• Show Date: 21/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lynn Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club

Breed: Beagle

Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club Championship Show
Bitches - 21st October 2018

With thanks to the Northern and Midland Counties Beagle Club for allowing me the honour of awarding CCs for the first time at their Championship show. I found the awards to be received in a sporting manner and I was lucky to have two super efficient stewards who kept the classes flowing. Whilst I was delighted with my main winners, I was surprised and disappointed to see so many poor toplines, with many of the bitches having a rise over their croup instead of having the level topline that the breed standard desires. I was looking for a balanced hound who possessed a type and quality to them, without losing sight of being a working hound.

Minor Puppy Bitch (9, 2 abs)
An interesting class with a wide variety of size and shapes.
1st Foster & Jones’ Stormpasture Operetta
Petite, tricolour bitch of 7 months. She has a soft head with dark pigment framed by lovely long leathers. She is small but stands square and has good bone. To be critical I would prefer a shade more neck however this little girl really comes in to her own on the move when she powers round the ring using her strong quarters. Her reach and drive was one of the best of the day and won her the class. Presented in perfect condition and expertly handled.
2nd Fellow’s Rosanka Midler
8 months old blanket tri bitch. A bigger bitch then 1 throughout but still a pleasing shape and size. Presents an eye catching picture stacked. Another possessing a pretty, appealing expression. She has the most wonderful clean neck leading on to a firm and level topline. Perfect tailset. I loved her hindquarters which were well muscled with strong hocks. Shown in immaculate condition.

3rd Roderick’s Barterhound Princess

Puppy Bitch (9, 2 abs)
1st Henningson-Dundas’ Julemark Ariadne 
Super feminine, tan and white bitch of 11 months. Beautiful ear set and long, fine leathers framed a pretty head with a kind dark eye. I loved her across the body where her ribs were well sprung and her chest let down to below her elbow. She has plenty of substance without being heavy and has good round bone. At times on the stack she could roach her topline however on the move it was perfectly level. I loved watching her power round the ring in a free striding manner. I could have watched her move all day long. Delighted to award her Best Puppy in Show with the agreement of my co-judge.
2nd Davies’ Barrvale Grace
A larger than 1st tricolour girl with lots to like about her. She was presented well and has a short, dense coat. Her outline is clean and flows from a beautiful, arched neck. Her shoulders are well laid back and her forequarters well under. She is well off for bone and has tight, firm feet. I particularly liked her chest and ribs which were well sprung. Her loin was powerful and she carried the perfect weight for her size.

3rd Toft’s Jarrowley Teasel

Junior Bitch (6, 1 abs)
1st Foster & Jones’ Stormpasture Nightcap

A super little 17 month tricolour bitch who was full of quality and showed her socks off from start to finish. She is incredibly feminine and has the sweetest expression with a head to die for. She is smaller than some, but really oozes beagle. She has good round bone and is so perfectly balanced. Her topline is incredibly level both stacked and on the move. Across the body, she has an excellent chest which is let down below her elbow, well sprung ribs and is short in her couplings. She stands so square and has a big presence to her and once on the move she really comes in to her own using her strong muscled quarters and excellent reach that was so lacking in other exhibits today. Another from this kennel presented in immaculate condition and handled to get the best from her. A real pocket rocket who I felt honoured to judge. So pleased to award her the CC and I hope she gets to wear the crown I feel she truly deserves. RBIS
2nd Binks’ Dialynne Popcorn
Another lovely young t/w bitch who presents an impressive outline. Heavier head than 1 so slightly less feminine but still a quality bitch who is a nice size. Her skull has the correct dome to it and her earset is perfect, with long, fine leathers framing her head. She stands with ample, round bone on tight, firm feet and was presented in hard condition. Her coat is short and dense. She has a level topline which was held on the move, where she used her well muscled hind quarters to move freely. Another bitch who I think will have a promising future.

3rd Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy

Yearling Bitch (5)
1st Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Molly Coddled

This sweet blanket tricolour bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. She has the most gorgeous, melting expression with such a kind, dark eye and perfectly set ears that frame her feminine head. Her neck is long and leads to a compact body with well sprung ribs and a nice short loin. She is well off for bone and has an eye catching, powerful backend which has a good bend of stifle and is well muscled. Her hocks are well let down and her tail well carried. In the class she moved in a beautifully free flowing manner which I could have watched all day long, however in the challenge she had a change of handler which unsettled her and her movement was not as confident which was such a shame. She could not be denied of the RCC as I felt she was such a quality little girl.
2nd Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy
A much more different ‘type’ of bitch than 1, who was also 3rd in my super junior class. Not as mature as 1st and much longer in loin. She is very much still a baby but there are lots to like about her. She is an openly marked tricolour and has a melting expression with a kind dark eye. I loved her earset which framed a very pretty head. Her chest is deep with well sprung ribs and she is well muscled. She moved soundly with free striding action and a long reaching front. Her well muscled quarters helped drive her around the ring. Another quality exhibit.
3rd Van de Sanden-Robbeson’s Rhiconich Nessie

Novice Bitch (9, 3 abs)
1st Lewis’ Fallowfield Fern
Rich tan and white girl who is still a baby of only 9 months. She displays typical beagle character of being merry with great activity and thoroughly enjoyed challenging her owner initially in the class. Once settled, it was easy to see her attributes and was by far the best mover in the class. I loved her size and shape and she is well bodied with a great spring of rib and nice chest. Her topline is level and her tail perfectly set, carried well on the move. She is well off for bone and was presented well and in good condition.
2nd Brown’s Lyndex Lucy Locket
Another nicely sized rich tan and white girl. Slightly heavier throughout than 1 but lots to like about her. She has a soft appealing expression and a good dark eye. She is well off for bone and presents a pleasing outline. Her ribs are well sprung and her chest well let down to below her elbows. I liked her hind quarters where she has a well bend stifle and firm, strong hocks. Pushed 1 hard, however lost out on condition on the day after recently having a litter.

3rd Davies' Barrvale Grace

Graduate Bitch (6, 1 abs) 
1st Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy 
2nd Henninsson-Dundas’ Chequers Countess Mary Mit Julemark (Imp)
A merry tan and white bitch of 18 months. I would imagine that she isn’t the easiest of bitches to show but once settled and free stood, it was easy to see her qualities. She was presented in great condition and was well muscled. Her head is pleasing with a soft expression and a skull free from frown or wrinkle. Across the body she is firm with a large chest and well sprung ribs. On the move she has a beautiful free stride and uses her strong hind quarters well.
3rd Brown’s Lyndex Lucy Locket

Post Graduate Bitch (8, 1 abs)
1st Leader’s Rosroden’s Aphrodite
A bitch that I have done well for in the past and remains to be a quality exhibit who’s handler really gets the best from her. She is incredibly petite and is just starting to show her 6 years slightly. Her expression is so sweet and she has an kind dark eye. Her pigment is excellent, complimenting a very nice head. Her clean, balanced outline is eye catching when stacked but she really comes in to her own on the move where she is so free striding and moves with such purpose that she could not be denied the class.
2nd Brannan’s Benruadh Beith JW
A larger and longer tricolour girl than 1 with lots to like about her. She is 2 years old and is rather eye catching when stacked. She is well muscled and in great condition. Her chest is deep and her ribs well sprung. She has a level topline and has ample bone. Her movement is pleasing and I see that she is the daughter of the Best in Show winner today.
3rd Bell’s Roddwood Phoebe at Claybank

Mid Limit Bitch (8, 1 abs)
1st Brown’s Raimex Reed Bunting
This pretty tricolour lady really made me smile. She has a super temperament and has a real look of quality. In profile, she moves freely with a certain elegance to her and stacked her attributes can really be admired. She had the head of the day for me and was shown in tip top condition. Her eye is dark and her expression melting on a clean, slightly domed head. She has a strong arched neck which sweeps to a level topline, presenting a very clean outline. Her tail is carried well and when free stood looks an absolute picture. Considered for top honours.
2nd Leader’s Rosroden’s Aphrodite
3rd Roderick’s Barterhound Gossip

Limit Bitch (6, 1 abs)
1st Jones & Jepson’s Eardley Izzy Cummings
Smart and square tricolour bitch who really caught my eye. Nice head with dark pigment and a lovely outline. She moved with such enthusiasm that she was difficult for her handler to contain at times. Once settled, she showed her outstanding reach and drive. Her forequarters are well made and she has a well ribbed back. Another considered for top honours, however in the challenge with a change of handler she roached her topline which spoilt her outline. I’m sure her day will come.
2nd Vickers Rosroden’s Cherry Kisses
Another bitch who I have previously judged and admired. I was pleased to see that many of her qualities remain. She is incredibly feminine with a pleasing head. She really gives her all and moves enthusiastically with excellent reach and drive.
She is very well handled to really get the best from her and was unlucky to meet 1 today.
3rd Tanner’s Felinoak Bailey’s N’Ice JW

Open Bitch (3)
A disappointing class with 3 very different bitches.
1st Jones & Jepson’s Blunderhall Bona Fide From Eardley
Blanket tricolour bitch who is heavier throughout. She is well off for bone and substance. She has a houndy head with well flewed lips and dark pigment. On the move she is powerful and her stern is well carried. Her quarters are well angulated with ample muscle. Today she gave her handler a hard time.
2nd Dawson, Goodall & Harrison’s Rundle Going for Gold
Tan and white bitch of 2 years. A sweet bitch with a calm demeanour. Her leathers are long, set well and frame a kind expression. She has a deep, well ribbed chest and a level topline. Her stifles have a nice bend to them and her quarters are well muscled. Sympathetically handled. I found her to be quite narrow throughout and preferred the cleaner outline and more true movement of 1.
3rd Caney’s Springpine Hot Gossip

Veteran Bitch (12, 2 abs)
Thanks to these exhibitors for bringing these sweet ladies! I was spoilt for choice in this super class.
1st Jones’ Clairdale Willowmena ShCM
A favourite of mine who I have previously awarded top honours to. Pleased to see her attributes remain and she has certainly not lost any of her enthusiasm now she is a veteran! She presents the cleanest outline with her beautifully arched neck leading to clean shoulders and a level topline. Her tail set and carriage is ideal and she is a lovely shape and size. Her feet are tight and firm and she stands squarely on them. On the move, she is a force to be reckoned with, powering round displaying perfect reach and drive. A real credit to her owner. Delighted to award her Best Veteran in Show with the agreement of my co-judge.
2nd Hunt & Norris’ Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM
A heavier bitch than 1 who was incredibly sound. She is a faded tricolour of 8 years with a great chest, ribs and well angulated quarters. She moved out well and I could imagine her working all day. Her topline was level stacked and moving, which she did freely and merrily. She is in great condition and was handled sympathetically to her advantage.
3rd Dean’s IR CH Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW ShCM

Champion Bitch (1)
1st Brown & Ford’s CH Raimex Brittany JW
This worthy champion stood alone and has so much to like about her. She is the desired shape and size and was in tip top condition. I see she is the mother of the Mid Limit Bitch winner and can see where her many attributes come from. Her coat is short and dense and her outline clean. She has a very good topline and carries her stern well. Another from this kennel with a charming nature. It was a pleasure to get my hands on her thank you.

Judge : Lynn Bailey