• Show Date: 27/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Louise Tope Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Whippet


My first CC appointment in my beloved breed. I was delighted with my entry of 180 and found quality throughout the classes. Without exception, I was able to place dogs and bitches that fitted my interpretation of the breed standard. I was looking for well balanced, unexaggerated hounds, those who possess the attributes which make the Whippet the unique and special breed it is. Athletic and elegant with a curvaceous topline and underline to match. It has become the fashion of late to have Whippets gallop around the ring with overstated front and rear movement, and while this may look impressive it is not a desired trait and is not required in our breed standard. Correct conformation leads to ideal movement and I felt that my main winners were of good construction and showed the typical Whippet gait. 

My sincere thanks to every exhibitor who entered their hounds for me to assess, the officers and committee of Leeds City & DCA for the invitation to judge and my two fabulous stewards who kept the ring moving so efficiently. The weather was rather unkind with heavy rain in the morning and a strong, gusting wind. Certainly not Whippet weather; it affected some exhibits more than others.

MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: Wilton-Clark's Aaniston Celebrity News At Shalfleet (Imp)

Super fawn baby of just 6 months, presenting a lovely outline of overall balance. Masculine head with kind expression. Good neck into excellent shoulders. Adequate depth of brisket for his age with a good underline and topline. Strong over the loin into firm, well angulated rear quarters. Stylish on the move, sound up and back and showing good drive from behind on the go 'round. Very promising puppy, I will watch his future with interest. BPD.

2nd: Langcake & Short's Langshor Alive And Kicking

Another baby of just 6 months, fawn with white trim. Again presenting a typical outline, but not the scope of my winner. Nice head with good pigment. Adequate front angles. Good length of rib with firm loin. Strong rear quarters. True coming and going.

3rd: Head's Demerlay Only Dreaming 

PD (6 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: Place & Place's Aarminias Luv The Way You Lie

11 months brindle, a very 'together' youngster. Scores for overall balance. Handsome head piece, strong neck into well placed shoulders. Enough depth of brisket and length of rib. Good topline held on the move. Strong quarters with low hocks. Excels in profile movement which is effortless. One who will surely make it to the top.

2nd: Holland's Elmanash Glenfidditch

This handsome fawn impressed for type, classic Whippet elegance. Balanced angles front and rear, enough depth of chest with a good underline and topline. Correct bone, good feet and pasterns. Once settled he moved out very well. Will be a slow maturer, but will be worth the wait.

3rd: Price's Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance JW 

JD (8 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: Neale's Runaround Starman At Stormalong

This boy is 'all Whippet'. Beautifully balanced outline without any exaggeration, definitely one who is fit for function. Super head with good pigment and strong underjaw. Strong neck into the best of shoulders. Good depth of brisket with fill in front. Correct bone, good spring of pastern. Correct topline, strong over the loin. Well angulated rear with strong, low hocks. Very sound on the move and correct in profile. He just got better as the day went on and pulled out all the stops in the challenge. Delighted to award him the RCC

2nd: Bisset's Crosscop Harvest Moon

Cracking brindle youngster, bang on for size. Very elegant but retaining masculinity. Hands on he is super smooth all through. Loved his head, good neck, well placed shoulders. Well ribbed back, strong over the loin with good topline and underline. Strong, well developed rear quarters with low hocks. Lovely on the move both up and down and around. Unlucky to meet 1 today.

3rd: Dufty & Morland's Triken One Last Dream 

YD (5 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: Poole & Winkley-Balmer's Edenwhip Quantum Of Solace

I have admired this boy from the ringside and was not disappointed when I got my hands on him. Presents such a pleasing outline, so well balanced. Super head with the kindest eye, long neck into well laid shoulders. Good depth of brisket, good length of rib and loin. Pleasing underline. Correct rise over the loin, strong rear quarters with well defined second thigh and low hocks. Moved soundly and with purpose. Considered him for top honours, I'm sure his day will come.

2nd: McKenzie's Courtborne Timmy At Aberlark (Imp)

Brindle/white parti, another boy who presents a balanced and typey outline. Beautiful head, elegant neck into very well placed shoulders. Curvy topline and underline. Super fine coat and skin. Moved well

3rd: Booth's Starkindler Space Odyssey 

ND (7 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: Sykes' Summersway Gold Sovereign 

Fawn who presented a classic and well balanced outline. Beautiful head with kind expression. Good neck into well laid shoulders. Good depth of brisket. Nicely balanced length of rib to loin with correct arch giving a pleasing topline. Moved well.

2nd: Clewes & Cleaver's Shardbeck Jet Set 

Another lovely fawn, similar to the winner in type, but not quite the scope. He too has a lovely head and expression. Enough neck into correctly angled front quarters. Correct bone with well sprung pasterns and good feet. Strong rear quarters which he used well on the move.

3rd: McGaw & McCabe's Zacs Boy What A Star 

GD (8 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: Neale's Runaround Starman At Stormalong 

As 1st in Junior.

2nd: Rishworth's Kierpark With Or Without You 

Brindle lad who scored for overall balance and correct size. Masculine without being coarse and with no exaggeration. Beautiful dark eye. Ribs carried well back. Strong loin with correct rise, he has a lovely topline and underline. Well angulated rear with low hocks. Moved well.

3rd: Purvis & Johnston's Danluke Death By Chocolate For Rheagar 

PGD (13 Entries) Abs: 2 

1st: Morris & Waddell's Crosscop I Want You 

Super brindle with white points. Loved him for his overall type and size. Pleasing head with kind eye, strong neck into well laid shoulders. Good depth and well filled in front. Correct bone and spring of pastern. Broad, muscled back and firm loin. Well defined and well angulated rear quarters with good second thigh and low hocks. Moved soundly up and down and with reach and drive in profile, holding his topline.

2nd: Wilson's Shalfleet Simply Jeeves 

Handsome brindle with white trim. He has the most beautiful head, dark eye and melting expression. Good neck into well angulated front. Good spring of rib. Strong over the loin with excellent topline and underline. Like the winner, he is very fit all through and has super rear quarters with pronounced second thigh and strong, low hocks. Giving his handler a hard time on the move, but did enough to demonstrate his excellent movement. Pushed the winner hard.

3rd: Austin's Elequal Classic Stone 

 LD (15 Entries) Abs: 3 

Super class of quality boys.

1st: Poole's Crosscop No Matter What 

Super fawn boy, totally masculine but still retaining elegance. Balanced and without exaggeration. Quality head with dark eye and kind expression. Strong, long neck fitting neatly into well placed shoulders. Good depth of brisket. Neat underline, ribs carried well back with well proportioned length of loin. Correct topline. Sweeping, strong rear quarters, low hocks. Moved soundly away and back with superb profile gait, covering the ground with an effortless stride showing good drive.

2nd: Ellis' Railfield Lone Rainger JW 

Another fawn who presents a super outline of classic Whippet shape, a touch more elegance all through than 1. Pleasing head and expression, good neck into beautifully angulated front. Good depth of brisket, well filled in front. Correct bone, well sprung pasterns and good feet. Super topline with neat underline. Correct rear quarters, not quite the condition and definition of the winner. Moved well from all angles.

3rd: Trouton's Runnel Run For Fun 

OD (12 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: Whyte's Marvidara Best Man JW 

This boy presents such a pleasing outline. He is all Whippet, masculine yet elegant, without any exaggeration. He has a classic head with a dark eye and kind expression. Good neck into well placed, smooth shoulders. Good depth of chest and well filled in front. Broad, well muscled back, firm loin with correct arch flowing neatly into his well angulated rear quarters with low hocks. Correct bone with good spring of pastern and neat, strong feet. He needs to be handled to be fully appreciated; he just flows from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail and all wrapped up in a beautiful coat and fine skin. His super construction is demonstrated on the move. So sound away and back with a free and easy action in profile. He covers the ground without effort, I'm sure he could go all day. Super for size and handled to perfection. He filled my eye as the complete package today, I was delighted to award him the CC (his second) in lovely company.

2nd: Marston-Pollock's Ch Falconcrag Another Class 

Pale fawn of obvious quality, in super fit condition. Beautifully put together, another where your hands just flow over him. Super head with melting expression. Excellent neck into well angulated shoulders, good depth and fill. Good spring of rib, strong over the back with well defined loin and correct topline and underline. Well muscled rear quarters with pronounced second thigh and low hocks. Effortless on the move, sound coming and going with far reaching side gait. Just preferred the elegance of my winner.

3rd: Whitaker-Crosby's Ch Mulcair May Contain Nutz JW 

VD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: Wilton-Clark's Ch Shalfleet Simply A Lord 

There's nothing I can say about this boy that hasn't been said before. Now, at almost 9 years of age, he is still the most outstanding showman and wears his years lightly. Brindle and white, he has one of the most beautiful heads I have ever seen with dark pigment and the kindest of expressions. Strong, long neck into textbook shoulders. Excellent depth of chest with good fill in front. Correct bone and spring of pastern. Good length of ribbing balanced with proportion of loin. Strong and well muscled back, firm loin with correct rise. Well angulated rear quarters, pronounced second thigh and low hocks. His movement is a joy to behold, covering the ground effortlessly and with style. Beautifully presented as always, my BVIB. Thrilled to see him later take the hound veteran group and ultimately BVIS under Mr Derek Smith. Many congratulations.

2nd: Whitehead, Smith & Mixides' Citycroft Never Forget 

An old favourite of mine who I have judged and done well in the past. Rich fawn built on classic lines, he is another who needs to be handled to fully appreciate his virtues. Beautiful head and expression, super neck flowing into smooth, well angulated shoulders. Good depth and tidy tuck up giving correct underline and smooth topline with arch over the loin. Flowing into well defined rear quarters. A Whippet who is absolutely without exaggeration, he moves soundly and freely. A tough class for me, I love both of these boys, two fabulous veterans.

3rd: Forsyth's Wichyty Lord Dante 

SBD/B (7 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: Trouton's Runnel Run For Fun 

A good 'honest' Whippet who I have admired from ringside, I was pleased to get my hands on him today and he did not disappoint. Beautifully balanced outline, he is masculine yet elegant. Gorgeous head, strong neck into smooth and correctly angulated shoulders. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Strong over the loin with correct topline. Sweeping rear quarters with firm hocks. Sound on the move, once he gets going he covers the ground well. Sympathetically handled to advantage. I was delighted that he went on to win 4th in the Special Beginners Group under Mr Stuart Plane – well done.

2nd: Handley's Lawleymoon First Love 

Such a pretty brindle girl with the sweetest of expressions. Overall she presents a pleasing balanced outline. Good angles fore and aft. Well developed brisket. Correct bone with good spring of pastern. Correct topline which she held on the move. Super coat and condition.

3rd: Handley's Jothryn Golden Sun . 

MPB (14 Entries) Abs: 2 

1st: Turner's Gilnockie Have Faith 

An exquisite black baby who took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. At just 6 months she is of course, very raw, but has everything in the right place. Beautiful head, arched neck into well placed shoulders. Enough depth of brisket for her age. Well ribbed back, defined loin. Well angulated rear quarters. Excellent bone and substance in gleaming coat and condition. Quite composed on the move for one so young, sound up and back and covering the ground well in profile. A really promising puppy, I will follow her progress with interest, 

2nd: Cardus' Tamalden Dare Devil 

Dark brindle girl, another lovely youngster with a sweet head and melting expression. Long neck. Well angulated front with good fill. Balanced length of rib to loin. Shapely topline sweeping into rear quarters with low hocks. She too was steady and sound on the move.

3rd: Parkinson's Gilnockie Hot To Trot 

PB (9 Entries) Abs: 2 

1st: Ellis' Railfield Rainnymph 

10 month fawn beauty with all her curves in all the right places. Classic Whippet outline without exaggeration. Super for size and in fabulous coat and condition. Sweet, feminine head, slightly arched neck flowing into beautifully placed shoulders. Already has plenty of depth of brisket, good tuck up. Correct topline with arch over the loin. Firm, well angulated rear quarters with developed second thigh and low hocks. Excellent bone and good feet. On the move she is delightful; balanced and poised, covering the ground with little effort. Unfazed by a ringside disturbance, she put on a first class performance to take BPB and BPIB.

2nd: Davies' Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif 

Another super puppy displaying elegance and overall quality. Gleaming black coat presented in tip-top condition. Slightly longer cast than my winner, she fills the eye for type. Superbly angulated fore and aft, good length of rib, deep brisket and firm, defined loin giving her the desired topline. Moved well in all directions, seemingly slightly affected by the strong wind which made her drop her quarters and lose her outline. Nonetheless, she is a cracker, unlucky to meet 1 on such good form.

3rd: Halbert's Marimay Cancan 

JB (6 Entries) Abs: 1 

Excellent class of young ladies, I liked them all!

1st: Bisset's Crosscop True Blue 

Fabulous brindle bitch, straight out of the top drawer. 17 months. So beautifully feminine and balanced in outline, naturally covering the ground. Appealing head with sweet expression. Elegant neck, super front angles. Deep brisket, well sprung ribs carried well back. Strong back, well defined loin with gentle rise. Strong rear quarters, well angulated, low hocks. On the move she is sound and precise away and back and just floats in profile showing excellent reach and drive. All wrapped up in a sumptuous jacket and handled to perfection. Delighted to award her the RCC.

2nd: Morris, Waddell & Mycroft's Crosscop Let It Shine For Supeta 

Rich fawn,14 months. Another absolute cracker from the same mould as the winner, the same comments apply. Beautifully constructed, balanced and feminine, pure quality from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. Very close decision between these 2 lovely bitches.

3rd: Wilkinson's Citycroft Starfall 


YB (9 Entries) Abs: 2 

1st: Wheeler's Ranveli Sandy Shores 

Elegant and curvy pale brindle who excels for overall type and balance. Lovely size and substance. Super head with kind eye and rich pigment. Runs smoothly down her neck and through the shoulders. Well sprung ribs with good length, balanced with a strong and curvaceous loin. Well made rear quarters. Stylish on the move, covering the ground with ease and holding her topline.

2nd: Glaholm's Gazenorth Secret Identity 

Fawn bitch built on classic lines. No exaggerations, a series of gentle curves. Pretty head, good neck and shoulders. Excellent depth of chest. Strong over the loin giving a lovely topline. Very fit all through, well muscled rear quarters, defined second thigh with firm, low hocks. Moved out well.

3rd: Finch & Jones' Jothryn Heaven Sent To Zenobia JW 

NB (7 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: Ellis' Railfield Rainnymph 

As 1st in Puppy.

2nd: Hills' Shimmeree Black Liberty 

Graceful young bitch, black with white trim, in super coat. Presents a balanced outline. Sweetest of heads. Another who is beautifully constructed with correct angles fore and aft. Good depth of brisket and neat tuck up. Curvy topline with strong loin into sweeping rear quarters. Moved soundly coming and going, with free and easy side gait.

3rd: Gibbins' Osterfen Speculos 

GB (9 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: Robinson's Tarward Ginetta 

Pale fawn with white trim, so feminine, I loved her outline displaying true Whippet type. Sweet head, fine ears. Lengthy neck into well angulated shoulders. Strong through the back, well sprung ribs. Well defined loin with correct rise giving a good topline. Strong rear quarters. Displaying typical daisy cutting action on the move.

2nd: Muir & Muir's Citycroft Firenze For Loualba 

Shapely fawn bitch, larger all through than first, but still ultimately feminine and elegant. Classic head, superb neck and shoulders, so smooth under the hands. Well ribbed back, arch over the loin flowing into well muscled rear with low hocks. Free and easy ground covering movement.

3rd: Hoare's Tormor Manyclouds 

PGB (15 Entries) Abs: 5 

1st: Sykes & Mycroft's Supeta's The Special One Of Veredon 

Feminine, mature brindle girl with a lovely overall outline. Beautiful head. Good depth of brisket, well sprung ribs and good fill in front. Strong through the back with firm loin showing correct arch, good topline and underline. Excellent rear quarters with pronounced second thigh. Good for bone, correct spring of pastern and low hocks. Moved with drive and positivity.

2nd: Langcake & Short's Langshor Groovy Kind Of Love 

Another very fit for function bitch. Fawn in super coat and condition. Good neck and shoulders. Correct topline and neat underline. Ribs carried well back. Sweeping rear quarters with strong, low hocks. Sound coming and going, and showing reach and drive in profile.

3rd: Vaughan's Shirotae Solo Suprise 

LB (19 Entries) Abs: 3 

Super class of stunning bitches, didn't have enough cards!

1st: Whitehead, Smith & Mixides' Winter Is Coming To Citycroft 

Cracking black with white trim in superb coat and condition. Beautifully balanced outline, pure Whippet without any exaggeration. Classic head and expression, gently arched neck into smooth and well angulated shoulders. Good depth and fill, ribs well carried back and balanced with length of loin. Defined loin resulting in the correctly desire topline with equally neat underline. Good for bone, strong pasterns and neat feet. Nicely angulated rear with sweeping stifles and low hocks. Typical on the move, as her construction would suggest, neat as a pin up and back with effortless profile gait. Covering the ground well retaining her topline. Pushed hard for top awards, I liked her very much.

2nd: Wood's Ardencote Aiming High 

Another cracking bitch who pushed the winner all the way. Classic fawn with a super head, good pigment and such a kind eye. Another who presents such a balanced and typical outline with a correct topline and underline. Super shoulders, excellent depth and fill in front. Well sprung ribs carried well back. Firm, defined loin. Super rear quarters used to advantage on the move, driving off her hocks.

3rd: Yacoby-Wright's Cobyco Candy Creme 

OB (12 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: Lempereur's Blue Springs Jivenchy 

This bitch represents everything I was looking for today, she could not be mistaken as anything other than a Whippet. So beautifully balanced, her outline is a series of gentle curves. Ultra feminine, she has an exquisite head with an expression to die for. Long and elegantly arched neck into beautifully angulated, smooth shoulders. Excellent depth of brisket and good fill in front. Well sprung ribs carried well back. Defined and strong over the loin, rising elegantly before sweeping into her well placed croup and superbly angulated rear quarters. Correct bone good pasterns, low hocks and strong feet. Sound as a pound up and down, her profile gait is a lesson in correct Whippet movement. She covers the ground freely and without effort, reaching in front and with drive from behind, she just floats around the ring. In the most fabulous coat, conditioned and handled to perfection. It was a pleasure to award her the CC & BOB. She put on a fabulous performance in the group ring where I was proud to see her take G4 under Mike Caple in some very prestigious company. Many congratulations.

2nd: Morris & Waddell's Ch Nothing Compares To You At Crosscop Sh.CM 

Quality fawn bitch who needs no introduction from me. The slightest bit longer cast than my winner, but balanced in outline and totally feminine. Beautiful head with a melting expression. Long elegant neck into well angulated front with good depth and fill. Strong through the back with a well defined loin with gentle rise. Well muscled rear, low hocks. On the move she is exceptional, covering the ground with style and efficiency. Another who could have easily won top honours today.

3rd: Green & Place's Ch Collooney Queen Of Dragons With Brochinbelle JW 

VB (5 Entries) Abs: 3 

1st: Beckett-Hughes' Ch Collooney Ravishing Rita Of Mulranny JW 

Pale brindle with a sweet head. Fabulous neck into the smoothest of shoulders. Good for depth of brisket and fill in front. Neat underline. Strong over the loin but just dropping her quarters a touch in the cold. On the move she has an effortless, stylish gait, covering the ground well showing good front extension and driving off her hocks. BVB.

2nd: Steward's Crosscop Summertime At Wakebarrow 

Another sweet girl with such a kind eye. Rich brindle with white trim, she has lovely pigment. Well angulated front and rear with a good topline. Firm rear quarters with low hocks. Moved well but could not match the winner in profile.

Louise Tope (judge)