• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Margaret Kempster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Poodle (Toy)

PD (2) 1. Beckley’s Saltillo Devil In Disguise Von Dinapu. Lovely red boy with a nice head and eye, pigment in line with his colour, excellent harsh coat. Good neck and topline, tail carried correctly, moved well. BPD & RBD. 2. Walpole’s Crystal Snow. Very sweet white boy, who really enjoyed himself, pretty head with nice pigment, correct front and top line. Very immature compared to 1. JD (1) Barrett’s Juwlri Ice King. Aptly named as white as snow, super fine head, with lovely contrasting dark pigment, good neck and nice body. Correct tail set. Sympathetically handled by his young handler. BD, BOS. PGD (1) Holliday;s Afterglow Ginger Beer. Apricot with a very pretty head and expression, dark pigment. Good quality harsh coat, in need of shaping. PB (3/1 abs) 1. Bell’s Aeden Talk of Making Music. Very pretty black with lovely expression, nice neck, held her topline well, moved well. Won this class on her attitude. BPB & BP 2. Pavitt’s Saltillo All That Glitters. Pretty apricot with pigment in keeping with her colour. Nice head, with good eye colour, nice neck and shoulder, not as happy as 1 on the move. JB (1) 1. Walpole’s Roydonred Cwmbois Diva At Magishuns. Black girl, full of herself, pretty head, would prefer better shaped eye, lacked coat but moved around the ring like she owned it. PGB (3/1 abs) A difficult class. 1. Barker & Howard’s Grayco Vivaciousness. Black in super condition, with lovely head and super cheeky eye, loved her length of neck, good body with lovely rear angulation. Superb harsh coat presented well. Despite keeping her tail at half-mast she had to win this class and RBB. 2. Wheeler’s Ajanti Dream Come True With Verismo. Petite black with very pretty head, dark eye, good topline when standing and on the move, quite stylish moving, unfortunate to meet my class winner. LB (1) 1. Beckley’s Sinapu The Impossible Dream. Red with a beautiful head and soft expression, pigment correct for her colour, a real show off she stood and moved with attitude and defied me not to give her BB & BOB.

Margaret Kempster