed body for her age. Good head that was very feminine and correct to the standard, good bite and muzzle and clear eyes. Strong neck good shoulder placement, and deep chest, strong top line which she held on the move. Good rear quarters with correct angulation. Moved well with drive for age.

2nd Grice & Clarkson's Fairhero Go West. Very nice bitch, has everything going for her. Very pleasing head with good bite and muzzle proportions. Ears carried correctly giving with a feminine look to her. Strong neck good shoulders, correct front with adequate bone. Correct topline with well angulated rear. Moved well and seemed to enjoy her day. 


1st Johnson's No Nikkyo. Good head with correct proportions, bite good and muzzle correct, nice black mask with correct colour eyes.Neck strong and moderate in length with well laid back shoulders, good chest for a youngster.Good strong top line and good rear action. Breed type and movement won this dogs place. BP

2nd Bamforth's Bellamiabam La Vie Est Belle. Nice head type with a good front construction. Topline well held standing and on the move, rear quarters well angulated. Moved well for age and had a good connection with her handler.


1st Tibb's Zeleski Chica De Cuba. A well presented young bitch with a lot to offer. Very nice head with correct bite and muzzle, nice marked chin with a slight up turn. Good strong neck leading to well laid shoulders. Correct front with deep chest. Topline good with a correct tuck up below. Rear angulation good with well let down hocks. Moved with drive with her head at the correct angle. 

2nd Ansell's Justlazare Poison Ivy. Another quality bitch with correct type. Good head shape with correct bite, strong lower jaw and well marked chin. Good moderate neck and correctly angulated shoulders, deep chest and straight front. Good topline and rear. Moved well with drive and handled well on the day. 


1st Cierpiol's Stridogues Cersel. A lovely feminine young girl. Good head type, correct bite, nice clear eyes. Good depth of chest. Well angulated. Moved well and maintained a good top line.


1st Russell & Martin's Emberez Deja Vu at Geobell. A good quality bitch who is just coming to maturity. Very good head type which is correct to her size, nice clear eyes good bite and muzzle with a well marked chin. Powerful strong moderate neck with well laid back shoulders, deep chest with a good straight front. Good strong topline and correct amount of bone. Good rear assembly with correct angulation and well let down hocks. Moved well for her handler. BB CC BOB

2nd Harrison's Cerisier Breaking Dawn. Good head with a correct expression, good clear eyes and good bite. Strong neck leading to a powerful set of shoulders with correct angulation. Good front with a deep chest, nice topline with good rear assembly. Moved well with good drive from the rear. 


1st Ansell's Justlazare's In Your Honour. A very nice mature bitch with some quality about her. Nice head type and well bodied, moved well and enjoyed every minute of her time in the ring. 

2nd Lewis & Lewsley-Lewis's Redlouis Swagger's Star. A lovely little bitch so full of life. Pleasing head and body, good front with lovely depth of chest, well sprung ribs, moved soundly and maintained a level top line.


1st McGurk's Xardox She's On Fire. A stunning bitch with so much to offer, Good head type but has kept a feminine look to her, clear eyes good bite and well defined chin. Well placed ear set. Broad neck leading to a good front, with correct angulation. She moved with ease with good drive and reach. RBB RCC


1st Grice's Banzai Betty Boop. A high quality bitch with a correct head type. Good clear eyes with a correct bite, muzzle just right with a well defined chin and slight upturn. Correct ear set, Good neck leading to well laid shoulders, correct front with a deep chest and good bone. Strong topline which was carried well on the move, good rear.

2nd Nattriss's Soultime Emberez Envy. Pleasing head type with clear eyes and correct bite, good strong muzzle with correct upturn. Good neck leading to a correct front assembly. Good straight front with a deep chest, strong topline and rear. Moved well and covered the ground with ease. 


1st Nattriss's Emberez Silhouette At Soultime. A very nice mature bitch with some quality about her. Nice head type and well bodied, moved well and enjoyed every minute of her time in the ring. 

2nd Circuitt's Rougeamour Seductive Soul. A real credit to her owner, a lovely little bitch so full of life. Pleasing head and body moved soundly and showed well for her handler.