• Show Date: 21/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mandy Romeo-Dieste Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Flatcoated Retriever Club Of Scotland

Thank you to the committee for the honour of judging this show, which has always been a favourite of mine. Thank you also to the exhibitors for your entry. Overall size was good, mostly dogs of a medium size. I am not a mouth fanatic, but bites still need to be improved. Close rear movement was evident in most classes on otherwise quality dogs. I was very happy with both my line ups and I was spoiled for choice for the top awards.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,1abs) 1st McConnell’s Kazval Lugano at Torrweaving Nice baby with a good head and kind eye, good shoulders and length of neck. Level topline. Excellent feet and quality bone. Deep in rib and correct length of body. He took time to settle on the move but went well once he found his stride. BPD
Puppy Dog (No entries)
Junior Dog (2) 1st Simpson’s Pajanbeck Edge of Glory A very exuberant boy who gave his handler a hard time. Nicely moulded head and naughty expression. Good depth and correct length of rib. Good return of upper arm, but would like a little more length. I preferred his movement coming towards over 2. 2nd Plummer & McPherson’s Lochkanker Bhuchaille Good shoulders to a level topline. Good bone, but would prefer tighter feet. Well turned stifle and short hocks.
Yearling Dog (6) 1st King’s Kingsisla Glen Sligachan Lovely medium sized dog with a beautifully moulded head and cheeky expression. Balanced through his body with good shoulders and length of neck. Correct loin and moderately angulated rear. Moved true with good extension. I will watch him with interest. 2nd Malone’s Kirkbeck The Man In Black JW Another boy with a typical head and dark eye. More substantial through the body than my winner, but not course. Good oval bone and tight feet. Balanced angulation front and rear with a level topline. Movement needs to settle and he is a little proud of his tail. He was in excellent condition with a full coat. 3rd Reekie’s Rotherfield Find A Reason
Maiden Dog (1) 1st Simpson’s Pajanbeck Edge of Glory
Novice Dog (2) 1st Hutchison’s Islstrom Torran Good head and length of neck to well laid shoulders. A level topline and correct depth to his body. Good bone and tight feet. Well coated with full feathering. Moved well, although a little close behind. 2nd Stewart’s Ciardubhan Fire Opal A different type to 1. Another good head with a dark eye and good ear set. Well angulated front with correct length of rib. Moderately angulated rear and good tail set. Moved steadily but again, a little close behind.
Graduate Dog (8) 1st Ross’ Go With The Flow Ebony In Harmony at Qlocontrail JW (Imp Ned) Good head with neat ears. Well laid shoulders with good length and return of upper arm. He has a deep rib and a short strong loin. Well angulated rear with good width of thigh. He moved well covering the ground. 2nd Salt’s Toccata of Harlaston With Wetnoses JW ShCM Taller than my winner. Deep in rib with correct length of loin. Enough bone but would like tighter feet. Well angulated rear. Moved well but he was a little proud of his tail. 3rd Chipperfield & Higginbotham’s Islstrom All Of A Storm at Howlingale
Post Graduate Dog (10,3abs) A very mixed class 1st Harris Highlander Z Mokre Hory at Siancala (Imp Cze) A more substantial dog but still of good type. Lovely head and expression, his front is nicely angulated with good length of upper arm. Mature through the body and has a correct loin. His rear had good width to his thigh and is well muscled. Moved steadily on a good stride. Tight feet and in full coat. 2nd Chipperfield & Higginbotham’s Wistaston The Black Diamond at Howlingale Not the head of the winner, he has well laid shoulders and has good angulation front and rear. Level topline and good tailset. This was maintained on the move. 3rd Reekie’s Rotherfield Chaos of A Star
Limit Dog (6,1abs) 1st Jones’ Blacktoft American Smooth at Braemist JW This boy has matured well and his coat has settled, which was the deciding factor last time I judged these two boys. Beautifully moulded head with a naughty expression. His shoulders are well laid and he has good length of upper arm. His chest is deep with a pronounced brisket, and he is short in the loin. Good width of thigh and short in the hock, enabling him to move with ease. In hard condition. My pleasure to award him the CC and later BIS. 2nd Creasey & Gale’s Willowswind Orions Stars Unlucky to come against my winner on such good form. At 6 years old he is in his prime, just as flatcoat should be, and presents a balanced outline. His head is all of a piece and sit on a good length of neck. He has correct length of rib to his short loin. His front angulation is matched with his rear which in profile gives ground covering movement. RCC in good company.3rd Fox's Black Mica's Likes It Hot at Blacktoft JW
Open Dog (6,1abs) 1st Blain’s ShCh Caci’s Just A Gigolo at Steelriver JW (Imp Swe) Upstanding dog with a lovely head and dark eye. He has good shoulders and length of upper arm. Deep enough rib and good length of loin. Level topline and correct tail set. Good bone and tight feet. He won this class on his accurate movement. In excellent hard condition. 2nd Zuberbuhler & Lembesger’s Multi Ch Almanza Get A Grip Lovely front and good bone. This boy is longer in the body than the first but has good rear angulation. His topline is good which was held on the move but carried his tail a little high.
Veteran Dog (5,1abs) 1st Holland’s Ch Calzeat Causa Commotion at Flatcharm (Imp Swe) Rising 11 years this boy belies his age and typifies the bright, active dog that the standard calls for. His head is typical with a very naughty expression, he has good length of neck and lovely front angulation. In full coat and in hard condition which enabled him to move with little effort around the ring. A real credit to his owner. BVD and BVIS 2nd Gale’s Willowswind Whispering Elm JW ShCM Lovely head and kind expression on this 8.5 year old boy. Good angulation front and rear, with a deep body and length of rib. Correctly set tail and good rear with well developed thigh. Preferred the winners length of leg. Moved well. 3rd Harris Steelriver In The Heat of The Night ShCM
Special Liver Dog (1) 1st Manson’s Sylkienorrie Neepy Lantern Rich liver dog with good angulation front and rear, deep enough in body with good length of rib. Tight feet and good bone. In hard condition. Moved steadily.
Champion Dog (3) A lovely class of Champions. Thank you. 1st Blain’s ShCh Rotherfield First Request JW Another I have done well before. Classical head. Very well balanced, he has well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Mature through the body. He appears over angulated at the rear simply due to his enthusiastic tail action. 2nd Laird’s ShCh Branchalwood Tamdhu of Daicheil JW ShCM This boy is of a different type to the 1st. Lovely level top line and deep rib. Good body proportions with good bone and tight feet. In full gleaming coat and hard condition. Moved steadily. 3rd Douglas’ ShCh Greenbayhill Black Tuxedo

Minor Puppy Bitch (1) 1st Jones’ Caehaidd Lets Go Crazy With Braemist I really liked this little lady. Very pretty feminine head and dark eye. Good length of neck flowing in to nice shoulder and top line. Her outline is balanced and she has good width of thigh. On the moved she was very together for her age, covering the ground well. BPB & BPIS. I will watch her progress with interest.
Puppy Bitch (3,2abs) 1st Smith’s Montegrino Rambling Rose Taller puppy with a nice head. Pronounced brisket, deep enough rib with a good top line. Moderate turn of stifle. Moved steadily. Not as happy in the ring as the MP.
Junior Bitch (7,1abs) 1st Jones’ Blacktoft Sapphire Ice at Benvellyn (AI) Litter sisters with very little to choose between them. 1st was steadier on the move. Lovely feminine head, good bone and tight feet. Good through the body with good width of thigh. 2nd Colson & Fox’s Blacktoft Dancing On Ice With Windyhollows (AI) Another pretty girl, with good outline in profile. She gave her handler a hard time on the move and she was a little proud of her tail. 3rd Egginton’s Pajanbeck Georgie Girl
Yearling Bitch (6,3abs) 1st Colson’s Blacktoft Frozen In Time By Windyhollows (AI) Nicely moulded head but I would prefer more width of foreface. She has a good length of neck in to a well angulated front. Her body is of good depth and she has a short loin. I liked her width of thigh and short hocks. 2nd Gray’s Rotherfield Reason To Dream of Aislear Really splitting hairs between these 2. I preferred the head of this girl, but felt the winner had the edge on front today. She has a deep rib with a gradual spring, to a good length of loin. She is moderately angulated at the rear and moved nicely. 3rd Deacon’s Tonggreen Woodland Nymph of Harlistream
Maiden (3) 1st Colson’s Blacktoft Frozen In Time By Windyhollows (AI) 2nd Colson & Fox’s Blacktoft Dancing On Ice With Windyhollows (AI) 3rd Sullivan’s Autumnal Flame Over Wyrebeck
Novice Bitch (2,1abs) 1st Colson’s Blacktoft Frozen In Time By Windyhollows (AI) 2nd Jones’ Caehaidd Lets Go Crazy With Braemist 3rd Jones’ Blacktoft Sapphire Ice at Benvellyn (AI)
Graduate Bitch (4) 1st Ross’ Islstrom Onora JW Substantial bitch, but not coarse. Excellent lay of shoulder with good length and return of upper arm. She has strong oval bone and the tightest of feet. She is balanced in body with moderate stifle. In super coat and she is well muscled. 2nd Gale’s Willowswind Nette Lark JW Not as substantial as 1st, but still has quality bone and is another with tight feet. Excellent angulation with is balanced with her rear. Level top line and correct tailset. She moved with good extension and drive. 3rd McDonald’s Steelriver Dance In The Sun at Skylock
Post Graduate Bitch (9) 1st Gemell’s Islstrom Fia Litter sister to the graduate winner and of a similar type. Nicely moulded head with good eye shape and colour. Balanced in body with good length of rib and short loin. She has a well developed thigh and short hocks. She moved well once she settled. 2nd Stevenson’s Steelriver Sun Kissed JW Not as mature as the 1st but has lots to like. She has a naughty expression and neat ears. Her shoulders are well laid and she has a level top line with correct tail set. She is deep enough in rib and has a short loin. She moved well but would like to see her on a loose lead. 3rd McKenzie’s Montegrino Nanny Noggins at Rachanmill
Limit Bitch (8,3abs) 1st Bellamy’s Woodfinch Hydra JW This bitch was on top form. Beautifully moulded feminine head. Her shoulders are well set and she has good length and angulation to her upper arm. The brisket is pronounced and deep with the required gradual spring and she is short coupled. Her rear is well developed with good width of thigh. The constantly wagging tail is correct set and her top line was maintained on the move. When asked to move she did so with purpose from well muscled quarters. Delighted to award her the CC, her 3rd, and RBIS/BOS. Congratulations. 2nd Malone’s Kissock Weesleekit For Kirkbeck JW I have admired this girl from the ringside and was not disappointed on going over her. She is more substantial than 1st but is still elegant. She has a pleasing head and excellent angulation. She is mature through the body and strong in her rear. She was close up to the winner but I preferred the overall profile of the 1st. Pleased to award her the RCC 3rd Thompson’s Badcall Petronella
Open Bitch (8,1abs) 1st Ulin’s Seu(U) Ch, Nor Ch NO 17 Almanza Back On Red Carpet This liver has the most beautifully moulded head and good eye colour. She has good angulation to her upper arm and nicely laid shoulders. She is short in the loin but I found her a little long in the rib, causing her to drop her topline. Her stifle is nicely angulated and her thigh is well developed. She moved true coming to and going away and has quality bone. 2nd Stevenson’s Blacktoft Mist Blue Steelriver A favourite of mine for her beautiful head and expression. She is fully mature and is well balanced throughout. She has quality oval bone and tight feet. She is in hard condition, as were all this exhibitors dogs. She moved well with reach and drive. 3rd Sullivan’s Lakemere She’s My Kinda Girl at Wyrebeck
Veteran Bitch (7,3abs) 1st Ross’ ShCh Isltrom Torrachilty JW At 8 years old this bitch is still on good form. Super bone and feet as always from this kennel. She has great front and rear angulation and the required depth and spring of rib. She has good overall body proportions. Moves well in profile. 2nd Bellamy’s Woodfinch Lorolei A different type to 1, with a slightly stronger head. She is balanced throughout and maintains a level top line with correct tail set and carriage. Another who moves well in profile. 3rd Colson’s Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy To Windyhollows
Special Open Liver Bitch 1st Ulin’s Seu(U) Ch, Nor Ch NO 17 Almanza Back On Red Carpet 2nd Colson’s Windyhollows Winnipeg Almost 10 years old she is a good honest workman like bitch. Rich liver colour with a good head and length of neck. She has a deep rib and has enough bone for her size, but would like tighter feet. Moved well in profile. 3rd MacRae’s Guidwell Cara
Champion Bitch (1) 1st Jones’ ShCh Seaheart Anneliese By Benvellyn This quality bitch has a nicely moulded head with a naughty expression. She has quality bone and good feet. Her neck flows in to her well laid shoulders. Her front is correctly angulated and she has a deep rib. Her loin is short and her rear is also well angulated. She has good width to her thigh and short hocks. She has a full, mature coat which on the day made her look a little heavy. She moved well covering plenty of ground. She was close up in the challenge, but I preferred the slightly racier limit bitches.
Mandy Romeo-Dieste