• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Margaret Kempster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Havanese

My thanks to the exhibitors for their support and good sportsmanship, and to my excellent stewards who worked so hard. I was honoured to be asked to judge the breed without CC’s at this show for the first time they had put them on, and pleased that my decisions were taken so well.

MPD (2) 1. McCallum-Sealy’s Pandaprint Believe In Magic. Cream and white boy who not only caught my eye but stole my heart. Super size, and lovely head and darkest of pigment, good bite, correct head proportions, with medium neck and well laid shoulder. Nice chest with correct rise over a short loin. Super coat, high set tail carried over back. Free mover and very stylish - this young man is going to go a long way pushed hard for top honours. BD, BOS, BPD, BPIB and Puppy Group 4. 2. Grocock’s Havanamours Moonbeam Over Havalag. Black and white baby, quite unsure of himself at his first show and hard to judge his movement as quite erratic, but when settled he did move nicely. JD (7/3 abs) 1. Dean’s Wizzizz Fizz Wiz. Gold and white boy on the big side for me, with a nicely shaped head and dark eye, with moderate stop, correct length of neck, slightly longer than my preference won this class on his movement. 2. Walker’s Newtonwood Fields Of Gold. Very handsome dark cream with black tips, better for size than 1, but not as settled which was a shame as he was nicely balanced and put together. Good head, with dark eye, correct pigment, good body with short loin, first time on grass his tail was not held up enough which was why he was placed 2nd. 3. Westgate – Wizzizz When I Need You. PGD (2/1 abs) Withdrawn. LD (4/2 abs)1. Martin’s Wizzizz Polar Star At Talibee, white dog in good coat, nice dark eyes and expression, medium neck, with well placed shoulder, good topline with short loin. Moved well. 2. Westgate’s Wizzizz Desperado. Another cream dog from the same kennel and very similar in type and style, muzzle slightly longer than 1, although same comments apply. OD (3/1 abs) 1. Morris’s The Sandman. White dog in super coat and condition, muzzle slightly longer than my preference, but nice dark pigment and with good cheeks and moderate stop. Nice length of neck, good short loin, with good rear movement. 2. Jefford’s Lekkerbisken’s Entertainer For Wizzizz (Imp Nor). Cream boy who made this class a very difficult decision. Nice head and neck, good topline, slightly close behind on the move. VD (1) 1. Grocock’s Aust Ch Carnwath Coolangatta Gold For Havalag. Cream sable boy of 8 years old, not in the best of coat, but what lovely construction. Good head with dark eyes, medium length neck, nice topline with rise over the loin, although he didn’t hold his tail up enough at times I was happy to award him RBD and BVIB. GCD/B (2) 1. Martin’s Wizziss Polar Star At Talibee. 2. Goddard’s Havalag Dance With Rainbows. Small and petite bitch, with pretty head and expression. Groomed to perfection. Slightly shorter on leg than my ideal.

PB (4/2 abs) 1. Fitzgerald’s Immelion Galactica For Beaugem. Very pretty black and cream, nice for shape and size, pretty head with nice dark eye, well put together front and rear, carried her tail well. BPB and RBB. 2. Grocock’s Rumba Biale Bursztynki From Havalag. Black and red bitch, complete overwhelmed with her surroundings, and didn’t show to her best advantage. JB (3) Another hard decision as both very similar. 1. Day’s Cubadias Caribbean Damsel. Very feminine cream sable, slightly longer than I prefer, very pretty head, with nice dark eye, good neck and body. Moved with style. 2. Morris’s Dyffrynsands Lady Cecilia Rothermere, cream sable, very similar in type with a pretty head, a bit short in body, but nicely constructed front and rear, good tail set and carriage. 3. Grocock’s Rumba Biale Bursztynki From Havalag. PGB (7/3 abs) 1. McCallum-Sealy’s Pandaprints Anastyasia JW. One I have watched since she was first shown as a puppy, and I was not disappointed. Red Sable with the most beautiful head, with the darkest eyes with such expression, lovely muzzle with good pigment. Correct length of neck and shoulder placement, nice straight front legs with medium bone, well laid shoulder. Super topline with correct rise over short loin. Lovely tailset, moved with a spring in her step and could not be denied. BB, and BOB. 2. Goddard’s Valbeccas Dancing Delight JW. Black and white, with nice head, and dark eye, in good coat, a little long for my taste, but deserved her placement. 3. Lane’s Starleisha Dazzling Dream ShCM. LB (7/3abs) 1. Fitzgerald’s Mybeards Valentina. Very pretty cream sable, attractive head and expression, slightly longer in muzzle than I prefer. Good rear and nice movement. 2. Grocock’s Auskrest Elusive Charm At Havalag. Another cream and gold, very pretty, not so much coat, but lovely shape wise, good eye and expression and lovely tail set and carriage. 3. Lane’s Starleisha Heavens Sercret ShCM. OB (3/1 abs) 1. Morris’s Classy Cleo ShCM. Cream sable I liked a lot, slightly longer in muzzle than I prefer, but very attractive girl, with a good head and nice pigment, good coat and super condition, moved well. 2. Day’s Cubadias Caribbean Dreams. Silver with a very pretty head, and profuse coat. Good expression, dark eyes and pigment, didn’t move with the style of 1.

Margaret Kempster