• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mandy Dance Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

 Report for Driffield miniature long haired dachshund Mandy dance judge.

I found that many exhibits were too thin. Also many were too long in the body, and did not fulfil the 1 to 2 balance ratio required. Worryingly I found several who were worried. I feel the overall quality is lacking.

Minor puppy dog two entries. 

First best puppy dog. Oxley. 

Lokmadi Rio Bravo at Dinkidax.

Cream baby with a good pigment. Head good, almond Eye, Good height to length ratio.

Second McCarthy. Nagshall Love to be. Black and tan well grown. Rather long, needs to tighten in front.

Puppy dog two entries.

Mitchell. Bronia The wizard.

Red. A little worried, affecting his front movement. Good head and Eye,Well balanced.

Second. N. Love to be.

Junior dog four entriesOne absent. First. Phillips. Summerview Yogi Bear.

Chocolate and tan. Balanced height to length. Good neck. Beat two on movement.

Second. Irvine. Bronia The Dutchman. Red. Rather long would benefit from more weight.

Post graduate dog. Two entries.

First. McCarthy. Nagshall Just Lucamac JW. Cream. Good movement. Well balanced height to length, would like a touch more ground clearance. Good pigment.

Second. Woodall. Rarewood Silver commander.

Silver dapple. A little out of coat, but good head, would like more body and muscle.

Limit dog eight entries two absent.

First and reserve CC. Latham Jackson. Dolyharp Purcell of Urishay. Black and tan. Well grown Goodbody good muscle. Masculine head. Feet and front good. Well balanced height to Length.

Second McCarthy. Nagshall Justintime. JW.

Shaded cream. Rather long would benefit from more weight.

Open dog. Eight entries two absent.

1st CC BOB and Group two

Harris and McLachlan

Zarcrest Black Smith

Black and tan. Lovely head neck and eye. Good height to length ratio.

Beautifully prepared gleaming coat. Moved well both coming and going and in profile, keeping good top line and picture at all times.

Second. Brooks. Obfax Lynn’s Badger. Silver dapple. A little heavy through and not quite the elegance of one. Otherwise a good exhibit. 

Good citizen dog one entry.

Green. Neertanauf Jack Jones.

Shaded red. Good head and Eye.

Well presented.

Minor puppy bitch three entries.

McCarthy. Nagshall Love constantly. Black and tan. Well made baby. Still has baby teeth in, But mouth is correct. Good fore chest. Well bodied.

Second. Shutt. Donnadoon Starlight. Cream with better pigment than three.

Puppy bitch four entries.

1st CC BP Mitchell Bronia Witchcraft. Loved the bubbly temperament of this baby, well balanced height to length ratio, correct ground clearance. Lovely head and eye, Red With good pigment. Enough fore chest and good feet. 

Second. Shutt Donnadoon Moondust. Cream with good pigment. Slightly losing top line at this stage, will tighten with age.

Junior bitch six entries two 


First. Locket-WALTERS . Ralines Good tidings.

Shaded red out of coat which did not bother me, good head, correct height and ratio With correct ground clearance. Liked very much just a shade wide coming at me.

Second. Mason. Tolbert Beez Neez at Teckeltown.

Different type to one. Lower to ground, movement okay. Shaded red with pretty head.

Postgraduate bitch. Six entries. One absent.

First.Cohen Lilac blossom for Huttzpah. Red who kept a good top line. Well-balanced good head and Eye, Feet and bone.

Second. Brooks. Lyndarlea Speckled hen. Silver dapple with good head. A little stuffy through neck.

Limit bitch. Seven entries.

First reserve CC. Brooks. Lyndarlea Vienna. Red Who I have judged before, close decision between one and two, but just preferred eye and expression of first Over second. 

Second. Geeson. Abydachs Avada Kedavra. Chocolate and cream very well Bodied and muscled. Close up to 1st and very little in it.

Open bitch seven entries one absent.

Locket-WALTERS. Ralines The last word. Black and cream with good eye bone feet and balance. Kept a good outline on the move.

Second. Mitchell. Champion BroniaFirst impression. Red. Good fore chest and front, good head and Eye. Not as Animated on the move as first but a good exhibit.

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