• Show Date: 26/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lesley Swigciski Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

American Cocker Spaniel Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Spaniel (American Cocker)

It was an honour to judge this well run show.  Many thanks to the secretary and committee for their hard work and the exhibitors for entering quality dogs for me to judge.

Best in Show was Price, Prnka & Vaclavovic’s CARTIER CHARMING LINE (IMP CZE). Reserve Best in Show was Bryant, Nelson, Caine & Lee’s SH.CH. NASAILLEEN SECRET LIAISON.  Best Puppy was Price’s ARIABELLE HEART AND SOUL.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (4)

1.     Dummett’s ALMONDSBURY DOMINO DANCING ShCM.  Parti-colour bitch of good quality with a good plush head and appealing expression.  She has a good neck, well laid shoulders, good deep front with tight elbows, short in the back and well ribbed body. Moved out well to win this class.

2.    Stone’s SH.CH. MISTICOLAS NORTH TWO SOUTH TO DEWYCH JW ShCM. Black and tan dog of 13 years and in excellent condition.  He is well boned and has a short deep body, good neck and correct front and rear assembly.  Not moving as freely as the winner but showing considerable energy for his age.  An old favourite of mine and it was lovely to see him in such good condition.


Special Working/Agility/Obedience Open (1)

1.    Kirton, Dackombe & Gale’s SABISABI PAWNEE POW WOW. Black dog of almost 8 years with a good head and dark eye, short back, good well-sprung ribs and deep chest with plenty of heart room.  He really enjoyed moving out round the ring.  On his own in this class but deserved his place.


Minor Puppy (1)

1.    Maynard’s EATONBRAE AMAZING ARIEL. 7 month old buff and very much a baby.  Lots to like, he has a very sweet head with dark eyes, a good length of neck, well boned, good front and good ribbing. He still needs to let down.  Moved well once he settled. Promising puppy.

Junior (3, 1 abs)

1.    Jennings’ ALIBAMA BLACKMAIL.  Black dog of great quality but needs a little more maturity to reach the top.  Good head and eye, powerful neck set into good shoulders, short coupled body with good ribbing, deep body with good topline and tailset.  Moved well to win this class with ease.

2.    Self’s AFTERGLOW AMERIGO.  Buff dog of different type being taller but narrower throughout.  Good head and eye, well made body with good quarters.  He moved well once he settled but was up against stiff competition here.

Post Graduate (2, 1 abs.)

1.    Brook & Knapper-Weijland’s LAURENT SUNDUST NOW AND FOREVER (IMP USA).  Very impressive, glamorous youngster.  Very good head, eyes and expression, deep chest, good bone and good feet, well ribbed up.  His correct strong hindquarters along with a correct front assembly meant he moved out truly with a good flowing action.

Limit (7, 2 abs.)

1.    Fryer’s GRENNYNE NIGHT IN THE CITY AT CAROLCO.  Quality black dog with good head and eye, long neck, good shoulders, good bone and feet.  Well ribbed body and good quarters complete the picture.  Moved truly.  His day will come.

2.    Harris’ HARRISBURG KISS THE GIRL JW ShCM. Buff dog that I have placed well before.  Appealing head, good neck and shoulders, deep body, short coupled, good topline, moved well.  Very close decision and I feel another day they could change places.  


Open (5, 1 abs)

1.     Price, Prnka & Vaclavovic’s CARTIER CHARMING LINE (IMP CZE).  Black and tan dog with great head and eye and very plush muzzle.  Good neck, short back, deep chest, sloping topline with good tailset which he kept on the move.  Glamorous picture in full coat and condition.  Moved out very well to win this excellent class.  I was pleased to award him the Dog CC and BIS.

2.    Bryant, Nelson & Morris SH CH/AM CH/IR CH/ SILHOUETTE TROUBLING NASAILLEEN WITH MYCALLEYS.  Lovely young dog with good neck and shoulders, deep chest, short coupled body, good sloping topline and tailset.  Moved soundly with good action.  Would prefer more chiselling in head and in a close decision this tipped the balance. RCC.

3.    Sunter & Pinchen’s MYCALLEYS KENNEDY JW ShCM.


Minor Puppy (6, 1 abs)

1.    Price’s ARIABELLE HEART AND SOUL.  Chocolate and tan bitch with plush feature, good head and expression.  She has a deep chest, good ribs and good quarters.  Only 6 months old, I hope she will grow on a little and then I can predict a very bright future career. Best Puppy in Show.

2.    Maynard’s EATONBRAE AMAZING ALEXI. Sister to the Minor Puppy dog winner and very similar in many ways.  Nice head, good neck, well boned, well sprung ribs.  Moved well once she settled.  Once these siblings get used to the ring they will prove to be very competitive.


Puppy (2)

1.    Skippings & Gough’s PLEHAMCOURT MISS MARKLE AT NELBELLS.  Black bitch with a good head, good height to length proportions, good topline and enough angulation.  Moved well.  I feel if she lost a little weight she would show herself to more advantage.

2.    Latviene’s VOLZHSKAYA VICTORIA NATURAL BEAUTY.  Black and tan with nice head and dark eye, good expression.  She has a good neck and good quarters.  She needs to carry more weight and ring training would be to her advantage.  Went well when she settled.

Junior (3, 2 abs)

1.     Jennings’ ALIBAMA BACKLASH.  Quality black bitch with sweet expressive head and eye, good neck set into well laid shoulders, good bone and feet, short coupled body with good ribs, good topline and tailset.  She moved out well on her own.  I did consider her in the bitch challenge but she needs a few more months to gain the maturity of the winners.

Special Parti-Colour Graduate (1)

1.    Dummett’s BOGESTVENNAYA SKAZKA ESTRELLA AT ALMONDSBURY (IMP BLR).  Parti-colour bitch of very good quality.  Plush head, dark eye, good neck and shoulders, deep chest with good heart room, well made quarters.  Moved well with good topline and merry tail action.

Special ASCOB Graduate

1.    A. Heart and Soul.

Post Graduate (3, 1 Abs)


2.    Glover’s MICKCALS BLACK VELVET.  Nicely made black bitch of correct proportions.  Good ribs, good bone, deep chest with plenty of heart room.  Nicely made head but would like a little more chiselling.  Moved well but a little proud of her tail.

Limit (2)

A very close decision between two excellent bitches who could easily change places on another day.

1.     Blackwell-Goulding’s TRULY YOURS ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE AT MYGILIE.  Red and white bitch with extremely plush head giving lovely expression, good neck set in correct shoulders, deep chest, well boned, well ribbed body, she moved truly and merrily.

2.    Jennings’ ALIBAMA TIME FLY’S.  Another very good bitch. Short coupled body, with good ribs, good topline and tailset that she kept on the move, extremely good coat and condition.  Just preferred expression of winner today.

Open (4, 1 abs.)

1.     Bryant, Nelson, Caine & Lee’s SH. CH. NASAILLEEN SECRET LIAISON.  Quality black bitch with sweet head and expression, good neck and shoulder construction, deep chest with heart room, tight elbows, well sprung ribs, well angulated hindquarters.  Moved out well and happily to take this class, CC and RBIS.

2.    White’s ADMIRAL’S SHOU A-ONE IN A MILLION AT TANTRIPP (IMP RUS) JW ShCM.  Chocolate bitch also of good quality.  Nice head and expression. Well made all through, with good depth of body, deep well-sprung ribs, correct hind angles.  Moved out well but didn’t seem at her happiest. RCC.


Lesley Swigciski (Judge)