• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Margaret Hoggarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

My thanks to the committee and exhibitors who entered under me. I was pleased to see that all my exhibits without exception were beautifully presented with correct scissor bite, neat feet and nails.

JD. (1) 1. Irvings’s Twinan Life’s A Blast. R/W Dog. A well-proportioned masculine head with correct eyes and ear set. Plenty of bone with ample fore chest and well sprung ribs. Plenty of forward reach and drive. Moved around the ring with a free and easy stride.

PGD. (1) 1. Wyer’s Cottivy Mozart. A very Smart Black Headed Tri. Not the largest of boys but everything correctly balanced. Lovely dark eyes, correct ears which he used well. Adequate bone leading to neat oval feet and short nails. Good length of neck leading to a level topline which he held on the move. Moved well. RBD

OD. (3) 1. Irving’s Born To Be Your Salt Dog ShCM. (Imp Hun) This R/W Boy has matured so much since I last judged him as a puppy. His masculine head is well proportioned, eyes and ears correct which he used well. Good length of neck and shoulder placement leading to level topline. Moved around the ring with a free and easy gait. Correct coat, well-conditioned and beautifully presented. BD and pleased to see him take G2. 2. Wyer’s Cottivy Skyfall. R/W boy of moderate proportions. Foxy head, nicely angulated front, level topline held standing and on the move. Moved out well but not quite the drive of 1. 3. Legerton’s Ermyn Time To Dream For Solaw. A masculine Tri boy who has the most attractive head. Well boned, in a larger mould than 1 & 2. Well-muscled and shown in lovely condition.

GCD. (1) 1. Legerton’s Ermyn Time To Dream For Solaw

PB. (1) 1. Irving’s Twinan Tight Squeeze. A very pretty 8 mnth R/W girl, well up to size with plenty of bone down to neat oval feet. Good length of neck, topline rising slightly but time will see her tighten up overall. Moved well with such confidence. An exiting prospect I’m sure. BP

PGB. (1) 1. Wyer’s Cottivy Twelfth Night. R/W girl, A feminine foxy head with correct eyes and ears. Moderate bone down to neat oval feet. Neck fairly long leading to correct front angulation and level topline. Moved out well.

OB. (1) 1. Wyer’s Brisam Mokka At Cottivy. Liked this Red Headed Tri bitch very much. Feminine well-proportioned head, Good reach of neck to level topline, well laid shoulder with good spring of rib, enough reach and drive to give her a free and easy gait. Correct coat in lovely condition.

GCB (2) 1. Legerton’s Ermyn Flickering Flame At Solaw. A R/W lady not far off her 8th birthday and in lovely condition. Foxy head using her ears well. Level topline, moved sprightly round the ring.

2. Reay’s Jacquilas Dawns Melody ShCM. This R/W lady coming up to 11 years and still enjoying her time in the ring. Feminine head with correct eyes and ear set. Correct weatherproof coat. Not as positive going around as 1, but to be fair she is giving away 3 years in age and a little more weight.

                                                                                                                      Margaret Hoggarth