• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Marina Scott Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Beagle




Thank you very much to East of England committee for the invitation to judge this breed at your show. Thanks also to my two hard working stewards – Peter Simmons and Stephanie Jackman, for doing a really great job so I could focus on my entry. It was a very warm day but I tried to keep the hounds out of the sun as much as possible and there were only a few who suffered with the warmth. It was a really nice atmosphere too and I thank the spectators for clapping all the winners.

Minor Puppy - Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1ST RHICONICH RHYS (MRS F S FINDLAY). Very well schooled for such a baby and put on a good performance with his young handler, balanced head, dark pigment, low set ears which were long, kind expression, good width of front, straight forelegs, moderate bone, good front assembly, a little long in the body at this stage, good rear angulation, tail carriage high and positive mover.

2ND MADIKA HOT SPOT (MRS S ARDEN). Preferred this boys side profile and balanced head with kind expression but not quite as tidy on the move coming towards and going away, super length of neck with slight arch, excellent lay back of shoulder, strong level topline, slight bend of stifle, hocks short and with sufficient bone, correct tail set and carriage. Quite the little showman who I’ll look forward to seeing how he grows on.


Puppy - Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 2

1ST NEWLIN PERTH AT MOLESEND (MR M W & MRS J S GOLDBERG). The most balanced dog in profile and with the best head in this class, very nice fore and rear angles, pleasing in head with well set medium brown eyes, good pigment, slightly domed skull, long ears that were set low, good depth of chest with slight tuck up, strong rear quarters with excellent tail set and high carriage. Moved well in all directions. Beaten by his litter brother I see for the RCC.

2ND CHARTERWOOD HARVEST (MRS J L PHILPOTT). Taller on the leg and shorter in the back, his coat was gleaming and his tri markings were rich in colour. Strong head with well defined stop, lips well flewed, low ear set, strong neck, a little upright in shoulders, good spring of rib, strong in the loin, a touch straight in the stifle, excellent substance throughout, good tail set, moved with style, carrying his head proudly and with real character.


Junior - Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1ST NICTONEY ZITHER (MS N C A FIRTH). Quality, masculine T/W who could do with a little more leg to complete a balanced picture, pleasing in head which was in proportion with his body, slight dome to skull with a slight peak, good length of muzzle and square in profile, eyes well set, long, low leathers, strong neck which was of good length which swept down into well laid back shoulders, good length of upper arm, level topline, nice tuck up, well angulated rear with a good tail set, on the move he showed very good reach and drive, just needs a little more confidence to really trouble the best.

2ND BLUNDERHALL SUNRAY (MS S HARDISTY). Not quite the substance of 1 but was balanced in profile, carrying the correct amount of weight, tight catlike feet, good width and breadth of skull, ears were long and set low to give a pleasing expression, muscular neck, OK shoulders, straight front, strong topline, moderate in rear angulation, tail of good length and carried high, not quite as accurate on the move as 1.


Yearling - Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1


2ND NEDLAW TRUMPETER WITH MAPLELAYNE (MRS J & MISS E THORNTON). Nice type, real cheeky happy boy, finer in bone than 1 and not in the best of coats, another who could so with a little more length of leg for a balanced side profile, good width of skull, eyes set well apart, dark and slightly less than round, with defined stop, good width of front, excellent length of neck with slight arch and sweeps into laid back shoulders, upper arm could be longer to improve his front side action, level topline, strong rear angulation with good length of tail.


Graduate - Dog

Entries: 7 Absentees: 1

1ST NEWLIN PRESTON TO CLAIRDALE (MISS C JONES). Litter brother to PD winner and with many of the same attributes, mature for his age but everything in proportion and nothing is overdone, attractively marked and in super condition, his head is definitely yet to break but it’s clean and of good size and shape, well defined stop, muzzle of good length with good pigment, soft expression, straight front, excellent front assembly, level topline, good spring of rib, nice slightly sloping underline, strong rear quarters and short hocks which are well let down, sufficient bone, topped off with a good tail set and carriage, moved very well in all directions with reach and drive and handled to advantage. RCC and BP. Put on a very solid performance in the puppy group to make the top 8. Well done!



Post Graduate - Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1ST NEDLAW QUINCY TAF (MR B P WALDEN). Filled my eye and made a very pleasing and balanced picture in the stand, head could be more masculine but is balanced with good pigment and kind expression, long and low set leathers, strong neck leading into well placed shoulders and good length of upper arm, chest well let down, good ribcage, strong in the loin, muscular and powerful rear quarters, tail set not as high as I’d like but of good length and with correct natural brush, moved steadily in all directions.

2ND CLIFFMERE MINDFUL OF SHERCROFT JW (MRS M & MISS J L HUNT & NORRIS). Larger mould and well off for bone, quite strong in head and heavy in flews, well placed eyes, defined stop, dark pigmentation, forelegs could be straighter but positioned well under body, well placed shoulders, good spring of rib, good tuck up, muscled rear quarters and short hocks, correct tail set and tail carriage, really powered around the ring with plenty of reach and drive holding a level topline.


Limit - Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1ST RHICONICH JARVIS (MRS F S & MISS E L FINDLAY). Handled so well to show off his virtues, attractively marked and loved his naughty spots on his foreface and legs, masculine head but not overdone, medium stop, could have a touch more length of muzzle, neck of good length, a little upright in shoulder, sufficient bone, straight front, topline not his fortune in the stack but holds it more level on the move, medium rear angulation with good bend of stifle. Tail set a little low but of good length. Very true on the move going away and coming towards which won him the class.

2ND DONAY FRASER JW (MR K R & MRS P I HILLS). Nicely built male who was of good type and substance, stood square on strong compact catlike feet, head could be cleaner and eye lids a little loose, too much dewlap, good ear set and length, good strength of foreface, shoulders were laid back with good length of upper arm, correct depth of chest with slightly sloping underline. Front not as straight as 1 but moved with drive in all directions.


Open - Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1ST CH NEDLAW BENEDICT WITH MAPLELAYNE JW (MISS E THORNTON). Super balanced masculine dog who was the best mover in the male entry, free and long reaching stride covering the maximum amount of ground with a tail that was upright and well furnished, his head is balanced with a slight peak, well defined top, strong muzzle, good pigment, could have a cleaner eye but has a soft and kind pleasing expression, super reach of neck with a slight arch, the best of shoulders that were laid back and good matching upper arm, elbows were tight, good spring of rib, strong loins and excellent muscular rear quarters, good bend of stifle and compact feet. His young handler really gets the best out of him. I see from my records that he won Limit Dog under me two years ago and delighted to see that he has matured. No hesitation in awarding him the CC (his 4th I’m told).

2ND LYNDEX KIERAN (MR D G & MRS L A PLAYER). A balanced dog with a pleasing head and has a nice side profile, he holds a level topline and is very true coming towards and going away, straight front, in good hard condition, neck is of good length and is free of dewlap, clean head with a kind eye and well set ears that were long with a rounded tip. His tail set is OK but sometimes carries it at about 2 o’clock which spoils his side movement. Not the reach and drive of 1.


Veteran - Dog

Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1ST BJORNHAGEN LEMON VERBENA SHCM (MR S M & MRS K M LOVATT). Masculine boy who is only showing his age with lots of grey hairs dominating his head and body but has a balanced side profile, sufficient bone to give good substance, very good straight front with good width and strong rear assembly allowing him to power around the ring with good reach and drive, pleasing in head with soft expression, really on his toes throughout and looked like he could work all day, high tail set and correct length with plenty of brush. Tail carriage was excellent and held his topline on the move.

2ND KELSEVA GREATEST DAY (MRS K NASH). Compact and sturdy boy and handled to advantage, head of good proportions with well defined stop, eyes well placed, a little heavy in flews, well set ears, strong neck, excellent forechest, tight elbows, firm topline which he held level on the move with high tail set and carriage, not quite the rear and front angulation so was a little stilted in side profile action.


Special Beginners - Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1ST POPPYVILLE FIRST EDITION (MISS K L STODDARD). Real clean outline on this flashy open marked tri who was handled, presented and schooled very well. His head is quite strong but masculine, good bite, nice long fine leathers that reach easily to the end of his nose, dark pigment, plenty of bone throughout, straight front, very good shape of chest and depth, holds a level topline in the stack and on the move, with very nice tail carriage to complete the picture. He moved very well around the ring with plenty of reach and drive. Thrilled to watch him and his owner take 2nd in the Hound Special Beginners Group. Well done!

2ND MERRILYN GET OFF MY CLOUD (MRS I L & MRS L A MOORBY & WHITE). Masculine boy of correct proportions and well off for bone, head is a little plain and heavy in dewlap on throat, hazel coloured eyes, front was straight and of good width, good forechest, elbows were tight, good spring of rib, strong loin, moderate rear angulation with slight bend of stifle, tail set was a little low and was crabbing on the move.


Minor Puppy - Bitch

Entries: 7 Absentees: 0

1ST JARROWLEY TEASEL (MRS TOFTS). Beautiful puppy who is right up my street for type, very pretty in head with a gorgeous kind expression, dark pigment, good length of muzzle, the best of necks leading into laid back shoulders, very nice length of upper arm to match, strong ribbing, good shape to underline, stifles were well bent, hocks short and strong rear pasterns, a little erratic on the move but she has a true gait coming and going. Just beaten for BP by a very steady and more mature male puppy.

2ND LYNDEX ORCHID (MR D G & MRS L A PLAYER). Slightly finer in bone but of good make and shape, head of good size, soft expression, excellent dark pigment, strong neck, well laid back shoulder, could do with more upper arm, firm topline, good depth of chest, well angulated rear with a good tail set, moved happily in all directions with strong rear drive, just doesn’t quite have the forward reach of 1.


Puppy - Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 2

1ST POPPYVILLE FIRST DANCE (MISS K L STODDARD). Very fluid on the move and with a clean feminine head, dark eye and kind expression, a little 10 to 2 in front but that is likely to improve with age, sufficient bone, good length of neck, correct depth of chest, underline not as clean as I’d like but probably having just had first season, good bend of stifle, strong in rear pasterns, nice tail set and carriage, well handled and presented. Lacking a little animation but possibly due to the heat.

2ND BONDLEA MIST (MRS G SHICKLE). Preferred this T/W for type but she was really messing her handler around on the table and on the move, needs to gain more confidence in the show ring, she makes a nice picture in profile, pretty head with long low set leathers, muzzle square in profile, slight dome shape to skull, good breadth too, straight font, good spring of rib, level topline, medium bend of stile, well let down hocks, topped with a correct tail set and tail which was well furnished.


Junior - Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1ST HAYAPARK FEATHER (MS L POWELL). Quality feminine bitch of a smaller frame and make but all in proportion, such a delightful balanced head with good strength of foreface, well set, brown eyes that were slightly less than round in shape giving a super soft expression, and long, fine leathers that reached well over the end of the nose, straight front, compact catlike feet, good forechest, lay back of shoulder, length of upper arm and topline which she held level on the move, real happy mover and true in all directions holding her shape and covering the ground with an easy stride.

2ND AGNES LOVE FROM TANNAHILL (MRS BINKS). Taller and rangier girl and tri markings rich in colour, she looks better on the move at this stage than the stack where she tends to stack with a sloping topline but she does hold a level topline on the go around, has a really stylish gait from side view when she gets into her stride. Head could be cleaner, but eyes side wide apart and brown in colour with excellent dark eye rims and nose pigmentation, ears were long and low set, straightest of fronts, good bone and moderate bend of stifle.


Yearling - Bitch

Entries: 8 Absentees: 2

1ST MOLESEND SECRET JW (MR M W & MRS J S GOLDBERG). Totally stole my heart from the moment I laid eyes on her and is a bitch that is right up my street. Was just what I was looking for, full of breed type, good size and shape, with the prettiest of clean and classic heads that was balanced and with good pigment, lovely long leathers to frame the face, strong body with correct depth of chest and spring of rib, strong in the loin, excellent rear quarters that were straight when viewed from the back and well muscled, the best of tail sets and carriage, turned out in beautiful condition, on the move she is true going and coming towards, holds a dead level topline and has an economical and free stride covering the ground with an effortless motion, super temperament and turned out in the highest order. Thrilled to see her take Group 4 in a large hound group. Can’t believe she’s not even two years old yet – think the best is yet to come from her which is exciting considering that apparently on the day she had won her 6th CC on the trot!

2ND REDCAP AMELIA EARHART (MRS M J & MRS K KINGSLAND & NASH). Really loves the show ring this one, on her up and down was looking at the ringside as if to say “were you watching me?”! Could have a touch more length of leg to complete a balanced outline but has very good rear and front assembly with a strong well let down chest, medium tuck up and level topline, excellent length of neck into laid back shoulders, coupled with a great tail set and carriage. Her head is in proportion, correct for shape and length and with excellent dark pigment. Excelled on the move where she covered the ground easily with a long but free stride.


Graduate - Bitch

Entries: 9 Absentees: 1

1ST CHEQUERS COUNTESS MARY MIT JULEMARK (IMP DEU) (M A & P R HENNINGSSON-DUNDAS). Beautiful side shape on this pretty hound who has the most gorgeous head, slight peak at occiput, good breadth of skull, nice eye set, shape and colour, fine, long leathers, strong neck with slight arch, correct front assembly, good spring of rib, holds a level topline in the stack and on the move and love how she holds her tail bolt up right on the freestand with no assistance and coupled with strong rear quarters she moved well around the ring with an easy action and high tail carriage.

2ND REDCAP CLEOPATRA (MRS M J KINGSLAND). Compact girl with rich tri markings with very good front and rear construction enabling her to move efficiently and smoothly without bobbing, holding a firm topline and high tail carriage, in firm condition and giving a clean outline, particularly attractive head with the longest of ears and sufficient stop and a soft expression, epitomises what the breed standard calls for – a merry hound, her tail never stopped wagging.


Post Graduate - Bitch

Entries: 11 Absentees: 2

1ST NEDLAW QUEEN OF HEARTS TAF (MR B P WALDEN), A quality bitch with a classic Beagle shape and clean head with a kind expression, well placed eyes, good pigment, ears set on low and were long and fine in texture, good length of neck, super forechest, forelegs were straight and positioned underneath her chest which was let down to just below elbow, pleasing underline, strong and level topline, moderate bend of stifle, hocks well let down, tail set could be a touch higher and she therefore carries it around 2 o’clock but her movement is very efficient and smooth with plenty of reach and drive.

2ND RAIMEX REED BUNTING (MRS D BROWN). Very feminine bitch with a beautiful head, neck and shoulders, good breadth and depth of head, with equal length of muzzle, stop well defined, eyes well set and dark in colour, super dark pigmentation, long, low set leathers, level topline, good spring of rib, could have a little more turn of hock and bend of stifle to match her front angulation, good bone throughout, tail well furnished and of good length, moved briskly and positively in all directions.


Limit - Bitch

Entries: 10 Absentees: 1

1ST CLAIRDALE DAMIA (MISS C JONES). Petite happy little bitch that could do with a touch more length of leg but she has an attractive head, soft expression, well placed eyes, strong muzzle, really good mover where she is long reaching in front, very economical trot and has an excellent tail set and carriage, came to me a touch wide at the elbow, in excellent coat condition and shown very well.

2ND FELINOAK BAILEY'S N'ICE JW (MRS TANNER). Liked this quality girl in the stack but she was not holding her topline level on the move. Attractively marked and in excellent jacket, she has a feminine head of good proportions, muzzle length good, nice stop, dark eyes, long, low set leather, strong neck sloping gracefully into good shoulder placement, could benefit from a touch more upper arm, level topline in the stand, good bone throughout, could have more tuck up to underline, strong rear quarters.


Open - Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1ST CH BAYARD FORGETMEKNOT (MRS J PEAK). Have judged this quality T/W a couple of years ago at a Club show, where in agreement with the co-judge, gave her Best In Show. She really has one of the best classic side outlines with a good reach of neck into laid back shoulders, matching length of upper arm, ample forechest, super depth of chest, strong loins, muscular rear quarters with a slight bend of stifle and with well let down hocks, topped with the most gorgeous head with a soft expression and framed with fine long leathers, her movement is text book coming towards and going away and her footfall is excellent with her front legs almost reaching to her nose when fully extended, topped with a perfect tail set and carriage. Undeniable quality all round but not in the same hard condition as the CC winner so had to settle for the reserve CC.

2ND CH RAIMEX BRITTANY JW (MRS D & MR R BROWN & FORD). A worthy Champion with a beautiful pleasing head, just with a few grey hairs now but good correct depth and width, good neck and firm topline, super front assembly, strong rear quarters, good tail set, well off for bone, straight front, slightly sloping underline, chest let down to below elbow. Possibly feeling the heat today as didn’t move as well as I’ve seen her before.


Veteran - Bitch

Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1ST CH BAYARD MAKE AMENDS (MRS J PEAK). Super neck and shoulders on this oldie who was really showing some of the younger ones how to move, despite the heat, she moved very accurately and with vigour, gorgeous head with good width, nice length to muzzle, well defined stop, low ear set and ears fine in texture, strong and short in the back with slight rise to underline, the best of quarters which were straight and muscled when viewed from the rear and with an excellent bend of stifle and excellent tail set, with carriage at about 1 o’clock.

2ND SHERCROFT DUCHESS JW SHCM (MRS M & MISS J L HUNT & NORRIS). Head a little strong for me so loses the femininity, ears reaching way past the nose, she has plenty of bone and substance, neck set on well to shoulders, a little straight in front and rear angles so she hasn’t quite got the extension on the move as 1, topline firm and level, good spring of rib, moderate bend of stifle, muscular rear, strong and long tail with good furnishing.


Special Beginners - Bitch

Entries: 8 Absentees: 2


2ND ALFADAIS ECHO (MISS N & MR E H BELL & BAKER). Balanced tri in good condition who is of a slightly larger mould but was very well handled by her enthusiastic exhibitor, moved extremely well despite the heat and accurate to and fro, makes a clean outline in profile, pleasing head with soft expression, low set ears, muzzle square shaped in profile, chest reaching to below elbow, elbows tight, tuck up a little steep, moderate bend of stifle, good tail set and length.