• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd




Thank you to the officers and committee for inviting me to officiate at The National and to the Breed judges for sending me a wonderful selection of Hounds full of quality. The Hound Group can sometimes be a little hit or miss but I was spoiled for choice today having to assess 12 Hounds I have previously awarded major awards to. The PBGV sportingly withdrew and did a lap of honour. Thank you. 

For further consideration I selected the Deerhound, lovely type and moderate bitch sound typical movement, would just benefit from losing a couple of pounds. Ibizan, Correct balance and outline lovely head exc darts and correct front assembly and depth that is so important. He is sound with typical gait. Irish Wolfhound feminine with substance, lovely proportions and curvy outline giving a beautiful outline standing. Exc neck topline and such a strong rear. Ridgeback, I only judged this 8 1/2 year dog 5 days ago and awarded him the res CC at a club show. He looked even better today winning his 2nd CC. A credit to the breeed. Masc with no coarseness. Good head, exc topline and lovely balance to give free balanced movement with power.

Group 1

Ch Silvae Solo.Wirehaired Dachshund. Delighted to award her a group now she is at full maturity. Long powerful conical head with exc expression and carriage. She was defiant till the end. Her neck and shoulder and topline are exc, correct leg length and depth of chest with harsh wire coat. Strong rear and she powered around the ring as if she owned it. 

Group 2

Ch Tarmarchan Cartier. GBGV an outstanding example of the breed. His head eye and ears are text book, domed skull with low set folded ears of correct texture giving the desired expression with nobility and majesty. Lovely body proportions and leg length, topline, coat and balance moderate angulation as required resulting in a powerful effortless stride that conveys he could work and do th Djibouti he is meant to do. 

Group 3 

Ch Canerike Catalina. Saluki. Cream bitch feminine with substance and is elegance personified. Her head and expression are a delight and it is of the correct shape with good ear set. Long powerful neck, good shoulder and exc topline and underline. Correct bone and tail set. Balanced and moderate she flows around the ring with grace, symmetry and the desired light movement with slight lift in front and a graceful head carriage 

Group 4

Ch Jothryn Bjorne to Love. Whippet silver brindle male. Correct size and substance with elegant curvaceous flowing lines. Masc yet totally refined he has a beautiful head, expression, neck, front topline and underline. Good rear which allows him to move typically with correct ground covering low reaching movement holding his topline correct at all times, with corresponding correct head carriage