• Show Date: 06/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback

Championship Show


BIS Ch Kinubula Bin There Done That 

RBIS Ch Sonstral Chocolate Storm

BPIS Diamondridge Roll the Dice

Sincere thanks to the committee and members for inviting me to judge their Championship Show. Ridgebacks are a breed I especially enjoy judging. There is always good depth of quality, a healthy competitive spirit but always combined with good sportsmanship and today was no exception. Thank you to the exhibitors for bringing your hounds for me to assess and for your good nature accepting my decisions graciously. 


1st Priorpark Pipit

Handsome young dog moderate yet balanced. Head ok. Good neck shoulder and top-line held on the move. Good bone and feet moved steady in profile with good tail carriage

2nd Priorpark Jabari for nourish

Similar balance standing lovely bone and feet. Good eye shape and colour and ears. Preferred neck on 1 st and slightly more angulation with resultant scope on the move. 

3rd Diamondridge Legend at Lobengula


1st Dellared natural mystic

Lovely size substance and balance. Head a little wet and needs to dry out yet. V good outline with clean neck shoulder and good topline. Balanced and well angulated front and rear. Sound free powerful mover 

2nd Kijivu’s karma on

Taller dog and a shade shorter coupled than I would like. But he has a clean outline which he holds on the move. Good bone and feet depth to. Best and spring of rib. Moved well just not the scope of 1st 

3rd Diamondridge Dream chaser at Voortrekker


1st Gunthwaite Papa don’t preach 

Lovely type dog of correct size and nice substance for age. Need to develop a little in front but has lovely forward reach on the move with good front assembly. Strong powerful neck leading into good topline of correct length. Moderate rear which he uses on the move. Attractive head and lovely expression, 

2nd Dellared satisfy my soul 

A real handful and full of life. More developed in body for age. Head needs to dry out and topline is a little unsettled. Good bone and well sprung ribs. Just needs time to develop. 


1st Carlincox first impression

Lovely size balance and outline. Head a shade plain and eye could be a little darker but has good balance correct length. Good depth and well ribbed. Good bone and feet moved well though could be slightly more fluid in front movement 

2nd Saadani Show off

Taller squarer dog in exc body condition. Good neck and topline and deep chest. Would prefer more angles both ends but is balanced and moderate and moved with power and ease. 

3rd Patemeliann Shaka


1st Oracles prophecy 

Mid size dog with ample substance good head shape and lovely ears. Good topline. Model rate both ends but balances and moves steady but could have more scope. 


1st Flying first class Qwandoya with kinubula 

Strong powerful dog. Strong head and neck. Good topline bone and feet. Good depth and well ribbed. Good underlines sound powerful mover. 

2nd Rottzridge mad about the boy 

Liked this dog a lot. Lovely balance could maybe have a fraction more bone. Good wedge head and eye. Exc topline. Powerful yet not coarse and retaining an element of quality. Liked him on the move but he just kept losing his concentration and could have been more sure footed in front. 

3rd Mirengos Morocco


1st Sofala Joe the Lion 

Handsome balanced dog lovely clean outline. Could have a little more fill in front. Good head and expression and ears. Good neck topline and ribbing. Strong rear. Has good scope on the move. Would just prefer his patterns a touch firmer. 

2nd Kinubulas taking chances 

Good size substance and balance. Preferred head and exp on 1st. Good bone and feet powerful with no coarseness. Clean neck good topline. Good depth and well ribbed strong rear. Powerful sound moving dog 

3rd Diamondridge De Niro 


1st Ch hespa henry Higgins 

Handsome upstanding dog. Good head. Lovely ears and eye. Exc neck and good front assembly. Good topline and depth though underline a shade heavy. Moderate rear but could have a shade more strength. Sound powerful light movement. Good bone and feet 

2nd Faahac free n’easy 

Lovely clean balanced outline. Very moderate but all in one piece. Head a shade plain and a little too much flew spoils a nice head with exc ears. Good neck and exc topline and underline. Good bone and feet. Moved well. With natural carriage and sound 

3rd Ch Diamondridge Da Vinci


1st Zougani Zuri 

Exc class full of quality. The first 5 dogs could easily compete with many of their younger rivals.

Lovely size balance and very correct. Strong and powerful with no coarseness. Good neck exc topline depth and underline. Exc bone and feet and sound free mover. RCC

2nd Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno 

Lovely dog still looking great at nearly 10. I think this is the 4 th time I have judged him and he really has lasted and still displayed the same lovely easy free scope on the move he had from a youngster. 

3rd Diamondridge Damocles of Voortrekker 


1st Ch Sonstral Chocolate Storm 

Another dog that is a credit to the breed. Nearly 11 and probably the best front mover of the day. Good head. Holds his topline perfectly. His rear is starting to give a little but just through age ( many younger class winners are weak in the rear and will sadly never be right ) and is still sound and shows typical breed movement. Exc balance and proportions.. CC 


1st Diamondridge roll the dice

Stunning puppy bitch. Just 7 months. She has the proportions and balance I like coupled with correct wedge shaped head for the breed. substance yet feminine. Exc front and balanced rear bone and feet. Moves so well for her age. A young star 

2nd mutokos blaze of glory 

Only 6 months and much more raw than 1st but many of the same comments apply. Fem with substance . Lovely balance and again excels on the move 

3rd Priorpark pipsqueak 


1st Diamondridge dream catch me 

Another nice class. Lovely proportions fem with substance. Beautiful head and eye neck and topline depth and underline balnced moderate rear. Moved soundly with effortless powerful movement. 

2nd maanhaar primo-creatus Henrietta for rubiltra 

So similar in outline and movement just preferred the slightly more robust front of front but otherwise very similar in all departments mentioned above. 

3rd sofala kapachira 


1st Maanhaar p-c Henrietta FR 

2nd Puppy 

2nd tokwe ginvincible with mutoko

Nicely proportioned with lovely head and ears. Good neck shoulder ok, good topline And rear. Good bone and feet and moved well though lost her topline a little on the move. 

3rd firedances on her terms 


1st M blaze of G

2nd MPB

2nd rubicon red do the right thing royal pearl 

Nice size and clean outline. Good head neck and topline has reasonable angulation both ends but could have a little more scope on the move. Ample bone patterns could be a little firmer 

3rd ridges star esenia Liz at rozelridge 


1st kazembe in the flame 

Fem bitch. Would prefer a little more substance all through but she is fit and in exc muscular condition and in hard condition. Good head shape if a shade fine. Nice proportions, topline depth and balance. Lovely free powerful mover when allowed to move properly on a lose lead 

2nd tokwe truly tickety boo

Has more substance but not quite the balance or movement of 1st. Good head though could hold her ears a little higher. Good neck bone and fee. Moderate standing and moVing with nice balance. 

3rd sanbona a’frican soul Dacci at suhuba 


1st nuthouse boogie Oogie oogie 

Lovely clean outline and balance. Good head eye and ears, neck topline. Could have a little more width in front but has exc feet and has light free powerful movement in profile 

2nd amahle ayita of Matabele

Lovely substance and balance standing with exc neck and topline. Lovely bone right down to feet. Preferred head and eye on 1st . Well sprung ribs and good underline 

3rd gabisa woo woo at zougani 


1st sofala Isabella pearl 

Love her outline and balance. Fem with substance head could be a shade wider in backskull allowing ears to frame the head better. But I am being picky. Exc strength for size, neck, topline and underline. Free effortless powerful movement. Exc bitch 

2nd nuthouse hot stuff 

Similar in outline and proportions but a little finer all over. Good ears. Neck topline and feet easy mover but not quite the power or precise footfall of 1st 

3rd mirengos musola at kamikaze


1st Ch Kinubula Bin there done that 

Very tough class. I love her proportions and outline and balance. Head could be a little stronger for perfection and pasterns could be a touch firmer. Excels in neck and topline rear and underline. Sound mover both ways with excellent footfall and powerful long stride. 

2nd Ch Shingwidsi tshadi rose 

Very nice type bitch preferred her head and ears but has a lovely clean outline . Exc neck good topline and lovely underline. Moves well in profile but not quite so sure footed coming towards as 1 st. Lovely quality bitch 

3rd mutokos lledwenau Lorri 


1st Ch Shingwidsi tshelete silk

8 year old bitch in exc condition. Lovely clean outline of correct proportions. Good head eye and ears, neck topline. Exc bone and feet and strong pasterns. Lovely underline. Fem with substance and so balanced 

2nd sofala scarlet dancer 

Lovely outline. Could use her ears better. Good neck and topline. A shade overdone in the rear but lovely type bitch with substance. 

3rd neelanjali premier rose at Lilongwe


1st Barnes

2nd Storey