• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Margaret Kempster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Bichon Frise

First my thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge one of my favourite breeds, and second thanks to the exhibitors for their entries and for their sportsmanship, a refreshing change from some breeds with a wonderful atmosphere around the ring and everyone clapping for the class winners. A real pleasure to be around exhibitors with such super attitudes.

VD (2) 1. Killick’s Yakee Credit Crunch ShCM. Upstanding dog with good coat unfortunately no longer as white as he could be, but won this class on his overall type. 2. Piecy’s Hylacer Classic Style. Much smaller and longer than I prefer, head lacked the correct ratios, and tail carriage could have been better. 

 MPD no entries 

PD no entries. 

 JD. (6, 1 abs). 1. Coad & Smith’s Regina Bichon You Rock My World At Pamplona. Perfect size and shape, with super head and ear set, correct ratio 3:5 of muzzle and the darkest of eyes with good haloes. Good front, super body, with excellent rear movement, very close decision RCC. 2. Price & Russell’s Rusmar Frankly Too Kool. Another of nice size and type, good head with correct eye, slightly longer in muzzle than I prefer. Nice neck, with good topline, moved well. 3. Venables Beausox Love Actually. 

 PGD no entries. 

 LD (6, 2 abs) A quite disappointing class for me. 1. Larkin’s Sherrosea Love Me Tender. Nice size and type, correct shape, with good head and dark eye. Well presented. Won this class on his movement. 2. Marquiss’ Quissmar Lightening Bolt. Bigger than I prefer, but a nice shape with good head, a little long in the muzzle which spoilt his expression for me but had a nice neck and good topline. Moved ok. 3. Piercy’s Arjanan Colour My World. 

 OD (3) 1. Havelin & Belstad’s Ch Regina Bichon Talk Show. Such an impressive masculine dog with lovely conformation, super for size and lovely outline, correct head ratios, dark eyes with correct haloes. Lovely arched neck and correct shoulder, good topline, correct tail set and carriage, moved with style and shown to perfection. CC and BOB and delighted to see him shortlisted in a strong Group. 2. Gallagher’s Junanger’s Jimmi Choo JW ShCM. Another nicely shaped dog with good head, and correct ratios, good front and rear angles, moved well but lacked the style of first. 3. Walklate’s Ashoka Tailor Made JW. 

 VB (2) 1. Osborne’s Vanitonia White Sapphire For Magstarai. Twelve year old with movement of a youngster, really enjoying herself, a little short in leg and slightly longer than I prefer, but just loved her attitude and showmanship. BV and please to see her gain Veteran Group 2. 2. Barber & Barber’s Ch Fiyero’s Dancing Diva For Chazbam JW Sh.CM. Shorter and more square than 1, pretty head and expression, not the attitude of the winner, and moving badly on entire left side.  

MPB (1) Macleod’s Languilla Luna Eclipse. What a little sweetie so full of herself and bouncy, lovely attitude for a baby, nice shape and size, nice head and body, good coat. I am sure she will mature well. 

 PB (4) 1. Russell’s Rusmar Kissed By A Rose. Very pretty little girl with all the right attributes, lovely head, with dark eye and good haloes. Lovely arched neck, with good shoulder and front angulation. Good topline, good tail set and carriage, and nice rear angulation, moved with attitude and style. BPIB. 2. Gallagher’s Rusmar Dezigner Kisses With Junanger. Slightly bigger type, with a shorter muzzle than I like, and shorter back and longer legs spoilt the balance for me, she moved well however hence her placing. 3. Parrington’s Chazbam’s First Lady At Melcia. 

JB (3, 1 abs) Another slightly disappointing class 1. Moss’s Mamose I’m Bizzy Fizzin. A little longer in body than I prefer, and a bit longer in muzzle losing the correct ratios, dark eye, with well set ears, nice neck and shoulder, moved well. 2. Marshall’s Magstarai Mystic Dreams For Honeyvale. Very tall bitch, with less neck than I would like, dark eye with haloes, but not my type, and moved close behind hence her placing. 

 PGB (5, 1 abs) Osborne’s Magstarai Magic In The Stars. Won this class on her movement, as she was slightly short in leg and a little long for me, but had a nice head, with dark eye, good neck and topline, moved very well. 2. Marquiss Quissmar Power Of Lightning. Much more my style, unfortunately her movement let her down. Very nice head, with lovely expression, dark eye and good ear set, nice neck and topline. 3. Loye & Taylor’s Fribonch Miss Dior. 

 LB (4) Another disappointing class 1. Mault’s Limartine Lookin Kool. Slightly bigger in type than I prefer, and lacking in neck, nice front construction. Slightly longer in muzzle but with nice dark eyes and halos. 2. Osborne’s Magstarai Heart Of The Ocean. Lighter in type than first, nice shape, again slightly longer in muzzle than I prefer, but with good neck and topline, moved well. Could easily trade places with first. 3. Venables Limartine Look Of Love For Beausox. 

 OB (3) Three lovely bitches, who could change places at any time, the hardest class of the day. 1. Wyatt’s Ch Bobander Too Kool To Care. Absolutely adored her lovely feminine head, with darkest of eyes and haloes, lovely front and rear angulation, correct length, with lovely bone. Good ribs, with slightly rounded croup. Well set tail and tail carriage. Super presentation and correct coat. BCC and pushed hard in challenge. 2. Coad’s Ch Regina Bichon Zoom To The Moon At Pamplona. Another lovely bitch, with super fine coat, in lovely condition, trimmed to perfection. Lovely head, with dark eye and haloes, correct ratios, unlucky to meet first. RCC 3. Stafford & Stafford’s Starforth Sweet Surprise. Just a little bit on the heavier side for me, but nevertheless a lovely bitch with a huge coat, super dark eye, good topline and front and rear angulation. A super class of three superb dogs, wish I had had more tickets to award.

Margaret Kempster