• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Greyhound

My first time awarding CCs in a breed I have loved all my life; thank you for such a lovely high quality entry.  


PD (1) 1, Howlett, Boggia and Koulermo’s Ina’s Fashion Dedicated to Boughton (Imp Deu) elegant 8 month old brindle, masculine, well-chiselled head, good length of neck into well-balanced front, sufficient depth and spring of rib for one so young and he is well ribbed up; strong loin and well-angulated rear, standing over lots of ground, a little raw as to be expected at this age but he moved very well for a baby, clean all round and covered the ground well. One to watch, BP. 


JD (1) 1, Spacey’s Inchydoney Memories North Star at Hallimans, w/br just out of puppy; pleasing head, good feet and correct behind with well let down hocks, fair spring of rib. Needs to drop in brisket which should come with maturity, and would prefer a little more return of upper arm; slightly untidy front movement though he is good in profile. Just needs more time to come to himself, very much a teenager at present. 


LD (3) 1, Newsham’s Windspiel Northern Sherpa, white; a compact, substantial young male, masculine head, well-balanced, excellent topline and breadth of loin, moved really well with plenty of drive and power, no exaggerations, a really sound workmanlike hound, who might perhaps benefit from a touch more elegance; 2, Hargreaves’ Fionn Clann Ixsander with Mistweave (Imp Rus), brindle, a different type, all the elegance in the world and he has an excellent length of neck into a good front with enough depth and plenty of fill, good feet and pasterns. Could use a stronger loin and his front movement is not his fortune; 3, West’s Windspiel Northern Stroler to Gemsbok. 


OD (3) Such a privilege to have these three lovely champion males to go over. 1, Millward & Race’s Ch Windspiel Northern Scribe to Alouann, w/r; he was a most promising puppy and I am very pleased to say that he has more than fulfilled that early promise. Really fills the eye with his perfect balance, plenty of substance about him but no coarseness whatsoever, a joy to go over with his excellent shoulder placement and return of upper arm; ribcage deep, long and well-sprung, tremendous power over the loin and muscular, well-angled but unexaggerated quarters, presented in exceptional fit show condition, he moves with great precision and athleticism covering the ground with lightness and elasticity. All topped off with a pleasing well-chiselled masculine head and a clear delight in his work that is infectious. A very high class hound and at less than three years old he is not yet at full maturity.  CC & BOB; 2, Spurr’s Ch Boughton Brigadier, w/br, another lovely hound, elegance and masculinity combined; so sound with an excellent front and matching well-angled rear, really good depth and fill of chest, very scopy and stands over plenty of ground, correct topline, moved very well all round, sound coming at me, lots of drive, covering ground well in profile, liked him very much; RCC; 3, McLaughlan’s Ch Boughton Balance of Power at Azrams. 


JB (3,1) 1, Newsham’s Europa Decuma via Windspiel, refined and classy red fawn, quite beautiful expression, feminine head, eye and ear, very good front with well-laid shoulder, good fill for age, springy pasterns and decent feet. Deep brisket, well sprung ribcage, well-angled rear. Rather too fond of her dinners and not striding out in profile though she was clean out and back; 2, McKnight, McLaughlan & Armstrong’s Boughton Bizzarrini at Azrams, blue brindle; good length of neck, deep chest, well ribbed up, strong loin, nice feminine head, balanced moderate angulation, moved OK.  Rather soft in pastern and not in a relaxed or co-operative mood today. 


LB (2,1) 1, Vernon’s Artefakt Gala ShCM (Imp Rus), appealing brindle with plenty of scope, good depth of chest and well ribbed up, good front assembly with plenty of fill and forechest, well-angulated behind. Turning forefeet out a touch and somewhat untidy coming at me. 


OB (4,1) 1, Howlett’s Ch Boughton Balanchine ShCM,  black brindle; very stylish and typical mature bitch. No mistaking her gender; good length of neck into well-laid shoulder, springy pasterns and tight feet, well ribbed up, well-angled rear, stands over a lot of ground. Free mover, clean as a whistle coming at me, light graceful strides in profile. Elegant, feminine and very correct. CC; 2, Newsham’s Ch/Bel Ch Windspiel Northern Stylo, could not believe this lovely white is nine years of age. Fills the eye with her balanced outline, excellent front assembly, good length and depth of ribbing, correct topline, sound in all directions. Dam of the BOB to whom she has gifted her good qualities, but still very much a contender in her own right. RCC; 3, Spacey’s Ch Pineron Pattyestetclassic at Hallimans ShCM (imp Fin).