• Show Date: 31/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lucy Koster Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

City of Birmingham 

Cavalier Bitches 

I would like to thank David Bell and the Committee of City of Birmingham for the kind invitation to judge at this well run, friendly All Breed show. I was delighted to be judging with one of my best friends Mr Mathew Morse, all the way from Australia and officiating at his first UK Championship show. We agreed on all our joint decisions, the boys getting the nod each time. 

I was thrilled with my entry…numerically…especially in this day & age…but was somewhat disappointed in the overall quality. Currently the number of bitches being shown outweighs the boys…however, I feel the strength does seem to lie with the boys at the moment, which concerns me. I found quite a few lacking bone and substance, upright shoulders and low croups. And where oh where has the reach & drive gone….too many were what I would call ‘mincing’ around the ring, with short stilted steps. And what about elegance??  

While it is wonderful to have a nice win in the ring…these ‘showgirls’ are also, ultimately, the brood bitches of the future and I worry that the current ‘issues’ with the breed will be constantly self-perpetuated because we are not striving to breed and show better!  

Yes……judging is very subjective….and is often about compromise. You have to judge the dogs on the day, and some bitches that I was very much hoping to get the chance to assess, today, disappointed for one reason or another. I do feel though, that we should all be looking long and hard at what we now deem ‘good enough’ to show, in comparison to what should be the ‘very best’ we can show.  

I was pleased with all my class winners…particularly in the puppies with some very exciting youngsters rising through the ranks, but was a little disheartened that I’d got to the Limit class before I felt, on this day, I’d found anything that was, in my opinion, CC worthy. If this ‘pre-amble’ appears harsh it is born purely from the fact that now, in my 40th year of showing these beautiful dogs, I, like a fair few others it seems, am despairing at what is happening to our wonderful breed, and only we – the breeder/exhibitors - as its custodians can change that. 


Veteran (5,1abs)  I just love the ‘Oldies’ and some favourites of mine here. 

1st: Tarabad & Whitmans’ Khatibi I’m Martha Sleep 

Petite well marked tri who is obviously enjoying being back in the ring!!. Lovely size & shape with adequate bone. Prettiest of heads, lovely large dark, round eyes, nicely tapered foreface and all framed by fully feathered, well placed and carried ears. Now here is a girl with bags of reach and drive, simply powering around the ring with aplomb…nice to see her out again. 

2nd: Owens’ Narayden Diva Fever at Hansowens 

Like this b&t very much and have done well for her in her younger days. Not much has changed, she still possesses bags of quality…and shows a lovely elegant outline whilst standing and on the move. Today, whilst carrying the most fabulous coat which was beautifully presented, she was a maybe a little ‘over conditioned’ and feel she would benefit from losing a lb or 2. 

3rd: Loades’ Rosirius Clover 

Minor Puppy (16,3) What  fabulous class…a veritable chocolate box full of babies!! 

1st: Homes’ Leogem Myrtle 

Well….I was bowled over by this gorgeous young lady….she took my eye on first perusal. Has what I would consider a ‘blue-print’ shape…beautifully arched neck, short level back with neat loin, good croup and tail-set…each element blends into the next. Her movement was confident and self-assured, with ideal footfall depicting good angles without being overdone in anyway and lovely short hocks allowing for super drive. She wears a heavier marked jacket, of a lovely rich colour and has the promise of a good coat. Her head is where I would expect it to be at this age…very typy with such scope to develop into a beautiful study….all that’s left to add is that I had a very similar feeling of excitement a few years ago when I succumbed to her dams charms and awarded her the first of many CC’s…I can only predict, and hope, that this girl will follow in those illustrious footsteps! 

2nd: Brooks’ Moonvale Martini 

Another super puppy who actually gave 1 a real run for her money. Again, the most lovely size, with super bone and substance…and nice solid puppy. Well marked coat of good rich colour. Gorgeous head with the softest expression, and at this stage maybe a tad more appealing than 1,  but sadly she didn’t have the confidence or tenacity that 1 possessed, and was almost a little ‘apologetic’ for being there. With the right exposure, and growth in self-assurance, there is no reason why this gorgeous young girl shouldn’t have a wonderful, star-studded future…she certainly deserves to. 

3rd: Cunninghams’ Verheyen Pink 

Puppy (17,3) 

1st: Sansoms’ Byermoor The Empress 

The latest ‘star’ from this small kennel which has to be admired for bringing out quality bitch after quality bitch without breeding scores of puppies. In a lot of ways this young, richly marked blen reminds me of one of the Byermoor greats…the lovely Ch.Queens Maid, and I have no doubt she will follow in her famous pawprints. This girl is of a useful size with super bone & substance, she possess’ a neat compact shape, with nice flowing angles. Such a pretty head…so correct even for her tender years. She moves soundly & steadily, each step converging into the next effortlessly. Was more than happy to make her Best Puppy Bitch, but in the challenge for BPIB, she came up against a young stallion of a dog, still so up on his toes and showing his heart out. One for the upper house I have no doubt. 

2nd: Whitehouse’ Embeth Jessie Jay at Denain 

Shapley blen with well broken markings and carrying a nice amount of coat for her age. Well made with a super reach of neck and good shoulders. A decent size, being short and compact, but not too boxy. An elegant youngster with a lot to like….on the day just preferred the softer, kinder expression of 1.  

3rd: Parsons’  Castlewytch Moonlight 

Junior (11,3) Loved the first 3 in this class who I’m sure will be constantly swapping places  

1st: Cunninghams’ Verheyen Harriet JW 

When I look at this girl she epitomises what I call ‘elegance’…She has such a lovely flowing outline & shape…super crested neck, blending seamlessly onto well laid shoulders, then into a strong firm back with good spring of rib. Well angulated hind-quarters, and neat hocks, allowing for free driving movement. Her head is a delight…. beautiful eyes – large and round with black halos giving the required soft and gentle expression so synonymous to the breed, nice shallow stop an good fill to muzzle. In profile her movement is seamless…each stride merging into the next with an assurance that belies the fact she is still actually only a youngster. I just wish she was a tad tighter and truer in front, and this, for me was the difference between awarding her the CC and not. I am sure that she will become a worthy Champion in due course, but today she had to settle for the Res CC which I was very happy to reward her with.  

2nd: Hazeltines’ Juzandia Morwenna 

Just love this petite little blen, have admired her from the ringside, and was hoping to get my hands on her today. Sadly, having just joined the ‘teenage’ ranks, she was giving a lot away on age and maturity, and didn’t have the coat or finish of 1. She is such a neat shape, and so short, but with enough length of leg to present a balanced picture. Her head is extremely pretty, and all in proportion…scoring particularly for her lovely large, round, dark eyes. Feel she could reach the upper house with normal luck. 

3rd: Sedgbeers’ Russmic Jasmine Rose 

Yearling (5,0) 

1st: Roades’ Rosirius Bluebell 

Thought this pretty little blen quite enchanting. Very shapely with lovely head & eye. Held a super outline when in motion, with strong, level topline and good tail set & carriage. Decent bone & substance akin to her size…seems to be on the brink of blossoming into a really lovely young lady who given the right exposure could do well. 

2nd: Hughes’ Lorankas So Scrumptious 

Richly coloured blen, in good coat which was well broken. Nice bone & substance, moved ok. Just preferred the softer expression of 1 

3rd: Elkins’ Lacerta Cinderella at Elkjen 

Undergraduate (9,2) 

1st: Tarabad & Whitmans’ Khatibi Amber Lynne 

Richly coloured ruby who was 4th in the good Junior class. Loved her for shape, and outline…both standing and on the move, keeping a decent topline and tail carriage. Sweet head with plenty of scope. A very happy showgirl, whose over exuberance tended to make made her a bit careless coming and going 

2nd: Williams’ Anickily Anna Rose Sancana 

Another sweet little girl wearing a b&t coat. Giving quite a bit away in age to the others in this class…but she held her own enough to secure a nice 2nd. Liked her size, everything ideally proportioned. Moved out well, showing a free and flowing outline. Given time should really come into her own. 

3rd: Parsons’ Castlewytch Moonlight 

Graduate (5,1) Although numerically small…this was a good class and I was really splitting hair between 1 & 2 

1st: Cunninghams’ Verheyen Heike 

Litter sister to my Res CC winner and really quite different. This girl is built on slightly more solid lines. Although not as well broken, her coat was of a lovely rich chestnut colour. Scored on bone & substance, and moved true coming & going, with a near perfect tail set and carriage. An attractive head with lovely large dark eyes, good pigment, and showing her socks off which tipped the nod in her favour over the gorgeous girl standing second. However just couldn’t match her sister for her exquisite breed type.  


2nd: Homes’ Leogem Aliona 

I just loved this little girl, and was so disappointed that she seemed to be in the ring in body, but not in mind! She would normally be everything I would look for in a cavalier, neat compact shape, a real toy spaniel. Beautiful head, with correctly set ears framing it ideally. Well marked and in good coat…although this was also a bit lack lustre today. Her movement was difficult to assess as she was tending to scurry….only marginally settling as the class went on. I so wanted to put her up, and could have forgiven her most things, but she came up against 1 who pulled all the stops out in the class…it was a dog ‘show’ and sadly she just didn’t. 

3rd: Conneallys’ Coedgwylum Hot Sapphire 

Post Graduate (8,1) 

1st: Hughes’ Lorankas Rainbow Dreams 

Really liked this shapely girl, who sadly seemed to be another one of several who were not having the best of days today…whether it was the ring area, the noise or whatever….again I was disappointed this girl didn’t put on a better performance. On the stack she presents a wonderful outline, a well broken coat and plenty of it. Super neck & shoulders, firm topline, neat short loin and good turn of stifle. She has an attractive head, with a nice expression, but feel this will benefit from a little more development to fill and soften more. Pulled her out in my final 4 but her mind really wasn’t on the job..her handler wandered whether it might be that she was due in season…those hormones can be such a pain!! 

2nd: Maclaines’ Lochbuie Taken For Granted 

This super little b&t stood a very credible 2nd. Has the promise of a very pretty, correct head with well set, full ears that she used well. Nice in profile standing, and went well coming and going. Had a tendancy to lose her topline a little on the move here, felt she would benefit from a lb or two and having slightly better muscle tone. 

3rd: Rennards’ Deranmar Evensong 

Limit (15,3) A super class of quality girls 

1st: Conneallys’ Coedgwylum Hot Cristal 

This blen girl caught my eye on the first scan of the class, she is carrying a fabulous coat, which is well broken, of a lovely texture and is absolutely blooming. Again, going round she grabs ones attention with her lovely free flowing outline….carrying herself proudly, yet with grace and poise. On closer inspection, one can really appreciate her point for point. Her head is absolutely copybook….possessing the most beautiful, well placed eyes which were large and round giving such a gentle, open expression lacking in so many exhibits these days. Well tapered muzzle, with good lip-line, excellent pigment and plenty of fill. A nicely crested neck sits on well laid shoulders with neat upper arm, and well boned front. Good spring of rib, maybe a tad long in loin, but this does not detract from her overall shape and balance. Her movement was sound with nice forward reach and good drive behind. This is one of those Cavaliers whose qualities are somewhat understated yet so enticing and endearing that it kind of creeps up quietly and grabs you from behind!! In my final four her steady, composed but happy demeanour clinched it and I was thrilled to award her the CC.   

2nd: Homes’ Leogem Ginestra 

I really felt for this lovely girls handler…with this class clashing with a dog class in which she was also exhibiting, she was to-ing and fro-ing between the rings, eventually having to hand her off to someone else which sadly had a detrimental effect on her performance today…..had I been informed I would have been more than happy to wait….we all pay the same money and deserve the same chance! 

What I did see I liked very much. She is carrying a super coat, which was of a good colour and texture. A very shapely girl, naturally standing four square because that is how she is made. Her head is attractive, and while for me maybe not as appealing as her kennel mate from the earlier class, as an overall package she oozes quality. I called her back in for consideration but she had not recovered from the earlier disruption, and just wouldn’t show off her many lovely attributes. 

3rd: Miller & Ryans’ Cavalli Beautiful Life (IKC) JW 

Open (11, 7) 

1st: Vellas’ Cinderaic Taboo 

I have admired this bitch from the ring-side on so many occasions and was hoping she would be here. She is such a lovely neat size…a real toy spaniel, with ideal length of leg to body giving super balance. Her head is a delight…the biggest of eyes, but still soft and expressive, and although she doesn’t always use her ears to advantage, this does nothing to take away from her kind, open face. She looked a picture on the move, and I thought she might clinch a higher accolade on that alone…..I’ve seen her have really good days and on those IMO she is pretty hard to beat, but today, sadly, overall she seemed a little out of sorts and let herself down on the stack. That coupled with her being a touch out of coat and not quite matching the pigment of the eventual ‘top two’ she had to be content with this class win. 

2nd: Cunninghams’ Verheyen Meryt 

Mother of my Junior & Graduate class winners and you can see where they get their shape!! Wearing a heavier marked jacket than 1, she is just coming back into her best bib & tucker. A size larger all over, but still in proportion with lovely angles throughout. Sound, true movement- only to be expected from a bitch this well-made.  

3rd: Owens’ Hansowens Ebony Star 

Good Citizen (3,0) 

1st: Taylors’ Trirayne Karryanne 

Very pretty blen, with the loveliest of eyes giving such a feminine expression. Loved the way she went round…head held high with such a ‘look at me’ attitude. Kept a strong topline through-out…just felt she was maybe carrying a tad too much condition which denied her a higher placing in the Post Grad class. 

2nd: Parsons’ Castlewytch Moonlight 

Placed 3rd in the good junior class, this is quite a forward, well-grown blen girl. Out of coat here, but with nothing to be ashamed of. Attractive head-piece which will only soften and mature to advantage. 

3rd: Parsons’ Lemaritz Moon Beam 


Judge: Lucy Koster