• Show Date: 05/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Linda Cooper Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Italian Spinone

 South Wales Kennel Association 2018 

Sunday October 7th. 

Italian Spinone. 


I would like to thank SWKA for giving me the opportunity to give my first set of CC's in my breed. 

I would also like to thank my lovely stewards George and Sharon Rose who not only stewarded for me but drove me to the show. Many thanks. 

My observations are that movement is a major concern. With straight fronts and little or no angulation there is little or no prominent breastbone in many exhibits which the breed standard asks for. There is no forward reach and no rear drive which causes a short stilted pace and the dogs are close behind and some are touching hocks and some were platting.  

It was a very cold morning so I sincerely thank every one for coming. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my first CC appointment. 


Minor Puppy Dog.  No Entries. 


Puppy Dog. 1 

1st. Thompson. Testaverde Back For Good.  

Not quite 12 months. Like his head with good expression and head planes. Short neck into good shoulders. A little long in body. Good coat and skin. When settled he moves well. Best Puppy. 


Junior Dog. 2. 

1st. Allum. Macarica Hugo. 

Just over 14months. Lovely head and expression. Correct eye and large nose. Short neck into  correct topline and good shoulders. Coat of correct colour and texture. Prominent breastbone. Deep broad chest for age and good length of rib. Correct amount of tuckup. He moved well and I considered him for RCC but felt the eventual winner of RCC was more together. This dog is still young so plenty of time. 


2nd. Stanley. Samsonli Aladdin. 

Lovely head with soft expression. Good ear set. Short neck . Good topline which he holds on the move. Sloping croup and correct tailset. Angulation is not as good as 1. Coat of good texture. He moved well. 


Yearling Dog. 2 

1st. Stanley. Samsonli Vicenza. 

Good head and eye. Lovely soft expression. Correct ear set and large nose. Short neck. Good ribs and topline and gently sloping croup. Good tail set.  Coat of good texture. Moved ok. 


2nd. Dewar. Macarica Harrys Rock. 

Dog was unsettled today which obviously affected his performance.  

Good head and divergent planes. Large nose. Correct ear set. Short strong neck. Correct topline into gently sloping croup and correct tailset. Good strong oval bone. Well bodied. Good coat with thick skin. Moved ok. 


Post Graduate Dog.  1 

1st Dewar. Macarica Harrys Rock. 

As Above. 


Limit Dog. 3 (2a) 

1st. Lewsley. Payguns Moonlight Shadow Estover. 

A young dog that stood alone in this class. Made me think long and hard about his placing today. After much diliberation I decided that although I think he's to immature for this class I would give him his placing. He's a large dog well up on size. Good head and eye and soft expression. Short strong neck into upright shoulders. Well bodied but rather long. Correct topline and his tailset is a little high. Strong oval bone. Good coat. His movement was very erractic and loose which may improve with age but he's very upright in front and rear angulation.   


Open Dog. 4 (1a) 

1st Challands. Sh Ch Mistyayre Gigolo For Annilann ShCm. 

Good head with divergent head planes. Lovely soft expression. Pronounced occiput. Large nose.  Short strong neck into well placed shoulders. Prominent breast bone. Deep chest with good heart room. Well sprung ribs of good length. Correct topline and gentle sloping croup with good tailset. Strong oval bone and well let down hocks. Good coat. Good tuck up. Free striding gait keeping that lovely topline. Well presented. Very pleased to award him DCC.   


2nd. Knowles and Glen. ShCh/Ir Sh Ch Afterglow Hashtag Scandal At Bessalone JW ShCm  

Good head with divergent head planes. Large nose. Eyes looser than 1 so not quite the expression I was looking for. Short strong neck into well laid shoulders. Prominent breastbone. Deep chest with well sprung ribs of good length. Good tuck up. Although close behind he moved well and covered the ground well. Well presented and deserving the RCC today. 

3rd. Gill. Teazledown Moonwalker At Jocagil. JW 


Veteran Dog. 4 (2a) 

1st Wagh. Dewdhala Figlio Di Una Pesca. 

7 years old. Lovely head and expression with good divergent planes. Well set ears and large nose. Short neck into well laid shoulders. Prominent breastbone. Deep chest. Correct topline. Strong oval bone. Good angulation throughout. Moved best here. 


2nd Roberts. Hastabbi Kir Royale ShCm. 

9 years old . Strong head with well defined occiput. Good head planes. Lovely expression. Large nose. Short neck. Good front.  Good coat texture. Well bodied. Strong well made dog. Moved ok.  


Good Citizen Dog. No Entries. 


Minor Puppy Bitch.  No Entries 


Puppy Bitch.  No Entries. 


Junior Bitch. 8 (4a) 

1st. Cruse. Beardoni Mostly Merengue De La Cruse. 

Lovely head with sweet expression. Divergent head planes. Good earset and large nose. Pronounced occiput. Short neck into lovely sloping shoulders. Prominent breast bone. Good depth of chest for age. Correct topline, tailset and bone. Good textured coat and thick skin. Moved the best in this class. 


2nd. Allum. Macarica Toscanini. 

Liked her head and lovely expression. Large spongey nose. Correct ear set. Short neck. Good spring of rib of good length. Lovely top line into a gently sloping croup and correct tailset. Coat of good texture. A little unsettled to start with but once settled moved well. Square out line.  


3rd. Davies. Elgin Teagan Am Cartrefyspin. 


Yearling Bitch. 3 

1st. Wagh. Prottino Del Vera By Dewdhala. 

Squarer bitch and with more angulation than 2. Good head and expression. Good nose and earset. Short neck . Good front with good spring of rib and deep chest. Correct topline. Excellent coat of good texture. Moved well but close behind.   


2nd. Davies. Elgin Losing My Marbles Am Cartrefyspin. 

Taller than 1 and nothing to hide from this youngster. Super head and expression. Correct earset. Short neck and correct topline. Prominent breastbone. Ribs of good length. Deep chest. Good bone and feet. In hard condition. Lacking in furnishings but that will come. Rear angulation quite straight but moved ok. 


3rd. Fleming. Chandhally Cockney Rebel.  


Post Graduate Bitch. 3. 

1st Stanley. Samsonli Colorado. 

Nice square bitch. Lovely head and eye. Sweet expression. Strong neck. Correct topline and sloping croup and tailset. Good spring of rib. Strong oval bone. Coat is good and correct texture. Moved well. 


2nd. Knowles, Glen & Malcolm. Bessalone Going Straight. 

Longer cast than 1 and carrying a little extra weight. Lovely head with kind expression. Well off for bone. Good ribs and well bodied. Coat good with thick skin. Moved ok. 


3rd. Withdrew. 


Limit Bitch. 4 (1a) 

1st Kruglow. Amberellie Adrianna. 

Squarer than 2. Lovely head with divergent planes. Kind expression. Large spongey nose. Short neck and good front. Well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib carried well back. Correct topline with sloping croup and good tailset. Moved ok but close behind. 


2nd. Littlemore. Aurelia The Explorer of Krismoor. JW. 

Pleasing head, Slightly longer in neck than 1. Prominent breastbone. Correct topline, croup and tailset. Good oval bone. Good ribs and well bodied. Good coat and nice thick skin.  Longer cast than 1. Moved ok but close behind. 


3rd. Jones. Inca Volata Am Charluben. 

Open  Bitch. 4. 

1st Whitlow. Sh Ch Gradevole Galli. 

Super bitch well deserved BCC and BOB. Super head with lovely soft expression. Divergent head planes. Correct earset. Short strong neck into gently sloping shoulders. Good front with prominent breast bone. Well bodied with good spring of rib. Short coupled. Lovely topline which she held on the move. Strong well angulated hind quarters with well let down hocks. Coat of good texture. Covered the ground freely just lovely to watch. Well presented. Such a shame she couldn't stay for the group. 


2nd. Allum. Inostricani Palmina Del Macarica JW ShCm 

Another lovely bitch with a good head and kind expression. Large nose and correct earset.  Divergent head planes. Lovely neck into gently sloping shoulders. Prominent breastbone. Well sprung ribs. Correct topline. Good angulation fore and aft. Slightly longer cast than 1. Another one that moved well. RBCC. 


3rd. Fleming. Chandhally Limon Cino. 

Veteran Bitch. 2 

1st. Fleming. Multi Ch Redrue Cherriecola To Chandhally.  

Gosh I remember this one as a baby. She has matured into a lovely bitch. Lovely head with a soft expression. Nice short strong neck into well laid shoulders. Well sprung ribs carried well back. Good length of body. Good tuck up. Good angulation throughout. Correct topline and tailset. Good coat and thick skin. Moved the best here.  


2nd. Longstaff. Kervardhu Ebrel Flerys ShCm 

Good head and expression. Short neck into well laid shoulders. Prominent breast bone. Good spring of rib. Good bone and feet. Coat is good in texture and nice thick skin. Moved ok but a little close behind.  


Good Citizen Bitch.  No entries. 

  Judge: Linda Cooper