• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lynda Bromley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Dandie Dinmont Terrier

City Of Birmingham Canine Association Championship Show - 01//09/2018 - Dandie Dinmont Terrier

I would like to thank all the exhibitors who came with their Dandies, it is always a privilege for me to be asked to judge them. Overall the quality was there and movement mostly sound. There were a couple of exhibits with  incorrect teeth placement.

VD No entries

PD: (2): 1.  MILTON Mrs B Wilmit Chindit - BP & CCPepper. Strong head and skull with dark eyes and melting expression. Scissor bite with deep muzzle .Well developed rib and forechest for age. Crisp coat presented well. Correct lay of shoulder giving a straight front. Good bend of stifle and short hocks. Flowing topline which he showed to advantage on the move which he did with purpose and confidence coming and going. BP & CC. 2.  STANLEY , Mrs L J & STANLEY Miss C E Sokrovische Gardariki Aristokrat At Waffelin .Mustard.. Strong skull, large teeth, slightly longer in foreface than 1. Also longer in rib and body than 1. Moved better coming forward than going away. His back end needs too tighten up a bit for drive. Coat softer than 1.

JD No entries

PGD (2): 1. DEEGAN Mrs A Dainty Dandies King Of My Castle. Mustard. Nicely domed skull, good teeth. Lovely expression, dark eyes, good ear placement. Coat coming in. Well balanced overall. Held topline on the move. He was more positive coming than going.  2. RAYNER Miss A J Reidswire Border Battlecry To RubegudPepper. Well domed skull, dark eye. Good teeth. Excellent Crisp coat. Similar comments  to 1 in many ways but preferred the movement and  topline of 1.

LD (3) : 1. MCKENZIE Mr T & Mrs A Inzievar Royal Scot - Mustard. Strong Head, broad skull with good muzzle proportions. Big teeth. Dark eye. Masculine dog with deep forechest, correct shoulder placement, good spring of rib and liked his length to height ratio. Correct topline. Crisp coat. Moved well although he wanted to go his own way and pulled out a bit from his handler, typical independent Dandie. RCC. 2.DRAKE Mr & Mrs P G & M A Tollcross Tartan Tavish. Pepper. Domed head not as strong as 1. Good eye and ear placement, nice depth of muzzle. Deep forechest, slightly upright in shoulder making his front a little wider. Well ribbed, good length to body. Lovely pepper coat. Moved okay, not an easy decision between the 1& 2. 3. TINSLEY Mrs J G Xoranda Secret Ron Day View To Cloverwood

OD.(2,1a):  1 YOUNGS Mr A E & Mrs C H Inzievar The Goldsmith .Mustard. Attractive masculine dog. Head okay, good depth of muzzle, dark eye and liked his expression.  Shoulder placement a little upright affecting his front movement. Well ribbed. Nice length. Good topline.

GCD (1): 1.RAYNER Miss A J Reidswire Border Battlecry To Rubegud See JD.

VB (1): 1. KINSEY-MORGAN Mrs S Ch Inzievar Gold Effect. Mustard. Feminine head with melting  expression. Strong muzzle and bite. Crisp rich coat. Well balanced overall with good angulation.  Moved well round the ring In excellent condition for an 8 year old. BV  

PB (6): 1.ROLLAND Ms S M Dandiroyal Cream Tea.  Mustard. Pretty feminine bitch with lovely expression. Nicely domed head. Dark eye and good ear placement. Well laid shoulders giving a tidy front. Good coat. Quite immature as yet but very promising. Moved well round the ring with good rear propulsion. 2. STANLEY , Mrs L J & STANLEY Miss C E Sokrovische Gardariki Astory At Waffelin. Pepper. Lovely head, dark eye. Longer in foreface than 1. Good bone, nicely ribbed. Lay of shoulder a little upright giving her a slightly wider front. Moved ok. 3.NICHOLSON , Mr C & NESS Mr S Lady Gloria Of Trebarret At Calmarlin

JB (4): 1.FRANCE Miss M R Miss Sophie Di Luna Caprese At Torbrae (Imp) Mustard. Beautiful Head, dark eye and expression. Strong deep muzzle. Correct shoulder placement giving  a positive front. Strong bone, well ribbed, good length and angulation. Excellent coat. Moved with purpose and kept her flowing topline .BJ & RCC 2.DEEGAN Mrs A Clairmorin Petite Etoile Of Deegandan. Mustard. Slightly smaller than 1. But everything in proportion. Domed head, dark eye with feminine expression. Good coat. Still has some maturing to do. Finer boned than  1. She was a bit reluctant on the move but shows promise. 3. ROLLAND Ms S M Dandiroyal Cotswold Dream

PGB(2): 1. FRANCE Miss M R Miss Sophie Di Luna Caprese At Torbrae (Imp). See JB. 2. MCGUINNESS Mrs C J Siwop Secret Wish . Mustard. Lacking a little in head compared to 1.  Round dark eye, lovely fine ears, feminine expression. Good coat texture. A little upright in shoulder giving her a slightly wider front. Well ribbed and presented a balanced picture. Moved soundly round the ring.

LB (2): 1. RUSSELL Mrs M & Mr G Hawkesmill Karamel. Mustard. Well domed head, dark eye,correct ear placement. Feminine look. Good ribbing with nice tuck up and overall shape. Textured coat. Moved well. 2.YOUNGS Mr A E & Mrs C H Dentgate Opal. Pepper. Another typical feminine girl with a lovely head and expression, although not as good as 1. Straight front and well let down forechest. Good coat. Slightly straight in stifle which stilted her rear movement. Kept her topline on the move.

OB(3): 1.  SHEPPARD Mrs C Dentgate Sugarberries At Thystine CC & BOB. A beautiful feminine Pepper presented well with a dark harsh coat.  Full skull, good stop, dark eye, well placed fine ears. Muzzle to head good ratio. Good Scissor Bite. Well muscled neck leading to a straight front with well padded tight feet. Deep forechest and well rounded rib. Laid back  shoulders, correct topline with downward curve followed by a gentle rise over the loin. In excellent overall condition. Good conformation that kept her flowing shape round the ring which she covered well. BCC & BOB. 2. MILTON Mrs B Ch Hawkesmill Jenny For Wilmit JW Sh.CM . Pepper.Another lovely pepper bitch slightly larger than 1, with correct head proportions, melting expression and good conformation front and rear. She moved well with ease and confidence round the ring. No 1 just took my eye on the day, it was close. 3. BUCKLEY Miss H Ch German Dandies Violetta

Judge: Mrs Lynda Bromley