• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lesley Rutland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Weimaraner

Southern Counties Canine Association

3 June 2018

I’d like to thank all the exhibitors for their entries.  I was happy with the quality of the entry and especially pleased to see some really good youngsters coming through. This bodes well for the future of the breed.  The exceptionally hot and sunny weather did take its toll on some exhibits.


1. Snaith’s Skilaki Move On Up to Bifonda. 9m. Good size and overall shape.  Correct angulation. Straight front and well padded feet. Nice outline and height to length ratio. Really covered the ground on the move. Handler just needs to watch his neckline on the stand. Good future prospect.

PD 5(2 abs)

Three really promising dog pups!

1. Kerslake’s Kuantan Cosworth. 11m. This boy had most things I was looking for, good head and shoulder placement, arched neck and level topline.  Moderate angulation, plenty of bone and very tight feet. Plenty of forechest and depth of brisket for his age. Effortless, tidy movement. Promising youngster. BPD

2. Issitt’s Kuantan Quattro with Forgun. 11m.  Litter brother to 1. Really liked his head. Good body proportions and super feet, level topline and correct slope to croup and tailset. Bit up on his legs at the moment but had the overall shape and angles I was looking for. Very sound movement.

3. S. Move On Up to Bifonda.

JD 3(1)

1. Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk. 17m. Nice boy with classic outline. Nothing overdone. Moderate in all departments. Lovely head and expression with good length to the ears.   Well boned. Tight feet. Sound mover. Not always at one with handler, but practise makes perfect!

2. Perry’s Weipowa Lock and Load. 15m. Good head, neck and shoulder placement. Level topline which he held on the move. Nice tight feet and bone ok for size. Needs to drop in brisket but plenty of time for that.

3. Webster’s Schonhund Show Grayson with Errytar.

YD 3

1. Evans & Pavey’s Gunalt Undeniable at Joneva, JW. 16m. Won this class on his super, effortless ground covering movement!  Maturing nicely.  Masculine head. Lovely arched neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Good forechest and depth to brisket. Level topline and good tailset and carriage. Correct angulation and tight feet. Really sound eye catching boy.

2. B Goshawk.

3. Perry’s W Lock & Load.

GD 3(1)

1. K Cosworth.

2. B Goshawk.

PG 2

1. Dane’s Weipowa Little Bit of Good. Giving his handler a hard time but she persevered! Profile and angulation were good and he had plenty of bone. Nice size. Low hocks. A bit unsettled on the move but had reach and drive.

2. Huntersfrend Kreighoff . Very reluctant to be handled or gone over. Liked his head and angulation was ok. Very leggy at the moment but should improve with maturity. Very hard to assess standing or on the move as really didn’t settle.

LD 8(2)

I really enjoyed judging this class. Lovely dogs! I was spoilt for choice!

1. O’Donoghue’s Sireva Linesman at Weimsmyre. Just my type. Medium sized & moderate all the way through. Aristocratic head with lovely expression. Arched neck and good shoulder placement. Level topline and correct angulation fore and aft. Brisket to elbow and adequate forechest. Ribbing extending well back.  Tight feet and straight front. Had reach and drive in profile movement and was true coming and going. Loved him! CC.

2. Hartley & Myers’ Astrazone Kingfisher. This is another super dog and made for a hard decision. Lovely head and expression. Correct angulation and height to length ratio was perfect. Maturity just right for age. Straight front and low hocks completed the picture. Moved so well covering the ground with ease. Will watch his progress with interest. Just pipped another promising dog on freer movement.

3. Snaith’s Skilaki Super Fly to Bifonda JW.

OD 6(2)

1. Ruddy’s Sh.Ch.Netherhill’s Got Talent, JW. Super dog who has really come into his own over the last year. Masculine head. Strong neck. His length, topline and tailset are excellent as is his angulation. Had correct depth and forechest without being overdone. Lovely straight front and firm compact feet. He really powered his way round the ring covering the ground with ease. Didn’t put a foot wrong standing or moving. RCC.

2. Rayner & Maskell’s Sh.Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans, JW, ShCM. Another worthy Ch. So well presented. Completely at one with his handler. Maturing nicely. Good depth to brisket and ample forechest.  Lovely front and feet. Low hocks and angulation spot on. Good topline. Super dog.

3. Brown & Filby’s Desjiem American Pie.

VD/B 7

Would have been nice to have had separate classes for dogs and bitches.

1. Webster & Radford’s ShCh Schonhund Showvanist Over Errytar, JW, ShCM. 10yr old dog. Coped so well with the heat. Strong, masculine dog. Good outline and all angles correct. In excellent condition and well muscled which showed in his powerful movement. Well deserved BV.

2. Mutlow’s Risinglark Hawk Wing, JW, ShCM.  9yr old boy who belies his age. Very fit and well muscled. Good head and conformation and carrying just the right amount of weight. Moved well.

3. Allison & Treadgold’s Kuantan Kraving. B 8yr

GCD Scheme 1

1. B. Goshawk


3 very promising youngsters.

1. Ruddy’s Netherhill Euro Million. 8m. Eye catching youngster.  Super outline and just at the right stage of development for age.  Plenty of forechest, brisket to elbow, moderate angulation. Straight front with strong pasterns and tight feet. Good reach and drive in profile and true coming and going. Lovely pup. BP.

2. Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki Born to Move. 9m. Another excellent example of breed. Handler just needs to get to grips with her on the stand to complete the picture. Super head and body proportions. Straight front, good lay of shoulder and bend of stifle. Covered the ground with ease. Another good prospect for the future.

3. Needham’s Grausturm Pride of Tasmania of Ggrausilk (Imp Aus).

PB 5

1. N. Euro Million.

2. Allison & Treadgold’s Kuantan Evolution. 11m. This young lady had one of the best outlines of the day.  Moderate angulation front and rear, level topline with good tailset. Brisket to elbows and forechest developing nicely. Straight front and super feet. Covered the ground on the move. Just needs to get her tail up to complete the picture.

3. S. Born to Move.

JB 5

1. Turner’s Minstergate Call for Rockleyan. 13m. This young lady has it all. Best of heads with lovely expression. Super outline and conformation. Length to height ratio is spot on. Level topline and good tailset. Enough forechest and brisket to elbow, well ribbed. Straight front, moderate angles and tight feet. Handler got the best out of her standing and moving. RCC.

2. K. Evolution.

3. Powell & Tatum’s Madreliath’s Asta.

YB 3

1. Dyer’s Sharnphilly Ruby Aura, JW. 21m. Loved the size and shape of this young lady. Moderate all through. Feminine head, nicely arched neck. Good height to length ratio, with ribbing well back. Angles good fore and aft. Straight front with strong pasterns. Forechest and brisket correct for her size. Low hocks and great feet. Movement was free and easy with good reach and drive. Handled to perfection. CC & BOB.  

2. Hazeltine, Crowther & Alcorn’s Hundwith Chortle with Hookwood. 15m. Built on bigger lines than 1, not a criticism but an observation. Nicely put together with moderate angulation, plenty of forechest and depth to brisket. Good length and tailset. Moved with reach and drive. Expertly handled.

3. Terrell’s Warrica Dusk Til Dawn.

GB 1

1.  K. Evolution.

PG 2

1. Reilly, Rayner & Maskell’s Smilek Eyes of Silver, JW. Lots to like about this young lady. Pretty head and kind expression. Level topline and good tailset. Plenty of forechest and depth, nice lay to shoulder and good bend to stifle. Handler got the best from her on the move.

2. Brown & Filby’s Desjiem Dorris Morris. Heavier built than 1 and seemed to be feeling the heat.  Good height to length ratio. Level topline and correct tail set. Deep brisket and well off for forechest.  Not as good on the move as one.

LB 5

1. Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki It’s de Lovely, JW. Liked her for her good breed type. Mature girl with nice angles and depth, straight front and well padded feet. Correct height to length ratio. Held a level topline on the move but tended to stand bottom high. Good positive movement.

2. Rowbury’s Walhalla de Bosque de Lugh at Stormdancer (Imp Esp). Substantial girl. Not quite the length of 1, but angulation was fine as were feet and pasterns. Happy mover.

3. Marsh’s Gunalt Escapade at Cormorin.

OB 3(1)

This class was difficult to judge as neither exhibit was giving their best standing or on the move.

1. Batty’s Edingorse Ethereal at Almoor, JW, ShCM. Classic head, nicely arched neck and good shoulder placement. Moderate angulation front & rear. Plenty of forechest and brisket well let down. Unfortunately she was not co-operating with her handler on the stack. Moved well coping better with the heat than 2.

2. Allison’s Silberstein High Society. Stood better than 1. Good overall shape with correct hind angulation. Level topline and good tailset. Preferred her length of back and ribbing to 1 but was out-performed on the move. The very hot weather may not have helped.

Lesley Rutland. Judge.