• Show Date: 05/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lesley Simpson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: English Setter

English Setters. 

Thank you to all exhibitors, it was an honour to have the privilege of going over your dogs.  On the day I felt the quality of the bitches was far better than the dogs.  I feel we are losing the long lean elegant heads in a high number of the males and there is a high percentage of hard expressions with incorrect eye shape.  Hard well-muscled end quarters were also in the minority.    




M. Puppy – no entries 


Puppy (1) 

Phillips, Bryant & Watkins Glenmaurangi Star Man - 10 mth light tri. Balanced head with lovely dark eye.  Good reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders, deep chest, level topline, well bent stifles, good tight feet.  Moved steadily and with drive.  Lovely presentation.  


Junior (5) 

1/ Mrs R Danks-Kemish Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana – 14 mth dark orange.  Beautiful head with kind expression, good strong reach of neck, well set back shoulders, level back, well sprung ribs, stifles well bent, lovely feet.  Good round bone.  Moved straight and freely with drive behind. 

2/ Mrs C Normansell Latin Lover Rewind for Larrenie (Imp IT) – 14 mth dark blue.  Kind head and expression which I would have liked a little more work in, long muscular clean-cut neck, super front angulation and depth of chest, slightly longer cast than 1, strode out well covering the ground with ease.  Close decision. 

3/ Mrs L A Lawson Wansleydale Dorian Grey JW  


Yearling (3) 

1/ Mrs L A Lawson W Dorian Grey JW – 16mth tri, masculine head, dark eye, nice reach of neck into good layback of shoulder, strong level topline, short back and strong muscular hindquarters.  Lovely tight feet.  Free positive mover. Well presented. 

2/ Mrs C Felton-Blyth Felsett Bugatti Blue – 19 mth light blue.  Masculine head with dark kind eyes, good reach of neck, good front and rear angulation.  Level back with correct tailset.  Unfortunately, his movement was rather lacklustre today.    

3/ Mr D G Lewis Belton Pearls a Kind of Magic (IMP Deu)  


Graduate (4) 

1/ Mr P and Mrs A Schoneville and Derry Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie JW.  Beautifully presented orange.  Masculine but balanced head, super front and rear angulation, lovely depth throughout, short coupled, level topline.  Moved well. 

2/ Mr & Mrs R Brown Mariglen Night Manager at Yendorlech. Light tri, pleasing in profile when standing, with elegant head and reach of neck, good topline and tailset.  Correct bone and good depth of chest.  He was a little shy, but his handler did very well to get him settled on the move. 

3/ Lawson’s W Dorian Grey 


P. Graduate (6,2) 

1/ Mr & Mrs J Watkins Valsett Starlite Romancer.  Dark blue who has the most elegant of outlines.  Good head with the darkest of eyes.  Strong neck into well laidback shoulders, lovely depth of body, correct round bone, short coupled, level topline.  Good feet.  Moved happily with drive.  

2/ Mr & Mrs Butler Wansleydale Goldsmith. Orange, pleasant head would have preferred darker eye, long sweep of neck into good layback of shoulder, deep chest, short coupled, level topline and correct tailset.  Neat feet.  Moved soundly.   

3/ Brown’s M Night Manager at Yendorlech. 


Limit (4) 

1/ Mrs M Sharples Kanietter Silverstone.  Orange, elegant masculine head, lovely strong neck flowing into correct shoulders, forearms straight with elbows well let down, deep in brisket, level topline, short coupled.  Moved well with drive. 

2/ Watkins & Philips Bumblecorn Winter Ice at Glenmaurangi JW. Light tri presents the most beautiful outline, lovely long, strong reach of neck into good shoulders, great depth of brisket, short coupled, level topline, well bent stifles, nice tight feet.  Unfortunately, today movement was lacklustre with little drive. 

3/ Mrs & Prof. Stewart Tattersett Galileo  


Open (2) 

1/ Mrs S & Ms E Loynd Sh Ch Crimbledale Sea the Skies JW ShCM. Dark blue, embodies the correct temperament of an English – intensely friendly and good natured.  Excellent head and expression, dark kind eyes, long neck sweeping into well laid-back shoulders, great depth of chest and spring of rib, strong topline, well angulated quarters, strong round bone, tight padded feet.  Beautifully presented, moved with drive covering the ground well, head held high when moving with lovely slashing tail action.  Delighted to award him CC and BOB. 

2/ Mrs K Thomson Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW ShCM. Blue, very elegant standing, has to be gone over to appreciate.  Pleasing masculine head, great reach of neck into strong, well angled shoulders, good bone, level topline and tailset, lovely feet.  Happy mover with free driving action. Res CC   


Veteran (1) 

1/ Mrs A Hepburn Tattersett Don’t Push It. 7 ½ year old orange. Lovely head with gorgeous melting expression.  Presented a lovely outline, strong neck into well laid shoulders, deep brisket, well let down elbows, good bone, tight feet.   Level topline which he held on the move.  Moved well. 


Good Citizen (1) 

1/ Hepburn’s T Don’t Push It. 




M. Puppy (3,2) 

1/ Mrs M Sharples Mariglen Serendipity at Kanietter.  8 ½ mth dark orange.  Lovely feminine head with melting kind expression.  Super neck and shoulders, good depth of chest, short back, level topline, good turn of stifle.  Well handled to get the best movement from her.  Nice to see she used her tail on the move. 


Puppy (3,2) 

1/ Mr D & Mrs A Paton Bournehouse Secret Affair for Meadowfoot.  11 mth blue.  Sweet feminine head, kind eye, good depth of chest for her age, level topline and tailset, in great coat and condition.  Moved happily and with drive.   


Junior (6) 

1/ Mr & Mrs A Grimsdell Tattersett Dark Honey.  12 mth orange.  Just right for her age, a sweet feminine head with kind expression, lovely reach of neck, great layback of shoulder, straight front and good depth of chest, short level back, nice bend of stifle.  In lovely condition.  One to watch.  

2/ Mr & Mrs Wale Wansleydale Magic Rose. 12 mth orange.  Close decision between these two.  Lovely outline, great reach of neck, good front and rear angulation, in super coat and condition.  Just felt 1 was a little more positive on the move.   

3/ Bryant & Hollis Phensett Sparks Will Fly.  


Yearling (5,1) 

1/ Dr & Mrs C Henry Beechanger Velvet Crab.  Tri, feminine head with soft expression, lovely reach of neck, well angled in front and rear, well boned, neat feet.  Moved happily and with drive.   

2/ Wale’s W Magic Rose     

3/ Mrs C Felton-Blyth Felsett Angle Eyes. 


Graduate (3) 

1/ Mr & Mrs J Watkins Valsett Starlite Indigo Sky. Blue, sweet headed with kind eyes, strong lean neck into lovely layback of shoulder, straight front, deep brisket, good topline and well angulated quarters.  Initially a little unsure on the move but moved well when she settled.   

2/ Bryant & Hollis Phensett Sparks Will Fly. Blue, sweet feminine head, dark kind eyes, super clean neck into well laid-back shoulders.  Straight front, good topline.  Nicely balanced overall.  Moved well with drive, just lacking in maturity.   

3/ Mrs S & Mr R Bozier Victoriaview Lily  


P. Grad (6,1) 

1/ Mrs C J Tucker Niddbeck Smokey Opal at Walshaw.  Dark tri, very pretty feminine head, strong clean neck into well set back shoulders, deep chest, straight in front, level topline, well ribbed up, short coupled.  Strong hindquarters giving good driving action on the move. 

2/ Ms M A Vallance Shanaz Coralinn over Rowanmyle.  Orange, sweet feminine head, lovely layback of shoulder, straight front, good depth of chest and ribcage, short coupled, well-muscled hindquarters with well bent stifles, good tailset.  Moved positively with drive carrying herself well.   

3/ Mrs G Baker Mandyset What A Cracker.  


Limit (8,1) Best class of the day. 

1/ Mrs L Taylor & Mrs D Bridgwater Wansleydale Yellow Ribbon.  Presents a beautiful outline standing.  So well balanced.  From her elegant feminine head, her outline just flows through a lovely neck and shoulder placement, straight forearms with elbows well let down and close to the body, good spring of rib, deep chest, short coupled, great turn of stifle, correct rounded bone.  Delighted to award her CC. 

2/ Mrs S & Ms E Loynd Crimbledale Seaing Stars JW.  Such a close decision between these two beautiful bitches.  Super stylish lady with excellent body proportions and angulation.  Super reach of neck, clean well angled shoulders and front assembly, level topline and tailset.  Tight feet.  Covered the ground well on the move, tail slashing, head high.  Just felt 1 was a little more mature overall.  Res CC 

3/ Mr & Mrs A Grimsdell Tattersett Clever Cookie.   


Open (4) 

1/ Mrs L Taylor Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale.  Dark tri, lovely profile, feminine head, great reach of neck, flowing into well laid-back shoulders and correct upper arm.  Elbows close to body, good depth of chest and spring of rib, short coupled, lovely strong rear angulation.  Correct bone, good feet.  Lacking a bit in coat today. Moved very well. 

2/ Phillips, Bryant & Watkins Sh Ch Wansleydale Star Queen of Glenmaurangi.  Light tri, another lovely bitch with similar comments to the winner.  Pretty head with soft expression, good reach of neck, straight front, deep chest, level topline, well turned stifle.  Strode out well on the move, with drive, using her tail.   

3/ Mrs C J Tucker Walshaw Date with Destiny JW. 


Veteran (2) 

1/ Mr J & Mrs S Rumble Sh Ch Jotunheim Va Va Voom.  Blue 7 yr old.  Sweetest of head, good reach of neck and layback of shoulders, deep well bodied, still holding level topline, well turned stifles, good bone and neat feet. 

2/ Ms L Harris Sh Ch Mariglen Gift Wrapped JW. Light tri 7 yr old.  Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, well angulated shoulder and front assembly, little down on pasterns today, level topline, good depth and spring of rib, well bent stifles. Moved well. 


Judge – Mrs Lesley Simpson