• Show Date: 18/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lesley Swigciski Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Of England Cocker Spaniel Association

Breed: North of England Cocker Spaniel Association Ch. Show

Special Puppy Dog (Black/Red/Golden/Black and Tan) (3, 1 abs.)

1.     Davies’ Kerriglow Game of Thrones.  11 mth old black with good substance.  Attractive head, good front assembly, well ribbed body, with level topline, good rump and tailset.  Lively as a puppy should be but showing good sound movement.

2.    Needham’s Snowgate Gold Edition at Merryhaze.  Good looking golden but a little finer all through.  Well boned with good head and expression, good ribs, could be a little shorter in loin.  Moved out well with happy wagging tail.

Special Open Dog (Black/Red/Golden/Black and Tan) (3, 2 abs)

1.    Membrado Polo’s Esp. Ch. Corralet Amor Brujo.  Golden dog full of quality.  Good head and expression, square compact body with well sprung ribs, well made hindquarters and straight hocks which he used to effect in his movement.

Special Puppy Dog (AOC) (3)

1.    Hackett’s Lindridge Plain Sailing.  Glamorous orange roan and upcoming star.  Good head and dark eyes, well angulated shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed.  Well angulated hindquarters, moved well.  Best Puppy Dog.

2.    Cornett’s Jennobar Let There Be Magic.  7 mths old and full of promise.  Pleasing head, deep chest, good ribs and short coupled body.  Needs to grow on and firm up but has plenty of time.  Moved confidently.

3.    Forfar’s Bartonholm Bagodare.

Special Graduate Dog (AOC) (4, 2 abs.)

1.     Collins’ Cachel King of Hearts at Candyke JW.  Quality blue roan with a very good head and dark eyes.  Well boned with deep chest and short square body.  Well angulated quarters, very well coated.  Moved soundly with good action.

2.    Edwards’ Manlinson Mickey Rooney JW BelJCh.  Pleasing to the eye but a little longer cast than the winner.  Nice head and eye, deep chest, and compact body, good level topline with correct tailset.  Moved out well.

Special Open Dog (AOC) (3, 2 abs.)

1.    Amos-Jones’ SH.CH. Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom.  Outstanding blue roan.  Correct head with lovely kind expression,  Good neck and shoulders with deep chest and tight elbows.  Big ribbed body and well angulated hindquarters, level topline and  correct tailset.  Moved out well with sound action.  I was pleased to award him the CC.

Veteran Dog (4, 2 abs.)

1.    Collins’ Sh.Ch. Candyke Lost Among the Stars JW.  Very well made 7 yr. old with a good head, correct neck and shoulders, deep chest and well boned straight legs, well angulated front and rear.  He moved out well to win this class.

2.    Smith’s Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya ShCM.  Nicely made veteran with lovely head and expression, well made body, deep chest and well ribbed with level topline. Not the rear angulation of the winner but moved out well.

Minor Puppy Dog (7, 4 abs.)

1.    Robertson’s Kastrian Affection.  Black puppy of good quality.  Very good head and expression, good neck, deep chest, tight elbows and well boned legs.  Nice short coupled body with enough hind angulation, moved well with merry action.

2.    Jennobar Let There Be Magic.

3.    Mason’s Knotdogs Chocs Away With Sandlauga.

Puppy Dog (5, 1 abs)

1.    Ewan’s Craigdean Holby City.  Orange roan showing a great outline.  On closer examination he has a very good head, good neck and deep brisket.  Compact body shape with well angulated hindquarters, he moved merrily and soundly.

2.    Smith’s Pearkim Pokemon At Luanshya.  Another orange roan with a good outline.  Not quite the head of the winner and this was the deciding factor but shares many of the same qualities.  Very close up.

3.    Bartonholme Bagodare.

Junior Dog (6, 3 abs.)

1.    Steele and Glennerster’s Glenntree Gandolfini At Zienne.  Nicely made blue roan with pleasing head, good neck and front assembly, level topline, well made hindquarters.  Sound in movement but a little proud of tail, as were all exhibits in this class.

2.    Aykroyd’s Clydesian Buccaneer.  Attractive golden dog who was also well made with good head and dark eye, correct neck and shoulders, short well ribbed body.  Moved well and soundly but not quite the drive of the winner.

3.    Varnam’s Shanaudvarn Chocolate Chip.

Yearling Dog (5)

1.    Bowen’s Charbonnel Rich N’famous. Quality blue roan with correct square proportions,  appealing head and expression, good neck and shoulders, short coupled body and correctly angulated hindquarters. Moved out well as he should with his construction.

2.    McBride’s Topday Ringo Star.  Another good one with a nice head, deep ribbed body, well boned legs.  He carried a good topline with well set wagging tail.  He is a little  more angulated behind than the winner.

3.    Walsh’s Blueacre Oh Danny Boy.

Maiden Dog (1)

1.    Collins’ Dreamist Forever In Motion for Candyke.  Blue roan with masculine head, good neck and shoulder construction.  Well boned legs and good tight feet.  Carries a level topline, has a well made body and is short in loin.  Moved out well and enthusiastically.

Novice Dog (1)

1.    Dreamist Forever In Motion for Candyke.

Graduate Dog (5, 2 abs)

1.    Share-Jones’ Sharemead Gold Bullion JW.  Golden dog with nice square outline and good substance.  Well constructed throughout. Well angulated front and rear quarters, moved with good stride and wagging tail.  Best mover in this class.

2.    Whiting’s Marquell Mister Goodnight by Annilann JW.  Nicely made blue roan with good head, neck and shoulders.  Well made body and short in loin,  good angulation throughout.  Moved soundly but not so happy in movement as winner.

3.    Adams’ Whinburn Night Owl. JW ShCM.

Post Graduate Dog (10, 5 abs.)

1.     Craig’s Nicibec Misunderstood JW.  Very smart blue roan dog with good head and kind expression, straight bone, deep chest, well ribbed body with short back. Good angles front and rear, shown in good silky coat.  Moved well with sound action. RCC.    

2.    Morris’ Riondel Murphys Law.  Another blue roan with nice expression, good front assembly, short in body and loin,  level topline with good tailset.

3.    Torbett’s Kirlinjis Made You Look JW ShCM.

Limit Dog (6, 2 abs.)

1.    McBride’s Topday Hugo Boss.  Glamorous blue roan shown in very good coat.  Good head and expression, nice neck and shoulders, well boned legs, short coupled body, good hind angles.  Moved soundly with a good topline.

2.    Bond’s Cassom Fast And Furious at Olibond. Blue roan with good head and kind eye, good front and rear properties, deep chest and very short in body, moved very well and soundly.  A little smaller than the winner.

3.    Scott’s Kalispell Beaspoke JW.

Open Dog (3, 2 abs.)

1.    Blueacre Oh Danny Boy.  Almost 2 years old, he was 3rd in Yearling.  Good head, good bone and tight feet, short in body, he has enough angulation.  Moved well but still needs to mature.