• Show Date: 27/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lloyd Cross Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Great Joint Dachshund Association

Breed: Dachshund (Long Haired)

Great Joint Dachshund Association Championship Show 27.10.18

Standard Long Haired Dachshunds – Judge: Lloyd Cross (Loggeta)

Many thanks to the committee of the club for inviting me to judge my own variety. A big thankyou to Mike Wedge my very effective and helpful steward who did a great job and finally a massive thanks to all the exhibitors for giving me one of the best entries of the year following some disappointing numbers at many of the shows recently.

It being a few years since I judged my own variety I was keen to see how things were – I was a little disappointed, despite the large entry, in the lack of quality in depth and those breeding need to keep a close eye on the breed standard to improve several areas including, correct oval ribbing carried well back (too many with long loins), several with poor feet – many narrow and small, some splayed and flat footed (should be broad and large, tight and arched), lack of front/breastbone (many full of coat but without the prominent and deep chest. Shoulder placement and angulation were better then last time I judged which is a real positive. Hindquarters varied dramatically although most were straight and had good distance between hocks – several were a little narrow behind and some were stilted and lacked the required angulation. Coats on some are getting too heavy and are disguising the outline – coat over construction is not for me – feathering is what is called for giving the dog an appearance of elegance! I found no bad mouths or tail faults. These are my opinions and are noted for guidance.

I was patient with many on movement due to the poor surface the dogs had to move on. I especially felt for the puppies who certainly shouldn’t be put off in their first few shows!

All my main winners well deserved their awards.

Minor Puppy Dog (1,0)

1)    Mitchell’s Bronia D’Artangnan - Clear red of 8 months, beautifully presented and well handled. Very sound in front construction, lovely head and neck, strong topline, nice hind angulation. Plenty of maturing to do but loads of promise. Not enjoying the slippery floor but from what I could assess sound fore and aft. Outline not held on the move due to the hesitation in moving on the surface.

Puppy Dog (2,0)

1)    Marks Labbadax Montebello - Clear red of good size and substance, lovely oval front construction good ribbing carried through into nice short loin. Cracking hammy well angulated hind quarters super topline, another who didn’t enjoy the floor, close decision between two very similar brothers in this class. He was just a little more finished on the day. BPD

2)    Nicholson’s Labbadax Michigen by Betsymira – another super puppy and all the same comments apply as to his brother, whose hindquarters I preferred on the day. These two will no doubt swop places and both deserve to do very well.

Junior Dog (2,0)

1)    Metcalfe-Bilgin’s Metadale Monterey Jack – Lovely sized shaded red good front, lovely deep keel and strong forechest, tight elbows. Great topline into lovely hindquarters. Yet again didn’t enjoy the floor but after considerate handling showed me that he was correct behind and in front. Super sound dog that will do very well in full maturity.

2)    Marks Labbadax Latimer Kansas – another lovely sound dog from this exhibitor showing great strength in quality type. Slightly larger type but balanced and in proportion, excellent substance, good reach of neck, excellent hindquarters - a little heavier in head and this was the main dividing factor in my assessment.

Yearling Dog (1,0)

1)    Hutton’s Abbilis Theoden by Dachalune – B/T of good bone and substance, Nice front and good hindquarters, moved true coming and going. A little tight in topline on the day and a little heavier head than ideal.

Post Graduate Dog (5,0)

1)    Marks Labbadax Lewisville Texas – Beautifully balanced shaded red of great size, balance and substance. Lovely front and shoulders good broad tight feet, great meaty well muscled hindquarters lovely topline and moved soundly for and aft. Beautiful outline on the move. Moved OK in the challenge and was delighted to award him the C.C. may it be the first of many. Unfortunately, in the challenge for BOB didn’t cope with the floor well enough to challenge the top quality bitch. Dog C.C.

2)    Garlick’s Ranglewood Harvest Song - lovely compact B/T, good front & correct shoulders into nice topline, undeline and well muscled hindquarters. Moved well and held a good outline on the move. A very honest and sound exhibit.

3)    Lewis’ Trixhund Paddington Bear

Limit Dog ( 7,1)

1)    Chapman’s Melminds Zsylvester ShCM – a very honest shaded red of correct size and coat. Best front of this class, tight elbows & nicely angulated hindquarters. Good head and eye. A well balanced, presented and handled exhibit.

2)    Rodrigues Darsoms Zydexta – shaded red of larger frame. Very well presented and handled. Moved well for and aft holding a nice outline and level topline. A strong second placing - the winner had the better more prominent chest that meets the standard.

3)    Duchesne Darsoms Zamba of Scandell

Open Dog (6,1)

1)    Mitchell’s Ch. Bronia True Legacy – Clear red of quality & elegance, good overall sound construction without being exaggerated, Good outline held at all times. Correct head and eye. Well presented and handled Res C.C.

2)    Garlick’s Ranglewood Arashi – quality shaded red of great presence. Nicely put together with no exaggerations. Strong front, tight elbows and strong topline – sufficient ribbing – good outline on the move. Moved true fore and aft.

3)    Lewis’ Trixhund Euphoria JW ShCM

Veteran Dog (6,1) A lovely class with some quality on show in depth

1)    Cook & Rhodes Abydachs Rides the Storm to Bounder – Beautiful shaded red of good size and proportions – presented in superb condition. Good head and eye, correct shoulders into a strong topline, correct hind angulation – hard to believe he will be 9 in a couple of months.  Won a very strong class & was certainly one I considered in the challenge for top awards. Best Veteran

2)    Hutton’s Ch. River Rumpus Through Dachalune ShCM – Lovely B/T favourite of mine having awarded him one of his qualifying C.C.’s when last judging this variety. He retains his quality into his later years and still has a lot of qualities in his construction that many should aspire to replicate – on the day the outline of the winner had the edge but one dog I will always admire.

3)    Mitchell’s Ch. Bronia Lotario JW

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,0)

1)    Mitchell’s Bronia The Duchess – Really pretty 8 month baby of stunning outline. Not too big – lovely head and eye good hindquarters, correctly made front that just needs to fill out in development in her later puppy and junior months. Loved her – another that was unsure of the floor but despite her young age won Best Puppy bitch & Best Puppy over the dog who in the challenge was completely put off by the floor unfortunately.

2)    Miller & Ryan’s Bronia Final Fantasy at Cavallibrook (AI) – Another beautiful puppy of 6 months. Great lines lovely correct oval front construction and strong well angulated hindquarters, well balanced puppy and nothing overdone – just needs to settle behind on the move and will do very well.

3)    Lewis’ Trixhund Hi De Hi

Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1)    Nicholson’s Africandawns Night Tipsey at Betsymira – pretty B/T of correct size and construction – just needs to mature and gain her coat – has great promise and will be an eye-catching girl in a few months.

Junior Bitch (3,1)

1)    McNaughton’s Cedavoch Sweetest Taboo – loved this shaded red of outstanding promise. Great conformation all through lovely outline great oval front lovely to go over, quality all through lovely well angulated strong hindquarters. Moved true fore and aft. Pushed hard for the res CC.

2)    Marks Labbadax Lafayette Georgia – loved the construction and overall balance of this young bitch – not a surprise to find that she was the sister of the Dog CC winner. Unfortunately, another that wasn’t happy with the floor today but she will have her day.

Special Yearling (1,1)

Post Graduate (8,1)

1)    Eve’s Sundayshill Hermione – Elegant and very sound honest bitch. Nicely balanced well proportioned, good head and eye, good oval front construction, correct ribbing/loin ratio into neat hindquarters, carried herself well and had a good topline and underline – if the handler could encourage her to carry her head up a little more on the move would complete the picture and would then challenge the best. Well-deserved win.

2)    Garlick’s Ranglewood Trick or Treat – B/T built on elegant lines comments very similar to winner. Lovely shape on the stack however moved correctly coming and going but just losing a little in topline in profile on the move. Could have been as a result of the slippery floor.

3)    Chapmans Melminds Marina Diamonds

Limit Bitch (4,0)

1)    Chapmans Melminds Maleficent – shaded red of great shape and outline. Nice head eye and expression, good front well angulated hindquarters held a lovely outline on the move honest all through won with ease.

2)    Huttons Dachalune Araxia – B/T of correct size and well-balanced proportions nice front and shoulder placement decent hindquarters but not the topline of winner on the move.

3)    Eve’s Sundayshill Anastasia

Open Bitch (7,0)

1)    McNaughtons Ch. Cedavoch Circe – a beautifully elegant shaded red of correct size. Lovely head and eye, lovely front construction all together as one nice shoulder placement flowing into elegant level topline and well rounded hindquarters of good angulation. Good bone and nice broad tight feet. Nice underline correct height to length ratio with sufficient ground clearance. A lovely balanced bitch all through, presented in excellent condition both in coat and fitness. Delighted to award her Bitch CC & BOB.

2)    Roberts Ch. Swansford Gemmadora – a super shaped red of some substance, again correct size and well balanced holding a lovely outline in the stack. Good front construction, shoulder placement, ribbing OK, good hindquarters and nice angulation, being picky would like tighter feet. Lost out to the winner on elegance in outline on the move. Res CC

3)    Cook & Rhodes Ch. Bournder Ruby Empress

Veteran Bitch (3,0)

1)    Marks Ch. Labbadax Belladona – Quality shaded red of 7 years retaining all the qualities of a champion, sound all through, good front and shoulders, lovely head and eye good reach of neck into flowing topline. Super sound hindquarters. Moved correctly. Lovely outline on the move.

2)    Garlick’s Ch. Ranglewood Genista – lovely 10 year old B/T of correct construction all through, super quality to go over, super sound and correct well done to this breeder on presenting many top quality exhibits. On the day she showed her age a little on the move losing her outline but again this could have been the floor.

3)    Eve’s Dachslur Diamond Fancy Free at Sundayshill

Oct 28th 2018

L J Cross