• Show Date: 26/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Lesley McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Of Scotland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The North of Scotland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Championship Show

Special Award Classes Judge: Lesley McDonald (Tusselstaff)

26th August 2016

I would like to start by thanking the North of Scotland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club for the privilege of inviting me to judge Special Award Classes at your championship show. Hospitality was excellent and there was a fantastic atmosphere around both rings all day. A massive thank you to all exhibitors for allowing me the honour of assessing your dogs and for accepting my decisions in such a sporting manner. I enjoyed my day immensely and a huge thanks to the committee for my beautiful gift.

Special Award Puppy Dog or Bitch (7, 1 abs)

A nice trio of puppies who I will watch with interest as they mature.

1. Powerpack Kilgobnet

Super black brindle dog of just 10 months of age and with lots to like. He has a pleasing head shape, clean and proportionate, dark eye, correct scissor bite, all making for a typical expression. He is well balanced throughout with enough width to front and rear, bodying up well for age, holding a level topline at all times, decent amount of tuck up, good bend of stifle and correct tail carriage. Moved and handled very well. Liked his overall balance and profile which won him the class. A classy pup, good luck with him and I will follow his progress with interest.

2. Taraiel Soulja Boy

Standard black brindle dog with white. Good head shape with pleasing expression, good muzzle to skull ratio, dark eye, and correct ear set. More compact than 1st. He has a straight front of good width, ample rib and depth of brisket for age, neat padded feet and good bend of stifle. Moved and handled very well.

3. Powerpack Alura Finvarra

Black brindle bitch with white. She has a clean and expressive head of good proportions, neat ears which she uses to her advantage, dark eye and good dentition all making for a pleasing expression. She has a straight front with enough width for age, level topline, nice bend of stifle and good tail set. I found myself nitpicking between 2nd and 3rd as I liked them both but just felt that at this age she was not quite as developed body wise as 2nd, however time is very much on her side. I note that she is litter sister to 1st. Moved and handled very well. Really liked this girl.

Special Award Graduate Dog or Bitch (8, 2 abs)

A mixed class this with some losing out due to poor movement on the day.

1. Tillcarr Fire Starter

Quality black brindle dog with white. Powerful head, strong but clean, broad skull with distinct stop, dark round eye, good ear carriage and correct scissor bite. He has plenty of daylight under him and his front is straight and true, with ample brisket and well placed shoulders, he is well ribbed and has strong rear quarters. He is a well constructed dog. Moved and handled very well

2. Vanayres Gambler

Quality brindle dog. Powerful head with broad skull and well defined stop, short in the foreface, dark eye, neat ear set and correct dentition. A well balanced dog that has plenty of substance and is well off for bone. He may be too strong for some but his virtue cannot be denied. He has a straight front, good depth of brisket, level topline, short coupled, good bend of stifle and strong rear quarters. This dog really makes his handler work but pleased to see him keep all four feet on the ground today. Presented in good condition, he moved well once settled and when he finally focused his attention. Just preferred the overall profile of 1st but he is a quality dog none the less.

3. Mournestaffs Maia

Standard black brindle bitch, attractive head shape though would prefer a tad more length to muzzle, dark eye, neat ears and good bite. She is not as developed overall than 1st and 2nd however she is still very much a youngster and this will come with age. Handled well

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (9, 2 abs)

My notes say wow what a class!! Brimming with virtue and just wish I had more places to give on the day.

1. Ch Elitebulls Challenger

Top quality black brindle dog. He has the most beautiful head shape, strong but clean, distinct stop, dark eye, neatest of ears and correct scissor bite. I just loved his expression! Well balanced from all angles, he was up on his toes and just demanded my attention. He has a good straight front, well padded feet, good spring of rib, level topline, is well tucked up and light in the loin. Put down in hard condition with gleaming coat to finish the picture, he is so well balanced from head to tail with a fabulous profile. He really is some dog. Really liked him and would have happily taken him home with me. Pleased to see that he was later awarded the CC and Best in Show. Well done!!

2. Ch Rubericla Trailbreaker

Super black brindle dog of some quality. Defined head shape, strong but clean and not overdone, dark eye and correct ear set all making for a typical expression. He is well balanced throughout with a true straight front, ample spring of rib, level topline, short coupled and light in the loins. He was presented in good condition, probably the best I have seen him in and with gleaming coat. The decision between 1 and 2 had me scratching my head a bit, they are both quality exhibits but on the day I just preferred the expression and profile of 1.

3. Taraiel Lorde

Stunning black brindle bitch with white. One I have judged before, she just has the most beautiful feminine head, clean and unexaggerated, darkest of eyes, good ear carriage, correct scissor bite and expression to die for. A well constructed and well balanced bitch, for me she just oozes quality. Presented in good condition with enough width to front, good spring of rib, level topline, nicely tucked up and with good angulations to front and rear. Moved and handled very well. Just unlucky to meet 1st and 2nd in the same class today.