• Show Date: 15/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Louise Cunningham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Trent To Tweed Poodle Club

Breed: Poodle (Toy)

Trent to Tweed Poodle Club Championship Show  

Sunday July 15th, 2018 


Toy Poodles. 

Thank you, Trent, to Tweed for the invitation and the lovely day. I haven’t judged the smallest size for 8 years and was very pleased with a quality if not quantity entry. It is a shame for all the breed clubs that numbers are down, although I understand that today the entry was slightly increased on last year. With ever increasing general championship show fees and the ridiculous cost of fuel, now is the time that we really need to pull behind our breed clubs. Perhaps if more exhibitors just sent an entry, even with no intention of going, those funds would enable our breed clubs to keep running, keep holding events separate from General Championship Shows and remain separate clubs with CC’s. Just one entry of a retired dog from 3 or 4 dozen exhibitors at still a low cost will bring in revenue for the clubs. 

 That said the atmosphere is becoming very unsporting, people don’t clap anymore except for their own. Remember, win or lose we all love our dogs and we all are pulled into this addictive sport. Newcomers should be nurtured, and praise given, support offered. Poodles need to stand together now for the good of our already suffering breed. 

I found that Size is creeping up, more so in bitches than males. Males should for me be that bit larger in mould than the girls, showing a definite difference in sexes. Back skulls still seem to be a problem in my opinion and why is everyone racing off with toys like it’s a race !?  


Minor Puppy Dog 2 of 2  

1. Marston’s Ritara Its in His Kiss.  White Male still wet behind the ears and very much in shell shock. However, he is a lovely white male, of good size and proportions, gorgeous black pigment and ice white, nicely made. Compact and balanced. Moves well, but with that very baby hesitancy at the moment, so still quite raw. Will be just super when he matures. Beautiful eye and expression and a lovely strong underjaw and chin. Just needs time. 

2. Lands Stephanelle Special Branch. Brown boy of larger proportions than 1 and thus needs to develop more in chest and rib to compliment his frame. Measures easily and is dripping in beautifully tailored coat. Gorgeous face full of mischief. Both these boys show potential and just need to grow up now and put body and muscle on well set bones. Moves well but still with that looseness that baby’s have. 


Puppy Dog. 3 of 3 

1. Watkins Montana Worth The Wait. A cheeky boy, of good size and measures without question, he is short backed and compact, and he has a good strong front and rib, muscled well and in fit body condition. perhaps not the cleanest of skulls but his almond dark eye goes someway to detract this. Soundly built and balanced. Correct mouth and a good tail correctly set and carried away where it needs to be. He could be steadier on the move, not trying to race away, but in the challenge, for balance and style he matched the dog CC. No, he doesn’t drip in coat, but do they really need to?  Needs to change his coat and get a grip and should do well. Another consistent dog from this kennel who has done well to stick to good lines and its paying off.  Was really delighted to give him the Res CC and BPD. 

2. Pope & Walkers Freestyle Takes Two to Tango.  Another quality black male. Bigger mould than 1 and thus not yet as deep in rib and chest as 1, but still in good proportions and measures easily. Needs to body up some more yet. Moves freely and soundly. A gorgeous expression too, loved his wicked eye.  Needs more coat in the right places though, as he looks longer than his really is. Another promising puppy and these two boys will change places, many times I’m sure.  

3. Coats Afterglow Jack Ryan at Malanthios  

Special Puppy Dog (AOC Black) 1 of 1  

1. Marston’s Ritara Its in His Kiss. 

Junior Dog 1 of 1 

1. Rawley & Summers Toydom Tobias. So much to like about this black male, who is in that awkward puppy to junior age, mature for a puppy, but not yet enough as a junior. He stands solidly four square, measures under and is in good body condition. Liked his head and eye, but it could be a touch more refined. Wonderful expression and a good mouth. Another in a bigger mould and so he hasn’t filled his ribs and chest and is yet to ‘drop’ and relax, which will come with maturity. He moves soundly but not yet the deportment.  Would benefit now from a very tight trim to allow his coat which is in abundance to mature and change and he will trouble the best of them. I look forward to seeing him grow up.  

Open Dog 1. Of 1 

1. Shaw, Lynn & Isherwoods - Afterglow Aloysius. Well just Wow. What could I say that hasn’t been said.  He is all poodle and then some. Measures under with room and under all that hair – (which could be tempered a little to not to overshadow the dog underneath), is simply and truly divine. He is beautifully made, he has bone without being heavy, he is short coupled and superbly muscled, in excellent body and coat condition and put down with not a hair out of place. His has a clean skull and beautiful wicked eye that demands you look.  He is chiselled and strong in foreface, completely masculine and not any part is too much or over exaggerated. Good mouth. Deep in chest and rib and tight in the elbow. The most effortless rear action coming from correct and strong angles. Good tail set and carriage.  The most gorgeous outline stood and completely holds himself on the move.  He is a stallion Toy, makes himself look huge just in his presence.  Would scale up to a magnificent Miniature or Standard. One of the best examples of the size I think I have seen in a long time. All this and still so young. A goose bumps dog for sure. Absolutely honoured to handle him today and thrilled to award him the CC.  


Special Open Dog (AOC Black) 1 of 1 

1. Cookson’s Tuttlebees Dream a Lil Magic With Calumaur. Handsome White dog presented so beautifully. Scores well in rib and chest. Measures under well. Short coupled and a lovely muscled rear end. Stands on a straight front and correct front assembly.  Could have a more refined back skull. Was a little raw faced which spoilt his head for me today. Moves well, but not with the verve or attitude of either my CC or Res today.  Still so much time for this white to mature and grow coat into the shape. An honest male that should have a bright future – but don’t rush it - whites need time.  

Minor Puppy Bitch 3 of 3 

1. Laws Afterglow Dinnerdate with Karamouche. Well this madam is a pocket rocket, wants to be off in front of her owner all the time. Scores in body, short coupled and another in excellent body condition. She too is well made and has lovely angles. Presented beautifully. A pretty and wicked eye, that dares you. Full of expression, feminine, and a bit more ‘tom boy ‘than gentile and elegant as my CC or Res CC but was strongly considered. Needs to calm down on the move to make her more stylish, Rather than race.  It spoiled her side profile and topline. Would like her to not be so proud of her tail too, but I think that will settle once she calms down a little.  Seriously bright future - Can see this bitch in top honours by Junior. 


2. Dace& Osborne Settimocielo Cassandra. Really raw red baby. A very pretty face and in good proportions. Needs time, weight and practise and could be a lovely bitch to show. Confidence will come. Correct mouth – although still holding her baby canines and very feminine and elegant. 

3. Bullock Lalaydis Lady Buttercup 

Puppy bitch 2 of 2  

1. Walkers Freestyle the Lady in Black. What a find today. Still only a baby, but simply gorgeous. Sassy little bitch, short backed and balanced through. A refined head and eye and a good mouth. Muscled well, but not over muscled for her age, so she is gentile and petite and ultra-feminine. For me as a toy bitch should be. At a young age she moves with purpose and her deportment is full of attitude.  Needs to be tailored more underneath but is in good coat and should really blossom. A good match to my bitch CC and gave her the Res CC and BIPB. Delighted my fellow judge awarded her BPIS. Good luck with her. 

2. 2. Gouldsborough’s Safiette She’s A Fine Girl. Brown bitch puppy, in a wealth of coat and stands on good strong legs and a pleasing depth of rib and chest, well-muscled. Very pretty head and eye. She is over the measure quite substantially though which is a shame. 

Junior Bitch 1 of 1 

1. Taylors Tuttlebees She’s my Girl.  Another quality exhibit. She scores in rear and front assembly and has good spring of rib and depth of fore chest for her frame, which measures. On good feet and correct mouth. A pretty head and eye, but another that for me is a little heavier behind the eyes not as clean as she could be. She is a lovely shape and is presented beautifully.Moves elegantly and soundly, but not with the attitude or importance of the CC and Res today. I liked her a lot but today she met strong competition and wasn’t as settled in the challenge which spoilt her topline a little. Will gain her title with ease. 


Novice Bitch 2 of 2  

1. Laws Afterglow Dinnerdate with Karamouche. 

2. Batley’s Afterglow Helena Handbag.  More of this bitch than 1, up to size, but all in good balance. She too is in fit body condition but found her coat condition to not be so good. Assume that she’s changed her coat and its still to come through consistently. Pretty eye and a strong face, but heavier on back skull.   Not as feminine as many of the girls today. Well-made angles. Wasn’t the happiest today and didn’t want to put her tail up at all, movement difficult to assess when she didn’t want to carry herself. 

Post Graduate Bitch 2 of 3 

1. Watkins Montana In My Own Time. How aptly named. As she is doing it all her way! Absolutely full of bossy poodle defiance and attitude all the way. She must me 10 inches at the most and so beautifully square and compact, but still has depth and width. Straight front and so well-muscled. In excellent body condition. Coat needs work. Gorgeous expression and a cleaner skull than most. She is almost chocolate box, except she has this real huge dog mentality. Moves so well but gave her handler a really hard time. Far too important to need a handler! I hope her coat comes because she is exquisite. I really considered her for the CC and the Res, but she gave both on coat and deportment on the move today. But on another day…. 

2. Jones – Clopton I stole the Diamond. What a lovely silver girl. Bigger than 1 all through and could do with more coat tailoring to really give it some finish, as it’s a beautiful clear colour. She scores in body and has a good front and rear, nice angles. She could be more feminine in head but has a pretty eye and chiselling to the foreface. Moves soundly, but not with as much verve or importance as she could.  

Limit Bitch 3 of 3 

1. Isherwood & Knarred. The absolute star of the day.  Having awarded the dog cc to what is essentially just a bang on dog, I didn’t think I could find anything to beat it, until I handled this bitch. She is everything and more. She is the feminine version of the Dog, nothing for me to dislike, she is in strong and fit body condition, square and short coupled, muscled and angled in all the right places in balance. Her head and eye is divine. Dark almonds glaring at me from that beautiful foreface. The cleanest of Skulls, as they should be. Presented immaculately, but again, could do with some of the topline weight off to not spoil the fabulous dog on which it crests. When slowed down, she is more effortless than the male, she is full of wicked and just oozes poodle. She holds herself and looks at you with a ‘what do you what?’ face. Doesn’t stop wagging her tail and she is super pleased with herself. As delicious as the Male is, this bitch just has that something else over him, presence and attitude in abundance. Should absolutely have no problem gaining her title as there is nothing not to like. CC BOB & RBIS. Thank You for bringing them both. 

2. Keeling Aedean Pillow Talk at Keelmara. A lovely girl, and desperately unlucky to meet 1. There is more of her than 1, and she is also well made. She has a dense coat and lots of it.  Stands on a good front. She moves with purpose, but not the deportment of one. Would like a little less of her head even for her overall shape but has a sparkling poodle eye, well presented and handled. 


Open Bitch 2 of 2 

1. Seldoop Imindisguise at Marinska.  Sweet 3-year-old bitch clearly adored by her owner. A bigger girl in proportions and is in good body condition. Could do with scissoring a little more to her advantage though. Nice angles in the rear. Satisfactory in head and eye and moves ok. Not really holding her topline on the move through but did enough. 

2. Coats Micador Destiny at Malanthios. 5 yr. old bitch, in bigger proportions than 1. Moves ok, and is made well in the rear, reasonable depth and spring of rib. Handled sympathetically. Happy expression and a good mouth and clean teeth for her age!